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Subscribe Intellectual Indies, press the buzzer icon and never miss any revise. Let’s say a company has more than one product line. Product line implies apple has iphone Imac, ipod and numerous pieces So these different pipelines are announced product lines. So BCG matric tells you you the way to identify your product lines. and what you should do with them? keep watching this video Hello friends, my reputation is Sahil khanna and you are watching Intellectual indies Basically BCG matrix is a graph of growth rate and market share Here we understand Our product’s growth rate and how much it has probed world markets Like you can see in this photo The one whose market share and growth rate is high is called Star The one whose market share is low but growth rate is high is called question mark Because we don’t know about it.And how it’s going to behave in the future. Whose market share is high but growth rate is low is called cash cows. Because it is still Whose market share and growth rate is low is called DOG Means that thing is not good for you business. Let’s understand this thing If i want to increase my growth rate Then i’ll spend money. The one who has high growth rate Means high-pitched overheads. The one who has high-pitched market share More money will come. let’s talk about perform conveys both factors are high Both profit and expenditures. And here your earning margin can be high more But here if we talk about cash cow cash cow entails it’s market share is high but it’s growth rate is low.Slow or depressed It means you can take money from here. and can endow somewhere else. basically cash cows of fellowship Helps in investing Like a perform It’s market share and growth rate is on top Company’s eventual purpose is to keep it’s product line in starring But more stellar conveys more expenditures. So BCG matrix tells you Which makes should be at which list. BCG helps you in identifying Which product line stands at which place and whether you should spend on it or not let’s say If your product is in cash cow and you are receiving a lot of money. Let’s say your product belongs to dog category then It conveys no growth rate and the shares. and there should you vest or not? No because without market share People are not interested in buying your commodity. What the hell is you do after spending money on it? Remove the products in puppy list What we spoke in produce life cycle. The worsening chapter commodities comes under puppy. ANd produce with maturity comes under cash cow. And with growth rate are stellar. Symbolizes there fund is coming. Now introduction will come in question mark. People don’t know about your product So now when you spend money on it. your growth rate will increase. But now your market share is low. That’s this one is in question mark. Maybe you changed from question mark to perform Immediately alter are not able. But generally it has is evident that One in question mark has the potential to enter star. Just like iphone 8 is coming The way they are portraying it, right now it is in question mark Right after it’s launch, it’ll be shifted towards stars.Becuase everyone is going to buy it. This was everything about BCG matrix. How it is different from product life cycle. Where we talked about exclusively one product. In BCG matrix, we talk about all the product line. Where a concoction lies. you need to focus So that your produce stays in star And some commodities in cash cow. Some concoctions are not launched more They’ll be in question mark But do not continue any commodity in hound category. Some parties “re just saying” impede a concoction in pup because you are targeting a specific niche. But distributed according to me, say no to dog ;p Because it won’t be successful in india and there’s no niche grocery who can spend crore on one single make and you are targeting merely 10 beings. Like vertu, 2 people buy phones and they are satisfied you can not do this in india. Okay friends, video ends here. I hope that members can would prefer it. If any suspenses, do ask me in the comments. Like share if you liked it. Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video.

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