How to start your own business in 2021 (environmental consultancy)

i know one of your goal this year was just abusiness most probably all you have always wanted to start a business or even you’re in the processof beginning or starting out a business so how exactly what steps should you follow when you’restarting a business now in this video i’m going to tell you what i think is the ideal steps tofollow when you’re starting out your business and let me be specific here it’s about a consultancybusiness you want to be a consultant it could be environmental consultancy tariff consultancyhealth and fitness consultancy whatever type of consultancy you want to start now if youwant to understand these steps of starting out a business then keep on watching and the first thingthat you want to do of course is to decide what business you want to start now in this video wehave talked about how to choose one business idea from the so many that “youve got in” your recollection nowif you have not done that then you need to go and watch this video and go through the process anddecide on what business theory you choose and that is the business idea that you have chosen to runaway with now you want to start it all you want to test it out outside now to see if it’s feasible thefirst thing that you need to do of course that is to start with that one and i’m talking about oneand yes i understand everybody’s talking about multiple income business you need to have sixstreams of income you need to have a business side hustle i understand but when you’re starting outwhen you are starting you need to start with one and then after that one is doing well and stableand can be able to run by itself now go back and start another one all select that one and now startand diversify there’s so many ways of creating multiple business or multiple income from that onebusiness so the first thing that you need to do now when you’re starting out is to collect precisely onebusiness doctrine merely die with one okay now if you’ve chosen that one now then it’s time to go to thenext gradation and by the way look at people who are very successful even in the world today peoplelike beyonce what do you know beyonce off she’s an master she’s a musician but now right nowshe has other business she’s doing like she has a makeup line but the first thing that she did forvery wrong is being a a musician luka people like oprah winfrey she started in the doing indicates doinginterviews until when now she got stable for about 10 years 20 times and then started diversifyingfrom others look at other parties like comedian kevin the comedian he started as a comedianand then with age now he has his indicate path and other organizations that he’s doing but he did notstart with all of them you start with one and after you all done that is the stem of this treeyou doing the beginnings in the root for a long time until the stanch is strong enough to hold on thebranches now the chapters we’re going to hold on the stanch so first erect the stemand when the stem is strong enough now start construct the disciplines are wetogether the next thing that i want to do i would do evil starting out is tovalidate my impression now i have said more than once in this channel clients don’t givethe effort to your ideas to your business to how good and beautiful and they don’t care about youthe only thing they need from you is you solving their problem the client comes too because theyhave a need because they have a pain that they require you to solve so the first thing that youneed to do before you even money your business is to guarantee that you corroborate your businessidea and that means you go through the process of actually knowing if for realpeople want what you’re offering if for real people are going to pay for whatyou’re offering you could do a business that are beautiful but nobody misses it so how are yougoing to run that business business about i still i give you the services and you give me moneyyou know if i don’t need your services then don’t invest age don’t invest exertion do notinvest money in a business idea that you have not validated a business idea that you’ve notreally for real have evidence that people want what you are offering even if it’s a productor not whatever you’re doing whatever business project you chose if people don’t want it then do notinvest in it and don’t invest in it until you’re sure parties are actually willing to pay realmoney for it and you can do tiny lounges like for example you can do a better a better lunch you caneven do you cannot have better clients to see for example if you’re doing consultancy environmentalconsultancy then make sure to try and see if is a company that is willing to pay you money to doan environmental audit for them is there demand for environmental consultancy is their demandfor your architectural skills is their demand of your accountants accounting talents now if youare unhealth and fitness manager do beings genuinely is intended to be coached when it comes to fitnesswhen it comes to health and wellness what do people want and is there demand for your businessideas and this of course you talk to awfully beings and hear what they want so then that will be ableto adjust your impression so that can fit accurately to what one wants so validate your theme fast nowyou validate your the suggestions and you find that is real niche or there is real people want to pay foryour for your business impression then what do you do next the next step that i would admonish you to dothat is gradation numeral three is to write a business plan yes i know i know don’t even clickout of this video i know business plan now i’m not telling you to do that 20 business planpage i’m not telling you to do the you know the business plans you have seen everywhere on theonline you have seen beings trying to tell you how a business plan should look and what you needto do no i’m not telling to do that really in this channel i’m going to do a video of how youneed to do a business plan and even give you a downloadable business proposal template that you canjust fill in so don’t you annoy simply is committed to my canal so that you know when that videois out now you need a intention a hope is like a delineate okoshags you want to go to town if you don’t knowhow to go to town are you going to get down you need a a delineate of where you’re going the same goesfor a business plan you need to hope you need to have aims you need to visualize what yourbusiness is going to do so that is the business plan i’m talking about and the business plan i’mgoing to teach you in that video will be about six sheet business strategy very simple for a businessidea that is starting out you’re starting out your environmental consultancy this business ideais for you you don’t have to copy those that are on the internet you time make love for yourself iunderstand you don’t have know i understand you’re not sold i understand you is not even knowwhat are estimates you don’t know what finances do i understand so you are a total beginnerbut it is necessary to a plan of how you’re going to move forward now that is what i’m calling a businessplan it can be one page two sheet it can even be 70 sheet if you are interested in but if you’re startingout to need a plan to show you where to go and in that video i’m going to show you so makesure to subscribe and hit on the notification bell so that when that video travels out you arenotified all right now you have picked your impression you have ratified your suggestion and “youve had” donea business plan what next the next thing that i’m going to do is to build your shop what do imean when i say constructed your supermarket now here i mean either do your website if you need a website orwhere can people come and picture whatever it is you do where can people come and buy where can public find youthat is your shop because if you had a product product-based business then you’d have a shop aphysical supermarket whatever it is you sell your physical make but now if you’re selling