How You Can Use LinkedIn to be Your Best Business Generator Prime People, ft: Judi Fox

so on today’s episode of prime people we are interviewing judy fox she is an expert on all things linkedin hit over 2 million views in 2018 and fun fact linkedin is one of the best places to get organic reach on social people are always chasing youtube instagram facebook but those platforms require you to pay to play and it just doesn’t feel like you’re growing i can tell you from personal experience some of the tips i learned in these episodes have helped us and our team grow dramatically in the past couple weeks so i had to rush this one out right before the holidays so you can get an understanding of some tactile things that you can do to really grow your reach and it may be counterintuitive than what you might think so one of my favorite episodes to date i always say that because we have some of the best guests on prime people my network is your network and the reason that we do this is i really want to put these people on our platform and give them their shine because they are constantly sharpening their swords and if you get a community of people around you you can all level up by having experts share those strategies that you don’t need to go 100 deep into but if you can get two or three things that help you grow your business why wouldn’t you take the time to do that if you want direct access to these live events before they’re posted online just hit up our community texting platform text events to 226-799-9434 or you can just text hi you’ll actually get me directly that is where we put all of our premium content and all of our invites enjoy the show welcome to the prime people podcast where we cover all things that got us to where we are today our team building strategies the marketing and sales tips that we’ve learned through thousands of transactions productivity tips ways to really just hold yourself accountable to accomplishing what you want to accomplish and all things content creation personal development and not to mention we have some of the best guests on the planet all right we are live on facebook so this is super super exciting um judy fox’s dogs bark in the background so it’s i don’t think she has a fox i think she has an actual dog so while she’s doing that i’ll give you a little bit of an insight into what we’re getting into today i’m a little bit selfish today because i’m making a big push on linkedin i know it’s a platform that a lot of the top top top people looks like a fox a lot of the top people in the industry know is an open green space and you know people that have been working in it for a long time understand the power of it people that don’t just feel like it’s another social network and it’s you know overwhelming to some people that oh my gosh like i have a hard time posting on instagram now i gotta get into linkedin but it doesn’t have to be a scary thing i think people can look at these platforms as communication tools pick the ones that fit their personalities and quite frankly linkedin has done a lot of things over the last couple years to become that next generation platform so they’re doing things behind the scenes they’re doing things with the algorithm and they’re it’s got purchased by another company which i’ll let judy fox get into but i guess before we get into that everybody get your pens and papers ready judy’s gonna give us a tip on how to share your linkedin profiles within this group so that we can follow each other judy the floor is yours oh wow so i think it’d be great if we all made sure we were connected to each other and we all know our at symbol for instagram or our user handle for instagram and renee is off to the races sharing her linkedin uh profile so yeah and spencer is too so basically you are going to it always begins with the oh you guys all know how to do it why do i have to explain and you all have customized um well i’m gonna am i allowed to put spencer in the hot seat he has not customized his url i will show you that how about that um so this is can i share my screen oh you have to uh give me permission to share my screen okay i gotta see how to actually do that okay pin video change it to allow to multi-pin make calls sorry i’m assuming this is going to allow you to do that go ahead yes okay let’s share my screen and thank you hopefully spencer is okay with being in the hot seat for a minute oh and you get to see a crazy desktop there and linkedin we’re on linkedin so up here on your personal profile you get to edit your public profile and url so if you don’t have your public profile everywhere sometimes i tell people if you’ve already put your links everywhere on the internet on your website maybe pause and don’t update your public profile url but you do get a chance if you click on that link in the upper right to personalize your your url so just like you get to personalize your handle on every other channel um i created mine back in 2008 2009 so it is what it is i’m just gonna leave it but it’s judi w fox and that just ended up being my handle for linkedin so i just know that sometimes when i see the numbers and again like i said steve got in the hot seat because his url was 2 8092b z 5 10 20 30 i’m kidding but it linkedin adds just random number generators after your name which makes your url super long so this is where your url is that’s awesome and why would that be important why would somebody want to do that um so as we get traction number one that i have noticed and again you mentioned microsoft bot linkedin so one of the number one things that i have noticed is google yourself i have seen over and over how linkedin is the first result when you google your name i mean i think for me it’s my website and then it’s google or then it’s uh not google it’s linkedin so actually spend a little bit of time google your name should i google your name justin it’s gonna be like in the hot seat i’m putting you all in the hot seat i’ve already searched for you and gone down the rabbit hole of who is justin but all right instagram came up first but linkedin is in the running interesting oh obviously i mean obviously i don’t control exactly what they bring up i have clicked on your instagram though so i’m curious if link or google decided i’d already gone over to your instagram so probably new right because if you look facebook you clicked on that linkedin’s the first one that wasn’t clicked on right so yeah but look how powerful it is look how interesting it is that our social channels show up higher than our even our websites now yeah and that’s what i’m doing this for like truthfully i was talking to somebody about this yesterday right because they were asking well why do you do the webinars and why do you do the podcast and everything else i said i’ll do it on my own anyways like i would reach out to judy and i would do this for 45 minutes but you know what we’re talking about here translates to all aspects of business and helps me in the real estate world for sure helps me from a personal branding perspective but if there’s a coffee roaster watching this right now or a guy that does insurance or a builder all of these concepts matter because the consumers are going digital to find their community and find their tribe and how you manage the platform is integral i don’t even want to waste any time because i know your time is limited um you know why do you think linkedin matters why do you think we’re having this conversation today versus people that maybe have a