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Okay, it’s preparing to live river. Okay, got it. It is now live. Yep. We are now live on Facebook. Let me precisely be sure about that. Before I can Actually it’s establishing there that I am now live. Okay, there, there. It is live. I’m gonna just now go into this slither and present. Okay. Great. We are live on Facebook. Hi everybody. My name is Edna Semiti. I’m the founder and CEO of Zindua Career. Zindua Career is an organisation that ah focuses on preparing young beings for their future careers. We started our work in twenty eighteen. And we are very busy conceive programmes that can help young people who are school vanishing. From persons under the age of nine. And those who are finished institution up to the senility of 30 five to identify the right careers they can get into. Enter into those professions and succeed in them. Yeah, so that’s briefly it. If you’d like to know more about us, you can visit us on our website. Ah, the website is actually written on the screen. It’s WWW dot Zindwa Career Africa scattered ORG. So today I would like to cover a topic that came up in a recent occurrence. Ah, we had an occasion a week ago. And uh the participants who came for the affair had follow-up questions that they put on uh the feedback flesh. And one of the questions was on which careers can I find in Geography? They are wondering you know if I cherish geography so much um oh what can geography do for me in my future? So this was actually an event for eh use three and chassis fours. So what I’m about to share with you today is an answer to that question. And I intend to answering these questions. There were more than one questions.So in the course of the coming few weeks I’ll be announcing more and more of these videos so that I can share the answers to the questions that were raised. And I would encourage young beings or even parent education young people who are in primary academy, high school, who have vocation questions, satisfy feel free to announce your questions. Even in the conversation box, ah the Facebook, if you are watching, ah, on Facebook, if “youve had” any questions, I’ll only retain checking and you can asking, I will try and respond to them. Also, I will affix this video on our YouTube channel, which is Zindua Career uh, TV. And if, if you share it and there are questions, only foster people to ask questions. At the tip of this presentation, I’ll likewise share our email. If you have any questions, you can still affix them there. Alright. So, which careers are in geography? I means that we are learn geography from ah, primary clas, in high school and for those who love it so much, they can decide to pursue in ah, Coast High School Education Course in Geography. So I require to cover that. So “were starting to”, let’s start with the beginning. By this, by the end of this presentation, I exactly just wanted to be, to explore with you, two jobs, there are very many jobs that one can explore, or even pursue in their adulthood, ah, out of their enjoy for the subject of geography. But for this rendition, I want to talk about only two business, that, if you desire Geography so much you are eligible to consider pursuing.Not because they are my best professions ah but because probably they will have some “ve been meaning to” you. And even encourage you eh even after this presentation. You can do a little bit more of experiment. Do a simple Google pursuit. Ah which occupations can I follow if I affection geography? And you will find the answers. So here I want to help you exactly understand two vocations. So I’ll talk about the careers. Ah I’ll talk about the where the person or persons handiwork, what they do, where do beings, which various kinds of employers hire ah, parties like this, and ah, what is the career pathway? So for you, if “youre in” primary school, if “youre in” high school, or if you are at the university. What track can you expect to follow to enter those two specific occupations? And as I’m, as I’m discussing them, I hope you can use that information to understand how you should be doing your own investigate about a career, you are interested in.I really young person from a very young age, start having an interest in a vocation. And then when you have the interest in the vocation, instead of, um, throwing it apart and saying oh, this is just out of my conference, or I can never get there, do some, experiment. Ah, if you have be made available to Wi-Fi and internet, eh, smart telephone or a laptop, do a laptop that is connected to the internet, do a simple Google search. Just the list of that career and then read about it. If you have further questions after you’ve done your search, you can get in contacts with me and I offers an opportunity to you answer those questions. Alright, so don’t feel like uh maybe your dreams and your hopes about a certain career is eh out of this world. It’s not out of this world. You can participate that occupation you dream about.Okay. So, for those of you who know Geography, you know what it is, yeah? Yeah. So, Geography is a study of living and living. When whatever class “youre ever” or organize, or even at the university level, whenever you are studying geography, you’re studying one of three things if not all of them. One of them is the countryside, the physical features, you are familiar with, mountains, flows, where are they? How large-scale are they? Ah, what kind of things are in there. What category of environment is that? Uh um how can you expect to constitute the best of it? So you’re you’re you could be studying about you know landscape. If “youre in” primary and secondary schools “youre supposed to” think about the number of flows for example in the country. The longest creek, shortest creek, which countries they are in Yeah. Uh fresh spray, lakes, salt water, seeps, you know. You are made to be considered oceans. How many are there? Yeah. I could question you questions like that. And as you grow older. Uh the subject becomes more complex. So landscapes and physical peculiarities is something beings learn in geography. Another thing is the link between people and earth.Or arrive. The works that parties do on acre. Farming. Transportation. You know um waste management. All those kind of things. Um you are taught. Um where where are the horticultural patterns? Where are pastoralists? We are taught all those things. We are taught about eh the characteristics of environment. That’s the third thing. Climate. Where the arid localities, the semi arid localities. So this is the study of geography and there is a reason why. That’s because when you get to the world of work, a lot of these subjects or topics in the topic, are truly decode to work that you can do, and earn a living out of it. So today we are to talk about two careers that you can pursue by ascertain landscape, relationships between people and earth and the environmental issues. And as we speak with those two occupations, just ask yourself, in which study of geography is this career? Now, okay, so, let’s talk about the firstly career. The busines, the first busines I want to share with you today is environmental consultant.Career one, environmental consultant. So like the two terms symbolize an environmental consultant. It’s about the environmental issues. And the errand is a consultant. So in the working world, a consultant is somebody who is hired to give opinion. That’s AA consultant. That’s the significance of a consultant. You’re hired to providing advice. And your nature providing advice because you have a much of acquaintance. You know a plenty of things. Ah you have a plenty of information about that theme. And you have a lot of examples. And those examples are real. They are actualities. They are proven and anyone listening to your suggestion. When they follow your advice they are able to achieve their goals. Or they will succeed in what they are doing. That’s what the propose of a consultant is. So in this subject an environmental consultant. It’s someone who gives advice about the environment. So you remember the three areas of of geography. There was physical pieces. And then there was the relationship between beings and region. And then there was the environment.The environmental consultant wields in the field of Geography that is related to the environment. Yes, we got that. And their work is to provide advice. So what kind of advice do they return? The suggestion that they open is they help the companies that they admonish to improve the environment. So in what areas? For example sometimes a company can be doing its activities and it is causing pollution. I’m sure you’ve heard the word pollution as you are studying geography. Yeah, so as they do their work, they are polluting the environmental issues. Either by the waste that they exhaust into the environmental issues. Either uh liquid assemble or gas kind. Yeah, so the environmental consultants will come and tell those in charge of that organisation for you to shape assured that your business is not bungle up then we need to see how we can reduce the problem of contamination. And this is how we are going to do it. You encounter why we are saying that consultants providing advice. They tell you there is a problem and then they tell you how the eh they are preparing to you, how they are going, how you are going to solve that problem.So they help companies that. Too the natures that organisations induce, how do you organize it effectively? Even as human beings, “we ii” producing litter all the time. Even by breathing out, even if they breathing out, consume is good, eh, carbon dioxide emissions, you know that, yeah? We make waste by breathing out, that is carbon dioxide, but it’s good for us, because the trees breathe it in, and then they breathe out, what we need to breathe in with, which is oxygen. Okay. So that waste is good. But there’s other consumes I’m sure you know. Sometimes when you’ve eaten so much and you are so full. You feel like feeing to the toilet to got something. Big or small-time. Okay? That is garbage. And then after you’re done Depending on the kind of toilet you are expend, you flush. Where does all that go to? The environmental consultant will tell you. Because when the beings are building, they would be there to say, this is how you are going to manage the debris that comes from those people who are going to live in that suite or in that house.Yeah, so they assist with controlling wastes. And then guess what? They also tell us, you know, the water. You see this sea forms like creeks and lakes and ocean they they have living things in them. And they need to keep alive. Those living things need to keep alive. So the environmental consultant would say for this ocean not to die, this is something that we need to do. For this reservoir and river not to die, this is what we need to do. They leave suggestion. So for example, if an party in its operation is affecting a creek or a pond, or an ocean, they would advise you, how do you improve that liquid? The character that sea. So the animate thing in there don’t die. and even the breeze, the breath that we breathe, how do we make sure that the bad poison that enrolls the aura is reduced. And the clay where