How To Sell High Ticket Consulting Services

– How to sell high-pitched ticketconsulting services. That’s what we’re talking about today. I’ve got six gradations for you. Six things you are able to do, one thing you should never do, and I’m gonna share with you a free gift that’s gonna help you sell highticket consulting services. All that is here foryou on this occurrence of The Inside BS Show.( opening bell ringing) I am Dave Lorenzo.This is The Inside BSSales Tip Show, certainly. And today, we’re gonna talk about how you can sell highticket consulting services. I’m gonna give you the formula used to how to sell highticket consulting services. So there are six paces in this process. I’m gonna share all those with you. I’m gonna tell you one thing that I don’t think you should ever do, and you’re not gonna wanna miss that, so stick around for that pitch. I’m also going to giveyou my receipt roadmap. I’m giving you something for free that’s going to help you sell high ticket consulting services. So if you were wondering how to sell high-pitched ticketconsulting services, this is the video for you, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into our content. The first moment I wannamake to you today is that if you’re looking to sell highticket consulting services, you’ve got to start out byselecting a niche market. Now, some people say niche, some people say niche. I say niche. I wanna make sure you realizethat I’m sharing with you things that I do myself.I was a big ticketconsulting services partner. Basically, when you’re apartner in a consulting house, you’re members of the public who moves it rain. You’re the chap or the gal who’s supposed to bringin the new business. And that was my role for six years. I worked for a company announced Gallup. Many of you will knowGallup from the Gallup Poll. And my bible of business at any given time was over $20 million in receipt on a year over time basis. I went out and procured $20 million of brand-new business for that consultingcompany, me personally, year in and time out. When I left Gallup to startmy own consulting business, I didn’t have the comfort of having the wonderfulGallup brand behind me. I had to grow a consultingbusiness from scratch and I’m selling high-flown ticketconsulting services now to entrepreneurs, toindependent professionals, parties just like you. Maybe you’re a professional speaker and you’d like to addconsulting to your portfolio, so that you have aconsistent revenue stream.Or perhap “youre in” the corporate macrocosm, you’re a corporate ministerial and now you wanna start yourown consulting business. “Thats how you” sell highticket consulting services when you’re starting from scratch. So at Gallup, I had theGallup brand behind me. I could walk in and anybodywould take a meeting with me. If you’re an independent professional, you’re a consultant nowand you’re on your own, you don’t have that firebrand behind you.So the best thing to do isstart in a niche grocery, a restricted niche. Pick a niche based onsomething you do really well. Like, I don’t know, communications strategy or selling approach orfinancial service sector strategy or a focus on how to improveperformance in a specific area. Select a niche base oncompetence that “youve had” or an manufacture focus. What I did when I went out onmy own is I selected the niche of are concerned with solicitors and ordinance houses. Now, I’ve expanded to allprofessional service providers, but for the first sevenyears of my rule, I focused almost entirely on lawyers. The reason I want you tostart when you’re trying to sell high ticket consulting services, the above reasons I want you to startin a constrict niche market, is because you can become famous in that niche market exceedingly, very quickly.Think about it. If you’reon YouTube making videos simply for parties in the CPApractice industry, right? If I only did videos for CPAs, everyone who’s a CPA wouldknow who I was very quickly, anyone who’s probing online anyway, because if I’m making 50 videos every month for CPAs, eventually, when they’researching, they’re gonna search for a topic that I’ve coveredand they’re going to go, “Oh, who’s this guy? ” So selecting a narrow niche market is gonna help you dominate faster.And that’s the firstthing I just wanted to do. In the six steps to sellinghigh ticket consulting services, selecting a narrow nichemarket, that’s number 1. Number two, deliver content. Content, content, material, material, content, material, content, material. I cannot be emphasised that fairly. You’ve gotta be producing videos. You’ve gotta be posting written material and you’ve gotta be doing a podcast. You have to produce a lot of content so that people knowyou’re a expectation chairman. You’ve gotta have an belief, you’ve gotta share that opinion. The video material goes onYouTube, it goes on LinkedIn, it can go on Instagram, it can also go on … And it must go on your website. It can go on Facebook. The written material goes onyour website first and foremost and then after it’s been on your website for a couple of months, you can gave it up onLinkedIn separately. Your material has to be everywhere.Your podcast, you needto start doing a podcast. My preference would bethat you do a podcast on a weekly basis and have parties on who you want to be your patrons. That’s a huge benefit forpeople who have podcasts, you can reach out to tribes and ask them if they wanna be interviewed. They’ll come on your demonstrate and then later you can sell to them. So having them on the podcastis a great opportunity for you to connect with them. And it’s a great opportunityfor you to create new content. Now, why am I stressing content when it comes to selling highticket consulting services? Well, there are threethings content does for you. It composes visibility, it helps with your credibility, and it differentiatesyou from everyone else who does what you do.Look at these videos. The video you’re watchingwith me right now, we’re developing such relationships. We’re having a conversation. I’m sitting across from you andwe’re having a conversation. If you like what you see in this video, you’re gonna watch morevideos that I’ve attained. And when you watch more videos, you’re gonna get to know me and you’re gonna feel likewe have a relationship because we time. Content is incrediblyvaluable for visibility, credibility, and differentiation.It aids build relationships. So that’s step two in how to sell high-pitched ticketconsulting services, content, material, material. Step three, multitude educational events. You should be hostingeducational events on webinars, you should be hostinglive educational events, you should be speaking atother people’s live phenomena, you should be invited to speakat other people’s webinars. These educational eventsare more intimate. You get to give more information and people get to spendmore time with you. Look, you’re gonna spend1 5 minutes with me, maybe, on this video. If we were doing an educationalevent and