preconceived notion of what linkedin is so linkedin was originally created or has the int mindset of its professional and it is for my resume or job searching or it’s for two two sides of the job searching either i’m looking for business opportunities so sales business development or the job searching mindset of i need a company job so i feel like both of those are still searching though they’re looking out they’re finding opportunities and they’re out there so i think thinking like that has made it so people don’t quite know how to navigate the platform and they get a little frozen it’s like they go over from okay i know how to be myself on instagram i know how to be myself on facebook well i guess i gotta applaud all over to linkedin and be boring and professional and it just freezes people and so i try to tell people to shift from thinking about linkedin as professional to linkedin is leadership we are here so even leaning into the mindset of the career path and thinking oh well it’s for job seekers we’re here for your entire career so so many people think of youtube as a channel or how i’m going to curate my instagram and all my grid and what i look like and even facebook that friends and family feel well we’re here on linkedin in a mindset of following you you as a human being throughout your entire career so so many people go well i talk about this i’m here for it i’m here for you your new job your next position your next title your advancement your business opportunities you now go out into business on your own we follow that journey more than any other channel out there we stick with it versus other people thinking i have to go and only talk about this for the rest of my life on these other channels that’s that feeling when i look at youtube like you have a channel and that’s your channel and that’s just not how it is on linkedin we are more fluid and able to follow your career and it’s about that’s a great breakdown because i think people like my thoughts on linkedin a couple years ago were it was just a very convoluted platform right what i find what happened was i would go on linkedin and you know a connection would want to add me i’d look at the guy like well you know you’re in my area sure i’ll add it and then automatically i get 57 autoresponder messages from him and i remove the connection and i just feel like it was like a soulless platform when it really wasn’t it was more how i was using it right so i like we got connected to our mutual friend chelsea pikes and we started talking and remember we had a chat a couple months ago just about the dynamics of the industry and linkedin and what you’re doing you know i kind of want to dive into the progression of linkedin from the early years where you start working in it till now and then really get into the nuts and bolts but before we do that so let’s talk about your orange origin story so 2018 you hit 2 million views on linkedin but i know it goes way back right like 2008-ish was when you kind of linked in so maybe like where did you grow up how did you end up on linkedin and like where are you today so to you are correct i started my career in 1999 i graduated college as a chemical engineer and back then in my eye line was my dad as an engineer my sister was an engineer my dad took me to work which by the way if you ever can take your children to work include them and what you do and raise them to see what you do because that really did impact me and actually got to meet somebody who i ended up working with over 15 years later i met somebody when i was 17 years old that actually impacted my career to the point that i ended up working directly with her on a project 15 years later so that’s really powerful um but basically i became an engineer because that’s all i saw that’s all i knew and back then there was no internet for me to look up a job in 1994 when i first went to college so that was it i knew what i knew back then now that i fast forward and think about why chemical engineering makes sense for what i do now i like breaking things down into its micro parts and also engineering teaches you a lot about solving problems and standard operating procedures how to move through things and reverse engineer things so that’s kind of my a bit of my origin story as far as my career and then the next part when i was in my career i was tapped into a mentorship program to go into the c-suite so i was presenting to the board of directors pretty early on in my career and was given a lot of training and within that i always thought okay i’m going to be with this company and i saw linkedin forming because again i was in my it was early 2000s and i was like i don’t know why i would join that i’m going to be with this company for the rest of my life and then 2008 2009 economic crisis hit and actually that’s when i realized i don’t want to ever get caught off guard with my career ever again and the best way to do that is to be networked to know people to reach out to the moment whatever hits the fan you have some people to reach out to not only to have colleagues that you can talk to and be a grounding space for you to network with and say here’s what’s happening at work here’s what i’m facing here’s difficult challenges it’s not a question of if we’re going to have difficult challenges we’re going to have difficult challenges at work we’re human beings and the next thing is networking and opportunities we really find out what is out there by being networked with other people so again 2008-2009 i have my dog barking again can you hear him is he pretty loud it is what it not a little bit not okay seriously do you need to join this conversation yeah go back to that for a second right like you touched on something that i do think about quite often there’s a quote that i think about and it’s you know you hate me i love you i love you and i don’t burn bridges because there’s going to be a thousand ways to get where i have to go because i never take a bridge but i think about it from an operational standpoint where when i’m looking at new employees that want to join prime or people contact me usually the ones that i’ve established relationships with or i’ve seen working over the past couple years what they’re up to their drive what they’re doing are way quicker on my radar than somebody who just calls me cold with a sense of entitlement saying well i have these qualifications you should hire me like literally those phone conversations end about that quickly but if it’s somebody that i’ve seen that i can go back and i can look at the last year and yeah maybe they jumped from job to job but i could see the consistency in their workflow and their personality and realize that yeah they’re actually a fit for us i’ll actually actively go out and get those people and bring them into the fold it’s what you said like even during a financial crisis it’s always a silver lining and you know sometimes some doors get closed on you so that you can walk through those other doors so you tangibly found a job on linkedin back then but then you also discovered a passion for linkedin at the same time was that how that happened so yeah let me just share my screen because i kind of tried to lay out visually my job journey my job journey my career journey that’s a better way of putting it um so if i can get to that slide it’s kind of a big summary here but um linkedin allowed me to move from being a chemical engineer working for major brands like united states gypsum and marathon i got my master’s degree