Hidden Environmental Stressors – Dr.Berg

hey guys it’s dr. Berg now I want totalk about a concealed stress that has to do with your environment right yourenvironment is very crucial for your adrenals your sanity and your stresslevel there’s so many things in your environment that trigger stresseverything from you know watching TV people watch the news all a great deal and it’sjust amazing how the meaning what is the message that they’re trying to put outthere it’s a dangerous environment it don’t go outside it’s dangerous so youwatch it up a given period and your thinker becomes fixated on the nervousnes whichkeeps the adrenal glands extending worst thing to do is watch the news rightbefore berthed because this proceeds it starts running internet right there’s stuffthere’s pornography there’s degraded things on the internet there’s a lot ofcrap on the Internet YouTube especially so you have topersonally select what is in your environment in your seat and not alloweverything to come through at work there’s a lot of maybe negativity withcertain people you know you’re gonna have to somehow change that environmentso you need to be able to set up your world your room where you selectivelynot get all these provokes all the time because it’s persistently if you if Idissect one of my patients their lives and I simply look at all these thingsthere are tons and tons of things that are affecting their adrenals withouteven being aware of doing that so with what all the stress will do it kind ofsticks you into the past alright this is where the stress is over there and pastpictures and remembers that have sorenes so what we want to do is we want to pushyou more into the future okay so you want to live more in the future more andimagination you know daydream about how beautiful the future is going to be foryou in your life and I’m not talking about I’m worried for the future you’rereally actually stuck in the past being in the futureis a completely blank slate that you’re creating it’s all it’s not even thereyet you’re position it out there it’s a very healthy place to be okay now youcould be in the present but the average person is not even in the present they’remay be like 30% the present and the rest in the past they’re stuck in all thesedifferent remembrances and characterizations they’re going moving travelling they can’t they can’thelp it so being in the present is very therapeutic like for example I might watchTV a comedy but the same time I’ll be constructing Legos at home at night I’llbe drawing emblazon and things like that my spouse and I do that that’s a verytherapeutic because we’re do our tending and putting it on something inthe present that forces you to be in the present very good exercise verytherapeutic and if you can do to create something music something on writing orsome of something that you’re creating is very highly therapeutic or helpingsomeone that’s a good regiman going for a gait or a hike we’re doing somethingwith spacecrafts unusually therapeutic because it coerces you to be in the present and inthe present there’s no there’s no scary anything it’s mainly in the past so whatI’m telling you here is just do what you can to start modifying your environmentin controlling your environment the acces you want it to help your adrenalsbecause that is a factor that a good deal of beings don’t think about they’ll starteating healthy and employing but they’re not changing their environmentto how they demand it they’re at the consequences of their environment and startwith the Tv you know don’t watch scary movies don’t watch the news watch comedysomething because be select on what you see even on Facebook there’s a bunchof degrading things on there and have begun to leant some power in on yourenvironment and merely be staying with beings that “ve brought you” up and reject theother beings right now it’s for your own health okay all right I’ll see you guysin the next video

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