What Really Happens When We Fast?

Let’s talk about what happens on theinside of your organization when you’re fasting so over here we have a start of a fastand “theres going” 24 hours 48 and 72 so there’s a good deal of certainly supernatural things thathappen when you fast our torsoes have developed over a long period of time andhave adapted to starvation numerous many times so we have all these uniqueproteins that get expressed or turned on that have to do with your brain doingbetter the different parts of your mas is surviving better our people have notadapted to the frequency of dining like we supposed to do now like every three hours soright around 12 hours we get this spike in growth hormone raise hormone is theanti-aging hormone it’s the central solid burning hormone it’s the hormoneinvolved with healing joints and it’s involved with protein synthesis ormaking different new proteins some people take proliferation hormone to getinjected I don’t recommend it but they take it to help heal certain parts ofyour body but guess what fasting will trigger it automatically sojust by the fact that you’re fasting you can increase expansion hormone and ofcourse usage will also increase swelling hormone as well so it startsabout 12 hours and it increases as you go on and on now at about 18 hours youstart developing something called autophagy autophagy is an interesting thing thathappens with your torso where you start recycling old-fashioned damaged proteins andmicrobes as well one type of protein would be the advanced glycated endproducts which basically when you compounded glucose with a protein itbecomes very sticky so let’s say you’re on a high carbohydrate diet and thatsugar incorporates with your own protein in your body and that starts to glide Kateor just kind of destroy some of the proteins in your torso and then theydon’t function anymore and they get sticky and they block things up wellguess what your body will start cleaning all that up and turning these damagedproteins into new amino acids where your body can use themamyloid plaquing which occurs in the brain and other parts of the body is atype of protein that can be cleaned up with a toffee gene so it’s any type ofcellular proteins that are not working anymore in your bodyautophagy will start cleaning that up and start to renew the tissue and it startsright about 18 hours and it gets more and more and more as you start fastingin about 24 hours and a little bit longer you start to really deplete thisglycogen Reserve this storage supplying of glucose in your liver so the more thatthe liver is sapped with glycogen the more you’re going to be running onketones as the alternative ga and if you have a fatty liver for example yourbody will start using that overweight and turning that into ketones so your bodyis finally able to start tapping into this stored power and you’re runningmore and more on ketones which is a superior ga and because you’re runningon ketones ketones are an appetite suppressant so your starvation goes awaycravings are moved there are antioxidants so you’re building up your antioxidantreserve they provide more oxygen so your form is running out more oxygen less co2then it’ s more efficient and because ketones are a much more efficient fuelthan glucose the thyroid does not have to work as hard and you may find thatyour t3 is a little bit lower but the thyroid stimulating hormone is normaland all that makes is your thyroid is adapting to this new type of fuel nowsome other cool things that are happening right around 24 hoursis that your irritation is dropping significantly if you wanted to evenspeed it up more you can add some vitamin D to that and that will reallyhelp you so any type of conditions that involve inflammatory governments likearthritis bursitis autoimmune type situations start to improve about 24 hours you start getting more gut healing because the gut now doesn’t have to workso frequently with the gallbladder being stimulated and the pancreas stimulatingits enzymes the intestine finally has a chance to precisely chill out so if you have thiscondition called SIBO which there was still microbes in the small andtestin and they should normally be in the large intestine that starts tobecome corrective you start increasing stem cell in the gut so your gut startsto soothe the heart affections ketones way better than glucose so you start gettingimprovement in the cardiovascular function and as well as the brainfunction there’s something called BDNF this is a factor that helps impel newbrain cells so your ability starts to repair at 24 hours as you keep going onyou would think you’re going to be losing muscle protein but that’s notreally what happens because your body becomes more efficient and there arecertain genes the hell is giving proteins so it’s not utilizing muscle protein so theefficiency of fuel is much better plus with autophagy you’re using the olddamaged proteins and giving you new protein so the compounding is reallygood so the amount of nutrition that you really need to run the body is a lotless because the body only dows down and it can run on little extent of nutrientsso that’s a positive thing now the other thing that happens during autophagy