reference is are burrowing, when we are doing all the things we are doing, structure. How do we make sure that the clay remains good? So you ensure an ecological consultant’s position is to give suggestion to organisation.And who do they give advice to inside the organisation? Many times will work with the most top overseers. Or people who are making decisions with the establishment. They’ll tell the managers. When “youre ever” making a decision about what you want to do remember remember this lake. Remember this air. Remember the clay. Okay. Remember there is going to be trash. Remember to control your pollution well. So if you love to advise give advice peculiarly about the environment. you cherish environment, perhaps you you desire to see light-green, you love to see the blue sky, You love to see the um you know the luminou sunup or sunset, Then you might be interested in this kind of a job. And at this station you might need to start asking yourself how well do you do in the subject of? Geography. So let’s talk about now where would they work? most of the environmental consultants can work in three types of organisations.The first organisation is a private corporation. So when I say private corporation it necessitates it’s a company that is owned by some people or some organizations. It is owned by parties. Likewise, they can work for the authorities concerned. So, the government, of course, you know, is not owned by any beings, except it is formed by parties, to help us with our welfare. And then, they are able to too work for non-government syndicates, these are the organisations that flee planneds that help people, cure parishes. Maybe you might have heard the word NGO. NGO, NGO is the short assemble of non-governmental organization. So, this three types of organisations, Private corporation government companionship, I symbolize authority, and non-governmental company can hire an environmental consultant.So two examples, there’s a private company announced SGS. You can even do a speedy Google search SGS and you’ll understand all about this syndicate. SGS can hire environmental consultants. Another one is Kenjin. Maybe you’ve heard about Kenjin. Kenjin is both a private and a government organisation. Because it’s owned by private people and the authorities concerned at the same time. So Kenje is also another organisation that can hire an ecological consultant. The department, which is a government institution, the department of the environment, hires environmental consultants. Likewise, in the NGO life, the non-governmental fellowship nature. Here i am, UNEP, UNEP, United Nation, Environmental Program. So this is A program that is owned by the United Nations.The United Nation is a non-governmental organisation. So you can see, if you’re interested in being an environmental consultant, then at the end of the day you can work for any one of these organisations or many others. These are just illustrations. Now, you can work as an environmental consultant, you can work either, on full hour basis, role day basis or a consultant. So, what is full go? Full time means that you have to be in the office every Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Yeah? Part time means you and the company can agree some periods in the month or in the week you are working and some days you are not working. Maybe you’re doing some other things that matter to you. Consultant means that you are at the level of a an advisor, not individual employees, an advisor. It had been able to be an adviser on full meter basis or area hour basis. There’s other access you can work as an environmental consultant. And can I expect a few questions? Before I say the last thing about this job and I go to the second one? What kind of environment do you think the environmental consultant directs? Are they ever sitting on the computer? Are they ever moving outside the office? Are they advancing a great deal? Are they is speaking to people a lot? Are they in confronts a good deal? Are they writing a lot of reports? actually the work of an environmental consultant is very busy. So they have to walk around a lot. Remember it’s about the environment, grime, breeze, sea, yeah. So if I have to advise a handling about liquid quality, then I “re going to have to” go to the irrigate torso, compile the liquid, go into the lab, check if at all um, there are some specks in the ocean that are dangerous, or the ocean is good, and then originate my report. And then present my report. And then um get feelings and then try and manage uh the practice forward. So you can imagine there is a lot of moving around, proceeding around, sometimes they even have to office uh beyond 5 PM Sometimes even on Saturday and Sunday because they are travelling for meetings.So it’s a awfully very busy responsibility. If you enjoy wreaking um in the laboratory on the computer, outside, are concerned with people, then you can a great environmental consultant. So, imagine where you are today, I’m thinking, maybe you’re out there in primary school or you’re in high school or you’re going to the university or you are at the university and wondering perhaps I should just do the environmental consultancy.So what how would it was like heading towards being an environmental consultant? Well, the first thing is you need to do a degree. You need to get a degree. So that intends, if you are still in primary school, you have to work very difficult to get the title braidings at KCP. If you are in high school, then you have to get the right yarns to make you to the university. Even if you don’t get the right grades to make you to the university