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hey everybody i wanted to take a quick moment to talk to you about uh geotracker which is something i use uh pretty much on a daily basis as an environmental consultant um looking at the camera sorry about my fuzz a bit disheveled uh six week old child you know how it goes um regardles geotracker i’m just going to give you a quick summary to seeing how i use it um and some of the useful things you can do with it i i think it’s fun to only kind of look around on and um[ Music] uh figure out sort of uh what’s going on in your locality so what i’m gonna do here is i’m gonna time sort in geotracker into google right here the first thing it takes you to the search bar so from here you can type in an address you can type in a city you can type in whatever you want let’s just do cabrillo college so we’re gonna inquiry that and it’s gonna bring up cabrillo college 6500 socal boulevard that’s our recognise um i don’t really like night state it’s kind of dark so i prefer the planned cheer it up a little draws it easier to see the structures and interesting thing around um so if we’re looking here uh we can see what it has open for us lust which is a leaking underground storage cleanup site uh bent underground storage tank is a greed uh clean up program locates that’s an ongoing cleanup military cleanup locates that’s like a spate locate formerly implemented defensive uh locate um military ust military privatized sites blah blah blah um you can see that cabrillo’s looking pretty good there’s nothing truly around cabrillo in the best interests if we zoom out a little bit we can start to see like over here let’s see chevron station lust cleanup so at some stage uh speciman closed at some point that chevron that’s down the style from the school had a had a leaking underground storage tank discovered um most do at some item in every gas station’s history uh they throw in tanks you know in the 60 s 70 s they stayed underground for 20 times and as they’re getting serviced they realise like oh this tank’s no longer maintaining influence so then they realize that there was likely a leakage a release a example is opened up often with ga it’s not it’s not so bad fuel tends to degrade relatively quickly and doesn’t travel very far it’s when you get into the photo chemicals and dry cleanse solvents like pc tc things like that where things get truly terrible and can represent gargantuan plumes that traveling very large distances but you can see here you can get a quick little status so it was opened in 85 two months later it was closed so this was obviously precisely a real quick cleanup they found they found gasoline in the ground and then they they scavenged it up possible so it was just in the soil gasoline was located in the soil here uh and then they emptied it up so no big deal if we so we’ll clink out of that and we’ll go back over here um look at this this is an a cleanup planned site so this is this is open we can see by the light-green square that it’s open you can click on that and it shows you this it’s still open it was open in 2019 they have arsenic chlordane so arsenic which is a heavy metal chlordane which is a pesticide lead so insecticides pesticides herbicides all in the grunge you can click on site delineates and documents which gives you sort of the full intuition of what’s going on at this at this area so phase one environmental website assessment that’s when they going to be home and do a historical activity report on the belonging and then they did a lot of different stockpile sampling they did some soil excavations had some arsenals soil arises so they found all that and extension request approval so they’re still trying to sort that out um but yeah so this is something you can look around click around and acquisition different things another what i often do is because like i said often cases oftentimes the merely because it’s not on now doesn’t mean there isn’t a capability concern right uh you could be living right next to a underground storage tank or or let site and not even realize it and if they haven’t had any reason to test their tanks or they have some sort of uh they’ve been avoiding regulation um there could be a release and you do you wouldn’t know um so another thing that i like to look at is permitted usts um property dumping sites uh petroleum gas places yeah so the most important i think is uh countenanced usts toxic waste places um so let’s take a look here and ogle we got a couple more things pop up we got one right here there’s a that’s just saying that at this at this gas station at the chevron the government has let tanks which it shouldn’t be a surprise uh here’s att california they have underground storage tanks they probably have a private gas gush that they fuel their trucks with even right here look cabrillo college they’ve got their own subterranean storage tank it’s probably for an emergency generator uh or something like that if influence starts out um generator knocks on starts burning diesel fuel to superpower the the college in the event of a capability outage um so yeah this is super useful you can look all over santa cruz you can see all of these little areas all these interesting thing that are going on if it has a red box um it’s a greed cleanup place if it hasn’t x through it it’s uh it’s closed and it’s been it’s been take better care but you can see that these are these are all over the place um and you know it’s kind of scary kind of fun you can kind of look through and consider see what’s going on in your neck of the woods

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