I invited you to the educational event, you’dspend the whole day with me. And then you’d genuinely get to know me. I’d certainly give you ahuge amount of information and our relationship would increase. Hosting educational eventstakes all the content you’ve created and it applies it on steroids, it turbocharges it, it getsthat content that’s so phenomenal in front of parties, buteven more importantly, it helps you develop amore intimate relationship. It helps you become closerwith your prospective client.The fourth thing it is required to do in order to sell highticket consulting services is you always have to havea system or a fabric. That’s where my revenue roadmap comes in. Now, I’m gonna take a second right now. I want you to go down to, right below this video in the specific characteristics there, you’ll see it says, “Free gift from Dave.” Below that there’s a attach. Click on that link, enteryour contact information and you’ll be able todownload immediately my steer to creating your own revenue roadmap.This is your sell plan for your high ticket consulting business. If you’re looking to sell highticket consulting services, you gotta download my income roadmap. It’s free, it’s a gift from me to you. Download the revenue roadmap. It’ll you a step-by-step guide for creating the exactconsulting business you want. This is the guide that I use today to build my consulting business. It’s the steer I used tostart and to build my busines and take it from six digits to seven. I want you to do the same thing. So you gotta have a system, you gotta have a framework that you’re operating from. Use my income roadmap as the agreed framework. And that is step five. I just wanted to precisely, religiously follow that revenue roadmap. So you can create your own system. It made me 15 years tocreate the revenue roadmap as a arrangement. I’ve done it for you. Why not follow my system? And that’s step five. Follow the revenue roadmap. Start by identifying your ideology consumer. Then get in front ofthem in a group setting.And after you get in frontof them in a group setting, stimulate them an present of something for free that they can perhapsdownload or participate in. When they download that free endowment, I want you to qualify themto see if they have money, a problem you can solve inthe ability to make a decision after you qualify them. If they’re not ready todo business with you, you’re gonna gave themon your nurturing register and nurture that relationshipfor the long-term.Then you’re gonna make offers to them. When they make you up on the volunteer, you’re gonna onboard them anddevelop affair receipt as a result. That’s a extremely brief overviewof the revenue roadmap. I’ve given you the steer, follow orders and you’re gonna grow your highticket consulting business. All claim, step six is findmultiple opportunities up front. What does that mean? It means you’ve got tofind numerou opportunities at all points along the revenue roadmap. So it’s not good enoughjust to get in front of your principle clients through speaking. You also have to write articlesand get them published.You also “re going to have to” do videosand share the videos. You too have to do the podcast and invite ideal clientsonto your podcast. You need diversification ofclient lure organizations. So find multiple opportunities up front. What I intend by that is havea diverse marketing strategy. The roadmap outlines the whole thing. Go ahead and download it. Have a diverse market policy so that you can get in frontof as many beings as is practicable and you can close as many high ticketconsulting considers as is practicable. All freedom , now we’ve come to the time where I’m gonna share somethingI don’t want you to do, something you gotta avoid at all costs. And I’m gonna share a story with you that would indicate that I fell down on this and it will help you embracethis one thing perfectly.I hope it helps you embrace it. Before I do that, if you like this content and you’re watching myvideos, give me a thumbs up so I know you liked it. Let me know down in the comments what you wanna hear moreof, what you experienced, any suggestions that you have. I’m happy to happy to readthrough them in the comments. So be leaving somethingdown in specific comments for me and also, thumbs up and subscribe. Make sure you made the subscribe button, so you know when we upload brand-new content. We don’t exactly do sales tips. I likewise do interviews with people who are growing their business and who are growing a consultingbusiness, just like you. So you can follow in their footsteps. All freedom, here’s the onething you should never ever do.And I’m gonna share it in a story. I stopped doing my weekly email newsletter for a period of time. When I started my business, I started emailingeveryone I knew every week, telling storeys in thoseemails and acquainting beings in a weekly email newsletter. Well, 1 year, I get reallywrapped up in a project, a side project, structure a baseball squad that my lad could play on. And we expended the wholesummer working on that. So I stopped doing myemail follow-up system.I precisely operated out of hours in the working day. My consulting revenue tooka nosedive in the sink. It didn’t take a nosedive in the summer. Business was still coming in. I supposed things were great. In the sink, in September whenall the new business comes in’ lawsuit parties go back to work, they go on vacation during thesummer and after Labor Day, they go back to work. And that’s when my phoneused to ring off the hook. I noticed my phone rang, but simply a couple of times. It didn’t resounding like it used to. What happened? Well, because I didn’t sendout an email for the 12 weeks of the summer that I wasworking on this baseball program and helping out in the neighborhood, really giving a lot of time in it, because I didn’t write thatweekly email newsletter, I didn’t have the same momentumin the months that followed.And I must be given to make-up that force by doing a lot of speaking, by getting in front of a lot of parties that I otherwise wouldn’thave had to get in front of. So the moral of the storyis don’t ever give up on your follow-up. The one thing you cannever ever compromise is your ongoing nurturing, your follow-up system because all of thoseprospects are eventually going to do business with you. You simply need to continue to follow up until they’re ready, untilthey have the urgency. All claim, my friends. That was our session on how to sell high ticketconsulting services.It was wonderful to see you here. I’ll see you right backhere again tomorrow for another tip, just like this. Likewise, check out my interviews. We do a brand-new interview every day with people who are going places, people who are doingexactly what you wanna do. What are you able learn from them? How about everything? Join me right back here again tomorrow. Until then, here’s to hopingyou make a great living and live a great life ..

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