and you still want to be an environmental consultant, you will need to work on acquiring digital certificates and the certificate and then the degree.So the first thing is all those who hire environmental consultants, they make sure that the environmental consultant, they are thinking of has a degree. And a degree in which one in what studies? Environmental science? study environmental science or geology or environmental studies or ecology. can look at that. you have to work for many times. Remember I told you as a consultant you know a lot of things. So that means you have amassed several years of working. You’ve worked for different organisations or one organisation that has helped you are familiar with the environmental issues. Has help me out here you are familiar with decision making has helped you learn how to write reports.How to test the environment and insure whether the quality is good. Yeah. So you have to work for many years. For many organisations that are looking for an environmental consultant, they are considering someone who has at least 8 years of working. So if you finish your college, in the year twenty twenty-two, that means you can become an environmental consultant in the time twenty twenty. And what will you be doing between 2022 And um not twenty twenty. 2030 So what will you be doing between 2022 and twenty thirty? You will be working in the same various kinds of battleground. Either as an environmental polouse, health and safety officer, um maybe a geologist, something related to conserving the environment. Work well, do a great job and prevent building your experience. And then 8 years later you are eligible to apply for the opportunity that is available. You’ll likewise need to get credentials. So that when you have to research which certificates can help me become a good consultant.Then you study them. Most of these credentials are like in business management, in communication, so that your good at handling yourself and beings. And also presenting what you have to present. Okay, so that’s the kind of the track. It’s not a very long path You exactly have to be very patient to is directed towards it. So I’ve given you the dream so you can work on it. So this is one career that you can pursue if you adore geography so much.What do you must be considered it? Share with me. Share with me in the comments. Alright, let’s go to the second vocation. Okay, like I said, there are a lot, but in this show, I’m just going to share two jobs. Not because these are my perfect best jobs. Really because I just wanted to cause you with this too. And you can do further experiment. So the second career I just wanted to talk to you about is called city planner. Urban planner. Again, the name of the career is self illustrative. If you understand the word urban areas and understand the word planner, you probably will be able to is aware that this thing is about. Because urban symbolizes Planner makes somebody who does planning. For everyone else who has gone to weds, you know that there are people who are announced marriage planners. These are the people who help all those people who being married, be prepared for, their wedding. Yes. So the urban planner does what? Yes, the city planner assistances people who are living in a certain municipal to programme their municipal. Okay, so for example, you can see on the picture I’ve looked for nice photographs of good neat, beautiful municipalities in Africa.Our Africa. Care the the top claim word-painting is actually the picture of Adisa Baba. Beautiful. Imagine. You know where Adi Sababa is? It’s in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is in the northern part of Kenya. Just above you. Where you are if you are watching this from Kenya. Okay? And then the picture right below it. Below their deservable visualize. That video you can see the ocean around it. They’re nice green, grey sands and all that. That’s a picture of Zanziba A township called Stonetown. I’ve actually been to that city. It’s it’s as beautiful as you can see it there. The stone town city of Zanziba. Zanziba is a beautiful island in Tanzania. Tanzania is our neighbour. Just in the southern one of the purposes of Kenya, East Tanzania, a country where I likewise come from. A part of their own families comes from Tanzania and a part of it comes from Kenya. So I’m very proud that Zanziba is one of the beautiful cities of Africa.And the other municipal on the top left you can see there are beautiful mountains. That is Cape Town. In South Africa. A highly beautiful municipality. Well organized as you can see. And right below you guys know this city. Nairobi. Nine, Robbie, beautiful Nairobi. Long time ago. Nairobi was known as the London of Africa. I don’t know if that’s the still the instance now. I know there are very many.I necessitate look at all these beautiful municipalities now. Probably there’s many more other municipals in Africa now known as the London of Africa. But Nairobi was the first metropoli in Africa to be called the London of Africa. And you can see how beautiful, well set all these cities are. Actually this situations, I picked them up from a website that had indicated the 14 most beautiful municipals in Africa.Can you imagine Nairobi peculiarity? Cape Town featured, a disaba featured, the Stone Town, in Zanziba too peculiarity and many others, some in Nigeria, there was one in Ghana, I understood, one in Senegal, yeah, so Africa has very many beautiful metropolitans. And we all, oh, the perfection of the city to these wonderful beings announced city planners. Because what is their work? Their work is actually to design