June 1, 2021 General Committee Meeting

notes this meeting will be held electronically as for section 19 one of the town’s procedural bylaw number 6228-19 as amended due to the covet 19 situation council can you get a motion to approve the agenda council gardner council humphreys comments questions all those in favor propose that carries any declarations of canary interest seeing none we have no community presentations no delegations at this time cassette agenda we have one item 6.1 memo from counselor garden gardner from lake simcoe region conservation authority is there any comments or questions on that or anyone would like to pull that item or i will ask for someone to move uh counselor thompson do you have a question or did you want to pull up i did have a question i could just answer it ask it now or we can pull the item and have it later um if you think it’s a quick question then i’ll allow it otherwise i’ll just say let’s just pull it it has to do with the strategic plan so perhaps we just pull it in that way it gives both counselor gardner as well as perhaps mr waters a chance to respond absolutely i think yeah if that’s the case then it will probably maybe a little bit more of a conversation so yeah we’ll pull that then okay we’ll move to advisory committee meeting minutes we have two items in there is there any comments or questions on those ones otherwise i’ll ask someone to move 7.7.1 and 7.2 someone like to move that counselor up freeze counselor kim call them vote tell us a favor post that carries so we’ll move to 6.1 to start off with council thompson you pulled that item it’s to receive for information would you like to move as is yes thank you would someone like the second ad house ron priest thank you council thompson foreign you know i’m happy to put this out there and whether council gardner would like to answer it if not perhaps through you to mr waters i just in the memo it talks about uh lake simcoe and embarking on their strategic plan um i took a chance to look at took time to look at the presentation with regards to look to into the future and i just i want to know you know from the process how much of an engagement there is with the town in terms of the development of that strategic plan as we all know the town is uh you know a notable funder of lake simcoe and so they do have a number of different initiatives that pertain to us and i would like to think that we certainly are a key stakeholder and are engaged in the process but would just like to hear a little bit more uh either through council gardner or mr waters about that engagement because i did note that they’re quite proud of the fact that it was being done internally by staff but i you know i applaud them for doing that but certainly hope there’s an opportunity for aurora to be involved also garner did you want to stab that or do you want me to go to mr watts well i’ll take a stab at it um i don’t believe there is any engagement with municipalities um i think there’s ongoing engagement throughout the year throughout the years um and our staff is you know certainly in the loop but as far as coming to council i don’t believe there’s any engagement till someone uh perhaps mr waters or our ceo mr natarozni may have something additional and i’ll just provide a comment then sure mr thank you through you mr mayor um i have not been personally contacted regarding the engagement around the strategic plan um i can’t speak for anka or any of the engineering staff or the operations but personally myself i have not been consulted to date nelson then just as a comment and perhaps counselor gardner can take this back as our lake simcoe representative i just think that you know there are synergies to be had when having alignment within various organizations be it the region be it to be at the the town of aurora via lake simcoe in terms of all being trying to move towards the same goals especially with regards to the environment and climate and so i think there is good reason to work together on these and have some of that conversations and engagement we are a significant supporter i i don’t know the exact amount that aurora contributes to their budget but you know it is notable there is a number of works that are done uh in aurora as well through lake simcoe and they do a great job but i just think that it makes sense for all of us to work together and and ensure that their goals and future sites align with ours and vice versa so perhaps you can take that back and it doesn’t necessarily have to come to council but i would certainly hope that they would work with our staff as well and make sure that’s alignment if they’d like to come to council i would certainly welcome that as well thank you i and it’s a good comment and i will take it back and they usually come to council uh when things are finished mostly uh to give us updates um so yeah i’m going to look into that thank you for raising it thank you counselor any other comments or questions on item 6.1 saying no no call the vote all those in favor pose that carries so counsel we will move to item 8.1 draft fiscal strategy we have a presentation provided by miss wing ray van kessel the director of finance miss wayne roy van kessel where’s yours okay thank you mr mayor just sharing my screen here and we’ll get started so this evening i’m presenting to you an overview of what i like to call the kohl’s notes version of the fiscal strategy document that you have before you today so we’ll get right into that so this is an overview of what we’re going to be looking at um again i’m going to be going through this fairly high level and it’s much more detailed in your package this evening first thing to talk about is financial sustainability this is the overall arch overarching objective of the fiscal strategy so the financial sustainability talks about financial stewardship over the long term adapting to make sure that we do not have any major year-to-year impacts on our fiscal work ensuring that we have the money there to replace and maintain assets as we go along and adapt to changing economic circumstances we also want to make sure that we balance the fiscal needs between today’s residents and residents in the future the fiscal strategy proposed this evening has four main pillars include capital planning reserve management debt management and revenue management where these intersect is where we balance the fiscal strategy to ensure that we’re able to meet our fiscal obligations over the long term we have evaluated each of these four fiscal pillars through these five strategic elements these five strategic elements times those four pillars result in 20 specific uh fiscal objectives that are i outlined within the detailed document and those are what makes up the overall guidance for the fiscal strategy so if we jump into the first pillar this is about capital planning and when we speak about capital planning we’re talking about very very long-term capital planning so there are a number of graphs throughout the fiscal strategy that are based on the bma study the 2020 municipal study which is based on information from the 2019 results from the fir when we look at aurora’s asset consumption so the amount of assets that are considered to be used up on financial terms aurora’s assets are here at 33.7 and still got a fair bit of life left in them it was fairly simple similar between the different funding sources whether it be tax water waste water or storm water rates for all the asset classes it didn’t vary very much when we look at our own information so this is the current assets that we have and currently own the larger teal columns reflects our tax funded assets and you can see from the 2020s to the 2030s there’s a relatively significant increase but it balances out over that and we have applied a factor of inflation to this as well but this is only based on current assets but when we look at stormwater there’s a very significant increase from the 2020s into the 2030s so we do need to plan for how we’re going to manage those assets over their life and then for this water and wastewater we have more times we have the time to plan and make sure that we’re able to maintain assets those are in the dark blue so in 2020s we’re looking at 15.3 million worth of asset management which increases to almost 100 million in the 2050s over that 10-year period so for capital planning these are the strategic objectives that we have put together to make sure we can meet our long-term capital planning needs from an asset management growth perspective and then also how we manage it year to year from the budget and also balance those needs over time with growth and how how and when it will occur as part of the fiscal strategy we are also going to end up developing a strategic action plan and there are a number of strategic actions which are explained in more detail in your package this evening so these include policy items longer term forecasts reviews of different bylaws and other studies and you can see for here we have a number of them for capital planning now to pay for all this capital we need to ensure that we have the money funded in the reserves to be able to do so so we also need to take a long-term approach for that as well the bma study looks at the 2019 tax reserves per capita and as you can see the study actually shows our reserves fairly high at 1087 at this end here towards the left however when we pull out the hydro reserve which was factored in based on the fir results were actually low at the lower end of 570 dollars per capita which still pushes in good company among other municipalities within the gta reserve management again is about that long-term asset management we also need to ensure that we have the funds available to pay for growth and then also how we are going to manage this over time with the budget and then also making sure that we don’t have any fiscal shocks because we need to balance growth and asset management needs reserve management in here we are going to be taking another look at all the reserve bylaws looking at reserve management policies and then also developing longer term forecasts reserve managing reserves over a long term ensures that when we get to those 2050s with those water assets that need to be replaced we have the funds available or planned to be able to do that work debt management so debt can be a very useful financing tool if it is used wisely so when we look at debt repayment costs that’s the principal and interest we pay on debt on an annual basis compared to our own source revenue which is most revenues except development charges the bma study showed us that 2019 at being 1.5 very far over to the right here when we factor in the additional debt that we’ve recently approved to date it puts us at 3.2 percent which means we’re still very well managed at this point the province actually legislates the maximum at 25 which i do not recommend we get anywhere close to 25 for sure so what we need to do we need to continue to stay well managed and that’s what these fiscal objectives are about it’s about when we should use that when are the best times to use that and making sure that we’re planning for it carefully so we’re leveraging that financing tool when it is most appropriate for debt management we make sure that we have a very comprehensive debt management debt management policy the appropriate process flows and also start developing longer term debt forecasts the last part of the fiscal strategy is about revenue management when we speak about revenue management it’s about enhancing the sources that come from areas other than taxes and user rates when we look at our 10-year capital plan most of our reserves are contrib contributions from taxes which is the blue sections or user rates which is the green when we look at the other section we include development charges grants investment income and other other revenues the best opportunity for us to reduce the burden on tax and rate payers is to try and expand upon those areas to make sure that tax and rate payers are not paying more than they need to to do this the objectives speak to invest in maximizing grant opportunities leveraging our investments to make sure we earn investment income and seeking out other opportunities to make sure that we have the funds to pay for assets as we go along and planning for them when the assets are being built the strategic asset strategic action plans here speak to talking seeking out more grant opportunities moving forward with the proven prudent investors so we can earn more investment income and doing longer term forecasts particularly for our rates for water waste water and storm water and this will also help with our reserve requirements as well if we do these longer term rate studies the next step in the fiscal strategy is developing a strategic action plan so this will explore those strategic actions in much more details and break it down into a more detailed plan this will be maintained by as a living document and it will build upon a lot of work which is already underway that includes our recent improvements capital budget our development charge study update that we’re currently in process and the second generation asset management plan but once we build these things and we put the physical strategy into action we need to monitor it and report against it and that regular reporting will happen as part of the budget process we’ll be monitoring key performance indicators of financial health and these are forward-looking indicators of financial health rather than backwards-looking ones the statements reflect and we’ll also update and adapt the strategic action plan over time to reflect the current circumstances of that time so thank you and uh thanks for listening to the presentation this evening if you have any questions on the presentation or the detailed document i’m happy to help you with those thank you mr and kessel uh council first uh we have a recommendation that’s in front of us it’s that report number fin 21-027 be received and two that the prison presented draft fiscal strategy for the town be approved would someone like to move that recommendation councilor thompson second councillor galen any comments or questions to the presentation or the report counselor thank you thank you mr mayor to um miss william van kessel a great presentation as a common side comment but i did have a question um about the wastewater management reserves per capita um should we be concerned about our wastewater management reserve i know that one of the main comments that i do get from residents are the cost of water and the bill that has risen just based on storm water management and and so forth and given the fact that you know we will need to um i guess the uh repair and recovery in in our old infrastructure is going to increase and also just you know the size of our 200 year water storm water management it just i’m just for seeing a lot of high cost and already we’re paying i mean i feel like it’s pretty expensive just based on some feedback so should we be concerned about what we have in reserves now for you mr mayor so part of doing the longer term studies is to help us understand how concerned we should be about the money we currently have in reserves and and enable us to develop a path to make sure that we’re going to be in a good place in the long term until we do that analysis i can’t speak to exactly where we would be at this point in time and that’s part of why we’re establishing the fiscal strategy and the strategic action plan will help us understand where we are today versus where we need to go and we can come back to council with options to make sure we get to a sustainable level nelson thank you and um i i mean i did notice that we were kind of far along um on the low end of how many reservations we had and just understanding that our infrastructure is really old um i just kind of wanted to get an idea and a pulse on how concerned we should be just where we’re at um another question i had is i know this consultant group was showing how aurora compares other municipalities based on our reserves in general um was that health really just the assessment assessed just on the per capita including the hydro reserves and then we just we’re just showing what it looks like without it or did we have a full sum overview and where the health of our reserves were without it in general mr anthony kessel through you mr mayor so for the analysis in here we took the information from the bma study which is based on our financial information reserve which is our reporting to the province what that does is it happened to include the hydro reserve so to show a better comparison and especially with the intent for which we’re using the hydro reserve and the fact that tax reserves generally support asset management it was a calculation done by the finance team to pull out the cost of that hydro reserve and show the amount that’s there with and we have without the amount as well i thank you i appreciated um pulling that out so we can have an idea of what that looks like um because it does make a significant um difference and and where where we’re where we are now or will be rather um another question just going uh one of your pages you said that identify where new reserves should be created or existing one should be reviewed um i’m just understanding if we were to create a reserve potential and just forgive me maybe just because i haven’t been on council long enough do you have an example of like what you would create in a reserve for i just feel like we’ve kind of got all the buckets um is there something or is this just am i just reading into this too much so miss warner event castle you mr mayor so part of this is actually just taking that review of the existing reserves we have looking at what the intent those reserves are and if there’s reserves that match up to legislation make sure that they’re still aligned um if we were to create a new reserve we need to have a specific purpose for which we would actually need to use that reserve so uh we wouldn’t just arbitrarily create one there would need to be a defined purpose for that reserve counselor thank you and that’s what i thought but i just wanted a little bit of clarity on what you meant by that um last question um just and about uh more or less debt forecast um i understand with development charges you know we do have them some some monies that will be coming in and it’s a delicate balance uh you spend you borrow but the development charges will end up you know paying for itself and just with all the inflation that’s happening right now with supply and demand and labor and all all that should we be concerned about the value of the dc charges that you know we have or will be collecting in the future and how that will contribute to a project are we looking at that is wherever castle through you mr mayor this is where the the dc forecast and the debt forecast would um integrate with each other because there’s often times where growth comes ahead uh our growth needs to be built before the actual growth arrives so it’s making sure we balance that timing difference and that’s where debt comes into play but again part of setting up the actual debt management policy would look at things such as minimum balances in reserves or preserving certain amounts within reserves to ensure debt can be paid and looking at it from that perspective and setting