consultancy where isyour shop this could be your office which i don’t really recommend if you’re just starting out justdo it from your home before you you’re able to get you know to the office but set up your store couldbe a website it could be on social media that is where people come and determine whatever it is you do like ifanybody wants to buy my services as a business coach as an environmental consultant they’re goingto come to my youtube direct and visualize what i do and patronize through my videos and check what i talk toabout and then they can be both to see you i’m an expert and even my next responsibility is that the expertthey need then they can go ahead and hire me or contact me so that is my shop it could be thefacebook that you have you have a facebook report you have a facebook page that “youre talking about” yourexpertise or “youre talking about” how you you how to do these things as a service now that is your shopif you want to start set up a website there even you can go to diys for yourself and showcase yourservices there so set up your supermarket where can i come and determine whatever it is you do specially now in thisera of digital market because really i don’t have to come to your office i could just see whatyou do on facebook and call you on instagram what do you do on instagram so i can come and consider andcall you for a service so that is now your patronize now social media is your shop website is yourshop then the fifth thing that you need to do is to set up a organization for your finances now how doyou know how much you have sold and how much you have abused you need to have a way of tracking yourfinances of keeping records of your finances now if you are a total novice i recommend thatyou use a simple spreadsheet yes yes a simple spreadsheet just opens production laptop on yourcomputer and exactly make it your financial statement system whatever you use for your business whateverexpenses that you go through record them in your spreadsheet if “youve had” business or coin comingin record them there on a spreadsheet because you’re starting out even in your first time soare you going to do they are of course there are other better ways to do it but i recommend youstart with a spreadsheet because this is the the mods of your business still small-scale you can be ableto to control them when they’re on a spreadsheet but of course as you change now you’ll need to lookfor experts and you need to look for professional bookkeeping uh probably software’s you know thereare so many of them when you get there i’ll tell you some of them but when you’re starting outjust start a application have a record of all the businesses all the clients that you performed howmuch the government has paid then the day you know the the debt they still owe you those who have completedhow much fund “youve had” compiled in the first quarter second part third one-fourth how much money youmade last year exactly have it simply on spreadsheet actually this time i’m still using spreadsheet formy business but now i need to upgrade because now mods are running out of my restraint but justuse a spreadsheet when you’re starting out and that is your finance sector now the otherthing that you need to do that is item number six as is necessary to do when you’re setting upa business is to set systems of how people will know who you are and what you do and of coursenow that comes in marketing how do people know you’re offering business how should i know thatyou’re an environmental consultant how am i going supposed to know so now that is where you comein real market and i’ve gotten this question several on my social medias asking me how do i getreports how do i get patients now listen of course when you’re beginning you’re probably going to getone or two and these two clans now can be able to can hold the whole of your business becausenow they can be able to give you referrals but you cannot rely on referrals forever youcannot sit and wait for somebody else to talk about your business their friend and then theirfriend come and give you their money you need to put in effort this will get inventive your best friend howdo purchasers is a well-known fact that you do these things if nobody now like for example people who are buildingpeople who want to do a residential building and they was necessary to do their aia most cases they don’teven know that they need the ai licenses until they get through the process in the processthey’re like oh so soul needs a name a license so how do they go about this who doesthis now that is why you come in how are they supposed to choose you among the so many of uswho are waiting for the client to got to get so that we can get them you need to be artistic youneed to be inventive now that one is a total topic on itself that i’m going to do on this canal somake sure to subscribe and hit on the notification bell so you can know how you can market yourselfas the expert consultants the next thing that you need to do of course you are you have all these systems inplace you have already your business you have your plan now you are selling because you have setup your browse you even having a way of marketing yourself you have a way of selling to those whocome to your shop or those who want your services and of course you’re making money and you haveyour financial systems in place then the other thing that is that is going to come in is youscaling your business and what does that planned it makes now you need help you need help to dealwith your finances you need help to deal with your auctions and marketing you need help with parties togo out and consult all manage your consumers current service i make customer service now then that iswhere now you start hiring a unit likini polypoly gradually day by day firstly do everything before youeven start hiring beings like i said start small make sure you first get money because when you’restarting out the only thing that you need to do is to look for money get money exactly deliver to yourclient cause them pay you deliver again tell them offer you sell deliver pay sell deliver bribe now if youhave enough money now you can start hiring beings because your the number of patients you’re havingis also coming in swiftly you have your marketing strategy in place you have your referrals whoare coming back to buy again for example shops they’re going to come back for environmentalaudits so you have a system or a database of clients whom you’re selling to every now and thenand now it’s getting overwhelm to you now you have the permission to go ahead and hire somebodyelse if an environmental consultant you are eligible to hire somebody else an affiliate professional to help you outwith field work with public participation you can have somebody to deal with your finances to knowwhat to do with krra to know when to file taxes you are eligible to have someone to do with your marketingmaybe you’re using social media marketing now hire a unit and of course by the time you’re hiringa team if you’re the business owner remember the challenges keep increasing as your business growsso one thing that i’m going to talk to you about is developing yourself you need to really reallykeep developing yourself can you learn leader knowledge leadership development as your businessis growing because if you’re hiring somebody you need to lead them you need to know how todelegate you know how to supervise you need how to you need to know how to hire people who areright for your business so these are leadership skills that you are required to so gradually era byday start developing yourselves that can both keep up with your business and of course thatis how you start a successful consultancy and if you have enjoyed this video subscribeand share it with a friend and watch these two videos that i’m going to relation somewhereup here and i’ll see you next time but till then god bless you keep safe and have a beautifulday beautiful week and even a beautiful time bye-bye

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