in sustainability and environmental management and then like i said in 2008 2009 that’s when i joined linkedin and i was able to network to my next job instead of applying and especially during an economic crisis the amount of applications you’re going to receive just like you said they’re cold there is no relationship no ability to connect instead of doing that i did a strategy of two emails per day that were very customized for the most part i had a general language i wanted to get out but they were customized i said hey rob what’s happening um i’m checking in i yeah i have a um what is what it was it called at the time i took a leave of absence that’s how they were able to say pause my income pause my job and maybe if the crisis resolved which it was not going to resolve that fast we can bring you back in but it didn’t resolve obviously as quickly and i needed to look for another job so i had a challenge to myself to do two of those per day two emails per day and through that i generated over 10 interviews in less than a couple months because i was not waiting for a job listing somewhere i was not i was in front of them before they knew they finally needed to look to see that they had a job opening because that’s how it works if you’re top of mind before they even need you then it’s perfect that’s the same way we want to be in our businesses too be visible and top of mind so that way when they need you it’s easy to reach out so i did my side hustle line is down at the bottom i started doing things online in the early 2000s i built a website for the national association of environmental managers i just loved um writing blog posts i put out a youtube video that’s actually embarrassingly me in my pajamas and i am at i think 20 000 views of that video it’s so super embarrassing but whatever but i even in 2013 i started saying i had so many people starting on linkedin coming into my dm saying wow how did you get a job so fast in 2010 um i started making public posts that were really bad like really horribly written just like hey everybody i got a new job thanks for everyone that i networked with that helped me get this job because i don’t believe you can always detail out which is the dot that made the final connection to you the tipping point of you getting that job it’s a collection of all the conversations you’re having the conversation we’re having right now is going to ripple effect into i don’t know how many future conversations or also the ability to level up what i say about myself there’s so many micro moments that we never know how it’s going to play out so it’s plays out to being able to network to build my own six figure environmental consulting and resume remodeling business which i launched launched in 2011 2012. i then closed clients like tesla rolls-royce i worked with dominion energy and then i finally after so many people said how are you running your business getting work and it was all through linkedin all of it my entire business ran through linkedin so i turned it into linkedin business accelerator what type of things were you doing for the rolls royces and the teslas of the world like were you going in and showing them how to operate on these platforms are you doing separate consulting oh that was separate consulting so i was doing business sustainability and environmental so i wrote and was you know ingersoll ran for example if you look at their 2011 i think sustainability report i wrote that i was interviewing the employees i was um compiling all of that data um i worked with scott’s miracle grow on a huge rollout for their environmental sustainability program so yeah i’m behind the scenes i helped move a smelter in tesla and getting all the permits and um negotiating it’s all relationships like how do you move a smelter from one location to the other and there’s just processes and steps and permits and approvals and that’s what i tesla and i would do for companies fascinating were you based out of because if you’re writing stuff for lake michigan i’m just not is that in your backyard are you located in michigan no i was literally it’s during this period of time i literally lived international i just kept my address as virginia and i was working for companies in california michigan um virginia everywhere and it was all done remotely or a digital nomad i guess you could call me i was location independent before it became popular to be location independent and at one point i lived for an entire year in this whole thing in germany so ishbricka ein bishon deutsch that’s the only word that i know yeah it didn’t matter to them if i was working at 10 p.m at night whatever time it didn’t matter i didn’t let them know it was me just controlling and saying you know what this is my business i just yes i can do that call at 2 p.m i i lived in your time zone if it’s your time zone i operated in your time zone as long as the work gets done right like you frame your own narrative and you don’t feel like you have to overexplain it because there’s really nothing to explain that the people that are operating at this level i know their types and they just they don’t really have time to waste they just want a job done they want it done quickly they don’t really care about the intricacies of it but let’s literally jump right into the linkedin talk the tangible you know how to actually use it and how to not use it so first of all how should i use linkedin like high level i know you gave us a breakdown of the narrative of my journey but i’m justin conoco i’m logging into linkedin today what do i do am i just posting thoughts am i engaging with the community what are some best practices i love that and i want to do one more thing to convince you that you want to be on linkedin but we we don’t realize the numbers are in our favor we hear um people like gary vaynerchuk i listen to his talks he always has some golden nuggets in there but there really is one percent active accounts on linkedin posting that’s it one percent it could be bumped up to two percent by now but it is so few active accounts and they get to share a huge amount of visibility nine billion views are happening per week to only one percent so one percent of the active accounts is about two to three million accounts are sharing nine billion views does that count the guy that’s sending me the autoresponder that i just cannot stand every time no i’m talking about people who are like myself making a video getting over 3 000 likes 564 comments um this was me having a pretty strong opinion saying if you wouldn’t say it in a business meeting with a new connection then don’t say it in the comments on linkedin of course that is very relevant but as a business owner you can talk about this i could be running my environmental consulting business gain traction as long as my profile is built to sell me so the awareness model of we know you exist that no like and trust factor we have to check out your profile that is what that is my ultimate goal is to constantly get a visibility so people literally check out my wherever the little linkedin symbol is my linkedin profile that is step number one hands down it it is also a really powerful step for why people reply to you in the dms so if you so you’re sitting there anyone watching right now you want to get people to reply to you in the dms that seems to be a big pain point obviously you’ve got the auto responders they want you to reply right they’re like please reply if you can be visible publicly on the platform the