7 Eco-Friendly Small Business Ideas for the Green Entrepreneur

Hi everyone, I’m Priyanka Prakash, seniorstaff writer at Fundera. Starting an eco-friendly small business isa great way to combine your commitment to the environment with your entrepreneurshipgoals. And as you might hear people say, greenis the brand-new golden. We’re going to cover seven eco-friendly smallbusiness minds that can quickly start delivering returns. Our first eco-friendly small business ideais opening a sustainable restaurant. Diners are definitely one of the mostpopular types of small businesses across the board, and eco-friendly restaurants are blowingup in different regions of the country. Examples include Bareburger, the eco-friendlyburger joint popular on the East Coast; Root Down, a wind energy powered restaurant inDenver; and Mixt, a eatery that serves up organic salads and sandwiches on the westcoast. To launch your eco-friendly restaurant, workwith local raises to source your ingredients, try provide a variety of vegetarian and vegandishes, and proposal recyclable packaging.Even small changes, such as offering compostablecutlery, can make a big difference and keep your patrons happy. Our second eco-friendly small business idea? Electric scooter rentals, of course. You’ve probably appreciated scooters from Bird andLime in your residence metropoli or situates that you saw. These California-based companionships have raisedmillions of dollars in risk capital, but that does not mean that there isn’t office forsmaller operators. In reality, 10 electrical scooter business arecurrently operating in Chicago’s scooter pilot program. And every time someone uses a scooter, itcuts down on the number of car jaunts and the amount of congestion and contamination. To is starting, you need to find a manufacturerof electrical scooters that will sell to you. And start small, in simply one town or municipal. If you provision huge customer service anda safe and fun scooter event for customers, you’ll soon find yourself expanding to newlocations.Electric scooters not really your hurry? Then take our third eco-friendly small businessidea, municipality bike expeditions, for a spinpun intended! Instead of a gas guzzling expedition bus or van, customers will bring their own bike or rent a motorcycle for the tour. And if you don’t want to rent out bikes yourself, you always have the option to partner up with a neighbourhood bicycle supermarket. Then, your only place is to offer fun and interestinginsights about tourist places, ethnic areas, and breathtaking stops. You is to be able to advertise these safaruss on Facebookor promote your business at neighbourhood occurrences that attract tourists. The sky’s the limit with metropoli bike expeditions. In knowledge, one company, BikeTours.com, currentlyoperates in three dozen countries. For the imaginative greenpreneur, recycle techis the place to be. This is our fourth eco-friendly small businessidea. The challenge here is to transform somethingold and used into something fabulous.Great illustrations include California-based GreenToys, a company that produces children’s toys out of recycled milk jars, and Bionic Yarn, a New York company that turns ocean waste into apparel and other consumer goods. In research studies by Nielsen, 66% of patrons saidthey’re willing to pay more for sustainable goods, so you can definitely develop a winningbusiness mannequin from recycle tech. Green cleaning is our fifth eco-friendly smallbusiness theme and a pretty easy one to put into practice with places like TaskRabbit andHandy. Launching a residence scavenging business is as easyas a few clinks, but how do you stand out from the hundreds of other parties offeringthe same works in your neighbourhood? Easy! You offer to use environmentally friendlycleaning makes. Green cleaning commodities avoid the use of toxicchemicals, which can emit compounds into the air and make health problems. Andbonus alertgreen scavenge productsusually double as kid-friendly and pet-friendly, so your patrons will be happy and come backfor more. Solar panel installation is clearly a businesswith a radiant future. The solar energy manufacture is increasing at arate of 50% time over time, and hires more than double the number of Americans now comparedto 2012. As an installer, this eco-friendly small businessidea isn’t as fund intensive as solar panel manufacturing. In fact, if you’re able to establish goodconnections with wholesale suppliers of solar panels and tools in your neighbourhood, you can geta large number of marketings leads quite quickly. Time make sure to check if your commonwealth hasspecific licensing requirements for residential or commercial solar panel installers. The Interstate Renewable Energy Councilswebsite has a list of state licensing requirements. And we’re rounding out our list of the besteco-friendly small business ideas with lettuce consulting. Green consulting is a great option for entrepreneurswho want to get involved in sustainability, but might not have the budget to open a shopor source the produce. With lettuce consulting, your biggest assetis your knowledge.You get paid to advise other businesses andindividuals on how to reduce their carbon footprint. Of direction, if you’re interested in light-green consulting, make sure you have the knowhow and training that your purchasers will expect. For pattern, there’s a entire network of consultantsthat help builders, real estate makes, and interpretation professionals construct environmentallysustainable residences. All you need to do is find your niche. And those are our seven recent and greatesteco-friendly small business ideas. 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