How Partner Engineering and Science Lets Business Flow with Chrome River

We are a full-service engineering andenvironmental consulting company. We work with a lot with any of the big actors in the commercial-grade real estate business. Partner has 670 works. We have 39 departments, one of which is in Poland, one in London, and we also have an employee in Toronto Canada. Prior to Chrome River we were using another online expense stage. We weren’t particularly joyful with our current provider. We needed ournew possible solution to better integrate between all of our systems.Chrome River was one of the the brand-new entrants in the market and was bursting walls. We decided “Let’s let’s learn more and let’s see what kind of capabilities Chrome River has.” The workflow that Chrome River improved us ittakes all of our projects that are housed in our project managementsoftware and our statement software and it imports them all into our ChromeRiver platform. With Chrome River we’re able to submit our overheads morefrequently. I tell employees to expense their expenses daily, weekly, bi-weekly because in the past with our age-old system we were only able to do it once amonth.Chrome River’s platform is more visually plea. It’s easier tonavigate and parties were excited to have all the functionalities that they haveon their computer also on their portable device. We’ve been able to move all of our employees into a single programme which has spawned schooling more efficient, and it’s made the workflow so much better. You can customize it to your needs, how you feel the program will work for you. We create a project in oursystem and the next day it’s already spurted into Chrome River and isavailable for someone to select for their expenses. That pour of informationhas helped us be more effective and efficient in our overhead processing. Wewanted things a very particular way and some of the things that we wantedChrome River hadn’t even actually does so with other purchasers before but they said”Yeah let’s figure it out.Let’s do it! ” They are great to work with. You lookinto what you need versus what you don’t need, and Chrome River will work with youto make sure it is what you’re looking for. I think that when we started thisjourney with Chrome River a number of years ago, I wasn’t sure about what the futurewould bring and Chrome River has displayed. They’re really the leaders inin the technology. I have surmounted it, I have talked to people about it. Would Irecommend Chrome River? Most emphatically. I do recommend ChromeRiver to anyone that that has asked me about outlay processor solutions. Noreservations !.

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