human mind assumes the way you do one thing is the way you’re going to do everything so if you talk nicely to the people in the public comments we assume you’re going to be a regular normal human being in the dms privately one-on-one we are way more likely to trust you and more likely to reply i mean i don’t have a statistic but let’s just throw out a number 80 more likely to reply i mean it’s just it’s so easy for me or for anyone that i get visibility for to get people to reply to them because we see you publicly having conversations we know you’re a normal human being i mean that’s kind of the baseline we’re working with here but we need to know we’re going to have a safe conversation a good conversation one that’s not going to waste our time so step one is engaging in conversations first before you’re even saying anything right like you’re talking about going to other people’s content and being a community member before just walking into the cafeteria and screaming out i have a house for sale and walking out right that is exactly is exactly what it looks like if if we did in real life and i love those spoof videos where they take what happens online and they try to play it out in real life like the real life conference call so hilarious i could watch those all day long um but basically you just played it out in real life the equivalent of someone jumping into your direct messages and it’s like they’re getting a megaphone and they’re like hi get on a quick call with me uh you know they’re just shouting out into like an empty space of people like we were already talking over here like why are you interrupting us like on that it actually turns people off like i i’ll see stuff like that and instantly like before you even did anything you asked me for something and i don’t even know you like i get it i understand everybody wants to grow their business and i can respect that grind and that hustle but to me it just speaks to your character right versus entering a conversation objectively and even if you don’t agree with me having a nice conversation in a civil discourse is everything there’s been a really bad trend i’ve noticed on linkedin when chelsea’s the one that brought it up where people are saying things on linkedin that was just never there before right they feel like i mean they can go in with negativity and pretty nasty things on a platform that i mean it’s their job it’s their cv it blows my mind like i understand youtube i understand tick tock in the other platforms but are you surprised that this is now a thing on linkedin i mean i think our general discourse is tense right now in general um [Music] i i need to get a canadian flag behind me i haven’t lived in canada but i did work on a huge project for the 2010 olympics actually um which was an engineering project which is really exciting expanding one of the roads there so that was really fun um so can i get adopted like slightly i’m just kidding walk over the border there’s somewhere along like the midwest like southern border where there’s nothing there’s like a shed with one guy sitting in it so nice the point is that we um we are probably seeing a little bit more activity than we normally have but i coach and teach people how to not scroll the news feed so that you don’t have to run through it you don’t have to come across it you’re intentional about your time on linkedin and honestly you can use this on every platform but i actually create um curated lists of who i’m maybe going after just like you might want to pitch pr say for example you’re dying to get featured in forbes well then you would reverse engineer that you would say well who writes for forbes that i already know who already creates roundup lists of quotes from businesses in my current industry look up what articles are currently being written about people that i look like that i am similar to and then find those authors those journalists those pr professionals and connections who got featured also the people who got featured and then go engage on their content go connect with them go be in their circles it’s like the equivalent you said instead of walking in with the megaphone in the cafeteria you’re walking in and you’re just sitting down at one of their tables and you’re complimenting and saying that was a great article here’s what i liked out of xyz and that journalist is going to be like oh thank you like wait who is this person and then you can when you send a pitch a pr pitch that pr pitch will land much stronger because they already recognize your name and they already have seen you complement their work that’s gonna land a lot stronger you’re not gonna win every single pitch but you’re going to definitely land a lot more and if we’re talking pr news i remember early on when i started kind of having conversations with people in my community that now asked me for information stuff relating to the real estate market first one i did was me going to them and like if we’re going to go back to the cafeteria i brought him lunch so i basically gave him a story that wasn’t broke yet because we did the deal and i was like i asked the owner i said you want some press for this he said yeah so i contacted reporter and i said hey this just happened this means 500 jobs for this area nobody really knows about it yet here’s a feature we did on them and like i didn’t know asking for anything i didn’t even probably for a year or two after there was no reciprocation but it was just building the community right i knew that that’s valuable to him so like reverse engineering it going to people with value is more important than you know just going with something that you’re selling and expecting a response which is really tough to do right yeah i love that we’re gonna hopefully have the cafeteria throughout this whole presentation or talk i see some questions in the chat it’s hard for me to read and talk so maybe if there is something in there i’ll ask you the question you did talk about and i think one of these things is going to get answered if i go through some of my slides but one thing i want if i can just get out of like okay fine it’s like just frozen or something it doesn’t want to move it just wants to stay on my face right there okay well that’s fun oh there you go people are going to purchase um but uh if i can like oh there it is okay so i want to point out d because people say in the comments we’re saying well how am i going to get this visibility for my business and i don’t know why it’s here’s this here’s the story so basically i’m coaching dee on how to show up as a leader in the comments this is extremely powerful because like i said you’re out and engage with people you want to get their attention well go give them attention go give what you want to get back from them and so ariana huffington gave her attention which ariana huffington has almost 10 million followers on linkedin so if you can get the attention of ariana huffington or her team i don’t care if it’s directly arianna huffington but her team is watching out for great comments great comments can turn into great articles so then she got featured literally like i said nine oh she’s 9.5 million i’m sure she’s a 10 million now um so then she literally posted about d i mean this was two hours into the post i should go check it out to see what kind of traction it got but i know that obviously she celebrated me in the comments which i’m very grateful for but then she reached over one million viewers again it’s all these um it was