those policy objectives in place to ensure that stays well managed right now we’re still at that low end of the spectrum as far as debt is concerned so we want to make sure that overall we stay in that well-managed area we do not want debt to uh creep up too high yes sir thank you and i did appreciate that you did show um the capital project that we just recently improved and where that would put us from the one point uh whatever percent you had there increase because i’m sure that some council members it was 1.5 to 3.2 just to see what that difference was because we just approved that in i guess early 2021 is that correct is yes that’s correct three mr mayor counselor perfect that’s all for now thank you thank you counselor kim and actually can i just clarify something i’m just wearing a castle uh from the from the uh presentation aurora’s assets are relatively young is that correct through you mr mayor yes they’re about one-third use so we still have plenty of life left in our average asset thank you kill sir kim go ahead thank you mr mayor and and thank you miss wayne right vancouver for the uh the detailed report um i have i found from my readings and from my experience in council that you know governments tend to be reactive in their nature as opposed to being proactive and preemptive and i think of all the municipalities i’ve read about and you know certainly i’ll be biased you know aurora has been very proactive as much as it can within its government mandate you know most fiscally responsible organizations whether it be public or private you know they go through you know um you know various due diligence and uh specifically stress tests financial stress tests have we considered as a town as an organization to do um you know banks do stress tests you know every few years especially the last 10 years since 089 financial crisis in terms of their loan loss reserves um future spending and i’m sure there is a way it’s not going to be specifically like a bank or a private corporation but are there ways that we can be more preemptive and proactive with respect to our financial situation and and put together a regular stress test so that residents and council like uh would feel uh more assured this morning right van kessel for you mr mayor so part of the fiscal strategy includes doing these longer term forecasts and especially in figuring out what our longer term reserve requirements are so as we establish what those are and we come back to council and get agreement on how we are going to approach funding these reserves and what our policy is going to be over time that becomes our goal and our target and essentially the stress test that you’re looking for because it talks about how we are meeting those future obligations and if we’re going to be prepared for them over time nelson thank you and you know well especially with you know when you’re i’m glad that we’re looking at uh you know debt is part of our pillars and you know certainly um our last big project with library square we um i think we’ve all realized how timing is critical uh to an investment whether it be a town investment or whether it’s a financial investment in the financial markets timing is critical and i think we’ve learned over the last 12 months that have we delayed i know many residents in council alike at least some members of council have said that we should delay three months or 12 months and we know and you know having done my calculations uh based on the fact that uh non-residential projects commodity costs are 40 of the overall costs and would it would have resulted in millions of extra costs if we if we had delayed so that said i mean part of the preemptive and proactive ways that i was thinking is you know there are there’s interest rate risk because a lot of projects and the ventures that we uh tie ourselves to are uh uh are real-time short-term rates as opposed to a 5-10 year fixed rate that we fix ourselves to and i know some projects have longer-term uh rates attached to them so would it be advisable to you know for us to to have staff look at what future rates are going to be because future rates at three percent is going to look different from what we’re paying now at uh one percent um and that would impact our cash flows in the future uh even commodity costs for uh whether it be a skateboard park or whether it be library square or an e-multi-use facility those costs potential costs could weigh on our our debt ratio so has it been considered by staff to kind of look at those types of prevent preventative or proactive uh strategies miss wherever kessel through you mr mayor so one of the big challenges we have in a municipality is we always have many projects and unfortunately not enough funds to do all of them in the timing that we would like so it’s a lot a lot of it comes down to prioritizing of capital projects and also ensuring that we do this longer term planning so while we do look at the rates and what they’re trending to we also have to do our prioritization and our balancing and making sure that we do plan for our asset replacements because those are some of the things that we cannot actually change our growth we can adapt a bit we can use debt we cannot use that we can make those decisions but um particularly for asset management we need to plan ahead and thank you and my last question would be you mentioned that and you’ve mentioned in the past as well that our provincial maximum debt repayment levels is 25 and we’re certainly far off that and you said yourself that uh that’s not a figure that you want to be even close to and fortunately we do have that large offer we’re only at uh 3.2 percent but what would that equate to so for those of us who would like to attach a number to that if we were to attach a debt repayment ratio of 25 what both that mean because that would essentially mean that how much more can we spend so do you have an idea what that if we reached 25 what that debt level would be that’s why we’re in vancouver uh through you mr mayor i would have to get back to you on what that specific number would be but that 25 would include tax levy and to have 25 going back to repaying debt we’d need to make significant cuts to our tax levy or significant increases so um i do not think that’s something that we want to do justin yeah and and where i’m going with this is that i think it’s important because a lot of people who don’t know how we manage our finances think that we have you know a multi-million dollar project so it’s going to weigh on us and it’s going to burden us uh excessively uh but this is the way that municipalities work and so i think it’d be nice to have a metric where if we want to have a debt ratio of 10 percent what does that look like does that mean that we have 10 does that equate to a 10 million dollar potential you know if we have a need to you know have another project you know do we have 10 million available to us 15 or 20 i think the or that conversely that could be used as a buffer so you know it’d be nice to have that financial figure available uh in future um budgets and uh uh and strategies um and sorry one last question i’m not sure if i have enough time but my one last question is you mentioned that we have uh it’s it’s necessary to have key performance indicators to to to ensure you know our current and future financial health what are those financial indicators that you’re referring to this is where i vancouver and mr mayor they will come through the established policies that we will be creating so uh we will create a debt policy and how it aligns with that and setting a target we will be looking at the policy for how we fund our reserves and setting longer term targets for our reserves so it’ll be comparison to where our forecast is how we’re contributing to reserves over time so is those types of metrics that we’ll be looking at and and from that perspective elsa right thank you miss rachel van er wayne wright van cassel thank you thank you councillor councillor thompson thank you now i do have a question but perhaps um mrs wainwright van kessel can pull up her presentation i just wanted to look at slide 13 again the current level of tax funded reserves and while she’s finding that i i think i just know i certainly want to give you know a lot of appreciation and thanks to mrs wainwright van kessel and her team they put a tremendous amount of work into this document you know we were fortunate as part of the finance advisory committee to see it in his initial stages and perhaps further conversations about it um but you know i certainly like the um concepts being proposed by mrs wainwright van kessel and more so i like the fact that it’s going to be a living document that it will you know continue to evolve and that you know council will continue to get reports long into the future with regards to the status and the financial health because i i think it’s important it always is a little bit of confused confusion when we start talking about reserves because there are different buckets and i think this uh graph provides a good illustration of that so through you to mrs wainwright van kessel this doesn’t necessarily uh show us the entire reserve picture for the town of aurora this is really just dealing with tax funded reserves it doesn’t take into consideration uh any of the other buckets is that correct this is in vancouver through you mr mayor that is correct this is just tax funded it does not include reserves such as development charges water waste waters warm water reserves or parkland and items such as that so you know for those that perhaps aren’t uh you know very familiar with municipal finances or you know how things are partitioned within the town of aurora you would look at that and you might be concerned because we’re more towards the lower end of the tax funded reserves but the same time if you were to pull up our schedule of reserves i mean we have 25 million dollars in tax funded we have 18 million dollars in utility funded and you know furthermore we’ve got 16 million in development charges uh you know and another almost 40 million in uh uh through special purpose so so overall the picture presented is a little bit different than that particular slide and so i think it’s always good to you know when we do our our uh report card on our financial health to try and keep it as simple as possible so that people can understand because you know many homeowners we all have different accounts we might have a general checkings account but we might have a you know an rsp account or you know an education for our kids but i think it’s good to show the total picture for the town and our health when it comes to reserves as well and so while i think it’s good to show this particular portion i think it gets too easily confused if you don’t understand the financial picture very well that there are different buckets for different things so that was my comment thank you thank you council councillor garner thank you mr mayor uh also my thanks to staff for this great amount of work and more work to come and uh it’s good quality thank you so much um on the asset consumption ratio chart just out of curiosity at 33.7 is on the lower end but then you have a city like toronto which must have some extremely old infrastructure so they’re only at 38.8 consumption would that be because they’ve invested a lot of money already to upgrade their old infrastructure i swear at any castle through you mr mayor it’s not something i would be able to answer without knowing your appropriate accent okay fair enough fair enough um i do have concern and it was expressed um with respect to uh the amount of money we’re going to be putting towards our stormwater management in particular uh flooding and i think it’s we got a 20 to 25 year plan to do everything that we need to do so um you know by the time we hit the 2030s we’re going to be into full blown climate change would you recommend taking on debt to um increase that i mean we just don’t have enough money or we could do it faster that’s right thank you thank you mr mckesson through you mr mayor so what we would like to do is actually take a look at what the overall requirements are to establish that plan and then look at the options so this could be a combination of options with debt just being one of them we could also look at what the rate requirements would be to contribute to the reserves uh among other things the other piece is ensuring that we seek out any potential grant opportunities that may help us pay for these assets as well thank you because i think we wanted you know it was done on a priority basis chart i think we were worried about uh if i remember correctly flurry park and the flooding in that area and that was gonna cost i think five million dollars it was it was a big price tag for one um project but on the other hand we want to make sure that our residents and our infrastructure is protected that’s comment um a question in your experience has any municipality put forward a new reserve fund for climate change way around vancouver through you mr mayor i’m not aware of any specific reserve funds for climate change um but in this case if we were talking about stormwater we want to be having a storm water management reserve so for storm water asset management not specifically climate change so that we can fund it appropriately appropriately to the funding source thank you i think that i think that’s the right answer uh thank you for bringing it to my attention um under um the key strategic actions in capital planning um review our uh strat plans and studies for affordability could you talk a little bit about that miss lawyer and vancouver who are you mr mayor so it’s taking a financial lens to a number of the strategic plans we have a lot of the plans we have have specific growth targets uh many of them are based on an ideal scenario but they’re not necessarily um reflecting what the financial means may be so it’s understanding from the financial perspective the affordability of those plans and what it would take to ensure that we could either complete the plan or the choices we would make we may need to make chelsea thank you i’m thinking about the 2019 budget we we approved a lot of studies but when we do that i don’t think we take into well i guess we can’t know how much something is going to cost but we don’t even put a placeholder of any kind into the next budget year in this case we’re way behind that the 2019 budget studies won’t be happening i think until won’t be finished until this year so um we didn’t have to put anything in our 2020 budget but is can you speak about that would that be a wise thing to do when we’re because if we approve a study and then we get the study and it says to us we have to spend you know x amount of money and we don’t have that money especially if it’s a study that the public would really want to be followed through on then we’re in a bit of a difficult place when we’re in high council through you mr mayor that’s when we could present the options financial options but relating to that study to councils so the council could make an informed decision on how they would like to proceed yes thank you i was i was trying to figure out if we could do it you know before we pass in a budget that we’re going to do a study if there was any way for us to know how much we might have to spend to um enact that the recommendations of consultants thank you um do you know what the debt repayment costs are as a percentage of our tax of our tax income or our taxes this one area of income uh through you mr mayor i do not have that specific number in front of me uh the owns our own source income also includes things such as user rates um and water wastewater rates fees we charge for programs and things like that so i i don’t have those numbers in front of me i’ll have to get back to you thank you i think i think residents um want to know how much of their taxes are going to debt thank you um with respect to our asset management plan when we had that presentation from the consultants i believe they said as of 2018 or 2019 we were um there was 27 million dollars worth of that plan that we couldn’t fund is where you think yourself uh through you mr mayor so part of that asset management plan when we get that work that’s going to be what’s contributing to our overall capital planning and that will also help inform those reserve management studies so it’s one of the pieces in the puzzle for figuring out how to navigate the fiscal strategy counselor thank you um that’s all for now thanks thank you let’s go oh counselor you’re on you all right it’s okay yeah go ahead uh dennis wayne round castle just um question on next steps and and timing it says that um putting the crystal strategy into action will require development of a detailed strategic action plan the development of this plan will begin after the approval of a fiscal strategy so uh i assume the approval of the fiscal strategy means council and at the end of this this month um does that mean a detailed strategic plan strategic action plan will start and and how long would that take before it’s complete and would that come back to council mr evan castle through you mr mayor so we have we have started on developing pieces of what that detailed strategic our strategic action plan will include and we have started working on pieces of it like through the development church study is going to take us some time because we’re identifying some very specific actions like updates to specific bylaws specific types of reserve analysis so we’re looking to try and get the actual action plan developed by this fall the actual work that comes out of that though that’s going to take some quite some time because there’s going to be some fairly uh detailed analytical products that do come out of this kelsey thank you to you mr mayor the reason i ask is just trying to get a sense of timing and because further down on page 67 it speaks to um it’s an integrated part of the the budget documents and council’s discussion through the budget process and i’m wondering would would it be complete in order for us to um i guess reap the benefits of this during the next budget process and this swimmer and castle through you mr mayor so there will be some benefits that we will reap through the 2022 budget process but as we move along we will gain more as more of the work through the strategic action plan gets completed it’s just a matter of how much we can get done and when we can get it done nelson thank you so the intent is the fall of of this year through you mr mayor to have it complete and would that come back to council yeah and i see some nodding yes so let’s wait around castle did you greet mr mayor yes we plan on bringing it back to council um and then we’ll show what our plan is for the detailed strategic action plan and then this will be the um the plan that we use to work on over the next few years as we complete a lot of these products thank you and i’m happy that we’re taking a very long look at our our finances because um you know a short-term view on things aren’t always the best way to to uh to analyze i guess the plan so i’m happy we’re doing that just to counsel kim’s argument and i guess the discussion on uh the debt we incurred and whether we had waited or or not i i hope he’s correct but i’m not so sure that the the curtain has fallen yet so thank you thank you any other comments