A Week in My Life as a Consultant

Good morning, please excuse the wet hair it is Monday It’s the beginning of the make week, and I haven’t vlogged in like a good two months So I thought that I would try to vlog the coming week because I have a bit of wander going on from monday to wednesday So I thought it could be amusing It could also precisely be really boring because i’ll be in gathers all day And then you would just see me like at the airport and in the inn But we’ll examine what happens this week when I try to vlog.I have a call at 9 I’m just going to be working from home in the morning and then going to the airport last-minute, but right now I’m just going to pack so I don’t have to do that after my announces I have my first label of the morning in about 20 minutes, and then yeah, I have some calls until about 11:30 And then I could have some lunch do a little more direct and then go to the airport I think we’re on the same flight. That’s a 3:50 Yeah, only had three calls this morning some emails and stuff and I’m gonna go get lunch with my brother And he’s gonna take me to the airport, so I will probably told you next in Chicago I’m in Chicago.I manufactured it. I’m in my inn office as you can see we have dinner Reservations at 7:00 p.m. We as in myself my two co-workers and the client very that we’re session today Only gonna like set up my laptop and stuff on my desk read through my emails a bit before going over for dinner I Ever draw out this luggage rack thing from the wardrobe So that channel I don’t need to be on my hands and knees on the flooring to open and dig through my case Just went back from dinner It is slightly snowing outside not too much a kind of kind of died down now I need to get to the office by about 8: 30 a.m .. So I will see you tomorrow morning. Bye I went up about an hour ago. Got ready Just did a little of task right now. I’m gonna head out in about thirty minutes to walk over to the office It’s kind of far It’s like a mile But I actually certainly merely want to walk and not take a lift or anything Because I miss moving because where I live now I just drive around everywhere like I did in LA but I miss marching I miss I miss my London soul a little Good morning it is a matter of 6:00 a.m..On Wednesday, and I am heading to the airport checking out of my hotel in Chicago And I’m going to Dallas And “its for” a had met with a different patient than the one that I gratify yesterday here in Chicago I’m gonna land in Dallas around 11 a.m .. And then my flight out from Dallas is 8: 25 p.m. Back home, so I’m gonna get home kind of late gonna be a very busy day So we will see when I can check in again Good morning it is Thursday around 7:30 a.m .. I got home at about 1:00 a.m. My flight moored at midnight and then Took me awhile to get off the plane come home whatever and today is gonna be a go into the office to work day Please do not mind my unmade bed back here.I took a sleep earlier before dinner I don’t know if you could tell from the vlog footage so far this week, but I didn’t get too much sleep So I made like an hour catnap after drudgery and merely had dinner And now enjoying some tea Because I had a lot of difficulty in the beginning of the week today I time had a lot of different calls and things to get done other daylights I’m like talking more to beings in person It simply kind of depends Every day is a little bit different tomorrow is gonna get another one of those really busy daytimes with a great deal of announces I have a announce from 9 to 10 10 to 10: 30 10:30 to 11:00 11:30 1:30 2 1 1:30 to 2:30 to 3:00 and 3:30 to 4:00 Hello it’s 5:00 p.m..On Friday I am Just finishing up all of my work for the day I just wanted to show you this is the post-it that I carried around with with myself All era today at work. It’s just like all the announces that I had back-to-back and I just like Couldn’t remember it all and I didn’t want to keep having to open my calendar on Outlook So I only kept it on a post-it and then like poke it put. It’s my laptop today I went by super fast because I had all these different back-to-back calls Which sometimes I like sometimes I don’t like because it may seem like I don’t have time to actually are now working because I’m just on the phone Luckily towards the end of the day I was able to come some study done. I actually love to work a little early Which was good because it started snowing a bit more and then finished up work at home I’m very grateful that my job is adaptable like that I don’t have to be like chained to my desk from 9:00 to 5:00 every single day as I said I’m done with all that is I need to get done today I might waste a little bit more time just sorting through what I might need to get done next week so I can be prepared But I think you know for all intensive roles the present working week is over So I am going to end the vlog here.I hope you experienced I hope it was interesting to see what I get up to in a few weeks in my job as a consultant and Let me wondering if you so wishes more videos like this in the future Or if you’re just like that was really boring you like just showed us anything as ever Thank you for watching, and I will see you in the next one. Bye.

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