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My figure is Shana McKay and I blog atscaffoldedmath.com. When I went out ofcollege, I made in group residences for babies untilI got a job in my environment in my stage field working as a hydrogeologist. I did that forthree years. I made grime samples at leaky gasstations and sea tests, compiled the data, chugged the data and wrote endless reports. I realized it wasn’t for me. So after threeyears I decided what I certainly was necessary to do was coach. So I signed up to be a substitute in theBoston Public Schools and I was sent to just about every school that time in Boston. That time I educated a duo science courses in summer institution and then by August of that year I was hired toteach biology and algebra at Monument High School in the South Boston High School complex.I taughtbiology and algebra for a few years before being bumped out of biology by the biology chemistry teacher. This is Mike Pfaff, he’s an actor now in Hollywood but that’s a entire other legend. At first, I was pretty ravaged. I loved educating discipline. And I was evenly ravaged some years later when I was bumped from algebra 1 to algebra 2. But it all turned out to be the best thing ever. In themeantime, I enrolled in a master’s program at night in Mathematics for Teaching and it was duringall of that that I eventually fell in love with math. Those “ah ha, I get it now! ” minutes in math didn’thappen so much better in discipline. I still adoration discipline, it’s what I consider my first subject, but there’ssomething very special about learning math. After seven years in Boston, I wanted to find somethingnew so I schooled 8th evaluate algebra for a year.I love algebra what could go wrong? It was a disaster! All the respect for you middle school teachers. You guys are the real mvps. After that time I got a job teaching high school special ed math and determined where I was really always meantto be. Teaching special ed is hard, there’s so much math nervousnes, but so much room for growing. I blognow about educating math at scaffoldedmath.com. I likewise lope a Facebook group calledVisual Math that I hope you’ll consider connect ..

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