Women’s Workwear Review – Rolling D Workwear Home Farm Parka

hi everyone my list is constanza and i am here to help you find work where that fits i work in environmental consulting and during my duration working out on site and in the field i realized that there is a real lack of resources for us maidens to find good gear that’s gonna last-place um that’s not pink and that’s going to work well with us while we’re doing our hard wreak so i kind of took it upon myself to try out gear see what’s good see what’s not and put under some real life assesses for you to check out i feed a few cases different social media channels under the administer technically assault you can ascertain me on instagram my tech talk needs a little bit of affection so disappear “re coming with me” there as well and you’ll find a lot of longer wording re-examine videos now on my youtube burrow sit sit today we’re going to be talking about the wheel d home farm windbreaker in the shade park so rolling d is a brand that is marketed more towards maids that work in agriculture and farming ranching in those areas of expertise as always i will be including my assessments in the description box down below so that you can kind of compare the way the paraphernalium fits me to what it will maybe was like and fit on your mas wheeling d direct me this cap in a width medium to try out for all of you i really like this jacket it is very warm it’s an insulated casing it is offset on the outside of a sort of canvas information and the inside is a quilted kind of polyester cloth that’s going to keep “youve been” warm one rationalization i really like this jacket is because it has a terribly sleek designing when you feel better and touch it you can tell that it’s going to be really sturdy and it has put up with some long daytimes on site with me and saved me warm during work in the winter but i’ve also worn it a assortment of durations out on my daily gaits really around municipality in my jeans it has a really sleek sumptuous layout that inspects good whether you’re on place or off-site so the cap has it has our two standard pockets in the figurehead and they’re zippered which i really like because i can put my keys in there and not “re going to have to” worry that they’re gonna fall out on the inside of the jacket on both the liberty and left side “were having” this small pocket that fits the phone really nicely and i like that because it helps me restrain my phone warm while it’s really cold outside “weve had” these drawstrings in different areas of the waist that will stiffen the seek of the waist in the back the punk and the neck are strung with a coat fabric that’s really soft so it’s not rub up on your face when you have it zipped up all the way the sleeves also have adjustable snaps so if you like a tighter sleeve fit you just adjust it like that and it’s a little bit more snug and there’s also an additional sleeve on the inside that fits really nicely around the wrist so that you’re not getting breath in through the sleeve i’m gonna include uh links to all the gear that i talk about in this video in the specific characteristics chest below um and i’m also gonna include any deduction codes that i have available for you to use expressed appreciation for so much better for watching i hope you experienced the video i hope that members can liked the wheel d cap that i already talked to it today if you have any the issues or observation leave them down in the comment box below don’t forget to like my video subscribe to my path i’ll be posting so many more work inspects uh talk to you all soon

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