and questions gillian second time thank you and uh just a quick follow-up um i guess we can’t let council gala was suggesting about the reporting back with dc charges and future outlook that was one of my main concerns about you know the inflation and whatnot and are we going to um have enough information to give us a really good outlook on the health of our you know our long-term view with um the value of the dc charges and reserves we have with the projects that we’re currently moving forward with with with that inflation so are we going to have some sort of sense of how that’s going to impact us in this next report we swear through you mr mayor so the then what we’re talking about for the fall is the actual plan so like actually setting the plan for doing all these various actions um when the products come out they’re going to give you a longer term view on everything but part of the budget process is that annual update the annual review of looking at where we are and and how we are progressing towards our fiscal strategy and adapting for any current economic circumstances that’s why the plan has to be fairly flexible because if interest rates increase or cost increase we need to adapt and manage to that as we go along thank you and i think it’s important that we do keep an eye on the moving interest rate as you would said and obviously the cost of material supply demand and labor um i certainly wouldn’t want to hang my hat on the assumption that you know a project wouldn’t have incurred extra cost due to inflation’s i know it’s not unusual for whether it’s residential or commercial that developers have just decided to walk away because the costs are certainly not going to be doing a project to lose money and a lot of it’s out of their control and it’s across the board not with materials but shipping and i think we just got to keep our eyes and ears open because things can shift and change regardless if we’ve secured something or not so that’s just a comment and i’m and i and i and i hope that um like you said it’s going to be a living document and we should be able to make adjustments and change things as we see fit to make sure that we keep on the right track thank you thank you any other commerce questions we’re calling vote i’ll just make one comment uh mr castle thank you very much i i think that um council um starting from last term to now have done an excellent job in being very fiscally responsible and managing our finances through the town and we’ve seen it as we we continue to see our reserves grow um while we keep a leveled uh tax rate across the board and what we’ve seen with other municipalities is when when you uh lower the tax rate too much um you just jeopardize your future for for the president and uh that’s not what we do here we make sure that we put ourselves in a responsible position as before and i think we’ve done a tremendous job and i love the the more detailed reporting that each year we’re seeing more and more of it so i want to thank you and your team uh for what you guys are doing um it’s incredible and then just one comment council garner about toronto i’ll just throw this in um toronto’s in a different position than anybody because when it comes to them the province always throws them extra money so they when they find when they find a shortfall in their budget when they have infrastructure problems and they need some money they just run to the province and they get it because they’re toronto so they’re in a whole different class compared to the rest of us and i’ll throw that out there because we all we all get a little bit annoyed uh with with what’s wrong everyone’s saying toronto has normal taxes but they have low taxes because they keep getting money from the province so that there’s a big difference there but uh i’ll leave it with that call vote all those a favor post that carries we will move to 8.2 library square renaming recommendation a report number cms 21-018 be received two that the renaming of library square to town square effective immediately be approved would anyone like to move that recommendation seeing none would anyone like to move item number one just to receive at this time for discussion council humphreys counselor kim’s second any comments or questions on this report well my raised hand icon has changed places um so um you know i want this i think we want this to be a destination and by calling it you know just town square it could be anywhere in north america i think aurora needs to be in there somewhere i want to know when the last time we did a public consultation my it seems to me it was in 2018 or 2019 um anyway before we approved the building before we approved everything that’s in the actual square uh mr rose donahue did you wanna or mrs mcdougall i can answer that question mr mayor go ahead okay three mr mayor to council gartner uh the last time we did a public consultation was in april uh we had i think a 10-day poll that went out and that was with the four shortlisted names that we had so that we had about 800 responses uh and the four names were award junction church street square consolation square in town square and then previous to that you’re correct in 2018 we did a similar poll uh using the place speak format on the town website joseph thank you and were those there were more than four names generated but were those names generated from the previous uh public consultation through you mr mayor uh the the names that were generated in 2018 we did look through there there have been different iterations and variations of a sort of a communications um team that has been exploring and working with the renaming of library square since 2018 a lot of the names and this was mentioned in a report to council in march of this year a lot of the names we found were um suggesting names of uh individuals from aurora’s past for example doane and matchell even queen victoria we had her sin and we just found that the names at that time were probably not conducive to a community and blue like this i wanted a name we suggested and thought that we wanted a name that was more reflective of the changing nature of aurora the fact that we’re growing that our demographics are changing and we’re having newcomers into the community all the time and we thought a number of different assets in the community have already been named after some of those early european settlers that came into the community so we didn’t um we kind of you know we’re at a crossroads in 2018 and we kind of left those names where they were but we moved we carried forward some of them into the consultation and into the internal conversations we had uh since that time council thank you and in 2018 um you know the public wouldn’t have known of uh all of the plans for the square so um i’m wondering if we should go out again the the names that were chosen were those chosen by you i’m sorry there what there was something in the report please remind me sure three mr mayor uh the reports were chosen again it was it was a an accumulation of research into other facilities uh not only in north america but around the world uh it was the uh consultation we did publicly both in 2018 as well as the online poll that we did in april we had conversations with our community advisory committee as well but also in april and then as mentioned we’ve had sort of an internal working group that have been exploring and looking at these names so it was kind of an accumulation of research of consultation of internal discussion um that these names were generated and the four shortlisted names that went to the public in april were the ones that that i just mentioned and based on you know the aggregate data as well as you know the information we received from the public the community advisory committee mayor and council etc uh we are recommending town square uh we believe it’s the most popular name um and there is uh in addition so under additional recommendations we do suggest that of course uh council could add aurora to the to the name to make it aurora town square as the final name wilson thank you and what i’m understanding is that the names that were presented to the community committee they i think only rejected one um that was more uh that was so that was staff looking at all of the past and um i don’t know if you looked at the council consultations but so you staff has figured out or has chosen names that they thought would be most appropriate that’s what i’m getting from that is that is that a correct understanding mr rose through this bismuth that’s the correct assumption yes these are the names that uh based on all the information that i mentioned and the the process we’ve gone through uh the names that were shortlisted the four names those are the ones that we thought were the front runners and then again the one that we’re recommending today is basically the name that we believe uh is the most popular based on our research consultation etc thank you um it’s not the most popular with me comment for now thank you any other comments or questions counselor humphreys sorry i i don’t know what’s happened i had to download zoom again on a new laptop and i can’t there’s no uh hand sorry yes so i have to figure that out i just do mr mayor um you know i like i like aurora town square i do um but i’m just wondering in terms of some of the feedback and is there an opportunity to relaunch a sort of uh i think we talked about this before but maybe a competition or uh you know you know have uh that type of thing sort of like what toronto did way back when when they did the sky dome and obviously it turned to scotia center but uh is there any thought process you know that we could take a look at that as we’re just receiving tonight we have to come back to this and figure we need to name library square and you know my for me i do love aurora town square but i don’t want to be voted down so it looks like we voted down tonight anyways but so we have to provide some sort of direction soros oh you’re on mute mr rose thank you mr mayor paul i apologize uh through you mr mayor um i think the question is whether or not we can go out and do uh more ongoing engagement with the community um such as a competition the answer is certainly yes i mean certainly um whatever council direction we get we’ll go ahead and execute um we are trying to be as much as mindful as we can in the sense that there’s not um an imminent sense of emergency or urgency at this point in time but we do want to align some of the renaming obviously as we lead into um you know through the construction as well as align some of our efforts with the ongoing capital campaign um that we’re currently undertaking um so the short answer is yes we can certainly do a competition counselor uh thank you thank you mr mayor that’s i mean that’s a consideration and uh for us to think about i mean i feel bad i kind of missed the but i missed the uh my chance to uh think we’ll just you know roar town square for me is a good one to start with i’m sorry about the miss on that but uh i would suggest that we go with that and then uh you know if something changes or involves and we want to do a competition and or perhaps there’s another approach listen to my peers thanks thank you chelsea thank you um and uh just some quick comments um i agree with uh both councilor humphreys and council gartner in 2018 when we had gone to the public with play speak the concept of what envisioned library square and designs was pretty much in its infancy completely different take um things have evolved and have changed so much since then and um now that uh the plans are in place and we have a fulsome understanding of what it’s supposed to represent you know perhaps going to the public and getting that engagement to get some additional ideas that you know maybe you know internally we never thought of and you know it’s a really really really big project and i it would behoove me not to go back to the public and get some more feedback based on something that you know all of aurora um is investing in and you know we all want to see something like this become successful and participate and have a hand in lending a name which is so in my opinion is very important um as far as the corporate uh sponsorships that mr rose was talking about as far as my understanding it was philanthropic so meaning you know um you know buying a sponsorship to you know buy some theater seats or name a change room not necessarily naming the square it’s a completely different conversation i understand so i won’t go there because i’m okay with naming the square but town square to me is um you know that to me is the best name out of all of them but i really feel like we can do better i find it very basic um and you know not overly special i guess but that’s you know my opinion and you know i think that called action needs to be there and i think it needs to be current and you know here we are coveted as well like think about the impacts that we’ve had um on families and and the different um journeys that people have taken and you know maybe how that community feel and that presence of whatever the square whatever it’s going to be called you know may come some innovation in different ideas that we never thought of or the representation of it may change slightly in a way that we never thought so i like the idea of a competition i like the idea of either going to the public and just getting some names what’s the rush um i don’t really see there’s a rush there so for me i would like to see it go back to the public and um whether it’s a competition or just getting some feedback on their names and and and let’s let’s do it right let’s not let’s not rush this through other comments or questions you’re on mute counselor sorry through you to mr rose donahue it was mentioned in the report and i believe in one of your responses with regards to aligning with the capital campaign that’s come on board uh with the consultant and um you know i’m sure you’ve had conversations does the consultant also feel that from a i guess a marketing perspective that you know it’s important to find a name sooner rather than later than to continue on with the existing one with the potential for it to change down the road from his perspective and being able to raise funds for the square are you able to answer on his behalf about what the impact of changing the name may or may not have mr rose three mr mayor um i can’t speak um completely on his behalf but i can tell you based on conversations and and the ongoing work that we’re doing that um you know the direction we want to take is that when we do go to approach prospective um donors or sponsors uh we would love to have of course you have things like the case statement you have collateral um that you present to uh prospective sponsors uh and so when we approach those prospective sponsors we want to be able to say you know you’re giving money to name whatever the name of the facility is versus you know you’re giving money to you know facility that is yet to be named um so i think you know based on his experience again i can’t speak on behalf of him completely but i think based on his experience it does give us an advantage if we have a name for a facility when we’re seeking sponsors uh one of the things that we are considering that if there is a and we still have the idea of a name for the entire facility on the table we haven’t taken that off yet so for example if we are going to prospective sponsor they want to know potentially that the name of their uh organization their company themselves uh if we are going to give that out as a naming right that it could um combine nicely with the final name for this facility um so we’ll be able to we would love to be able to um have a name that we could go out with a bit more confidence but at the same time it’s not something that we’ll put the brakes on on the capital campaign project if we don’t have a name and we go out and do a competition thank you you know i’m certainly comfortable uh going back out and continuing to you know engage the residents and have further conversations to find the the ideal name with the provision that it doesn’t have a negative impact to that capital campaign certainly we’ve identified a goal in terms of raising funds to uh offset some of the costs associated here and uh i would want to hope that we you know put our best foot forward so perhaps uh through mr mayor to mr rose donahue again um would it be possible for you to have further conversations with the consultant between now and the end of the month when we have council just to gather any more uh opinions that he may have with regards to this issue and the capital campaign mr rose street mr mayor certainly yeah we have ongoing conversations and we’re uh that campaign is is well underway and we’re producing a bunch of deliverables so we speak on a regular basis i will commit to speaking with our capital campaign consultant and following up with council at a later date with their feedback thank you you know i certainly think there are many factors that go into making this decision and that’s just one factor but it would be good for council to know that information before making any final decision at the end of the month thank you thank you counselor humphrey second time thank you mr mayor i found the uh the hands up button so um thank you um yeah thank you cancer thompson uh for the feedback i think if we can come up with some sort of conclusion by the end of this month that would be very important although there isn’t any immediate need for a name i do believe that you know it is june and um i’m wanting to see you know our facilities as as booked as possible and i think having a name would be a lot easier not just for fundraising but for booking events and so on that uh you know that this is one of the places to be um i do love aurora town square i know it’s it’s it is what it is um but it is a town square so i i i struggle with that but i do i i you know i wouldn’t mind uh just to reconfirm as you mr mayor that um you know we’ll hear more information before the end of the month from staff and uh you know if there’s a need to go back out or have re-engagement with the public um if there’s some sort of um campaign that we have a small window to get information it’s been it’s been out there for a long time we can do a powerful marketing campaign to get some ideas we may come back to and then i think again it’d be our our decision at the end of the day so i guess i’m just talking in circles because i i do love aurora town square but perhaps more community involvement engagement one more time and then i look forward to what staff has to say i think i’ll leave it at that now sorry no you’re not rambling i don’t think i heard from mr rose is that we can get some more information by the end of the month uh we can have a little bit more of a discussion and we can we can give direction at the end of the month we don’t have to give direction right now right now all we have is just a receipt council gardner second time thank you mr mary i i’m not sure i heard uh mr rose john who correctly did to phil did you say that we might have um [Music] a donor’s name on the the name of the town mr rose through you mr mayor um um can you clarify a counselor gartner do you mean a name for the entire facility yeah i thought you said something about the fundraising and we might want to give somebody i guess the honor