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My name is James Roberts and at Walden, I
am an engineering intern. So far in the two months I've been here I've
learned so much about the business aspect of engineering, as well as going into the
field and applying what I've learned at Lafayette and in the classroom, to what actually happens
in the field and interacting with other engineers and other people on the job. I say to all my young employees that the difference
between me now and them is just experience. The experience is something that you can't get
anywhere else. The sooner they gain experience, the better
they'll be able to make good decisions as they move their career forward. To be getting paid as an intern kind of gives
me a sense of purpose because what I'm doing is not meaningless.

They're trusting me and they're
giving me jobs where I have to perform, so I can help the company grow. I've basically started out just reading and
writing some reports, gaining knowledge of what I was going to do in the field. When they thought I was ready I went out with
another project engineer. Whenever the company needed they said, James
you can go out and do it, so I thought that was great. I mean, once we're confident that they're competent,
we let them go out and do work. One of the things that I've been doing is
groundwater remediation. For instance the site that we were just at there was another
gasoline diesel spill there. We were put on the job to clean it up and
whatever's contaminating the ground water. And in the office, I've been doing a lot of
report writing, invoice reviews for my project manager, so some financial work as well.

You can see that the work is very valuable
to the company, that the work that I'm doing has made a difference in the company. To formalize it in the way that Lafayette
is doing with this program is great, so you know, Lafayette can count on being able to
advertise, we can place you in this situation, and year after year hopefully the experience
gets better..

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