The Warmth of Wood: A Natural Approach to Learning

The ELC building is a certainly a showcaseof using heavy material, Glue-Laminated beams and towers and of course the CLT, in the floorswith the concrete topping exceedingly, highly innovative. We’re expend a raft concrete slab, we’re usingthe steel editorials and then we’re utilizing the grove radiations and that timber lights are only above the3. 6 meters high level of the flood, and that’s the unique element of this building, and then ontop of that we’re utilize Cross Laminated Timber. We’re always looking at kind of new and innovativesystems that we can incorporate brand-new jobs. With cross laminated timber, withGlulam beams, it’s actually this new generation of houses which is lighter, moreefficient, and entirely dimensionally stable. It’s six hours lighter than concrete sotherefore your footings are lighter, it has great shear characteristics.CLT has very low moisture content about 12% and therefore it’s a verypredictable, very stable product.That’s the attractivenes and that’s why all thesebuildings, can then be built multi-storey. We kept the Glulam structure up and thenlaid 40 -foot long CLTs, about six feet wide and they came here with the Glulampackage so the whole thing ran up, like for the floor arrangement, wasin, in about a date and a half. CLT it’s like you receive on its ownside a pre cutted beam boards so they are ready to install, it’s much, much faster to install the CLT boards, if you compare that to regularframing, like decking. We’ve also worked grove, various kinds of disclosed a lot inthe building when you’re in the infinite upstairs there’s a lot of recaptured beam and then theGlulams and kind of a very familiar feel to it, and then the building itself is covered, in eithermarine plywood underneath in the kind of protected areas and because all of the mechanicalelectrical structures are running underneath the storey, all those panels come down, so that theycan you know do maintenance and material to them. There’s an expectation that people have asense of society within these houses. There seems to be a different feelingpeople have over being in a wood arrangement. It’s you know, you can’t really debate it, orprove it just seems to be inherant thing.The vision that we had for thisproject was to , not only school about the environment and sustainability, but to demonstrate it in our build. And we’re here to give children an experientialeducation know-how, you require something that speaks to the children about the environment, so they was just really been incorporated into it, and because it’s also recycled lumber it’s also soteaching children how it can be done sustainably. North Vancouver School District has amotto of the natural residence to learn, and the grove concoction represents the naturalconnection that we’re able to have a sustainable future. I’m delighted with the outcome ofthe project and the building that we have ..

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