HOW TO SOLVE PROBLEMS – How do consulting firms work (hypothesis-based problem solving explained)

– In this video clip, I'' m mosting likely to instruct you a crucial consulting methodology
that is being utilized by mostly all administration consulting firms, consisting of MBB consulting
companies like BCG or Bain. However the ideal point is you do
not require to operate in speaking with to use this approach. It is useful in whatever
context you run in if you are setting to address
issues for your employer.In today ' s video, I ' m.
discussing the theory and also technique of hypothesis-driven.
trouble resolving, and believe me, men,.
this is really vital. It is one of one of the most vital principles. So stand by, listen till completion, because in the end, I'' m. mosting likely to offer you some good, practical ideas also,.
and also let'' s do this together. Invite to one more coffee break right here on this network with me. My name is Heinrich, and on.
my network, Firm Knowing, I intend to aid you to come to be effective in the initial years of your occupation. As you know, I began my very own consulting.
profession at Accenture. I helped the company.
throughout my university research studies, and after that, after university,.
I signed up with McKinsey and also spent 6 years with the firm, in the end, working as a task lead. So, allow'' s start by better understanding what hypothesis-based.
consulting really is, and also I have a couple of.
slides prepared for you men, so let'' s delve into it.So, what is hypothesis-based.
problem addressing? So, it is a technique to.
separate a project into tasks. It is mindset, an approach to specify the.
job scope and end result, a prerequisite to concentrate information.
collection and also analysis, a strategy to resolve disorganized.
as well as complicated issues. So, I hope this already.
gives you the impact, assists you to understand that hypothesis-based issue solving is actually at the core of.
most consulting jobs, yet allow'' s obtain a bit extra tangible. As well as to me, it is essential to tension that this is not just a procedure that is purely limited to getting in touch with, however you can virtually make use of and also apply it to every various other company.
problem that you have. So, what do we see below? As well as without a doubt, it always begins.
with business issue. There'' s an obstacle that administration of your business is facing.Maybe earnings

are down,.
maybe expenses are taking off in a certain company area. And below now, usually this is a scenario where business after that involve a working as a consultant to assist them find out the solution, or they additionally my job as well as.
internal group to explore it and ahead up with solutions. As well as now, to move from the.
trouble to the remedy, you will require to have realities. You will need to conduct analysis. Currently, naturally, in this way,.
from problem to option, you usually currently have some truths. There are some points.
that you already understand, yet of program, there are gaps. There are points that you do not yet understand, which will certainly be called for.
to actually verify a service or just create.
it to begin with. And now, what many young grads, likewise a lot more unexperienced.
business experts, will do is where they will claim, “” Up until I have shut these gaps, until I'' ve actually checked out everything, until I truly did my comprehensive research, no chance I can generate a remedy up until I did every one of this, right?”” And also this, my friends, is not the method exactly how you need to run.
in business world.This is more

of an academic technique. You require to explore every little thing,.
you do all your research, and afterwards, perhaps in the very end, you can think of a service. However, and also you will already recognize this, if you have actually watched my video clip.
on top down communication, that I will connect currently.
here, someplace above, the key to being successful in business is constantly to already.
having some type of objective, some crucial message, some key.
outcome currently in your head. It is very important to very.
beforehand while doing so, to have an hypothesis-based.
option in your mind for the problem that you are.
currently evaluating as well as analyzing for, instead of currently starting with absolutely nothing and also requiring to look at whatever before you can think of an option. So, certainly, what you.
will do when you follow this hypothesis-driven trouble.
fixing technique is that, from the first day, you close.
the voids with hypothesis. So, when you'' re encountered.
with a business trouble, now, before starting.
to check into anything, before starting to carry out.
any analysis at all, ask on your own, “” What do I already understand?”” And currently, what are the most likely.
hypothesis that you can make, and based on that, what is your day one.
solution to the job? Once you'' ve developed such.
an assumed remedy, then based on that, you can now examine it, you can now improve it.
right into an iterative means, pertained to a much better solution.So, allow '

s look into a tangible instance. Let'' s picture there is a. mobile payment company that desires to enter the Brazilian market, and as a consultant, on day one, perhaps you rest along with your team. Perhaps there is an extra.
senior person in the space, a companion, or some.
professionals from the clients. You simply sit together.
and you ask on your own, “” Okay, what is my theory?”” What the solution should be? In which nation the market.
access is advised? Now, based upon this extremely.
first session, on the first day, you hypothesize four key elements. First, the development, so you want to remain in the.
market with the highest growth. Second, the fondness to mobile settlement, so which markets are more affined to mobile payments than others? Third, the good looks of the offering, so for which countries do you.
have an appealing offering? As well as after that, 4th, where is competitors? Where is tiny and also little competitors? So, these are the elements.
that you believe matter, as well as now, from your hypothesis, from your first expertise.
that you currently have, you think that Brazil.
without a doubt could be an excellent fit because of these factors.But now, of program