of of uh calling the town square after them i did i hear that completely incorrectly mr rose uh three mr mayor i will say that we do have a closed session report that will be coming to council on july i will be summarizing some of this information um a lot of that those decisions of course are councils to make what i will say is that we are considering you know every possible asset that comprises library square um as a possibility for naming rights and um so we’re working through evaluation chart right now and those are internal um conversations that we’re having um with staff uh but of course everything will be summarized and brought to council as a sort of an update in july um so at this point of time we haven’t taken anything off the table um we are considering naming the entire facility and then we’ve you know gone through uh the different uh portions of the building um and the components that make up library square and we’ve assigned evaluation to those so again that information is forthcoming but nothing’s off the table at this point counselor counselor thank you i’ll hold my comments to the closed session i uh i mean i would i wouldn’t want this square named after um anyway i’ll just leave it i like aurora town square it says what it is thank you counselor you don’t want to call it counselor gardner square not even in my dreams counseling a second time thank you and just some quick comments i won’t talk about the naming rights other than the fact that i’d i’ve never had a challenge with the naming rights i do think it had some value but um moving along i just heard some comments about timing and uh you know i i reflect on you know the toronto raptors rappers we knew it was a basketball team they did a contest came back we all knew what it was you know what you’re selling um and i feel like this is no different we have consultants they’re hired to do a job they’re hired to sell the idea they’re hired to um you know sell the romance of what they’re investing in i i can’t see how this could be a challenge i’ll look forward to see what phil comes back with you know um at the end of the month but at the end of the day this is this is what they’re hired to do and it just it’s just like with any concept or idea you’re selling the the idea the concept of design i think that we have plenty plenty of design and concept and inspiration to put forward to get potential people to um philanthropically donate if that is the the that’s the model we’re going forward with so i i just don’t see that that’s a challenge and i hope we don’t all hang our hat specifically on the consultant because at the end of the day this is what they’re hired to do thank you thank you any other comments questions on this one i’ll just add i like to like aurora town square i think it speaks exactly to what it is and the majority of the public picked it yeah they like it and um i i think down the road when you hear people saying uh i’ll see you at the a.t square or i’ll see at ats or you know i think it it’s catchy um i think it speaks exactly to what it is it speaks to the fact that we are a town that we’re small with big city amenities and i think i think it’s all wrapped in there and if if we were to change it to anything but library square that’s probably the only name that i would be okay with moving to um if if we’re okay pick for more town square we might as well just leave it library square that’d be my sense call a vote all those in favor oh is that carries move to 8.3 cash in lieu of parkland deferral agreement board of trustees of the aurora united church 15186 young street the recommendation is one that report number pbs 21-059 be received two that the cash and loot payment of 68 500 apportioned to the property owned by the board of trustees of the aurora united church be deferred until such time that the uses or other circumstances change on the property located at 15186 young street would someone like to move forward the recommendation council rompers second council thompson comments or questions on this item council thank you mr mayor just not sure to which staff but i just want to confirm whether or not i didn’t see it in the report we’ve done this before and if so with whom uh if not okay or have we been asked before and denied i’m just trying to get a little more of a history whether this has happened before and trying to be consistent slaughters thank you mr mayor through you um this there was a deferral of uh cil for the salvation army when they built their new building in 2015 i believe that’s my only um understanding of this deferral being used uh in recent times okay three years from there is there anyone else that can um either have a longer history and and give a better sense of if it’s happened before if it’s been denied if if that’s it then that that’s fine but mr ceo do we do we have anyone else do we know of any others or or maybe counselor maybe if we take some time between now and the end of the month maybe if we can dig up some past records if we can find anything that that speaks to exactly what you’re asking maybe we can go that way just in case because i know a lot of our staff have only been around x number of years so we might not be able to have someone that has that knowledge but maybe we can find it in some old reports mr sale thank you thank you mr mayor i was just going to uh say that that’s the only one we’re aware of is the salvation army one i’m not sure if anybody’s ever asked i don’t know of anything being turned down but i also don’t know if anything else of it ever being asked before either so that’s my only point of reference okay can we just take a look and see if we can find anything by the end of the month okay kill sir and that’s fine it’s not urgent i just thank you i was going to mention the salvation army uh property and what we did in the past i i think the connection is it’s places of worship that we looked at and really as far as i know there haven’t been that many built in the last 10 20 years and that may be why there’s there’s not too many in recent memory but certainly we did it for the salvation army and um i’m comfortable doing it for the church as well i think it’s important to note and through you to mr waters it is clear that the only thing we are deferring is the portion that would be associated with the church the retirement residents that will still play pay their their uh uh their fees is that correct this waters famous fear that is absolutely correct yes and i think you know i just want to think that that’s an important point to uh to bold and call out the fact that this is strict even though the development is you know intertwined to a certain degree this is strictly just for the church not for the retirement residents thank you counselor kim and then council garner thank you mr mayor um i would be in favor in in deferring the portion that’s allotted to the united church um i mean cash and lieu was you know in theory just or practicality uh for new developments you know the church existed before and they’re just rebuilding what was what was already there so certainly um it would be you know just reason to to defer the uh the cash in lieu um and you know as it was mentioned it’s a place of worship and the congregation for many decades or century have provided a great service to the town in terms of uh you know we volunteered you know a lot of programs to help our local residents so certainly uh i’d be in favor of deferring the cash in lieu thank you council gardner thank you i i’m trying to um first of all i i’m in favor but i’m trying to understand um from what the church has said what they have in mind to that like what timing do they have in mind i can’t tell from the wording on this report how long the deferral might be this waters three mr mayor well the deferral um it could be there for quite some time it would be triggered the cil payment will be triggered either by a change in use um or a change um potentially in ownership if the use but as long as the use continues to be a place of worship the cio would not be required thank you and the church would have i don’t know so long ago but the church if would have paid this charge originally i don’t know if anybody can answer that but um anyway at this point in time i’m i’m fine with it thank you counselor any other comments or questions just with uh the uh salvation army have they paid that the uh cash in lieu i would assume they haven’t because their use hasn’t changed but mr waters three of us here that’s correct uh they are their style has been deferred thank you thank you councillor councillor gatlin thank you i think uh councillor garner just answered my question just based on the letter that was written um i guess i’m just gonna wait for the follow-up at council i just want to know if this is setting a precedence it looks like it’s i get the premise of it and i understand why they’re asking for it but i’ll wait for council next week for more definitive answers thanks thank you any other comments questions saying none i’ll be in favor of the deferral as well like as was mentioned we’ve done it with the salvation army um i have no problem doing it here if the use does change taxpayers will collect that money when these change so at this time you know to me this is a way that we continue to make sure that uh something that was uh a historic building in our town gets rebuilt uh and comes back to the downtown core so i’ll be in favor i’ll call about all those in favor post that carries 8.4 requests for increased capital budget authority for the aurora snow storage facility lambert wilson park recommendation is one that report number pds21-061b receiver two that the total approved budget authority for capital project number 34006 be increased to 1 million 190 000 representing an increase of 290 thousand dollars to be funded from the services related to a highway dc and storm water reserves and three then 175 200 and 114 800 in previously approved capital budget authority for project number 34707 and 31108 respectively be transferred to project number 34006 with someone like to move the recommendations counselor humphreys counselor any comments or questions on this item counselor thompson thank you um i guess uh through you too i wonder if mr downey’s here or was it going to be mr waters mr waters i i guess you know i see the executive summary that certainly states that uh the pandemics resulted in increases to the costing and that’s why it’s before us asking for that increase but this particular project has been in front of council for many years you know we’ve talked about uh you know the stolen storage facility at lambert wilson park for five six years and had many many reports you know you go back just a few years and you know we had a capital sheet for 350 000 and then you know it was expanded and modified for additional pieces to it and it you know it was reapproved at 900 000 and now we see it before set uh you additional 300 000 to get this to 1.2 i guess my question is is that you know sure right at this point in time supply and demand dictates the fact that the prices have gone up but you know there’s always the probability or possibility that you know as we return back to normal that there is going to be um you know a swing perhaps the other way and prices may return somewhat to normal as more supply comes online in which case we could defer this for a year or wait it out and the price may go back down to the nine hundred thousand so my question through you mr mayor to mr waters was you know has any consideration given to uh delaying the project as a result of this increase or mitigating the cost by you know taking a look at the total project and removing some of the components so that it fits back under the original budget figure of nine hundred thousand mr waters for you mr mayor no we have not looked at scaling back certain components of the um of the project uh the project really you know the difference you know has been assigned or been is is a reason the reasons for the for the change is that construction materials and the cost of labor have increased and second of all it’s also the time of year we tendered out the project which um you know is sort of springtime when the contractors are starting to collect work from other projects so there is a bit of a premium placed on on that time frame as well joseph to mr waters again so are are you implying that should chant council not approve this and uh we go back out to tender at another time that it’s more favorable that the cost could potentially be less because of the timing as well as the changes in pricing for materials mr waters are you mr i don’t have a crystal ball counselor thompson to give you a yes or no on that um it’s hard to predict whether a labor and material costs will stabilize it’s you know i mean the supply and demand of economics is there’s more product the price goes down but you know that i can’t crystal ball that for you sir joseph i guess perhaps again through you to mr waters what is the rationale or the need to do it now as opposed to a year from now because as i said this is something that we’ve discussed for multiple years and we’ve managed without it up to this point mr waters for you mr mayor um there is no rush to do it this year um it should should it should be done because it the water or when the snow does melt there is no control on quality control on the water going to the creek so there is an impact from that perspective also it may be a good time to do it this year because of the fact that you know the park will have to have limited users in it as well and with kovid you know there’s been some impact on on that as well so i th it needs to be done the question is when when’s the best time to do it nelson thank you um you know i my comment really is you know i voted in favor of it in the past and i agree that there is a need for it the question is you know does it warrant spending the extra 300 000 to do it today or do you you know consider postponing it with the hope that the cost goes down and mr waters is right there’s no crystal ball to it but you know it’s something to consider i guess the other question i have through you to mrs wainwright van kessel is um if we’re seeing this increase the construction costs and shortages in this particular project are we seeing it in other projects and are we expecting for the remainder of the year to continue to see reports like this whereby um staff are going to ask for increases in projects because of uh increases the construction costs and materials and so forth miss where everything kessel through you mr mayor so i do not have a specific answer right now but one of the things that we are developing this year is part of our interim forecast that will come to council next month is capital forecast as well so project the spending for capital projects that we will have and that will provide council with a better overview of how much we are looking at spending on capital projects and have updated information on cost known to date sir thank you very much that’s it for me counselor kim thank you mr mayor um i think from from the report and i’ve come to the conclusion that certainly it’s not a necessity at this time but certainly it needs to get done and i did have communications with uh staff earlier and my one question i have uh before i comment would be a read to mr waters as councillor thompson mentioned this project and various renditions of this project has been ongoing for several years is there a reason why this wasn’t done earlier mr waters for you mr mayor um i don’t know sir because i wasn’t at the town i know that this version of the of the project was i think costed out around seven 750 a few years ago and the decision was made not to approve it at the budget process for whatever i i don’t know um so that’s that’s my uh sort of understanding of past past projects on on this particular item kelsey thank you i mean i mean fortunately we have those two projects uh project 34 707 which is the lighting upgrade on wellington and bertsy there’s a surplus of funds because engineering obtained a grant from the region under the municipal streetscape program and that was very fortunate and project 31108 uh it was just delivered with savings and including the contingency that was on that project so you know fortunately for us it’s moving from one project to another um certainly it’d be nice to put the excess back into reserves ideally um you know counselor thompson raises good points as well you know um you know it’s from my experience you know from uh from the investment world when it comes to commodities you will have those spikes and then and then you might have a little bit of a drawdown and then you kind of backfill it and considering that we’re in the beginning of a new economic cycle and given with all these infrastructure budgets that’s coming out of the states uh probably in canada as well you’re probably looking at an expansionary economy where commodity prices will at the very least stabilize in the midterm so you know we can certainly wait to see see if next year if commodity prices come back in but we’re talking mostly about concrete you know brick you know gravel unfortunately all these commodities are the prices are not just based on local conditions or factors but these are commodities that are global in nature and there’s a global price to it so there are things that are beyond um our our economic forces here domestically um you know 30 is is a lot um there’s other commodities like lumber that have gone up uh three four hundred percent uh so you know i’m not sure if we’re fortunate or not but you know fortunately you know breaking concrete uh hasn’t gone up nearly as much as other commodities but uh you know my my feeling is that we go ahead because um you know anyone can second-guess us and um but you know you know based on you know uh you know mine or everyone’s educated uh decision i think um uh i i don’t believe that uh commander prices are gonna come down significantly um so my feeling is to go ahead with this phil skerner thank you um i agree with uh what counselor kim just said my only concern is that we’re paying more because we tendered it late in the season is there any idea how much more we’re paying for that waters uh through you mr mayor i know i don’t have uh an indication of what the price difference would be between an earlier 2021 tender versus you know a spring 20 21 tinder counselor i’m sorry my attention was taken away what is the the price differential mr waters could you save that again please uh certainly mr mayor through you um counselor garner i do not have um an indication of the difference in price between a january uh 2021 tenure versus a uh spring 2021 vendor thank you thank you um well i’m not sure i’ll have to decide uh when it at the council meeting it seems to me that this is a as it says in the report a challenging uh environment for staff challenges for staff uh and certainly it’s not good for the environment because the water runoff is it’s not uh treated in any way um my uh you know we’ve waited so long i don’t i really would like to be able to do this but i think maybe we need to wait till we get a better tender price that might just end up being you know the same because of circumstances of of construction material but i do want to know i’m not sure mr waters if you would be able to answer this but uh it’s an we would