the city. They design the structure of the town.Even the villages. They are the ones who say this is how this path will pass. They “re the ones who” decide and advise that this is where we are going to build a malls. This is where we going to have the SGR. This is where we are going to have this highway. This is where we are going to have this skyscraper. Okay? this is a residence where we are going to have residential area. This is where people live. Yeah, so you, as you, you are eligible to imagine, if you move around, where you live, you witness, there are some parts where it is all just room where people live, and then there are some parts where “then theres” plazas, and then there is a, some parts where it’s just offices.Okay, so the urban planners who sit down and say here is just about offices. Here we are going to assortment positions and and residential provinces. Now us to be able to spawn some shopping environment and even here is where we are going to see precisely do raising. This is where we are going to construct the road on top. Underground. This is where we are going to framed the rail. Okay this is where we are going to set the bus stop. So next meter you are not very happy about where the bus stop is. You know who to journey to? At the Urban Plan cuz maybe they are able to rethink the design. So when they are planning, they just don’t sitting there and say this is what I’m going to do. They mean in argument with what the person or persons in that area want.You They reflect about you. They they think what kind of transportation do you miss? That is where you will find there are some towns you vanish, you find a lot of margins, others don’t have. You find a spate of bad referees, you know, others don’t have, there’s each type of transportation. They say this municipal, beings like to move on hoof more, they like to move with border frontiers more, or with bad reviewers, or with fancy taxes. So let’s moved the superhighways and the environment for them so that they are able to do their the actions of a comfy and a joyou space. For example if you go to Stonetown, Stonetown is a town of treading. You can’t ride around in a car. That’s how it’s been constructed because parties like to walk around stone town looking at the ancient municipalities. Because there is history around Stonetown. The biography of slave trade. Okay So the highway it’s been designed, it has that in thought. Nairobi is a very busy, hectic ah, business town. So the channel it’s been designed is to alter business. Okay so they “ve been thinking about”, they do a lot of research, what do these one wants? What various kinds of works do they like? How do we make sure they get good clean drinking water, these good cleanlines, they get good recreation, for example right now, um, here in Nairobi, we have ah the Uhuru Park is under structure, renovation, restoration, why? Because There is more demand to use Hurupark for entertainment and recreation and the behavior beings want it, the city planners and the metropolitan planners construed that there is need for more improvement.So “theyre saying” let’s re-renovate it. So that’s the work of the urban planner. If you like to plan, you like to see metropolitans, structures, perhaps that’s an sphere for you. And guess what? If you cherish geography, you’re in the right locate. So where do they principally with the government. You can imagine most of these projects are for the community. So they are mostly working with the government. If they have to wreak, retain I has spoken about private organisations, Organisations owned by beings. If they have to work there, then that intends it may be an architectural corporation that does government work, are in place to construct, at a larger scale UN forms, “theres something” announced UN habitat. The UN habitat does scheming, urban planning. Most of the time they are working as full time works or consultant. Remember, full time necessitates all the time there in the office And the not working some dates and some not working, they make full go. So if you are interested in the urban planner racket or vocation “youre supposed to” should, you must actually get a unit, and like I said earlier, if you’re growing to ah, if you are in primary clas, then that means you have to work hard at your KCP, even high school, KCSE, And when you get to the university, choose to study, inventor, or urban planning, or environmental studies, recollect, it “ve got something” to do with the other career.Or, geography. There is a degree in geography. You can actually study. Geography. Even after high school. Again, many years of knowledge are present in planning or or being an architect. Or you know working with the surveyors. Certificate. And many times you must get a master’s degree. Extremely in financials. Because remember this is about understanding. How got to make sure that people are living in a certain municipality or city and making their income effectively.Moving to under income moved their business undertakings. So you must know fiscals. Okay, so these are kinda the two jobs I want to talk to you about. If you desire geography, there are a lot, countless, many others. Just do a Google search, you will see. Think about this. With every undertaking, there are important human knowledge that you must have. Human knowledge are the ones you have because you are human. These are your superpowers. Okay? In this vocation, these two careers I’ve talked about. I want to bring to mind three abilities that will be very important for you. Number one, critical idea. Critical conjecture intends knowing how to distinguish