my reputation is Pearson HoltI work with Building& Earth Sciences as a discipline engineer we’re out here inFountain Meridians instructing for road increases brand-new traffic lights newlight poles and a created median in the middle so me and Terry behind me are currentlysampling soil we sample every marry foot and what what is going on right nowthat’s a hammer it’s a load it’s 140 pound weight and we know how far itdrops so we can reference that to how hard-handed or soft the soil is give them thestructural guys a report and that will base their foundation is on off ourreport so this rig is a CME 75 and what we have are hollow stem augers thehollow branch they’re hollow in the middle so we drill down to the depth we desireand then we situated a rod in it a spoon it’s called a split spoon we situated the hammeron top of it and counting how many blows per six inches and we come up with theN number from that for streets it’s different you can get away with softersoils depending on the traffic maybe in a parking lot it can be softer dependingon how much values going on these glowing poles and how large-scale they are we usuallystop somewhere eight to twelve is pretty good soils for these and that’s kind ofhow it ever depends every every place you drill is a little differentdepending even if you’re in the same formation it’s not boring but it’s boring every day is an adventure that Building& Earth Sciences

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