install oil and grit separators which would help cleanse the water is there um any way we could also do something about the salt that’s coming off the runoff mr waters through you through mr mayor um i would have to uh speak to anka about that particular item my understanding is the oil and grit uh separators uh deal with uh uh quantity and quality control so it hopefully would cover that but i can confirm that for you um this this has been on the table since uh 2004 2005 it it doesn’t take the salt away and we know that salt is a big problem for lake simcoe but we haven’t discussed it in many years so maybe there are some new ways that we could take the salt out um that would be a great help thank you any other comments or questions okay call the vote all those favor pose i was in favor sorry for that passed 8.5 application for site plan approval silhouette aurora inc formally borrow group 15086 15106 young street part of lots one and two registered plan nine in lots 51 and 52 registered plan 246 file number sp 2018-03 one that report number pds21-064 be received two that the revised development concept for site plan application file sp 2018-03 to permit the development of 53 stacked townhouse units continue to be approved in principle subject to the following conditions one that all outstanding comments conditions and requirements from town and external agencies be addressed to the satisfaction of the director of planning and development services prior to the execution of a site plan agreement two that the owner obtained minor variants approval for the required exceptions to zoning bylaw number 6000-17 as amended as identified in table 1 of this report from the committee of adjustment the committee’s decision for the minor variants shall be final and binding and the applicants shall satisfy any conditions of approval imposed by the committee three that the owner inter enter into a site plan agreement with the town to address requirements of the town and external agencies including but not limited to the provision for payment by the owner of all applicable fees securities and any other financial obligations and three that council revoke servicing allocation for six townhouse dwelling units someone like to move the recommendation nelson thompson second councilor gillen thank you any comments or questions on this item counselor gardner thank you uh you know i can’t really tell from the design but from what is going to be put in this development it’s uh it’s a slightly better development in some ways um the first one uh had no one-bedroom units this one has got a fair number um so it’s a it’s a more equitable um arrangement for for people who might want to move in there um it says in the report it’s located within a wellhead protection area i don’t remember that from when it came to council in 2018 um is there any issue with the wellhead projection area i’ll throw that to mr waters but i’ll add in i think counselor from what i remember that was where now currently that little parquet area is going to be and i think that was why it was designed that way that that side wouldn’t get developed on but mr waters if i might be off but i that’s what i kind of remember for you mr mayor um blake simcoe does not have any issue with the um proposal and um i’m not sure uh if what mr mayor said is is accurate or not because i’ve not heard of that but i would not doubt mr mayor that’s what he’s saying i’m just i’m just trying to remember from our conversation council gardner maybe maybe council cop center humphreys or kim might be able to recollect that conversation but we’ll see what happens it’s three years ago mr mayor you know you could be right um the problem that i have with this is one of the things that we wanted was to have with the promenade plan was to have a little area where uh people passing by could sit down and in the last iteration there was you know a bench and some some flowery material um i believe from my read of this that that is missing and um i’m wondering i mean it doesn’t it it doesn’t fulfill the intent of the promenade plan so uh is there anything any room here to add a tiny little bit of community space along yonge street so yeah counselor and i’ll answer that mr waters can jump in if i’m incorrect but um we all remember the original rendition was down the middle would be open to yonge street people would be able to go in and that’s what we approved what they’ve done now now that they’ve closed it off if you look to the right-hand side so to the north uh running along young street there’s a whole new parquet there that is accessible to everybody as they walk along youngsters sit down and utilize so that’s that’s thank you thank you i didn’t read that properly then thank you very much um the only comment i’ll make is we we’ve given we gave them a 1.1 uh parking ratio and um we didn’t require any visitors parking and we didn’t there’s no accessible parking here um with respect to the visitors parking you know we already have a parking problem in downtown aurora so it would i think i may say we were a miss and not uh requiring some visitors park i think there’s five there’s either four or five spots but there’s i don’t know 56 units you know it’s it’s it’s really nothing so people will be parking on yonge street and i don’t know what happens uh in the winter when there’s snow clearing and there’s restrictions for parking on yonge street i think that the neighboring the neighborhood streets are pretty filled with cars or have restrictions is guessing there’s nothing we can do about it at this point through you mr man mr waters parking spots thank you mr mayor i’ll just add the to the comment on that little open space amenity area which is accessible from young street there will be a plaque there this was a former site of the george browning house i believe so there will be a plaque there there will be vegetation there so it’ll be open to the public as well it’s not accessible through the condo corp so it is open to the public with regards to parking this um site plan before you implement the provisions of the zoning bala which uh council approved in 2017 and the uh the uh parking standard is one per unit um that’s what was approved that’s within the promenade plan uh for townhouse use it uses barrier-free parking is not a requirement it’s only for apartment uses in the promenade plan and so we only have one extra space here is my understanding okay thank you um well you know we can’t go back we’ve already approved it but i think that’s something council should think about in the future because we already have a big problem in the downtown area and through mr mayor mr waters when i was reading the report it sounded to me like the public could only kind of look at the plaque that there was no uh there was no room for a bench or anything like that so i hope mr mayor is correct can you confirm that mr waters and i’ll just add uh counselor if you look at page 140 of the diagram of the new drawing you’ll see on on the site on the north side there how big it is there’s tree plantings and there’s room for a bench and all that so yeah that’s good thank you is that all kelson yes thank you thank you thanks for going thank you and i think council gardner asked the exact questions that i was going to ask about the parking and that i wasn’t on council prior but generally this it’s been approved and conformed with all our current zoning standards and that’s not something that we’re addressing today so perhaps you can confirm that mr waters you mr that’s correct there will be two variances that are required for the redesign that has a porch and stairways encroaching into the setbacks um that’s just the reflection of the design those variances will have to be approved before the site plan is executed perfect i just wanted to understand uh the specifics of what we’re approving today and you’ve answered that question um as far as the encroachment in the side yard is that something um that we’ve approved some precedent with the buildings just north on wellington on the west side by the bank of montreal dollar store mr waters they stacked town homes yes we’re down by treasure hill through yesterday yes um i’m i’m um not aware of that my understanding is they have a site-specific zoning bylaw that was custom uh developed for their particular development whether or not they required variances after the approval of the zoning by law i i can’t comment on that counselor um okay thank you hopefully uh perhaps maybe by next uh council you could uh get back to me or it’s offline just gonna send me some information on that that would be great um other than that i won’t go into parking because uh it seems to be a moot point but at least a question was asked and i appreciate the answers thanks thank you councillor thompson thank you through mr waters as uh has been mentioned multiple times this uh the zoning bylaw amendment as well as the site plan was approved in 2018 for 59 units this is a revised proposal in front of us i just want to understand i guess the implications that if council were to uh vote this down and refuse it then the developer could just go ahead with the previous plan with the 59 units is that correct mr waters through you mr mayor um in theory yes counselor thompson however uh from an engineering and structural perspective that previous plan that was approved by council in 2018 in principle it cannot be developed um so that’s why they they’re they’ve brought forward this um updated the redesign of the uh of the site and second of all um their appeal rights have crystallized so if council does not make a decision uh on this application and to support it um they can appeal to the lpac joseon really i certainly understand the outpatient component of it i just wanted to understand i guess what uh influence or latitude we we here on council could have with this current application given that it was previously approved in 2018 um you know given the fact that you said that it’s not developable under the the former plan then you know perhaps there is an opportunity to make some suggestions in terms of some minor modifications but certainly do like the fact that you know we’ve gone from 59 to 53 um you know and some of the changes that they’ve made and so i did support the original proposal then i’ll support this one as well thank you counselor kim thank you mr mayor um you know over the last several years you know myself included you know i really focused on the technical merits of a project uh but you know uh other than the last you know two two or three years i i’ve neglected on the uh i think the most important piece which is the aesthetics i think i commented when this project came to public planning that i did not like the aesthetics given that this is our downtown core we have a significant asset being built that’s currently being built and hopefully will be ready next year and i would like to have something aesthetically pleasing but i mean what we have in this design is essentially a generic design by a famous architect that essentially sells the same design to multiple multiple developers it’s like you and i buying a home and we just go to the internet and and buy an architectural piece for 500 instead of hiring an architect for 10 000.And you know even if it was you know it’s not the cost of you know the designs i still don’t know what it cost but it’s i think this design cheapens the area i mean we want this to be aesthetically pleasing um you know through you mr mayor to uh mr waters i know the answer to this but i’ll ask just in case does our promenade our corridor have uh architectural design controls or guidelines mr waters do you mr mayor yes it does uh counselor kim it has our uh your your prominent plan does have an urban design strategy as urban design guidelines and the um architect sorry the control architect uh that we use to help with the peer review the planning partnership did review this and did uh did support the uh the elevations and the materials that are being that are being brought for forward to you today sir thank you and you know i i certainly haven’t uh you know cornered the market in good taste but uh i personally don’t like this design um i think we’ve declined other designs in other uh of our major streets uh for aesthetics and so for that reason i will not go ahead and approve this uh for that reason because aesthetics is important that’s you know streetscape is important a lot of people uh make decisions spying decisions on streetscape so i think for that one reason i cannot go in favor for it but if in the next two weeks if they can give us a different elevation that has more stone or some some classic features in it as opposed to a modern kind of square top you know structure you know i might change my mind but right now i don’t think i can approve this project as is thank you thank you telstra gallo first time thank you mr marion just on that point um as our name correct but our design review committee reviewed this mr waters mr mayor no the the drp has not reviewed this however our urban designer which is the planning partnership has reviewed these elevations and and our support of them yesterday thank you and i know that i read that and i heard that um is there a reason why our committee of residents didn’t contribute to this mr wadas through you mr mayor uh no that there is no reason we do have the planning partnership who does sit on the uh the drp but uh what’s up counselor point of order are you calling a point of order counselor humphreys no oh okay i’m sorry mr waters i saw the clapping hands pop up so go ahead mr waters yes um through you uh mr mayor no we did not bring this forth to the rp but the planning partnership does sit under the drp council i’m trying to understand three mr mayor how come we didn’t ask that committee isn’t that or unless unless we don’t normally for these types of projects mr waters did they did they were i’m assuming they reviewed the the initial uh application that’s for you mr mayor that’s my understanding yes okay tell sir thank you and i get whether they’ve reviewed the original one i’m trying to understand why they didn’t review this one why is significantly different uh through you mr mayor uh we brought it forward to the planning partnership as a urban designer um as they had initial input into the uh the review um we can certainly bring this forward to the drp it would just delay the um the approval of the of this of the application before you know something maybe i can better understand because i’m not understanding what triggers us asking committee that we put in place to do this very thing where’s the trigger is there arbitrary or is it or is there a trigger when we say we need your input mr waters for you mr mayor uh the trigger really is that it’s part of the aurora promenade that’s the trigger um and also if it has a heritage component as well that’s typically the triggers for bringing forward the drp um we’ve brought um other matters outside the prominent drp as we find their input helpful but we can certainly bring this forward to the drp um but again we have the planning partnership that is on the drp as a contributor chelsea thank you and and i get that and i understand that um i’m just trying to i don’t i don’t want to delay this because what’s the point they can take it to you know normal course of action which they probably would i’m just trying to understand why we missed an opportunity why do we have a committee why do we choose residents to sit on a committee to review these very things and we we didn’t reach out to them uh three mr mayor um first of all they’re not residents of another drp they are uh they are planning and architectural professionals um across the gta so they’re not residents um i’ll say it again uh it was because of the fact that we had the planning partnership has been involved at the very beginning of of this cycle plan and they are a member of the drp um and we felt that since they were part of you know the process at the beginning we would stay with the urban designer joseph and i’m sorry maybe i’m mixing up committees because i know we we selected a committee to do these types of reviews and i know for a fact there are residents on there maybe i’m referring to a different committee mr waters i i maybe there might be one but i think the majority of them are not residents they’re professionals but there might be i think you’re right counselor there’s one i think that is but i’d have to look at the names again there’s definitely one not more i i know one specifically but whatever i’m disappointed we didn’t reach out to or or maybe we did and some of them didn’t show up i don’t know still very confusing to me okay uh counselor humphreys thank you for you mr mayor and just to follow up to that is the design review panel part of stable neighborhoods or do they encompass all i’m just trying to remember and is that part of stable neighborhoods just want to make sure everything it’s everything okay um okay that’s fine uh mr mayor i think i did support this previously as well and uh i know the design is you know we have very similar ones at young and wellington uh my basis is that uh we approve those and you know it’s each to their own in terms of taste i would like to be i may be a little more heritage looking uh but we’ve gone so far in the in the direction now um and the timing as well so i’m going to support this development i think it serves a purpose to cancer gartner’s point there’s one bedrooms which i was happy to see um two and a couple two plus den so uh i will be supporting this application thank you uh before we go to council gardner for a second time um mr waters um when it comes to the looks and the character of the structure itself um we can put forward some thoughts of what we would like to see as a council and that would still come back to us at the site plan phase is that correct uh through you mr um mr mayor well we’re at the site plan phase now so um once you um grant approval and principle you know it’s now sort of the the more technical details that we need to iron out so if there’s any suggestions that council would like to see um incorporate into the elevations the building materials um i would like to hear those now and then we can work with the applicant to make those adjustments thank you and i and i think that if council wants to get that out there i would encourage it because i know that when i saw that this was coming back to us i remember the conversation that we had uh originally and that was a lot of the conversation was as far as the looks of it uh the feel of the of the uh the development the character we all agreed that this was an area that needed to have uh you know some appropriate development but it was about how it looked and i you know the conversation revolved around a more of a historic look some people wanted a little bit more of a futuristic look um i think that um something you know needs to be more on that historic side so i think that if you go with that more of that traditional original brick would be kind of my my uh my favorable way to move forward as far as you know that old toronto fire hall brick or chicago style brick um you know and with some with some black and grays in there and i think that that would kind of ultimately give the kind of look but with few more uh enhanced moldings and i know that that comes with a price when it comes to the