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in this era where everybody is uh is gettingself-employed where everybody is starting their businesses and you most probably have startedyour business because employment is not easy to come through then what should you be focusingon in your business now i want us to talk about where all areas that you need to focus in andgive it 100 focus when you’re in that room of your business and now i want to show to tellyou that you cannot be able to skip these steps even if you bounce you’re going to squander much muchmore duration last-minute in your business face because you’ll have to come back and of course a businessis a system that has stagecoaches and gradations to seeing how you deal with the business you don’t just start todayand then the next tomorrow you’re scaling there must be a process of how you build your businessso which are these five areas that you must focus in that you need to pay attention toas you’re starting your consultancy business and remember when we’re talking aboutthis i want you to focus on where you are you must necessarily be starting you might be at thefourth stage headed to the fifth stage so make sure to know where you are in your business whatface are you at this time and know how to focus in that same gap another thing that i wantyou to do is not to copy other parties because you’re copying other industries that are atstage four when your business is stage three so if you are misleading you there’s a lot ofnoise outside here especially on the internet or even people who are trying to advise youon how to build your consultancy business that you get lost so listen to these stagesor areas of focus that you need to focus on as you’re building your consultancy business soif you want to know them then keep on watching the first thing that you need tofocus on extremely very seriously is auctions you need to make money with your businessyes you need to make money with your business it is the reason that you started a businessbecause you you want to employ yourself in your business because you want to be anentrepreneur because you are you need you have fiscal objectives as is necessary to hitwith your business so the fast or the main objectives of your business is to fix marketings and what imean when i say auctions in this bracket i could say auctions and marketing or selling and sales getpeople to know you are your business “ive ever done” videos in this channel where i’m talking abouthow to pick one idea out of the many business doctrines that you have in this video after you’vepicked your business notion what’s next the next thing that you need to do is to validate the ideasyou have picked but you did one after the other until you have one and one that is not viableone that you have reason it is going to work then you need and that is the in this video thenext thing that you need to do is to start that business i’ve done a video on how you can be ableto start it and i hope you already started so now by the time you’re here you need to have relatedyour hypothesi you have started your business of course you have chosen the idea and now at this placenow you the only thing you need to do is to sell sell sell and this is i know is where mostenvironmental consultants are who have watched my videos on most of the environmental consultantsthat are my patients are at this grade you have set up your business you have your registrations youhave done clas you have gotten two three clients to validate your idea now it’s time to sell donothing else other than sell you need to make money with your with your idea with your businessself beings and of course as you’re selling you’re learning so many other things you’re runningtactics of how to sell what are the people who want my assistances you get to understand your marketyou get to understand the people who want or need your services you understand how the market worksyou learn so many things as you’re selling you is known to different type of people different type ofclients how to deal with different type of people whom are your patients so the only thing that youneed to do now is to sell market yourself and sell sell sell sell and make money now if you’realready selling then i hope you’re getting buyers who want to buy from you you market and then youget clients and sell to them and now as you sell you need to grow the service so if you’re sellingthen the second point or segment or field in your business need to focus on its service and whati mean by service is how are your services when you’re selling to your buyers are they satisfiedgo deep into your services go check what people need now that you’re selling to them you’retalking to your patients every day your potential and model patient what do they crave understand whatthey miss and is coming and refine your services start deliver the service get feedback from themhow was the service where are you able improve what do they do need how their things they wanted tonot mention how can you get them to tell you what exactly they miss so is currently working on yourselves as you’reselling work on your service okay so service another thing or second field you need to deal withall you need to focus on right now especially for most of the consultants who are starting out andas you’re selling you’re also substantiating your process what i mean by documenting your processis you know i frequently obligate videos on linkedin and then somebody’s going to to direct message meand then after the dm i’m going to call them and then they’re going to stay for one month and thenthey need to contact me and then we’re going to do the eia and then we take into mind takes one monththey have a license they are satisfied so you have the process of how you get your clients from howyou market to them how you sell to them how you deliver and after the transmission you have documentedthe whole of that process okay so that is service so now after you have sold and you have refinedyour service now it is time to know or to lay in arrangements so now the third thing that your areathat you’re going to focus on at this point is structure so if you’ve already sold and you’vealready refined and documented your services