Starting a Nonprofit Organization? 3 Things You MUST do First

Starting a non-profit and facilitating itgrow so that it can be successful and make a huge impact in the world can be alot of hard work! So if you’re thinking about starting a nonprofit there are acouple things that you should probably do before you get started that will helpmake sure that you will be successful and make a big impact. If you’ve seensome of my other videos, welcome back! If this is our first time meeting, my nameis Amber Melanie Smith and I am a non-profit a benefactor, executive director, and orator on all things social impact service and leadership. There’s really alot that goes into successfully starting and thriving a nonprofit, but in thisvideo I would like to speak about three key things that you really need to do beforeyou do any type of paperwork or even must be considered a appoint for your nonprofit tomake sure that you can be the most successful at get it off the groundpossible.As someone who started a non-profit when I was in college and nowcurrently feed the organization full experience, I surely know about the steps thatit can take to get something off the floor successfully. And I also knowabout a lot of mistakes that I constructed early on that if I hadn’t fixed we wouldhave been able to progress a lot faster – and not only becoming financiallysustainable, but make a way bigger impact.If you’re interested in hearingabout all those mistakes that I manufactured starting a non-profit, you can check out my other video on that topic – 7 Mistakes I Made Starting aNon-profit – hope you enjoy! But getting back on topic for this video, I’m justgoing to dive title into those three key things that you need to be doing beforestarting a non-profit.The first thing “youre supposed to” do beforeyou start a nonprofit is to really profoundly understand the need that you’retrying to address. A much of beings start thinking about beginning a non-profitwith some cool theme for research projects or platform or happen that the government has, but thisis the wrong approach. You don’t want to start with your suggestion, you want to startwith the need, and here’s why: If you aren’t really familiar with theroot causes of the problem that you’re trying to solve as an organization thenyou won’t know if the idea that you’ve had is going to adequately address thatneed, and then you’re going to spin your pedals “ve got something” that’s notactually going to make the impact that you is hoped that the government will. So in these beginningstages you really want to be doing all of the decipher, all of the meeting withother beings in the community who know about this topic, all the research thatyou can possibly be doing, to truly gain an understanding of the problem thatyou’re trying to solve in the community – Whether it is homelessness or hunger orimproving education – whatever the problem that you see in your community that iscompelling you to want to start a non-profit in the first place – you needto become very well-versed on the topic.And you’re going to want to do this bylooking at a couple of key questions: First, you want to know, who is affectedby the problem? Is it children of a specific age? Is it animals? A certaintype of animal? Is it the environmental issues? Is it a certain neighborhood in the city? Sothinking about the target demographic that is being most affected by theproblem in your community or in the world countries that you are trying to address.Second, you want to be researching and studying the underlying root causesbehind that difficulty that you’re looking to solve.WHY is there hunger in thecommunity? What other factors are influencing how much starve there is inthe community? Is it a lack of access to food? Is it the length to drive to agrocery store? Is it the cost of the nutrient? What are the things influencing thatbeing a problem in your community? And third, when trying to understand the problem that you’re looking to solve, you really wantto know what other issues are interconnected to that question. In theexample of hunger or education you know that those things are connected a childwho is trying to study in institution can’t do it very well if they are also hungryso we find in social change in social impact shifts that a great deal of theissues we’re trying to address are very interconnected like a big spider web sowhat are the factors that are most impacting one another and what are thegaps in the different areas that you might want to solve how do you go aboutunderstanding the need like I said before you want to do a lot of researchthe Internet is an amazing tool but I highly recommend detecting experts in yourcommunity or around the world depending on the geographical scope of thenonprofit that you’re trying to start and talk to them in person gain theknowledge that they have gained firsthand doing the work that you’retrying to do and learn everything that you can only when you understand theproblem that you’re trying to solve will you genuinely be able to come up with amission announcement the actions that their own organizations is going to be taking toaddress the problem in a way that will be effective in resolving that problem the second thing that you want to dobefore starting a nonprofit is to study the landscape of other organizations inthe same geographical field that you are hoping to serve the fact of the matteris there are more and more nonprofits being formed every day in the UnitedStates and sometimes they overlap and duty and compete for the same fundingdollars this means that if you’re hoping to start a brand-new group you reallyneed to know who else is out there doing the same work because they might becompeting for the same donor grant funding or earned income revenue thatyou are competing for and if you find that you’re starting a non-profit thatreplicates the services offered of another organization in the same community youmight discover that it’s a really big uphill battle to gain any traction toraise money or to make the kind of deep impact that you’re hoping to so youreally want to make sure that you’re focusing on addressing needs that arenot already being addressed by an organization that’s doing a good job inthe community now I’m not saying that competition in every case is bad