development but i think that where they’re putting it is as was mentioned is is um is this is this is right in the center this is across the street from library squares essentially and uh and my conversations with anyone is that these are these units are gonna they’re gonna have no problem selling them so if they have to spend a few more dollars to make it look right then by all means they need to spend a few more dollars to make it look right so i i would encourage everyone maybe during during the next couple of weeks maybe just put up some thoughts uh uh with mr waters uh and let them know exactly what you’d like to see there as far as uh from um you know the style um uh the the type of brick moldings anything that you’d like to see there um and i’m sure that um he can get that point across to the applicant and then we can have a little bit more of a discussion uh it come counts uh council gardner second time thank you mr mayor um i must be missing a link here through you to mr waters there’s there’s 53 apartments are they using just a one standard are they using the 1.1 the sliders through mr they’re using the standard that’s in the bylaw from 2018 which is one nelson okay i thought it was 1.1 um so um i do like the fact that there’s some one bedrooms but i voted against this uh initially for many reasons and at this point i can’t vote for it okay any other comments or questions call oh counselor gilman second time thank you um i don’t think i spoke to it as of yet but um that’s okay i only have one i only have one thing to say just listening uh around the table i obviously wasn’t here on council um um when this was approved i do remember sitting in the audience and hearing what everybody had to say in respect to the materials i don’t have a problem with the design but if i were to give some feedback i would like to see a little bit more um old world brick and just kind of give it that more you know that you can do the urban modern downtown lofty kind of look and still um you know kind of achieve that historic kind of feel but be modern at the same time and perhaps maybe that’s something that mr waters could communicate on my behalf um of how i feel that maybe that that look could be achieved just based on what i’m hearing around the table that’s all thanks thank you any other comments questions seeing none counsel as i said i’d encourage you all to reach out to mr waters and uh have your thoughts known so call the vote all those in favor post that carries um council 857 we’ll take our health break instead of starting the next one so we’ll see you at 9 10.I’ll give you an extra three minutes okay oh yes council i just did one more to start thank you so we’ll move to 8.6 alternative locations for the aurora family leisure complex skateport park recommendation one that report number ops 21-01-2 be received two that the condition on the approval of capital project number seven two two eight one aflc skate park reconstruction in the amount of one million one hundred ninety five thousand be lifted and the project proceed would anyone like to move the recommendation would anyone like to move a recommendation to just receive it at this time counselor thompson council gavel thank you comments or questions on this item i would like to start because i know there’s going to probably be a lot so council gala go ahead all right i’ll start it off and just express my continued frustration with with this project i actually went this morning and walked the entire thing just to give me a sense of condition and um well my my feeling is that um i’m not going to approve this my my feeling is to take the 600 000 and figure out how to fix it and not a penny more i struggled with the six hundred thousand dollars after we already spent well we budgeted eight hundred thousand dollars and we know how that ended um so there’s no way i would i would accept anything more than that i want it fixed i want it for the community i’m not interested in the improvements uh lights and everything else maybe they can come later at a second time but um uh my my view is not a penny more than six hundred thousand dollars and and staff figure out how to do it thank you and i’d love to hear everyone else’s view on this thank you council thompson thank you i’d certainly agree that uh you know we need to have some more discussions and even more information around this um you know i agree that it’s disappointing to see that the cost continues to climb um and even from the conversations i’ve had in stat with staff i’m not even sure if this is going to be the final price you know my understanding is is that this tender went out a while ago whether the price is being held or not i’m not sure but then further to that we’ve just had a conversation about rising costs of concrete and so forth and i don’t even know if this project would be subject to that but you know i i guess i’ll start there so through uh you mr mayor to um uh to sarah teen camp how confident are we that there would be no further increases the cost of this given that i believe you said the proposal went out uh last year now with regards to the price and the identification of it thank you through you mr mayor um we recently reached out to the consultant and just asked them to clarify whether the cost estimate that they provided that fed the additional funds requested was accurate they came back to us and said that with all their experience and uh in the industry to date this year that those costs um to reconstruct the skateboard park would fall in line with what we’re requesting and that being said when we would potentially go out to formal tender later this year um market value may come back more just because of all the other extenuating circumstances that have arisen due to commodities and things with covenant then you know i think there needs to be a further explanation of the why the cost of balloon because you know we we had a consultant’s report way back when if you go back to 2019 we hired a consultant they did boreholes they did extensive uh you know testing based on the report that we were presented with at the time um you know and if you go back and read that report they seem to infer when they they identify the costs that it was for demolition and reconstruction and all of that and that’s where that that 600 000 figure came to but yet you know when we’ve gone out and got it further consulted there’s a big variation so you know i guess for myself i’d like to understand i guess either how the previous consultants got it wrong or you know what happened in between because when i read that report it seems like they’ve covered everything with regards to uh the costing to rebuild and and move it and so you know i i guess that’s one piece and then the second piece really is you know i know that when we had it before us and council agreed to spend the additional dollars to to get it fixed you know we went back out to the community and there are some additional thoughts to enhance the the park that’s part of the recommendation in front of us but i don’t think i’ve ever seen actually what a rendering of what this new park would look like is it substantially different than what we have proposed today or is it just really the addition of that watering station and some lights and those amenities that was identified for i think a hundred and thirty eight thousand dollars three years stinky so through you mr mayor um first off um i can’t speak to um how the consultant uh came to the numbers in the original uh report on the condition assessment um with the 600 000 replacement um all i can speak to is that the consultant that we’re currently using um specializes in skateboard park construction um has many uh trades within uh within them that and that does this work regularly so we’re very confident that the um pricing that they’ve given us um that requires the increase of the 500 and some odd thousand um is justified and uh certainly is uh accurate um in these conditions with regards to the additional amenities if the rendering of the current skate park will stay the same there will be some just subtle changes in the concrete features within it and that is not certainly driving us the cost the 138 is specifically just for shade structure the water station as indicated and the lighting so those could be not installed at this point in time and deferred for future installation it’s certainly feasible to do that within the design you know thank you and you know we’ve we’ve seen these situations before we most recently had it with the fire station whereby you know members of the joint committee had to really go back to the design and drawing and make amendments to it to ensure that it fit within a certain budget parameters and i think you know for myself i would have liked to have seen in the report some of these options whether or not council would agree to it or not i’m not sure but um you know i think it’s important to have there so that if we want to maintain that funding envelope there are some choices or some options there you know i i don’t want to just fence off the skate park and not have it to be used i i think it is a good asset to have i think that it is well used um and i’d certainly like to find a way to make this work but similar to counselor gala you know i have a uh an issue with the the price tag at this point and i’d like to have either some options or discussions or some creative thoughts around how we can get this price down and get it all reopened again or at least get it safe again so that uh the issues are fixed and it can be used for many generations to come thank you councillor counselor mr mayor i’m not sure if cancer gilland was before me if it doesn’t matter i just the way i had it written down okay perfect okay thank you mr mayor um yes i think i was probably one of the you know top supporters of a skate park here and i supported 100 percent when we needed to rebuild um just getting a bit concerning now and uh similar to what we’ve heard previously through council thompson and councillor gallo is um you know what can we down in noah uh this tenth camp has provided some good information it’s just worrisome that it’s gone uh so much you know almost you know from the original price doubled but you know quite a quite a hefty uh cost just a quick question i’m gonna ask it just in case but um through mr mayor to miss tancam do you feel that there’s any way that we can salvage the current skate park through repairing some good solid repairs rather than just ditching it all starting over again i know we need to think about safety absolutely and uh it is a very well used um skate park it’s always busy and even now when you don’t want the kids there they’re still trying to use it and fix it themselves i think from what i see um but you know is there anything else there are other options or is this just not feasible with skincare through you mr mayor um certainly it is feasible to do some repairs to it um uh it’s a longevity of those repairs that i think staff are concerned about and the length of the asset the root of the problem is the drainage there’s water underneath the concrete in in the supporting substructure and there was never adequate drainage provided as per the original plan the other issue is that there is insufficient rebar within the concrete that holds its structure so while you can do some repairs to mitigate the problem i think at the end of the day they will be short-term and not providing the longevity of the asset right thank you i think mr mary s and what’s concerning is you might be spending uh good money after bad and continuingly do that it may not be worth it in the long run um if there’s anything we can do if the vendor can help us in any way i know it’s not there are we by the way if you missed america we’re not using the same vendor are we just to double check that just want to that just i think that vendor from that whole project it’s all gone i i thought so i it was last term but i mean i just uh but you know i was clearly it was two terms ago oh to the terms of oh my gosh two terms ago yeah you’re right yeah i’m glad these long gone they’re long gone that’s for sure um but thank you miss uh main camera jan kemp i just uh wish there was another solution or something that we can do to help uh minimize this kind of horrific pain that we’re feeling and i do believe more than ever that the kids and you know young adults need this area so it’s just a shame how it’s all worked out uh but i’ll listen to some further comments thanks thank you kelsey galen thank you and i think most of my questions were asked um i guess my only comments would be that it’s unfortunate it was a wasn’t the best investment and uh it’s you know i really want to see some other solutions or options um do we just cut our losses and fill it in and you know look at it down the road just for safety um do we just do some repair jobs until we get by i certainly am not in support of spending this amount of money um at this time with what’s being presented today but you know it just just kind of feels like one of those you know those bad stocks you buy and you keep holding on and holding on and hope that it gets better but it’s not it just stinks and uh you know i i just feel like we’re kind of that threshold where you know maybe the smartest thing to do is to cut our losses and and start over somewhere else when it makes sense but right now um i want to see some more detail what those choices are and what that looks like if we were to do that and go down that road thank you counselor kim thank you mr mayor hi the options available to us now um are not appealing at all i see the relocation costs or the relocation options whether it be flurry park or the other locations they seem to have some hurdles in terms of their construction costs as well because of whether it be the water table or the water issues there and i’m not convinced at all that we should rebuild a skateboard park at this point frankly i would be much happier spend 1.2 million dollars on parking whether we need it or not just because i know parking lot can’t really break down earlier than eight to ten years so because uh we have a lack of options right now i don’t i don’t think we should feel compelled to make a decision um through you mr mayor to miss teen camp do we do we need to put in more resources repairs or maintenance in order for users to enjoy the park as is right now or are we okay for this season currently staff monitor the park daily we have done some repairs to mitigate some of the issues it is safe and usable currently though certainly not ideal and it will continue to deteriorate so the amount of time it will take to get to a point where we’d have to close it i can’t necessarily speak to that um this year was a particularly mild winter um so we didn’t have the deep frost that causes the heaving and cracking to this thing that we’ve had a couple a couple years prior so um you know we could very conceivably have the park open for you know maybe two three years down the road and then have to close it so um will there need to be some additional funding potentially in operations to um help keep it open um yes there very well could be um but we’d have to explore what those are as they arise thank you um for any kind of minor repairs that might be necessary to uh keep the park going for the next two or three years uh what i forget what the amount is currently but what is the delegated authority amount where staff does not have to come back to council for maintenance costs ms tinking we have um it’s for you mr mayor um there is uh through our operational budget there is funding there that um helps us maintain our assets so currently we haven’t been spending a significant amount um so and we’re able to fund it through our operating um if it got to the point where we couldn’t support it through our operating then we’d have to come back to council for additional funds counseling would it be reasonable to request say you know if there’s any maintenance involved beyond even ten thousand can we make a request even though uh procedures don’t require you to come back to council but if there’s any repairs or maintenance needed can council be notified of that receiving through you mr mayor uh certainly we could um address uh council and inform them i think that potentially could be done through the operating budget at the end of the year okay great thank you um my feeling is if until we have better options i don’t want to move into to making a decision on what we’re going to do because i don’t feel like i have sufficient options to make that decision and given that we do have perhaps even one season to deliberate and for staff to come up with some more options and for council to deliberate as well um i’m happy with leaving things as is and you know staff could let us know and we’ll certainly you know talk about that in this year’s operating budget or over 2022 but between now and budget time as the season is now until you know september october if um staff could notify us should any uh significant charge be uh laid on this skateboard park and for me anything beyond ten thousand is uh i’d like to know about it um thank you um and that’s it for me mr mayor thank you councillor councillor gartner and then i got councillor galil a second time council carter thank you um to miss teen camp do you know how much we spent on this originally to build it originally was team camp no uh through you mr mayor uh no i don’t off hand thank you i’m i’m trying to remember myself i when i heard that it was gonna cost 600 000 to basically do a new park um because that would include you know just taking up what’s there now i thought that was too low an estimate so i’m not surprised that uh it will cost more um we know from the report that there’s nowhere else in conjunction with the rec center where we can put this and you know that probably will be the case forever after unless somehow we get a nice hunk of land um i think we have to decide if we want to provide a skateboard park for the kids or not we said we wanted to we did um it’s not their fault that it didn’t work out it’s not it could be a more challenging part we just had we just didn’t have enough room um but it’s really well used and it’s really important that the kids have it this year um and we are treating them a bit like second class citizens but i agree i would like to see this operate at least for the summer we we have kids who’ve had a tough time they’ve got a lot of access energy and it’s not only for the kids that use the skateboard part they you know their friends come they sit they don’t behave badly from what i’ve seen it’s uh it’s just a a very wide open uh easy to monitor safe place for the kids to hang out so um you know i’m okay with opening it for the summer and seeing what we can do to just keep it going and and if it costs more than ten thousand dollars it costs more than ten thousand dollars if that’s if that’s our choice we have to make sure that it’s in somewhat good repair for the kids but going forward we have to decide do do we want to give them a skateboard mark there was discussion about this for years and finally we decided to do it and it didn’t work out for many reasons but here we are um i want the kids to have a skateboard park and frankly i’m always a penny pincher but if it costs this much money it costs us much money i think uh to take it away from them