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are ya my figure is Richard McMunn from the interview rehearsal company past my interrogation comm and in this tutorial I will coach you how to prepare for and pass a consultant interview so if you have a consultant interview with any organization from across the globe please make sure you stay chanted and watch this tutorial fully from beginning to end because I will help you to pass and be the standout candidate and to achieve that goal this is what I will deal I got to give you a listing of consultant interrogation questions that I strongly recommend you prepare for I’m going to give you brilliant answers to all of those questions I will tell you the qualities that you have to demonstrate in order to better to pass and finally I will tell you about further resources you can get access to to assist you succeed including the slides here and the interview the issues and answers that I am about to provide you with now exactly very quickly before I get in to the consultant interview questions and explanations’ educate seminar my identify is Richard McMunn a very warm welcome to his presentation that is me there in the center of the screen I’ve been helping people for over 20 years now to successfully pass their interviews and I always do that by giving you top-scoring explanations you cannot find anywhere else on that basis please make sure you subscribe to the channel by clicking the crimson button below the video connect with me on LinkedIn I kept my Linkedin link in the specific characteristics below the video and please too make sure you smacked the like button if I ascertain parties liking the video that tells me you experience the content and I know therefore it’s worthwhile me developing more for you ok let’s get into those consultant interview questions and top scoring explanations so the first question is “ve been told” about yourself and why you want to become a consultant now because this is going to be the first question of your consultant interrogation make sure you get off to a flying start by listing the qualities and the experience you have that will add value to their organization and that is very important here’s a great answer to assist you over the past few years I’ve been working hard to further develop my skills as a consultant and I now feel I am performing at commonly high level I am a great team worker who understands the only way to achieve an organization’s goals is through effective collaboration I am a strong communicator great at building long term relationships with parties I will always support excellent service to clients and customers and when it comes to overcoming challenges and difficulties this is when I am at my very best as a consultant you have to have the objectives of your employer at the heart of everything you do and having predict the work description for this consultant role I feel you will be impressed with my hard-working nature my positive attitude and my commitment to achieving consistent strong decisions that is a brilliant answer to that first consultant interview question tell me about yourself and why you want to become a consultant so you can either pause the video if you just wanted to and taken due note of the answers as I progress or if you want to wait I will tell you where you can download my full primed of 20 consultant interview questions and top scoring refutes includes the ones we are working through right now the next question why do you want to work for our busines as a consultant now in your answer to this consulting job interview question explain how your own skills and qualities are a match for their organization and here is how to do that in the past whenever I are valid for a brand-new consulting persona I ever experiment the company in detail before submitting my resume or CV this is because as a consultant you can only achieve your goals if the company deep-seateds quality standards it has strong appreciates and it also has a great team of beings behind it all working towards the same objective now during my research into your organization there wasn’t one thing that deterred me I feel very excited about the prospect of working here as a consultant and I feel my experience and skills would be a great fit for your already established team and likewise the long term seeing you have in place that’s another magnificent answer to that guaranteed interview question why do you want to work for our corporation the next question what can you bring to the role again I can pretty much guarantee this question will come up some point during your consultant scheduled interview so “ve been thinking about” it what the hell is you crave a consultant to bring to the role if it were your organization well you would want passion enthusiasm knowledge collaboration skills and also exhaustive action that helps you to achieve your goals and objectives so let me give you a clever provide answers to that consultant interview question what can you bring to the role I can bring a total commitment to your organization which means I will not only run tirelessly achieving the aims of my initial brief but I will ever make sure I represent your company brand in a positive way to further build on the great work that has already been accomplished I will bring many years ordeal as a consultant whereby campaigns and exercises are completed on time into the right standard for example in my previous persona I always beat the targets of all of my action critiques how my administrator often indicated that service standards I worked to was an example for others to follow I have lengthy knowledge of your industry which implies I can bring a elevation of knowledge for creatively and innovatively improving the business and too capitalizing on surfacing trends and opportunities ultimately I will bring a hope that I will always look to improve and I will help others in the team to achieve their own objectives as well as my own another luminou answer that is loaded with different things that you’re going to bring to their organization as the expert consultants now please don’t go anywhere because I still have more questions and answers to work through with you but when you’re ready if you want to click that associate in the top right hand corner of the video it will make you through to my website pass my interrogation pacify where you can download my full give of 20 consultant job interview questions and top-scoring reacts includes the ones we move forward through together right here today but in the meantime here’s the next question tell me a occasion when you substantiated leadership so as a consultant you have to have leadership talents now examples of leadership within consultant roles include the facilitation of staff training relating market opportunities overseeing difficult activities overcoming suffering and also identifying a problem and then creating a solution to it so let me give you a sample answer to the consultants interrogation question tell me your time when you demonstrated leadership here we go in my last consultancy persona for a large company I proposed “the organizations activities” furnished training courses for all unit commanders and middle administrators in the facilitation and producing of change I felt all members of staff who occupied any type of leadership role would benefit from this type of training simply because the organization certainly needed to quickly improve performance in terms of turnover and profitability now although the training took three months in total to complete the results were significant within the 12 months following the completion of the training the organization’s turnover increased by 12% and profitability was up even higher now the productivity of staff also increased due to the brand-new mode of leadership that was implemented across the organization I like that answer because it is specific in nature you are suggesting an locality for better which is training up of unit governors and middle managers and you are explaining the outcome and that is a perfect example of lead as the expert consultants within an organization the next question you are working on a project and you have two roads to take the standard par for a brand-new itinerary which one would you choose and why so this is a difficult but also very clever consultant interview question and most people would have no idea how to answer it correctly so here’s the best way to respond to this interview question to show that you are a forward-thinking consultant let me simply repeat the issues to you are working on a project and you have two roads to take either the standard path or a new direction which one would you choose and why here’s my answer in the vast majority of situations I would choose the new itinerary simply because this gives me the opportunity to be innovative and creative which is something I enjoy however if the project was urgent and “its for” a patient for example who had specific needs I used to select the tried and experimented technique simply because the challenge of taking on a brand-new untested road would be too much of increased risk so that shows it you are forward-thinking as a consultant you are innovative and you you know you understand the importance of trying out brand-new things however you are also saying that you will assess the risk and decide there in which path to take that’s a great one so the next thing for you to do is to please click that join in the top right hand corner of the video and go through to my website past my interview comm it will make you through to a page where hey I’ve put up there 20 consultant interview questions delight make sure you read them and you likewise have the option to download all of the response to all of those 20 questions including the ones that I’ve worked through with you today I promise you if you get those questions and reacts they will significantly increase your chances of success at the interrogation I hope you’ve enjoyed that don’t forget to subscribe please so you don’t miss out connect with me on LinkedIn my LinkedIn link is in the description below the video and also hit the like button expressed appreciation for very much for supporting my path and I wish you all the best for elapsing your consultant job interview have a brilliant day

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