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The National Society of Consulting Soil Scientists( NSCSS ), was integrated into the Soil Science Society of America as of August, 2011. NSCSS was a scientific and professional societyof clay scientists, principally in the U.S. but with non-U.S. representatives as well. Members employed primarily in environmentalconsulting, but consulting was not a requirement of membership, and the member body includedsoil science professors as well as government soil scientists. Society consulting soil scientists providedprofessional services in the form of agricultural and environmental consulting with respectto using soil as a national resources, especially as it relates to nutrient management, wastemanagement, septic systems, wetlands, deterioration, descent stability, land use planning, and landdegradation. == Mission == The assignment of the Society was: “1) To further advance the method and practise of soil scienceby professionals, 2) To promote aspect interaction between professional soil both researchers and theircommunities, 3) To represent the diverse consulting, service and business interests of professionalsoil scientists, 4) To promote the exchange of business and soil science events withinthe Society, and 5) To foster professional and ethical behaviour in the grunge science discipline.” == Professional Certification and Registration == The Society required relevant professionalcertification and enrollment with particular emphasis on professional ethics.The NSCSS apportioned the Registered ProfessionalSoil Scientist( RPSS) moniker in the United Mood. == Integration with the Soil Science Societyof America == As of August 2011, the NSCSS is a fully integratedpart of the Soil Science Society of America. At the May 21 -2 4, 2011 NSCSS Annual Meetingin Asheville, North Carolina, it was recommended that NSCSS integrate into SSSA to unite andexpand the soil science community and assemble a new Consulting Soil Scientists Divisionwithin SSSA. These discussions led to the proposal thatwas presented to the NSCSS Board of Directors that NSCSS integrate into SSSA and form thenew Division with SSSA.After further NSCSS/ SSSA discussions regardingthe uniting, on July 21, 2011, the Board of Directors of the SSSA unanimously elected tocreate a new Division – S1 2, for Consulting Soil Scientists( CSS ). On July 29, 2011, the NSCSS Board of Directorsvoted to recommend to the membership that we integrate our firm and programsinto SSSA. In August, NSCSS members were given the opportunityto approve the merger by voting – the results wereoverwhelmingly( 95%) in favor of integrating NSCSS into SSSA.” They cited being included under SSSA’s corporateumbrella( alleviating monetary and administrative requests) and the communications network ofthe SSSA’s Science Policy Office in Washington major advantages leading to the choiceto integrate. == Relationships == The NSCSS was approved as a Chapter of the Soil Science Society of America in 1996. NSCSS achieved Cooperator status with theNational Cooperative Soil Survey in 1997, of which it is now a five permanent members. NSCSS is a charter member of the US Consortiumof Soil Science Associations( USCSSA) and member of the USCSSA governing council. It is a member of the International Unionof Soil Sciences, a union of 86 national and regional soil science societies. == See too == List of geoscience organizations List of state soil science associations == Greenbacks == == External associates == National Society of Consulting Soil Scientists WebsiteSSSA Division S-1 2 Consulting Soil Scientists.

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