would be really bad idea so um that’s how i’m feeling right now thanks thank you chelsea gal a second time well i i think i can answer some of the counselor gardner’s questions thank you i was there and it was it was budgeted at 800 000 and we spent 600 thousand and i was so happy that we’re going to get a savings but ultimately we put that 200 000 back into the project there was really no savings at the end of the day and if i remember correctly at the time we had multiple options and this was the more expensive option that we went with because we wanted to do a better job and here we are and i still feel there’s no real accountability to what what happened but i can’t change i can’t change the past i just make decisions going forward um and i too want it open and i don’t think we need to spend any money this year to have it open i think it’s you know i walked in and i thought i heard that it’s in safe condition right now um i’m somewhat disappointed it just gets seemed to get worse and worse that we hired a consultant told us it cost six hundred thousand dollars and now we have a new consultant telling us that it’s one point one nine five million dollars if you add it all together we’re at somewhere around two million dollars for a skate park there’s no way i can move forward with that that concept um i’d love to know whether we’ve actually asked got an answer from a professional engineer that maybe in concrete whether we can get a professional opinion to repair what’s there injections something you know i have limited experience with high-rise condominiums that you don’t knock down a high-rise condominium if you have a leak in the foundation there’s ways of fixing it and i’m wondering whether or not it’s worth spending some additional money to get an expert in that field specifically they see whether or not there’s some types of injections that we can do to at least maintain what’s there for the next four five six years uh until we can figure out how to repair it miss tinker are you mr mayor um no we haven’t looked at a consultant to give us recommendations on how it could be repaired in the short term staff was just looking at the fact that it was a long term asset and we thought the optimum decision was to replace it completely for the longevity of it we can certainly um consult with an engineer and some concrete experts about doing surface repairs and some mitigation of the risk thank you i mean to me that would be a logical next step for me um and if we go about doing that or we actually end up replacing the thing i’d highly recommend using stainless steel or something that doesn’t rust the the the metal we used is is rusting the um guard rails the the fences that are there are rusting and maybe we’ve just left it and not maintain it because we felt like we’re gonna replace it and that’s that’s fair but you know i don’t think we’ve ever been shy in terms of spending money on the best we can get and we spent six hundred thousand dollars we should have had at least stainless steel on on all of the metal elements that are that are there if we do end up replacing this highly highly recommend that if you walk it right now it’s one embarrassing that it’s built in 2013 or so and and and the railings are all rusted and really need a lot of repair my view would be to a little bit of money now get a professional to give us an opinion on whether or not we can repair what’s there and give it some life for the next 10 years or so can counselor counselors second time sure thank you mr mayor and i i really appreciate the council gal’s comments there in terms of looking at this um you know from uh individuals through this is their subject matter expertise in order to save if we can repair because you know the kids do use it i keep that’s in my mind and for us to you know it’s not their fault that this happened it’s not our fault that this you know turned out this way it’s not right when you hear about the grand total it’s really disappointing um but if there’s an opportunity to you know get a professional opinion as the counselor gal suggested you know if there’s a way we can get this a little life out of this and then maybe see where it can go i would appreciate that i don’t know if it needs to be a motion or can staff just follow up on that um because i think that’s a good a good start uh before we go into the next steps uh missing camp i want to ask i’ll go to our ceo mr sale do we do we need to give clear direction on this as far as emotion or did you can the staff take away uh what the conversation is at the table and um we can just receive this this evening uh to you mr mayor yeah i don’t have any problem with taking the direction we’ve received here and we’ll um keep investigating okay i and i and i think that overall council governor before i go to you for second time i saw that counselor hopefully still got the floor but i’ll just say that uh basically what i’m hearing around the table is that let’s let’s have it open for the time being safe uh let’s monitor it uh let’s do what we need to do to make sure that it stays open for the time being uh up to obviously a a cost that doesn’t uh approach too much uh and and therefore it would come back to council for us to take a look at enough discussion and in the meantime for staff to consult with a expert engineer expert concrete uh person that can look at ways that we can mitigate this uh and uh and possibly have it last longer uh at a at a more reasonable price did i just capture everything is that okay all right councillor humphreys did you want to finish up on your your good council gardner second time thank you mr mayor i just heard uh miss teen camp say mitigation of the risk could you speak to that please miss tinker for you mr mayor um [Music] yes obviously because there are deficiencies uh there’s raised concrete spawning of concrete risks are associated with that when you are skateboarding as you can appreciate you need a very smooth surface for skateboarding um so those surfaces create risk so we manage those risks um by different means and currently the skate park is safe for operation thank you and with respect to the longevity i mean if we don’t solve the drainage problem there is no longevity here i i may be wrong but could uh student camp answered that one was teen camp through you mr mayor you are correct um the drainage is the ultimate uh problem and the uh rebar within the structural concrete so um long-term it will not meet its life expectancy which would be expected at 50 years i’m sorry could you just say that last part again through you mr mayor the life expectancy on a skateboard park would be upwards of 50 years so based on that [Music] it will continue to heave and degrade because of those issues with the rebar and the drainage so certainly as i said we could potentially get some short-term life out of it um maybe even upwards of 10 years and that’s something we could explore with the consultant when we look at doing the repairs in the temporary thank you very much thank you thank you any other comments questions okay call vote on to receive all those in favor pose that carries move to the next ones 8.7 future off leash dog park locations recommendation is one that report number ops 21-013 be received two that staff include the hard nursery property and the 10-year capital plan for construction of a future off leash dog park with trail connection to shepherd’s bush tim jones trail system someone like to move the recommendation councillor gilliland secular tell segal thank you any comments or questions on this item counselor gardener if you could just give me a sec please sure um i i mean i think it’s a great idea um i had a question but i can’t remember what it is so i guess that’s all for now thank you councilman council thompson thank you again to mrs dean camp i just want to understand the recommendation because it speaks to um being the engleberg engelhard nursery property on to the but in the attachments we have uh three potential locations so um just speaking to location b which is edward street and location c which was identified as industrial parkway south are they already um earmarked as a potential off-leash dog park and so they don’t need to be included in the recommendation or are you recommending that out of the three sites the preference is for a mrs t for you mr mayor i’m recommending the preference would be location a now the one uh through you mr meredith’s team camp again i guess the one uh obstacle or deficiency with section a location a really has to do with the parking there’s no immediate parking you’re suggesting that they would park at the hallmark lands and then traverse over to the site is that sort of the biggest i guess negative associated with that site or do you see other issues with it potentially steam camp uh through you mr mayor um i would say that would be the um deferrating factor for that site is that it doesn’t have immediate on-site parking availability however it has many other um [Music] many other um positive positives thank you very much so certainly you can it has different frontages you can access it off engelhardt you can access it off the tim jones trail within shepard’s bush and you will be able to access it right off vandoor side road [Music] to speak to the off leash trail component it’s very close to the trail system we would have to incorporate a piece of trail to achieve access to the property from the tim jones trail in the shepherd’s bush but i think all those things are positive in its favor accessibility wise only a portion of it is actually accessible it is the top portion off of bengal heart that would be accessible because it’s the flattest uh feature which is currently housing uh the tree nursery the rest of the property is undulating it slopes away from that plateau at the top of the property and uh makes its way down to the bush so it’s very terrain um it provides a large parcel for just mowing pathways uh for people with their dogs off leash so we just see it as a good location thank you and i appreciate the information you know it kind of follows up on the conversation we had last week with regards to off leash parks and trails and some of the concerns that were raised at the last meeting um you know to be honest when i looked at the three my preference really is the other locations uh probably because i i do think that having the the parking adjacent to it uh is a benefit i certainly see um you know the the value with regards to the first one and its association to the woodlot and the trails but for myself i’m not necessarily sold that access to the trail is a positive thing um and so um while the recommendation is for location a i actually prefer b or c thank you counselor counselor kim thank you mr mayor um through you to miss teen camp um you mentioned that that option a is your recommendation and um but it says in the the recommendation that it’s the angle heart nursery property is the what is what i see in the recommendation the report is so is the engelhardt nursery property is that option a which says location a vandoorf woodlot area yes council that’s i’ll answer that that is that’s correct okay um i am partial to option a as well um mainly because you know it’s uh from my understanding um from my impression with mr waters earlier that this is uh zone environmental protection now through you to uh mr waters or miss teen camp what what is the current zoning for location b and c um who are you mr mayor i don’t i’d have to look that up for you give me a second okay i guess where i’m going at is well mr you can you can interrupt me when you find it mr waters um but where i’m going with it is that it seems like it’s it’s right in industrial commercial land because it’s surrounded by it’s right in the hallmark area and it’s town on property that we could have um other options utilizing those two properties and to you know turn them into a dog park and no offense against dog owners or dogs um but it seems that you know the right fit because you already have environmental property here and it’s almost 25 acres and we can’t use that for anything else so i would endorse location a which is what miss t camp is is recommending and i certainly don’t want to be using valuable land that we can use for other options and certainly uh location a seems preferable um so those are my comments i’m not sure if mr waters found the uh mr waters did you get that information yet or if you want you can just text me and let me know and then i’ll i’ll sure yeah yes uh yes mr mayor i will i’ll text you with the answer thank you and i’ll let you uh council can i’ll let you know soon as i get the answer okay sure and uh i i mean um i’d be in favor of uh staff recommendation for option a but i would definitely not be including uh uh b or c thank you thank you councillor gillan thank you um yeah i would be in full support of option um a i absolutely um i i love what you guys brought forward it makes total sense to me um counselor kim brought up some great points about why b and c wouldn’t be conducive i love the fact that there’s a trail that can be integrated there’s multiple different ways that you can enter it there’s a trail component the terrain is a little bit different so it gives it some um i guess um it’s nice to walk on without being some boring square to lack a better term i know in high park in toronto there’s some dog parks there that have a lot of different terrain that adds interest and you know you as a homeowner can walk around and not kind of feel like you’re walking around a circle or standing and walking i’m watching your dog run as far as the parking i i really don’t have a problem with that distance that’s like point 0.1 kilometers to get to the entrance um my the walk that i do with my dogs the shortest walk i’ll do is three kilometers so one 0.1 kilometers just to get to the trail entrance it’s not going to be a big deal i think i think that’s what we do we want to take your dogs for a walk so i’m i’m okay with that distance i think you guys did your due diligence with that and again i think the great thing is that if you can enter it from a trail perhaps you’re parking way down somewhere else or you’re entering the trail from where you live and that’s kind of like your end game you walk the trail and you end up at the dog park you run around for a bit you turn around you walk back and you’ve you know a nice hour of your day so i like what you’ve come back with um it’s not in a residential area where we’re getting a lot of pushback um you guys have some limited options to present present and and i think this is great and i think this is nice that’s a nice green space area that people can enjoy to walk in safely um and give the service to people of aurora that they need which is the lack of dog parks this is great thank you thank you kelsey thank you um i just had some questions about um option a there’s currently a tree farm in at least the northern portion of of the property is that to you mr mayor is that intending on being removed yes miss tin camp uh through you mr mary yes it would uh currently we’ve removed approximately half of the trees off of that location and the rest are due to be removed in the next year or so so yes it would be removed in that flat plateau area where the trees are actually planted would become the accessible area and is there is there no option to provide any parking on the south area along vandora for i don’t know what the landscape is is there misting camp yeah through you mr mayor um there’s actually a small tributary that runs along there parallel to vandoor so there’s an incumbent there with a water course it also slopes up uh significantly there it would be a bit of an engineering uh exercise to actually uh put a parking lot in if it was actually feasible because some of the land there is uh certainly would be more than likely under um lsrca and it is ep lands yes sir okay and and the the crosswalk which is you know the width of a car going one way there’s no option to widen that i think there’s we don’t own enough width there to in order to get two cars in and out in order to have a potential park on the north side where there’s flat land scene camp uh through you mr mayor uh you are correct um this is a this is a catwalk um i believe it’s about 12 feet wide so it won’t accommodate um anything else other than just one leg traffic joseph just the last question in terms of you know it would be a significant change in use and obviously a lot of people would be in and out of there and a lot significant change in use do we have any concerns with surrounding businesses that are that are there and the activity that would we’re supposing to have there is there any concerns with with them with steam camp uh through you mr mayor um certainly we don’t have any immediate any immediate concerns i mean we are constructing a um two uh ball field facility right across the road in an industrial area which will um in our opinion have a significant amount of uh residential um traffic and uh so the dog park we don’t perceive that being concerned to the businesses um however we haven’t consulted them sir okay i guess um that’s that’s one concern that i would have because they’re i guess they’re you know if we have a right to do something different there it’s not an issue but they’re they’re enjoying some quiet space back there that would be somewhat disrupted significantly with this change um maybe some type of communication to them letting them know that if we make this decision that it’s coming and and maybe there’s some mitigation that we can do to to uh to help them out if there’s a concern thank you counselor um counselor kim just to let you know before i go to counselor humphreys site a is o1 and ep [Music] site b is e201 and ep and site c is o1 and ep okay thank you mr mayor and thank you very much uh mr thank you for this report i’m really happy about it and quick turnaround time great feedback that uh you know staff heard and i know there’ll be a lot of a lot of residents i’ll be really happy with this um just a quick question um do you know timing uh i don’t think i read in the report and when this might be uh completed do through mr mayor to miss tan camp listing camp mr mayor um as i indicated uh we still have some trees to be removed uh off the property and uh we foresee that being done by the end of 2022 we will our recommendation is to put the project in capital budget and bring it back through the 10 years so if council’s desire is to have it sooner than later then they’ll have the opportunity to approve it or deny it perfect that’s great thank you very much again i know there’s lots of people be very happy to hear about this uh including a grade school that came up looking for a park and this was another exciting alternative so i’ll be happy to report to the teacher who will be retiring miss norman moffett who brought her kids in about four or five years ago and now graduating grade 12 um that although it’s not exactly what uh initially was a thought that this is a great great uh alternative because they had mentioned uh leashless trails as well so thank you so much i really appreciate it thank you counselor before i go to counselor gartner second time um i think while we go through this process and while we wait for it to get the budget miss teen camp if we can make sure that we um as was mentioned have conversations with the um the