USF COPH: A passion for environmental health

In my undergraduate I went into chemicalengineering but then I was finishing up I wanted to do something where I couldhelp the environment help environmental health so I went into environmentalconsulting and that kind of got me started down that pathway. This studyis one in a sort of series I would say of urban sustainability and impacts oftransportation on air pollution and health and showing equity and so I’veworked with several students on different studies and we’ve learnedbasically that there are certain groups particularly African Americans to somedegree Hispanic people and those living in poverty and those living in urbanregions versus and more rural regions who are disproportionately exposed totraffic associated pollutants so the goal of this was to develop the system sothat we could apply it to asking bigger questions like what about the long-rangetransportation plan for Tampa? And also the current Tampa Bay next platform which part of the proposal for that is to widen some of our roadways.Looking at okay well what would be the impacts on air quality and showings inour area.I’m just very interested in generally metropolitan sustainability andtransportation systems impacts on state and equity and so I’m trying tothink about how we design urban communities and how we can design them better. In the larger sense I’d really like to work and collaborate with others who are looking at other aspects of the questions of urban health andequity.

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