actually one million views in six weeks on her master class series so we look at the dots and we can see backwards where we say to ourselves oh that’s how it all came together but visibility at a core level will serve your business and attract the ability to get more visibility so when people say well how do i generate leads and do all of this at the core level i tell people to start with commenting commenting is such an undervalued way to generate this kind of traction to the point that dee was like i’m not even barely posting on linkedin i’m commenting it’s just mind-blowing so so we’re going to backtrack a second and stick on this topic you had said so you log in you don’t even scroll your feed and i think that’s people’s natural inclination is okay i’m going to do some work on linkedin i’m just going to scroll through the feed comment comment comment comment comment so let’s switch gears train me to do what you do versus what i do how would i look at engaging on a platform or starting to create a list like that when the feed is what i know right right so i actually and i’ll put you on my i call people my favorites i don’t like calling people my prospects my leads my clients i just like calling them my favorites because i’m like you i want to work with my favorite people i want to engage with my favorite people so i started calling it my favorites list so let me share what it looks like or at least show you if i can get out of this slide deck again um for some reason my computer is like oh i don’t want to work today it’s thursday your dog’s gonna eventually it’ll stop presenting at some point well that’s good stop share let’s see if i can get out of it before i start sharing um there okay now we’re back i can share my screen to show how i’m going to add justin to my favorites list so justin there you are giving you honest real estate advice i hope it’s not the opposite of honest so um so putting your profile in the hot seat i can do it a little bit but first like we just said we want to focus in on how do i not scroll the news feed i just so what i did was i was on your main profile here i scrolled down and clicked to your activity and i said see all right and then i go to here and i click on your posts so i want to see all of your posts so 15 hours ago you posted this i grabbed this address sorry you grabbed the url yeah so if i go to my google slides i wonder if i can show no it’s my google sheets yeah yeah okay so you’re grabbing the actual url yeah so i have to see if i can what this is going to open up on so uh people watching this right now and the people that are going to be watching the replay to actually get into the nuts and bolts i mean this is awesome yeah i’m trying to see where is my spreadsheet this one isn’t comment copy of aha so if i was going to scroll down and here’s just an example i just use this as an example not this is not necessarily what i do but i want to show you that if i wanted to fill this out i can then click on all of these linkedin editors and some linkedin employees that i follow now is my list exhaustive no because i have a specific goal in mind and there’s certain people that i know that i want to engage with in this space and being involved and being visible to linkedin editors is almost the same as getting the attention of a journalist or a pr that this is how i’ve gotten a lot of visibility for some of the clients so you go over here i want to open all my links and it’s just going to open all of their profiles and the top thing is going to be um obviously they’re profiles but wait i wanted to go sometimes i can go directly to their last post i don’t know why it didn’t by going to my post and pulling that url it brings you to my feed so you see the most recent conversations i had yes you’re taking something that takes 20 clicks and you’re turning it into something that takes like one or two clicks right yeah so i’m directly linking that just happened to open up all their profiles but i actually set it up so that if i do click on one of those columns it will open up their last post so that was a little aggressive to open up all their profiles i don’t know i don’t think i’ve ever shown that publicly absolutely like again this is why we do these series right i love asking these questions and i would ask you this on a one-on-one basis because so stuff you learn trial by fire right like it probably wasn’t like that in the beginning but that little hack right there you talked about ripple effect you may have just changed somebody’s life by showing them yeah because wouldn’t it be more powerful if you made a list of all of your employees and your clients say say you made a list of all your clients and you want to make sure they know you are it’s like the equivalent of saying hey i’m just checking in or i’m supporting what you’re up to and if you look and look like you’re supporting your clients that will have a bigger ripple effect into what people think how they can refer you how they think of you how they can talk about you because even if you’re the only like and comment i’m sure you know what it feels like to post something on linkedin and wish somebody would like and comment and i think we take for granted how much that is impacting them by you liking and commenting so in time it really doesn’t take much to especially stand out i didn’t know that stat that only one percent of the users are there and there’s nine billion eyeballs on it and people have asked for years the different ways that we’ve found success a lot of times it’s just platforms that nobody’s paying attention to i’m like just go where there’s no noise everybody’s on instagram right now it’s so noisy i post less now than i did a year ago and i’m getting more traction because it just stands out when i do something that’s maybe a little bit better but i’m spending literally i have a time block in my calendar that’s linkedin and i’m not doing it the right way because i’m just going into my feed and i’m letting it kind of curate it and it’s it’s so convoluted like i’ve had my linkedin for a long time i have a lot of connections and it’s not stuff that’s pertinent to where my life is going now so can you dissect my profile and maybe criticize it i i’m not sensitive you can say whatever you want give me your opinion so yes um at the very top um i love the for sale sign energy but if i it still doesn’t tell me who you are what you do what you sell what any call to action any social proof there’s really not there’s a lot missing that i don’t that could really really sell you from the top so some of the profiles that i’ve worked on have been um let’s see if i can how the best way to open up some profiles i’ve worked on in the real estate space so barry wolfe has a really good one that i helped him with fox connection there or something i know that is kind of fun but see the if i put like a side by side um we immediately see that he has growing he’s growing a personal hashtag which that is hands down powerful to grow a personal hashtag on linkedin the next thing is you see his website you obviously get this picture a lot of people have city pictures behind their profiles or like you have you have a picture of you in action and i’m saying that is good that’s step number one but can you imagine also down here message me or some type of call to action your email he has his phone number there’s just something we need because human beings take action when they’re told to take action like take my note we just do what we’re told um