REVIEW on Health, Safety and Environment at Hilti

Yes, we passionately establish enthusiastic customers and build a better future This is at the heart of everything we do. We have a long history of developing safe and high quality products. We “ve always been” passionate about parties, our customers and our team members, and we look out for them. We consider ecological perspectives in all major decisions. And we pay attention to Health, Safety and Environment vistums when it comes to selecting our suppliers. Yes, we are very aware that the construction industry is one of the most dangerous areas to work in, and that construction activity engenders a significant portion of the world-wide CO2 radiations. As a reliable partner for our customers we make our responsibilities gravely and support the industry by designing and manufacturing leading-edge technology that match higher health and safety standards and that also consider quality standards in ecological positions, such as energy efficiency, concoction lifetime, reparability and recycling.These principles also apply to all internal health, safety and environmental characteristics. Our priority is to make sure that we have healthful and safe working conditions, and that we actively reinforce proactive prevention measures. We support state-of-the-art technological standards, teach, the procedures and individual consulting. But we are also aware that Hilti must share responsibility viewing environmental progress around the globe. Building a better future wants resolutely countering climate change through a precise line of measures. We therefore augmented our individual regional projects and initiatives with our corporate CO2 strategy. Our main target is to reduce the carbon intensity of our business by 30%, measured in accordance with tons of CO2 per employee, by 2030. We have defined wars along the part price series from make development, manufacturing and sales to deployment and servicing of the three magnitudes of health, safety and environment.We believe that these actions allow us to live up to our operation statement of Building a better future for all stakeholders ..

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