surrounding businesses but also i think the residential component on the on the uh south side right we have a whole subdivision there that used to be timberland the timberlane athletic club and that whole subdivision is there now just on the on the south side as well as you have other housing developments as well throughout there and so i think maybe if we reach out to them to let them know that this is happening to you so we can see if there’s any feedback that comes back from those residents as well i do foresee some issues along vandorf that’s my only concern i see a lot of people coming and parking on vandorf and just leaving their car they’re getting out and going to that gate that’s the most easily accessible one and i can see that happening down the road so i think that we need to be cautious about that i do think it is the best site but i think there’s some some flaws to it that that could cause some some issues and some problems down the road so i think we need to be mindful of those those issues and see if there’s anything that we can do to rectify those issues as we continue to move forward through this process so i think let’s get as many people as engaged as possible in the area so we can have a full understanding when this comes to budget and we decide whether we want to move forward at a more quicker speed at that time because i think we all agree that we it’s needed so i look forward to that uh council garner second time thank you mr mayor um environmental protection land is of many different types do we know exactly what’s here and what and also the drainage from the dog park onto ep land was thinking the joint asked mr waters on that or did you want to answer that if you can ask mr waters i’ll ask mr waters mr waters uh thank you mr mayor the um where counselor gartner’s question was the uses in the ep zone um yes the ep zones and also any any runoff basically from you know dog waste uh into those lands as well or into the watch streams um through you mr i i can’t really comment on the runoff um from dog waste um i suspect it would seep into the ground um because it is part of the you know it’s a groundwater recharge area or at least um it’s close to the marine so the soils are different there um in terms of the ep zone um it would um i’d have to go i’m looking in the bylaw now for the actual uses and you don’t have to say now mr waters but um you know um well certainly that’s true it’s near the marine which is a groundwater recharge area so we would have to be i think we would have to do something uh to prevent that to prevent anything from contaminating the rain water i’m sure that can be done um i think it’s a great location what uh worries me is that there is no accessible parking so you know we’re we’re gonna maybe have an accessible more accessible dog park in part but where are people going to park um is there a sidewalk on engelhardt i think there is but i can’t remember can’t picture it mr waters do you know if there’s a sign or miss teen camp i see her nodding yes i think there is a sidewalk there council gardener thank you is there is there any way we could provide some accessible parking this team camp um through you mr mayor um from what from the drawing currently um there is no space to provide accessible parking within the dog park the only accessible parking would come from hallmark lands which is i wouldn’t call that accessible but i get i understand what you’re saying um also you’re very experienced with with parks and environmental land could you think of how this area could be protected or how the marine could be protected uh three year mr mayor i think that would take some investigation um number one i’m i’m not an expert on okay how much dog waste would actually penetrate into the ground and then therefore into the water table so um i think we need to do some consulting on that thank you and maybe from our other dog park i think it has a similar issue it’s not in the marine but it does drain into the stream so maybe they have some information on that and would the surface be wood chips with steam caps uh no that certainly is not the intent um for this dog park uh potentially where the flat plateau is would be witches the remainder of the park would just be wrong and there would be potentially the uh users would formulate pathways or we could mold some pathways for their use and this would be uh like the other drug park we proposed it would have to it would be run by volunteers was tinker for you mr mayor that would be correct so there’s this there’s a there’s a long way to go before we can put this in place but one of the advantages that we have a dog park in the north area of town so now we could have one in the south so that would be good the parking is worrisome though thank you counselor and counselor i just pulled it up um um environmental protection uh permitted uses number five low intensity recreational uses that require very little terrain or vegetation modification and few if any buildings or structures including but not limited to there’s a few there but that’s i mean i would assume that dog park would fall under that clause but thank you i’ll do some work work on it as well thank you councillor thompson second time thank you miss team camp just going back to uh the location a the woodlot the parking that’s identified on the map is that parking being built for the dog park or are they going to use the parking lots that’s being envisioned for the baseball diamonds that are there with steam camp through you mr mayor it would be a combined parking lot so it is being designed for the baseball diamonds and we anticipate it could support some other use chelsea thank you very much again through you to mrs t cam so if you were looking at potential costing of those three options you could say that perhaps location a uh might be less expensive because you’re not constructing an entire parking lot as you would for brc but taking advantage of what’s going to be built there for the baseball diamonds and either expanding or or utilizing that would that be a fair comment just for you mr mayor potentially it could be um any parking lot i would propose for the other two locations uh certainly um i wouldn’t recommend it being um asphalted i would recommend just uh having a gravel lot like we currently support at our other dog park [Music] the location a would require um a significant amount of fencing compared to the other locations but the cost of constructing a fully asphalt parking lot um would offset that if that was the desire and they deserve that location any other comments or questions okay call the vote oh kelsey gardner go ahead mr mayor is the vote for uh sir i don’t have the agenda in front of me is the vote for approval or for information um i believe the recommendation was moved and seconded council uh sorry uh mr clerk is that correct i believe it was councilor humphries and council galilean that’s correct um i i thought council garner may have been asking for the actual wording of the motion yeah so that uh well it’s well we did more than receive so the second clauses that staff include the englehardt nursery property and the 10-year capital plan for construction of a future off-leash dog park with trail connection to shepherd’s bush tim jones trail system that’s well that was what the recommendation was that was put on thank you thank you okay so i will call the vote all those a favor pose okay council we’ll move to 8.8 parkland naming i’d like to have a discussion about this and i’ll be putting forward a notice of motion yeah and i believe that notice emotions going to close session correct yes okay so would someone like the second there counselor thompson thank you um mr clerk are we good you know what’s going on to you mr mayor yes uh motion to refer back to staff okay thank you very much um comments questions everyone good call vote all those in favor opposed that carries thank you very much uh new let’s business around the room counselor kim are you business no counselor land your business no house around for using your business yep go ahead hi uh see you mr mayor uh just one item we’ve i just want to first of all thank guest staff um under uh miss tancamp’s preview in terms of uh the um burlap that was given out of bringing up this week at the joc to address um this nuisance of a species ldd the lamentria despair despair and uh it’s causing some real havoc i received a couple of uh concerns well more than a couple actually in terms of what else can the town do uh to help uh in particular the trees on the boulevards um that are ours uh and speaking to miss tancamp you know there’s 22 000 trees in this town so very difficult to try to i guess get you know stuff out there to treat the trees but what i would love is if miss tan cam can provide just a bit of an update on uh what we’re doing so far what we’ve done and if there’s any other ideas that our residents can look forward to or participate in to help the prevention of the damage of so many trees in our our town um i had one resident saying that she can’t even walk um they’re falling off the trees just walking in the middle of the street there’s just so many of these caterpillars that are really invasive if you wouldn’t mind yeah thank you um through you mr mayor uh so today um we have launched a fairly extensive uh communication plan in conjunction with york region and our fellow municipalities we have a forestry group and we coordinated early on in the season and evaluated the [Music] counts of the moth uh egg masses and we knew it was going to be a challenging year in all of york region we all have some severe pockets and auroras uh got some very intense uh uh areas where they are feasting on our trees um that being said we will see some defoliation um but we need to keep in mind that trees are very resilient at the end of the day um they all have secondary leaves available to them um if they do become defoliated they will flush out in a second set of leaves um we this week we just started on monday we have been giving out burlap it has been really really well received by the community it’s been a great opportunity for staff to engage with them answer questions people have been really responsive they’ve been letting us know that they’re going to wrap the boulevard tree um on our behalf and maintain it and we are so appreciative of that uh each resident has been given uh that’s come to the joc has been given three pieces of burlap depending on the size of the tree you could cover upwards of eight trees on the property with uh this burlap other means for residents if they don’t have uh burlap or they need additional resources bed sheets old bed sheets t-shirts towels they’re all they’re all work well in trapping the caterpillars on the within the burlap burlap maintenance though will fall on the residents to uh eliminate the caterpillars off of it um it’s it’s not a pleasant job um and nobody’s uh in favor of it that’s for sure um as for um next steps uh it has been a very dry spring um so we will be really sending out a communication plan to ask residents to help assist uh let them know that they can water their trees on their property that’ll help them leaf back out won’t put them under any more stress than they already are we’re going to request if you they can water the trees on municipal boulevards that would be fantastic because as you can appreciate the 22 000 trees staff can’t get around everywhere in town um in addition we started this week we’ve been treating through injection process the same product that we use to treat for eab is registered for the ldd caterpillars so we have been treating uh some of our more stately oak trees because that is the preferred uh species that the ldd wants to prey upon so the council will be familiar with the big oak in front of church street school so we are treating that we’re treating numerous oaks within the arboretum and these are all very old stately oaks that are in a state of decline just naturally uh so they’re more successful susceptible to um being preyed upon by these insects so um that’s kind of where we are we continue to engage with the region and our other municipal partners everybody’s struggling with a lot of public interest and concern and we’ll be doing some additional egg counts come this fall to see what it’ll look like next uh next year there is a virus that’s out there that pertains to the caterpillars it’s very aggressive you can it’s actually the first uh word in it it’s npv but the first word is nuclear so that gives you a little bit of sense of how aggressive it is it gets into the caterpillars and kills them dead they uh kind of equate it so that it spreads uh similar to kobet it’s really transferable um we are not sure whether we have it in aurora but lsrca and trca has both indicated that it’s uh in simcoe county and some areas to the south of us so they anticipate that with this virus it will significantly knock the population down in certain locations so our hope is that it spreads to aurora and will help us out naturally thank you chelsea thank you so much chat to you mr mayor mr kemp i really appreciate that update and i think just one last uh comment that i know that i talked to you and others um staff there you know some residents were hoping that we can get you know some resources or outside resources to come and help us you know protect the trees and do the burlap work and others but um i think through our conversation there just wouldn’t be enough time to get enough resources to even complete it by the time this ends which is in about two to three weeks right by the time they finally do their uh process and this moves on so i think it’s just timing and the constraints against that so i do appreciate that i think the residents are still able to continue to to get their burlap this week between nine and four i believe with jlc and i love what you mentioned that they can use materials tablecloths old t-shirts whatever to help and then pull off the caterpillars are pretty gross but uh that’s what we need to do and i’m gonna keep our fingers crossed that this will not be as big an issue next uh next time and thank you very much for your reassurances that the trees are resilient that’s very important thank you so much for the update appreciate it thank you mr mayor council council gardener in your business well just to follow on that mr mayor um i worked on this a lot last year um maybe i made his team camp a little bit crazy but it’s uh it was a problem last year it was a big problem last year uh not everywhere uh in the southeast part of aurora for sure it’s the most unpleasant thing um because there’s also droppings from the caterpillars which is very unpleasant but uh they have to be sprayed when they’re still aids before they become caterpillars so we’re way way past that um miss teen camp there was a working group i think at the region or the region had one and brought municipalities into the loop was there any we knew it was going to be a bad year was there any thought of spraying misting camp for you mr mayor um there certainly was some discussion uh but at the end of the day the uh the spray that is used while it is a natural it’s direct from the chrysanthemum it’s uh btk is what it’s called um it actually is non-selective so it kills anything that is a caterpillar um we felt as uh foresters that um especially during this important time of year when it’s bird reading and there are 60 species of birds that actually feed on caterpillars and specifically gypsy moth that it would be detrimental at the end of the day um should be doing that kielson thank you i believe toronto did some spraying in the past um anyway if there’s anything we can learn for next summer i know you’re you’re very knowledgeable on this and uh certainly in the loop um you know you could keep us in the loop um but i think the only thing that does work is really work as aerial spraying it’s a very expensive proposition as well so um i’m sorry to all the residents but it’s nature and unfortunately we’ve got a lot of it right now and i don’t believe it has anything to do with climate change this man was team cap am i right on that steam kit are you mr mayor no it um certainly gypsy or the ldd have been a long around a significant amount of time it’s it’s not a new past to ontario um the last influx that we have had in aurora was back in the 90s i think uh that’s the most severe case that we actually had um so it’s we haven’t had to deal with it and i think it’s just because it’s new uh residents are a little alarmed about it um it is very cyclical uh you know roughly every five to seven years it may spike and aggressive cold winters do knock down the population um but it has to be significant like minus 25 for a long period of time and as we all know we don’t we haven’t experienced that in years decades even here in uh southern ontario johnson thank you it makes for uh some very unpleasant time in the summer so i’m really sorry is that all counselor so i’m sorry that’s all thanks council thompson your business no councillor gallo in your business service announcements council gala no council thompson public service announcement telstra gardner public service announcement no mr mayor else round freeze thank you mr mayor just quickly as a reminder the aurora farmer’s market and now artisan fair the artisans were back last weekend uh incredible incredible busy amazing market so if you can make it out between eight and one i know the mayor’s there every weekend and others and it’s just it’s just an incredible the vendors are thrilled um and i’m just getting lots of great feedback from a lot of new residents who have discovered the market this year and people don’t mind waiting uh in the lineups it just gives them an opportunity to go out very safely done so just want to congratulate again staff and the market for uh making this happen safely every year thank you thank you council gill and public service announcement thank you and uh just y’all want to say thanks council humphreys mentioning the market i go there all the time it’s great it’s a lot of new vendors this year which is which is fantastic to see too um anyway um the one thing i wanted to mention was um now that there’s some second dose vaccines that are available for um people who are 80 plus and such um i guess some essential workers as well just not forget about pinkcars.ca that’s an organization that’s there all volunteers that are there to help with transportation or book appointments for seniors pink cars.ca fabulous organization um to help um get seniors to their appointments thanks thank you uh counselor kim any public service announcement nope okay um i do have a list but i’m gonna forgo that i think there’s just one that we need to end on um just to let everyone know that the flags at old town facilities are flying at half mass memory of the tragic deaths of 215 children found buried at the former kamloops indian residential school in british columbia flags will fly at half mass for 215 hours one hour for each child found buried near the former school council at this time i just asked if a moment of silence thank you council with that council i’ll just ask for a motion to adjourn counselor thompson thank you kill cigarette thank you all those in favor post that carries thank you council uh have a great week and stay safe everyone i

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