but sometimes we need advice we need to know how do you want people to message you i worked on benton cranes um so this was something we added he did not have this but he obviously with being um the harmon brothers he literally gets a crab ton of eyeballs i mean how many billions of views does the squatty potty ad have and chat books if you know of those brands that’s his company getting the visibility on those brands and so he hired me for linkedin because it was and it’s so funny how we we were like we need to do something where we know he’s the ceo and he’s giving us directions for what he wants you to do so if somebody an admin person he can get a dm a message and it says i do want to apply he already has a yes permission energy to immediately send them the application and the application is a process that’s already built through his website so yes it’s not as automated we’ve gone back and forth over what would be better but for the most part he gets great conversations now in his dms unlike before very interesting so that’s step number one um i think let’s see that’s so i had barry up if we go down here we have giving you honest real estate advice if i go back to any of my clients you’re going to see a pattern we pack it with keywords this is the number one that’s giving you honest real estate advice is the number one spot for keywords if you want to be found in search if you want to increase any visibility on linkedin this is the keyword spot right here and right here this line right here senior managing director of investments he added commercial real estate because of me because i said you have to get a keyword into that line so even if you have a business title founder and ceo that’s not enough so same thing i did with pj we just packed it with keywords it does feel awkward at first because he’s the founder of you screen but we wanted to pack it with keywords i know it’s not a real estate example but it’s relevant because there’s people on this call that are on the real estate side of things okay the point is you notice a pattern he used to have founder and president that’s nice but what do you do you’re the world’s leading video monetization so now he’s going to get found for video monetization he’s going to get found for more things and he explained himself which is going to go further in google search so that’s what we do there the next area is your real estate i’m always about above the fold and the top because if we can’t convert somebody and convince them we know what we’re doing then they’re not going to go any further so that’s why i make sure this entire like this one chunk right here should be filled in correctly so mine’s super light when i look at it it actually doesn’t necessarily cover my territory because my territory is a lot bigger than what i just have there and yeah it just needs to be cleaned up and a little bit more concise so people aren’t digging for information right yes so here has another one i worked on which is it’s so powerful immediately when you see this if i showed you the before and the after but basically the before was just a simple picture of the landscape a woman sitting there looking off into the distance loving to travel but this way we immediately know she’s legit she’s been featured in a lot of places she actually just spoke at the american rheumatology i don’t even know fancy words big words um the point is they she is a public speaker she’s so incredibly um uh like knowledgeable in a very high-end luxury travel space and for hotels and for connections and like i don’t i don’t even know what she’s just incredible as a person so when you work with somebody like this you have to translate that in an image very fast so the same thing you would think about on your website referrals testimonials recommendations what people think of you your logo your vibe how you make people feel and this powerful social proof the as seen in kind of energy featured energy that’s so powerful all of that and search is a big function too we’ll get off the profile now just because in but people don’t realize everything is searchable right google searchable youtube searchable facebook linkedin all these profiles but knowing where to put those i thank you for that because the keywords in the title in that section now my brain is thinking on how i do my youtube videos for example i’ll apply those same principles to my linkedin profile from a professional presentation standpoint so all of you there i think there’s a ton of value in kind of that whole conversation i do want to jump in really quick to some of the questions if you do have some time yes let’s do it all right so first i’m gonna allow martin smith to talk martin if you can jump in you’re welcome to have a conversation and ask judy hi martin give him one more second here and i think i can pull his question out so here i will jump right into his question okay can you do searches on linkedin for topics like a general search on budget or you know productivity like is that a function of linkedin as well over and beyond people searching yes so i’m gonna just open this up and search budget so you wanted budget a granted it’s not going to be what i mean what you see normally at first so normally when you do budget you just see people’s profiles just if you just plain old go in the search and that’s what you do so instead you can click on something called content and you can actually see content where it’s going to pull out keywords of people talking about budget so that could either be in somebody’s hashtag it could just be in the phrase this starts to get you at least a little bit closer to people having conversations about budget um you can do hashtag budget i don’t know if what was the other phrases you said because so this one is going to get you i mean obviously that’s in another language right there uh french just um but we can start scrolling down and wow there’s a lot in french at the top so here is something that you know she just got featured in forbes back to that whole like paying attention to somebody being featured and if you show interest like i said not only is this woman who got featured maybe talking about financial planning and budgets and it’s okay to show interest and encouragement to your peers the reason why is because we we get a little bit nervous like oh but i’m liking and commenting on somebody who that’s that’s my business we forget a couple of things sometimes i forget it too that just seeing you interact with your peers if i’m going to be speaking on stage and there’s an entire track of linkedin speakers i benefit by actually positioning myself up against other linkedin speakers and the reason why is because if somebody wasn’t meant to work with me they needed that other person then there’s always going to be somebody that needs somebody in this network it’s actually the um what is it called the soda machine principle where one soda machine sitting by itself will do less business than multiple soda machines actually lined up together and snack machines and similar competition and the reason why is because we get oh i get to choose yes yes yes yes there’s yeses whereas if you are one soda machine sitting by itself one business owner not interacting with your peers not networking you’re just yes or no against you that’s what people that’s the choices they have whereas you get to be a choice to multiple and a bigger audience when you actually interact with your peers so don’t be afraid to go out like and comment on