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hi there everyone i wished to take a quick moment to speak to you concerning uh geotracker which is something i use uh virtually every day as an environmental consultant um checking out the cam sorry concerning my hair a little disheveled uh six week old baby you understand just how it goes um anyway geotracker i'' m simply going to offer you a quick rundown of exactly how i use it um and also some of the useful points you can do with it i i think it'' s fun to just kind of browse on and um [Music] uh find out sort of uh what'' s taking place in your area so what i'' m gon na do here is i'' m gon na simply kind in geotracker right into google right below the initial point it takes you to the search bar so from here you can key in an address you can enter a city you can type in whatever you desire allow'' s just do cabrillo college so we'' re gon na look that and also it'' s gon na bring up cabrillo college 6500 socal opportunity that'' s our spot i put on'' t actually like night mode it ' s type of dark so i choose the map lighten it up a little bit makes it much easier to see the structures and various other points around um so if we'' re looking right here uh we can see what it has open for us desire which is a leaking underground storage space clean-up website uh leaning below ground storage space container is a desire uh clean up program sites that'' s a recurring clean-up military cleanup sites that ' s like a flood site previously utilized protective uh site um army ust armed forces privatized websites blah blah blah um you can see that cabrillo'' s looking respectable there'' s nothing actually around cabrillo of rate of interest if we zoom out a little we can begin to see like over right here allow'' s see chevron station desire cleanup so at some point uh situation closed eventually that chevron that ' s down the way from the college had a had a dripping below ground storage space tank found um most do at some time in every filling station'' s history uh they place in tanks you recognize in the 60s 70s they remained underground for twenty years and as they'' re getting serviced they recognize like oh this tank'' s no more maintaining pressure so after that they realize that there was likely a leakage a launch an instance is opened up generally with fuel it'' s not it ' s not so poor fuel has a tendency to deteriorate fairly swiftly and also doesn'' t'travel really much it ' s when you get involved in the image chemicals and also completely dry cleansing solvents like computer tc things like that where points get actually unpleasant and also can make significant plumes that take a trip huge ranges but you can see below you can obtain a fast little status so it was opened up in 85 two months later on it was shut so this was obviously simply an actual fast cleanup they found they discovered gasoline in the ground and afterwards they they cleansed it up prospective so it was just in the soil gas was located in the soil below uh and afterwards they cleaned it up so immaterial if we so we'' ll click out of that as well as we'' ll return over here um look at this this is an a cleanup program website so this is this is open we can see by the environment-friendly square that it'' s open you can click that as well as it shows you this it'' s still open it was open in 2019 they have arsenic chlordane so arsenic which is a hefty steel chlordane which is a chemical lead so insecticides chemicals herbicides done in the dirt you can click on site maps as well as files which offers you kind of the complete concept of what'' s going on at this at this site so phase one ecological site analysis that'' s when they go in as well as do a historic activity report on the residential property and afterwards they did a lot of various stockpile sampling they did some dirt excavations had some stockpiles dirt results so they found all that and extension request authorization so they'' re still trying to arrange that out um yet yep so this is something you can check out click about and discover different points an additional what i usually do is due to the fact that like i said often situations frequently the just because it'' s out here doesn ' t mean there isn ' t a prospective issue right uh you might be living right beside an underground tank or or allowed website and also not also understand it and if they haven'' t had any reason to examine their tanks or they have some kind of uh they'' ve been preventing guideline um there can be a release and you do you wouldn'' t recognize um so another point that i like to check out is allowed usts um land disposal sites uh oil gas sites yeah so one of the most crucial i believe is uh permitted usts contaminated materials sites um so let'' s have a look here as well as look we obtained a pair much more points stand out up we got one right here there'' s a that ' s simply claiming that at this at this gasoline station at the chevron they have permitted storage tanks which it shouldn'' t be a surprise uh here'' s att california they have underground storage tanks they probably have a private gas pump that they fuel their associate even right below look cabrillo college they'' ve obtained their own below ground tank it'' s most likely for an emergency situation generator uh or something like that if power heads out um generator kicks on begins melting diesel fuel to power the the university in case of a power failure so yes this is super beneficial you can look throughout santa cruz you can see all of these little websites all these little points that are taking place if it has a red box um it'' s a lust cleaning site if it hasn'' t x through it'it'' s uh it ' s shut and it ' s been it ' s been cared for however you can see that these are these are all over the location and you understand it'' s kind of scary kind of fun you can sort of check out as well as see see what'' s taking place in your neck of the timbers

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