all the selling process the service process theservice delivery process now then let’s talk about structure what business framework do you want yourconsultancy business to follow now you can be able to decide on the business model if you’restill at the first stage where you’re selling you don’t know who your patrons are you don’t know howto best act them so “youre supposed to” firstly provide you need to refine your service and then after thatyou come and now decide what representation do you want to sell and in consultancy there was still two models thatyou could decide the first thing you could decide to sell a high service consultancy and whatthat planneds is that you are selling your services a high level service what means by high levelit means you’re also selling it at a very high price it’s a signature service because it’s highlevel the impact it has it’s so much the contact between you and the client is high like you’reproviding high class services and of course now to made your monetary goals you probably needfew like for example you need to build 100 000 per month in your consultancy you only needtwo buyers who are going to pay 50 000 each for the service that you’re offering and thenyou have reached your monetary goal for the month the other thing that youcould decide is to sell a low level service a degree service iswhereby you’re consulting for somebody but at the services are low the rate they’regoing to pay are low and of course even the impact they have in your business is also low sothat path is where you’re affording your services ea services but you’re accuse twenty thousand soto smacked your monetary point of a hundred thousand then you need to sell to five purchasers each worthtwenty thousand now that is a model is a hike the higher level consultancy of the high ticketconsultancy and then there is the low-pitched ticket consultancy and of course now the difference hereis the number of parties you’re going to serve so now at this that level now you can be ableto decide who which model do you want to go with and of course not that one is that comes withoutshame you choose the law service consultancy which is okay we are where i work in the field they arepeople who have chosen this one and they are doing super well there’s people who have chosen to gowith the high level all the high ticket services and they are doing super well so now afteryou have understood your market your niche your principle patients you have selected what prototype you wantto go with okay so don’t use a simulate before you sell and refine your services now if you have donethe three things in your business and now you are you have already uh distinguished a businessmodel that is obtained for your business the other thing that you need now are systemsand what do i intend by organizations now don’t get scared they are simple things that you do everyday bro you have methods in your business exclusively that you don’t recognize them now systems is howthings are done you start to automate things like for example where i’m with my youtube channeli have systems of how i search for intuitions how “i m feeling” how i revise when i upload the whole systemand now at this extent “youve had” documented i have substantiated my youtube video production systemsi have systems in place so now i can even be able to delegate to somebody that’s the advantageof having systems so if you’re an environmental consultant and you have your business and you havesystems it is very easy for you now to outsource somebody to do review reports for you because theyknow you have a way of doing things if it’s your report there’s a design to seeing how your reportlooks like these are there are dyes you use for your business so now you have plans in place ifsomebody announces in and they want to enquire whom do they talk to how do they get to meet you you havesystems in place you can beings now to delegate exercises in your business or you can go to automatetasks in your business of course this we’re going to talk more or if there is a requirement to business in yourbusiness all systems in your business then maybe you can contact me down in specific comments sectionon the description container are my contacts so yes now after you have already done these four things thenof course the fifth thing and the last thing and what everybody wants is to scale your businessscale go ahead and scale and what i mean scale is now your business can now go out and serveeven more and contact even more parties now you can employ more beings now if you’re suffice uh saylike five buyers in a month now you can serve 20 of them because you have organizations you havea structure you have your service well refined and now you have parties that is the systems inplace who can able to do that go ahead and scale you can decide now you are serving one county oryou can even decide to go to the next office you can even decide now to serve east africa if you’reonly perform up and if you’re only provide kenya now that is scaling and of course that is whereevery one of us demands we want to grow our business until we can steal our business but it’s aprocess you cannot scale if you don’t have organisations it’s a bad idea you cannot scale if you don’t havestructures my friend that’s a chaos so follow the five areas where you need to focus most don’tskip maybe do it fast like you could decide like the first one we talked about we decide oh salesi’m going to sell very awfully very fast i’m going to be very vigilant in sales and learn everythingthere is to learn in these three months and then i’m going to refine my works with three or fourmonths and within the first year i have done i’m done with the first three stages now in the secondyear i’m just going to choose a structure and i’m going to scale and made plans in my businessthat’s that’s okay but don’t try to skip if you don’t have organisations don’t try to scale it’s chaosyou’re select so if you like this video leave a comment down then of course subscribe to mychannel you know and i’ll see in the next one but till next time preserve saving of course maintain winningkeep acquiring impede triumphing divinity bless you bye

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