somebody who technically is your competition somebody that would gain the same business because we just don’t all hear from the same voices so like he says you can be one or two people you can be the person that wants to just build a really big building or wants to tear other people’s buildings down to get where you’re going and the world’s a very big place you know there’s tons of business we collaborate with our competition all the time it confuses them i’m sure i send agents that try and apply here to competing brokerages and i don’t think they’ve ever seen that before some of the responses i’ve got was actually helped us grow i’m going to jump into another question oh i was going to say he he said sorry technical issues he can hear and follow through so thank you martin and he did say and i can answer this one super quick how often should you be posting that is kind of controversial on linkedin and i will have a strong opinion because i am uh so here’s garyvee saying three times a day i say no very strong no against that advice that he gives and the reason why is because yes gary vaynerchuk with a huge team can post three times a day and he will get traction and he will get visibility because he has a hot 4 million audience on linkedin if we don’t have a 4 million hot audience max wants every 24 to 48 hours and the reason why is because linkedin will look at you as a spammy account to linkedin if you are not getting likes and comments within that first post you putting out another post is not all of a sudden going to trigger linkedin to go oh my god he’s so amazing you need to have a hot audience to keep getting visibility on every single post so i’d say to people let your post breathe give it time give it time to get a like and a comment i sometimes start the likes in the comments i mean i don’t know that’s just me but i tell people if it’s like a dance floor are you willing to dance on the dance floor of your own content when you put it out there i mean i have a party on my content i’m like yeah i just posted so enjoy your post and post once every 24 to 48 hours and start a conversation i think that’s a big part of it it’s not one-sided right it was a yeah spencer mcdonald some questions i have a real estate photography linkedin site and a real estate broker site really want to know how to build this network and drive leads to me and i’ll let you kind of handle this i think part of the conversation is you’re going to try and attract them rather than drive them right in a different mindset yes i mean if we think about it um and i love the i don’t know if it’s in either carnegie mellon or if it’s like oh uh dale carnegie that’s it it’s dale i always get the carnegie’s all i think it’s the uh win friends and influence people but it’s this whole maybe it’s the four agreements but it basically says give what you want to get so if you are out there giving you’re asking people as a leader to show up for you go show up for others that’s what i think of when i think about leadership and the profile and not the profile but the the leadership energy on linkedin does drive traffic back to your profile i have clients and let me just show you if i can convince you at all this one slide always convinces so many people but it’s down here this this is from three days of commenting a total of 15 high quality comments that’s it drove traffic to check out their profile so what i call high quality comments is this if you can i always have this in parentheses leave a early comment if i see anything early and i see if i see even gary vaynerchuk if i see him post something and i want to jump in that conversation and he happens to have posted in the last 20 minutes i’m gonna make a quick comment i’m going to make a thoughtful comment and actually my last comment where i did that it gained i think 150 likes and comments so somebody who has a huge audience and you are an early commenter you will be the top comment only if you then do the next thing which is you have to leave a thoughtful like you’re not just two cents but probably like five to ten cents where people literally have to click see more to see the rest of your comment when they have to click see more to see the rest of your comment you actually get visibility your profile your title who you are your your content gets more visibility when people are showing interest in your comment they’re actually showing interest ultimately in your next post that you actually make on linkedin linkedin’s going to show it to those people that click see more on that comment i don’t think people realize that social platforms watch you like if you read i think the four lines plus is probably similar to how instagram where if they’re just they’re paused on the screen for an extra three seconds reading it it knows that it says okay this is somewhat engaging now you’re making them click and they’re still reading it it’s like well this is very valuable because you’re giving them something that they’re willing to give their time to so we want more of you right so you got to train the algorithms and you know the audience as well to understand that you’re giving value over and beyond not just here’s two lines you click see more and then it’s a whole paragraph on how uncle jimmy is the best bitcoin miner ever and give him five thousand dollars he’ll be rich forever like the spam right you keep it contextual and keep it valuable and we had one more question from the audience and it was how quickly would you say linkedin relationships start to feel like a real relationship what challenges do you come across or was it all plain sailing it’s not plain sailing but you can fast forward that with commenting i’ve already shown that like 30 000 ways from sunday but i think the next thing is when you show up in the direct messages and creating a real relationship there’s actually another psychological principle that i love leaning into it’s called spontaneous trait transfer so spontaneous trait transfer and what that looks like and i feel like now i’m going to teach people how i trick people i’m not tricking anybody but it’s the equivalent of martin i’m putting martin in the hot seat because he’s right here still that visible to me where he literally after this event he maybe is trying to get your attention justin you probably know each other but he’s pretend he needs to get your attention i want to pitch justin so after this event he says to you wow judy was such a great presentation i think that blah and compliments me and doesn’t spend any time talking about himself what he just said about me actually transfers back to him because our human brain has no time to figure out who anybody is and who anybody what martin’s like that’s what i was gonna do i like operators right you go and do something you just learn you got my respect all day long i think yeah it’s and it’s not you’re not gamifying people you’re not quantifying them and putting a dollar value on them it’s it’s just the nature of how we operate right so that’s fascinating i’ve never thought of it like that and we like when somebody connects me so say for example i get a referral instead of thinking oh my gosh i got a referral that’s a hot referral that’s a hot lead um and i think me and you kind of did this with each other where chelsea connected us so actually instead of spending time thinking let’s just jump right into we we kind of did but also i think we both honored chelsea and that moment of honoring is so powerful and i think people forget how that