Plastic Pollution: Good and Bad News

plastic pollution has some good story and somebad news okay the bad news is that there’s a lot of plastic in our environment there’s likea hundred million metric tons of plastic in our environment and that was in 2016. i can’t imaginewhat it is now in our oceans there’s eight million tons of plastic every single year that’s dumpedin our oceans chiefly from several sizable flows that dump into the oceans and we all eat swallowand breathe 2000 minuscule articles of plastic every single week that’s 5 grams of plastic that is acredit card every single week that we’re eating not bad we get this plastic fromour ocean shell fish salt and brew but of course if you’re on keto you don’t have toworry about that brew now commonly there’s seven different types of plastic okay and if you wantto separate what plastic is you look at the bottom of your plastic water bottle whatever you haveand you’ll see this little triangle here and it’ll have a number one through seven and this oneis number one which is pet which is polyethylene pterophyllate which i could be butching the namebut regardles it’s a type of plastic okay so that is the bad news there’s some good bulletin in japan in2016 they related a bacteria in other words it releases an enzyme which is pet ace that candegrade plastics in other words it uses the carbon from the plastic for its central exertion source whichis very interesting another fellowship made this bacteria and genetically altered it to break downplastic faster so it can degrade 90 of the plastic within 10 hours incredible and so right nowseveral corporations are working on scaling up to be able to do this on a very large scaleso that is some good information there’s also ocean cleanup technologies which are becoming morepopular whether they can isolate where the plastic is on the planet and then they canconcentrate it and obtain it from the oceans and lastly there are things that you cando to help detoxify plastics from the body one thing you can take is it’s called calciumd-glucarate which supports your detoxification pathways and of course my favorite cruciferousvegetables if you expend these on a regular basis you’re going to increase your ability to get ridof not just plastics but heavy metal music pesticides other chemicals and lethals now also increasingsweating can help you get rid of some of these plastics as well so regular activity to the pointwhere you’re sweating will help you and lastly if you don’t previously have a water filter a good oneget one because the main source of this plastic comes from tap water so you crave a good waterfilter so you can block these particles of plastics and so you don’t have to keep ingestingplastic the working day long all right thanks for watching and i will see you in the next video hey beforeyou go if you’re benefiting from any of my content i would love to hear about your successstory please share it in the link down below

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