problems.So recollect about it. The environmental consultant and the metropolitan planner. Why is critical envisioning good? Well, it’s important for them since they are have to know where their own problems are. If you go ahead and solve a number of problems without understanding it, you might end up solving the wrong trouble, or solving it in a terribly shallow path, not being able to bring the right solution. Okay, so critical conjecture is very important. And how do you build your critical reasoning? Like I mentioned last week in our occasion, one route that you can develop your critical reasoning ability is learn how to ask questions. Be very curious. The second human talent, your superpower. That you have it. no1 needs to teach you. You simply need to practice it. Is problem solving. Problem solving intends now concluding the solution to the problem.Okay eh problem solving is something you do very well if you are organised. If you know how to organise your thinking. Okay so this is what the problem is. What next? You organise the steps to the solution. Okay, so that is problem solved. The third human knowledge is research. Finding out more. learning more. Environmental consultants really need to learn more and more. Do a lot of research about spray, about breath, about the animals, about the needs of the company, about the existing legislation. Yeah, they do a lot of study. Urban planners do a batch of studies about the needs of people.The people in Nairo there are at present people in Adi Sababa, there are at present people in Lagos, what do they like? What do they like? What do there is a requirement to? How are they growing to uh opt things? Yeah, so they do a good deal of research. Communication, speaking out your opinions, carrying intuitions, in writing and in speaking. Interpersonal knowledge. Learning to work well with people. You can imagine how many parties the city planner works with. I working in collaboration with parties in government. They succeed with beings um in private firms. They working in collaboration with parishes asking questions. Yeah. So learning how to work with people. That’s interpersonal knowledge. Those five human sciences is important for those two professions. And I suppose for numerous many other professions that are related to the Geography subject.Now what I why did I imparting this to your attention? Because I require you to start being self-conscious about yourself. When you’re in us when you’re dealing here with other beings. How are you expressing critical gues? And problem solving. Are you doing enough research before you propose a solution? Are you learning how to use good English? And even Kiswahili. That’s communication. Writing proper spell, speaking it well. Are you learning how to interact with various parties? The ones who are the ones who are difficult, the ones who are shy, the ones who are not shy. How are you lives with all these parties? So interpersonal sciences. Think about it. Those knowledge are inside you. They are human sciences. You are a human. So you have those sciences. The other talents I want to draw your attention to. That are very important for these vocations are Digital skills.For both of these occupations, you must be very very good with Microsoft records. These are the documents that are found in your computer. Most computers using them. Maybe you’ve heard the word message. Microsoft word. Microsoft Excel. Microsoft PowerPoint. So Microsoft Word is used for writing characters. Microsoft Excel is used for gauge and of uh PowerPoint is for writing presents. So you must be good at being able to turn on the computer, open the computer, write a letter if you “re going to have to”. Do a lecture if you have to. Use Excel to do forecasts. You must be good at consuming the internet to do research.Do Google search. Do different kinds of research. and you must be good at emailing because that’s the mode of communication after they prepare the documents they have to email them. those three digital knowledge, if you have an opportunity to learn them, learn them on your own. If you don’t have an opportunity, cause let me know and I will assist you. The final thing I would like to talk, yes, that is all actually. So I’ve actually come to the end of my exhibitions. Do you have any questions? If you have any, you can leant it in the box. And I’ll respond. If you can’t think about any and maybe you think about it later, use the email on the screen. Think about future developments. At Zindua Career dot ORG. Okay, so those two jobs can be good if you affection Geography. There are many others. I just wanted to encourage “youre going to” research some more and find out many others. You can share with me your knows. Use that same email. If you ah if you do some research and you find ah an interesting career and you want to talk about it use the email. I’ll be checking my email and ensure if you’ve written to me. And I is in accordance with you. Okay have any comments, any questions? I don’t see any on the live conversation. Okay, I don’t look any. So, I will exactly require to end this here and to say expressed appreciation for for those who controlled to watch. And listen to me and spare time with me. I truly appreciate the time “youve had” taken. I wish you all the best in your select of occupations. I’ll do another video reacting the questions that came up from last week’s affairs. And I hope this will be helpful. I’m going to broadcast this also on YouTube In our channel Zindua job evening.Thank you so much and I admire uh your attendance here. Bye bye.

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