moment is actually more powerful to solidify the link even though you you acknowledge yeah chelsea connected us yeah chelsea connected us yes chelsea pipes i love it so but what we’re what we’re literally saying when we when i turn around and say oh my gosh chelsea’s amazing she actually is she sent me like she sent me foxes in the mail i she’s i’m in her book what to post like she’s freaking amazing i don’t know how she does all that she does like oh yeah i’m blown away by chelsea like blown away by her book right there yes on i think i’m on sev page 72.I don’t have anything which one i’m on and it’s funny i never expected it but she just pulled some stuff i was doing on instagram but and it’s funny because it’s just a snippet of something that i do but since she did that i pour into that and then i want to give back to her we build a community of awesome people get amazing guests like you on and i mean we’re talking like we’ve dug maybe a foot deep into 100 foot deep trench i know you’re a specialist at linkedin and people are interested in it definitely i’m going to direct them to you at the end of this episode so we can send them to your profile um i do want to ask you three kind of rapid fire questions before we wrap up and just rifle just off the top of your head kind of what your thoughts are so what is the greatest lesson you’ve learned up until now that i don’t need permission perfect but nobody needs permission we we do have the intuition the experience and the knowledge to make decisions and not need permission i think permission was the biggest thing that kind of held me back along the way from going out on my own i didn’t realize it but in i thought oh i need the camaraderie i need the people in the office i think i just needed people’s permission and once i let that go the camaraderie is there the chelsea pisces of the world the colleagues the justins the judies we’re here but we none of us are giving each other permission we’re just literally enjoying interacting networking and working with each other and that just releases a huge weight off your shoulders i think i always like to say everybody’s beautifully and wonderfully made in their own right we’re all crazy to a certain degree we all have our own good and bad sides and things struggles but at the end of the day once you realize that you don’t have to prove it to anybody else that’s when you really really feel free i’ll let jackie jacqueline sneak into question do you have specific suggestions where to make things like your linkedin header do you use canva or something creative cloud apps i’m the canvas boring person i use powerpoint to make all of my creatives so much powerpoint or canva is a pretty easy one for most people yes canva the one the one uh unless canvas updated it but canva on linkedin has gotten the sizing wrong oh i know so if it literally says this is a linkedin thing check the sizing check the pixels that’s wild um so then the other two questions one is what are you learning now like you have this strong base in linkedin you’ve got to be curious about something something you see coming down the highway what are you putting your energy into from a learning perspective let me look around my desk what am i learning um i think the biggest thing i’m learning and to be blunt um i am learning probably more about the balance of running my own business and taking care of myself just to be blunt i saw the 75 heart out there have you ever heard of that it definitely got traction out there and i feel like i’m a bit of a rebel i didn’t agree because i was like i don’t think i can do the 75 hard and that doesn’t fit my personality so i created the 75 love for myself and it has some of the same things on the list but instead i actually have an action each day that i have to do something where i thank somebody or i have to write them a recommendation i have to do something really kind for somebody i know and that’s part of my 75 love the other part okay i’m looking at my list i have to drink water it has some of the same things i have to do an exercise outside which is walk my dog i have to walk indoors a thank you action and i do think it’s really powerful to read 10 pages per day so i just adjusted the 75 heart because i was like i don’t like the idea like i have to be on a diet that one to me i was like i can replace that with something else so yeah it’s about making your own kind of world this last one is probably one of my favorite questions it’s how has failure shaped your life um that i survived on the other side of failure i thrived on the other side of failure i thought it was failure to um especially back in the first crisis i thought it was failure to like have to kind of be forced to take a leave of absence or whatever they called it the furlough or whatever you call that at the time um i thought that was failure i was like i probably shed way too many tears over that and then now it’s all like literally that whole thing where it’s like oh that was actually a blessing that literally changed my life at that exact moment and allowed me to step into more of really who i actually am and i love that i got so entrenched in understanding how to run a business how to work for fortune 500 companies i learned so much about how that system and how all of that operates i don’t i mean i’ve got 18 plus years working with corporations and fortune 500 companies so that it’s powerful knowledge that that first 10 years set me up for but i don’t know if i would have gotten kicked out of the nest or or if i just would have stayed climbing a ladder and climbing a tidal ladder inside a corporation yeah you get stuck in fear right the reason i ask that question is to end the episode there’s no such thing as a failure truthfully right every time i ask the question every one of my guests they get excited there’s that instant where you’re like oh like you think about something because the word failure is a negative word but then as you start thinking about it you’re like it actually put me in the biggest position to succeed so when things seem like they’re the worst thing that ever happened to you in perspective in hindsight in your book and your story they are going to be a blip on the radar that you will laugh about so use it as inspiration to get better so i definitely want to thank you i know you really really kind of dug in for the audience today too if they want to reach out to where’s the best place for them to find you if you start on my website at the very top or at the bottom are all my socials you can just click across and be like i want to follow her everywhere um but also just send me a direct message i am a normal person that has normal conversations i leave voice messages i think justin you’ve probably gotten a voice message justin does video he’s like we’re real people in the dms like it’s really me there is nobody else in here so i’m walking in my side yard you sent me a voice message and that actually caught my attention and then i sent you a video walking through my side yard i was doing like landscaping or something like that and we connected so we’ve now had this conversation so appreciate it i’ll definitely be watching your story and we’ll have you back on in the future to explain that maybe canada changed their formatting i love them there’s no no bad blood just get up to date on your linkedin dimensions it’s important everybody get on that platform thanks again judy yes thank you okay

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