this is just the begin, and now, indeed, you.
need to gather the information. You need to explore it.
and understand and validate whether this is actually the case or otherwise. So, currently you do conduct the research study, as well as currently you without a doubt discover that Brazil, at the very least in regards to the market size, perhaps not the growth,.
but in regards to the size, it is extremely attractive, because it has a population.
of 200 million individuals, as well as all these numbers are just made up.And in addition to that,.
Brazilians are additionally very open and also curious about mobile repayment, making it really interesting too, since the affinity is fairly high. Maybe you were also able.
to validate that in fact our product offering is.
appealing to Brazilian customers. Though, in the end, you.
concerned the final thought that, no, in Brazil, there is.
in fact a great deal of competition. There isn'' t little competitors, so you see that currently you require to reduce out the factor of little competition, due to the fact that you were unable.
to confirm the hypothesis, but still, based on these 3 elements, currently you were able to verify. You still feel positive in.
making the suggestion that the mobile payment provider must certainly enter the Brazilian market for these 3 reasons. Now, I really hope that you are.
already can recognize why this hypothesis-driven.
technique is very handy, since on the first day, you.
are asking on your own, “” Okay, what would certainly it mean for a country to be an appealing.
target for market entrance?”” This currently enables you to.
give a the first day solution, so back to the top-down.
communication technique, if now the CEO walks in.
on day one as well as asks you what your current status, where.
do you stand with a task, you can already provide a.
very first theory without having actually looked.
into any kind of data at all.And currently,

once you transfer to the following phase, to the information analysis stage, now you do not need to.
check out every little thing, right? The only points that you need.
to consider are your theory and also attempt to validate or.
falsify your hypothesis, since you already understand if you created an excellent.
and logical structure. So, now allow'' s simplify also further. Just how would certainly this actually resemble? As well as undoubtedly, eventually, management will face.
you with a purpose, so you need to ask yourself, okay, what does management.
actually wish to attain? Next step is to convert.
these monitoring objectives right into your job purposes. So, once again, doesn'' t matter.
if you'' re a specialist or just an inner group servicing it, ask on your own, what does.
your particular task actually needs to complete? Then you'' re damaging down the task into its individual sub-parts,.
into its vital vehicle drivers. Different consulting companies.
give various names to this. Some like to call it modules, others like to call it workstreams, others simply project locations. But you typically like to simplify right into various below.
areas that are relevant.And after that, supply your personnel, every team participant on. one of these essential areas
, or perhaps one team member likewise resolves 2 of these vital drivers. However these are sort of the. key locations that you check out, that you can structure the task in. And also below, currently, obviously, the MECE principle is super vital. I discussed this.
principle in one more video clip. I will certainly link it additionally somewhere above right here. The MECE concept is now the principle that you need to apply.
when you now break down the overall job.
right into its sub-components. Now, once you have defined the vital chauffeurs that will certainly lead you to a result, currently is the moment you need to.
think of a hypothesis.And after that, as soon as you ' ve. taken down your theory,
and naturally, some things.
you might currently know right? But for the things that.
you do not recognize yet, ask on your own, “” What are the crucial inquiries? What are the evaluation.
that I require to do currently in order to misstate or.
to confirm my hypothesis?”” Since from this, you will.
understand exactly what analysis do you require to do. This will certainly additionally tell you what.
information you need to gather, so this really is now your.
roadmap for the job to get to the goal.
where you intend to obtain it. And also in this feeling currently, I.
hope that you identify this two-tiered structure,.
this two-tiered strategy of this hypothesis-based trouble solving.So, first you structure the problem. This truly vital, and also. it ' s an important part of the whole issue solving procedure, as well as this is additionally why consulting companies put so much emphasis on.
getting the structure right, on generating MECE structures, as a result of course, if you screw up this up, after that most likely your whole analysis.
structure will certainly be ruined and also you will certainly not reach the best outcomes. So, when you'' ve completed your framework and you specified all.
your necessary evaluation, this is, then, when you transfer to the 2nd phase of your job, and also this is really the.
whole logical work. Based on these facts that you accumulated, certainly, you will certainly find.
some hypotheses to be real, so you validated them, yet some various other hypotheses,.
now you need to deny. You will certainly not discover them to be real. And also in this feeling, currently this.
is an iterative procedure, that whenever you misstate a hypothesis, you require to ask on your own.
whether the conclusions that you hypothesized now are still valid.So, if I take this hypothesis away, can I still safeguard my conclusion or do I require to iterate as well as alter it? Revise my theory,. conduct some new evaluation and then testimonial and also upgrade my verdicts and. recommendations based on that. I hope this video was informative. If you took any type of worth.
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