Modes of Remediation – Natural Attenuation

hey everyone today i’m going totalk about natural attenuation and this was kind of fun for me because i am noton the environmental consulting side of things my work you know really does not dealwith this so this was cool for me so what is natural attenuation theenvironmental protection agency or epa characterizes natural attenuation as a variety ofphysical chemical or biological processes that under favorable conditions act withouthuman intervention to reduce the mass toxicity mobility capacity or absorption ofcontaminants in grime or groundwater these in situ handles include biodegradation dispersiondilution absorption volatilization radioactive decay and chemical or biological stabilizationtransformation or devastation of contaminants so basically natural attenuation relies on naturalprocesses to cleaning process or attenuate contamination in soil and in groundwater natural attenuation doesactually occur at most polluted locates however though the right conditions must existunderground to scavenge these locates properly and if not the cleanup will not be quick enough orit will not be complete fairly scientists observe or test these conditions to make sure thatthe natural attenuation is actually labor and that it is actually happening and this iscalled observed natural attenuation or mna and so mostly when the environmentis contaminated with pernicious chemicals sort works in five ways to clean it upand those five spaces are up now on my exceed illustration so the first one is biodegradation andthis occurs when very small beasts known as microbes feed contaminants and change them intosmall amounts of water and gases during digestion the second one absorption adsorption causescontaminants to stick to soil corpuscles the absorption does not destroy the contaminantsbut it keeps them from moving deeper underground or from leaving the site with the groundwater flowthe third one is dilution and dilution declines the concentrations of contaminants as they movethrough and mix with clean groundwater the fourth one is evaporation and vapor reasons somecontaminants like gasoline or industrial solvents to change from liquids to gases within the soiland then if these gases escape to the air at the dirt skin-deep aura will dilute them and then thesun will actually destroy them and then the fifth one right here is chemical reactions so chemicalreactions react with the natural elements underground that may convert these contaminantsinto less harmful structures and so basically mna or the monitored natural attenuation works bestfor the source of pollutant has been removed so kind of for example you know any consume that’sburied underground it you know it kind of needs to be dug up and disposed of properly first orremoved applying other available cleanup methods and then this other visualize down now this is kind ofthe main picture that popped up and it’s a little blurry but you um it kind of shows you you knowthe basics of natural attenuation and how it works so natural attenuation tends to be cheaperthan construction and operating you know those liking engineered groundwater systemsand this is actually some people say that natural attenuation is controversial and this isbecause a good deal of those environmental proponents you know charge that natural attenuation is alittle more than an excuse for the industry to avoid the high cost of building cleanup systemsum but these costs can wander vastly between websites and this depends largely on the size ofthe site the monitoring frequency the number of monitoring wells within the monetarynetwork the contaminant type and then any modeling or general requirement howeveras you know that site progresses with that mna the operation and maintenance expenditures can be reducedthrough optimization of that observing frequency um the number of monitoring wells and thenthe number of analytes and then so how long does national attenuation take and naturalattenuation it can take you know several years up to decades to clean up a specific siteand that actual cleanup era chiefly depends on or it depends on a few influences and so forexample the cleanup will make longer when there’s a higher contaminant concentration or whenit’s a large contaminated place and then there’s a few site necessities that also will induce naturalattenuation to make longer and those um include temperature groundwater pour soil type or anythingthat plies a less favorable environment for biodigression absorption or dilution andthen these are my sources thanks everyone

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