in somecases an organization might be out there that’s not really being very effectiveand in that case maybe it’s healthy to have a little competition I’m all aboutinnovation and making sure that the most important thing is getting done and thatis solving the social issues that we’re here to solve ultimately we should bethinking how is impossible to employed our non profit out of business which intends if you’regonna start an organization have a vision of that point objective what the hell is ittake to create a world in which your nonprofit doesn’t need to exist whetherthat’s objective homelessness or dissolving human trafficking whatever it may beyour goal is to solve the problem and then either disband or move on to solveanother problem the goal is not to perpetuate your organization for alltime if “thats been” the event then there’d be no moment starting at all so if you’vestudied the landscape and you have found other organizations out there doing whatyou are essentially hoping to do and solving the problems that you’re hopingto solve you’ve got a couple decisions to shape the first is is there any waythat you can partner or collaborate with this organization inreinventing the rotate perhaps you could be an asset to them the second thing istaking a look at are there any major gaps that that organization is not ableto fill and if you really want to start your own nonprofit perhaps that divergence iswhat you could focus on to make sure that you’re meeting a need withoutcompeting for the same funding sources as the other organizations the third thing that you want to dobefore starting a nonprofit is to think through your business schedule especiallyincluding your plan to be a financially sustainable organization a financiallysustainable make-up would be one that has regular revenue coming in thatyou know you can count on and ideally you’re in a situation where you can notonly count on that to survive at a locate degree but you have a plan for how you’regoing to grow and make an even bigger impact over time too as I mentionedbefore eventually try to solve the problem that you have Excel to solvewhen you’re thinking about the financial component of your business contrive there’sno one-size-fits-all for every solution a lot of nonprofits think that grantsare just kind of a silver missile and that going some awards will solve allof your problems but when in reality only about one in ten awards can beobtained even by professional grant writers so subsidies are very competitivethey’re very difficult to get and they’re unquestionably not a source offunding that you should probably rely on when “youre starting” a non-profit if you’reinterested in more information about the different ways that a non-profit canfundraise and explore developing that financial sustainability I’ve gotanother video for you fundraising strategies when you’re trying to startor flourish a non-profit and you can check that out the link to there are two maincomponents of the business plan that you want to really focus on at this earlystage and that is once you’ve figured out the what making what activities oractivities your organization is going to undertake to consequently address that bigproblem “that youre gonna” setting out to address you want to know how are yougoing to measure your progress towards that goal if it’s something like endinghomelessness an self-evident way to measure that would be that there are no peopleexperiencing homelessness in the city for X number of years in a row measuringthese things is called measuring outcomes so an outcome is basically thedifference between where you started before you begin your organization andthe difference world that has been achieved now thatyou’ve been working at it for some time essentially how you modify the world soyou want to know how are you going to measure your wallops towards yourprogress towards the outcomes that you’re hoping to achieveis it a changes in attitude or feeling about something in that casea survey might be a good way to track the changes in attitudes over epoch whenyou canvas someone in the beginning you examination person at the end of the yearhow has it converted if it’s something like the speciman of homelessness that Ijust brought up it could be how many people have who were chronicallyhomeless are now no longer on the street and in inexpensive dwelling thesecond major patch of the business plan that you want to think through beforestarting a non-profit is of course that fundraising piece and how you are goingto plan to become financially sustainable as an organization whetherthat is through some kind of earned income mechanism blame some verysmall rational sum for items or services that you render or sponsorshipsthinking through what is going to be the best fit for your specific organizationand again recognizing that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for allnonprofits every organization is different and is going to need adifferent approach to be successful there is of course a ton more thatshould go into a business plan for a non-profit from your operations torecruiting volunteers to your market programme but if I illustrate the top twothings it would definitely be how are you going to measure your outcomes andimpacts and how you’re going to be financially viable as anorganization and I is a well-known fact that when I was first starting a non-profit those arethe two things that I bid I had given a little bit more thought into in the verybeginning so are you thinking of starting a non-profit and what place inthe process are you at I’d love to know please share that in the comments belowand don’t forget to subscribe because I’m making weekly videos on nonprofitssocial impact service leadership and more I certainly to be expected that you procured thishelpful delight if you are on Facebook check outmy Facebook group change the world or bust wehaving exchanges there about how to make a difference in the worldeffectively and it’s just really good communication so come join us over thereI hope this helped you out don’t forget to check out my other videos if you arestarting a non-profit I’ve got some huge resources on my channel checkthose out and thank you again so much better for watching

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