isthat you’re also cleansing out microbes and fungus and mold and yeast and tokill off those microbes your body develops certain oxidants and you alsohave antioxidants on the flipside so your organization actually makes things likehydrogen peroxide to kill off microbes but it also in the left side attains itsown antioxidants to actually protect their own bodies against the oxidation so we havethis entire balance it’s only when we have lower amounts of antioxidants andhigher extent of accidents that we get this thing called oxidative stress whichthings start broken off but when you’re doing fasting you’re getting anice balance of more antioxidants and your figure is starting to heal now whenyou get to 48 hours you really start to stimulate the stem cells these areundifferentiated cells in other words they’re cadres that don’t have a purposeso they can turn into this tissue or that material will vary depending on what the bodyneeds so you start to stimulate the branch cell and get morehealing and more repair more anti-aging you also get abridge perils of certaintypes of cancer you get shrinkage of certain tumors you start preparing moremitochondria now if you propagandize it and go up to 72 hours you get even morestimulation of stem cells okay in better immune purpose but when you actuallyget into 72 hours or greater I recommend you do that as a regular thing simplybecause a good deal of parties going into this have nutritional absences in thereif you jump in too fast you can get a little bit dizzy you can have some sideeffects so you want to gradually do this over a period of time but those are somegeneral things that happen when you’re fasting I recommend doing intermittentfasting on a regular basis okay and probably a good average decoration of doingthis would be doing 18 hours of fasting with a six-hour window so you would eatand then wait to six hours later and then eat and then fast for 18 hours thiswould be a really good pattern to follow and then you can actually make it morestrict over time will vary depending on how you do then what you can do is regular prolongfasting to achieve additional health benefits whether it’s for your immunesystem because you have an autoimmune problem or you precisely want to look youngerwith your bark or you require more psyche cadres you demand a better nature functionbetter nerve perform or let’s say you have cancer and you want to improve thatbecause one thing that fasting will do is it will be enhanced your fighting tostress and even if someone’s on chemotherapy it will actually help thebody’s defiance against chemicals and lethals which is quite remarkable makesure you make your minerals during fasting so I been a lot of peoplerecommend exactly doing either sea fast you’re just drinking water or a dry fastwhere you’re not drinking anything I recommend doing a liquid fast withnutrients only because if you are deficientyou can have questions so you require you minerals you want your B vitamins andyou want your salt very important right around 8 o’clock in the morning you havethe spike in cortisol and if cortisol spikes sometimes that can cause yourbody to stir more glucose and you are eligible to have higher blood sugars and it happenswith a lot of people with blood sugar editions nothing to worry about that willimprove over time but if you just contribute exert in the morning that will burnoff some of that extra sugar and if you’re fasting it’s not coming from yourdiet it’s just come your liver fixing glucose making a little too muchbecause perhaps the cortisol is too high okay so just wanted to point it out andI have videos on that I applied a connection down below it’s called a dawn phenomena nowif your LDL so called bad cholesterol which is not really bad low densitylipoprotein is increased the reason for this especially if you’re not consumingor any type of significant carbohydrates and you’re doing fasting this isincreased from a different reasonablenes “ve been thinking about” one of the purposes of LDL it’s todeliver cholesterol to different tissues right well think about all the thingsthat are happening when your body is fasting you are going through a majorhealing process and cholesterol is the raw material for your cell tissues foryour mentality to prepare hormones to establish vitamin D to prepare bile 40% of all thecholesterol in your figure is there to supply the tissue of your cadres whichis essential to protect the cell and allow for things to go in and out of thecell so maybe one of the reasons why your body might need the cholesterol tobe transported through this carrier protein is healing the cellularmembranes or it could be that it needs to have the raw material to stir morehormones I would not worry about that if you are concerned there are varioustests that you could do to determine what’s happening to this cholesterolisn’t doing damage or not but I would not was concerned about it but regardless I wantedto create a video exactly to kind of show you what happensto the inside of your person when you’re fasting thanks for watching so if youwant more knowledge on how to create a healthy torso subscribe now and get dailynotifications

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