The truth about being an environmental consultant?

they won’t tell you what it is like to be aconsultant what exactly is it like to now do business on yourself being the the ceo beingthe boss being the founder being the administrator all these fancy identifies that you want to callyourself how is it like lies in the fact that and especially now from jobs and now you’re coming outright here to be your own boss what is it like one one of the first thing that you need to knowabout consultancy about being an emperor and an financier full age as a young person likeme is that this journey is kind of lonely and this is something that i hear everybody talkingabout uh indianapolis hear them talking about the journey is lonely what do they reallymean when they say that the journey is lonely what the fuck is imply is that uh you know you are theonly person who understands what you’re doing in this life if you’re consulting for examplei’m an environmental consultant i’m the only one who has the image for my busines i’m the onlyone who knows what i want with this life it is my purpose i’m trying to align to align my deedsmy my enterprises to its main purpose to serve my purpose so i think it is only because you are theonly person who understands what you want to do with your life who are knowledgeable about where youwant to make your business and you’re the person who you are the pa you’re the eyesight occupation ofyour company all of your business that is why then they that is why they recall or that iswhy financiers say that entrepreneurship is a lonely journeying it is because nobody reallyunderstands what you’re doing other than you so you have to do everything that there is to bedone for you to achieve what you want to achieve because if you don’t then you’re the one personwho knows what you want to do then are you going to really make it and everybody outside now don’tyou really was told you so you feel like you’re being misconstrue but the only reason they don’tunderstand is because they’re not the initiators of the relevant recommendations they don’t know where you’re goingwith your company or with your business you’re the only person who has the eyesight inside themyou know where you want to take your their own lives your business and all these things so that is whyit tends to be to be lonely because in most cases you’re even afraid of telling people what youthink or what you’re planning with your business the other thing you need to understand is thatentrepreneurship is various kinds of a journeying whatever it is you mainly ambiguity like you’re not sure of whatis going to happen tomorrow that is the new standard you’re always in a you’re always making decisionson without genuinely having the whole idea all of the whole picture you don’t know what is alongthe corner you’re making decisions for future whereas you don’t know what the future views souncertainty is the new regular you have to be you have to make decisions when you don’t even havefull information and retain you are going to take responsibility of the decisions you constitute soin most cases you don’t know you don’t know what is going to happen you’re always anticipatingand hoping and making strategizing you have predicting squandering the data that you’ve collectedin your years of of business you’re there is not any assurance that you’re going to affected the lot souncertainty making decisions you say yes to a spate you don’t know if it is going to be you say not toa deal you don’t know if it was your goal it is it is the one that was going to save your firm souncertainty is so high and it is the new normal so you must always be in a position to live or youmust be comfortable living in a seat or a lieu where not really you’re not really comfortableand you’re not really certain of what is going to happen tomorrow you’re not sure if the decisionyou stimulated is the right one or it could be the other one it’s always a gamble the third thing thatyou must really develop is the decision making muscles every day in the business world you’remaking decisions every other day you’re making decisions so you must be comfortable with decisionmaking you’re going to utter so many decisions and the problem is like i said in the other point mostof the time you are not sure of what the consequ and hoping that deal goes through most of thedecisions you’re making and now it is only you which are capable of form the decision it is only you who canmake the decision so you must grow these muscles you must know how to make decisions you must learnto listen to yourself you must be in your somber spirit or sober self most of the time beforebecause you’re going to be forced to determine so many decisions the difference why this is hardis because extremely if you’re coming from employ like i did there everybody was tellingyou do this do this file these do these two v’s do this when a client comes in you you talk tothem like this you do this you do this i mean the standards there is an sop written down foryou to follow so you’re not making any decisions you’re just following instructions nowoutside here in the entrepreneurial nature you’re making decisions every other thing is abouta decision to be made even the smallest slightest decisions “youve got to” draw them so i think youneed to grow that muscle nacho nacho that muscle feed it so you can be good in decision makingbecause you’re going to need it outside here as a consultant or as an financier pointnumber four that i have for you is that you have to be ready to take 100 responsibility ofwhatever whatever the results will be remember i talked about decision making you’re the onewho is spawning the decision i talked about you being the imagination carrier yes yes because you’rethe person the only person who understands where you want to take your business so the other thingthat you need to do is to take 100 responsibility in your work even if you’re employing somebody towork for you maybe to work for you in its term of office or to do your your you could be you’re gettingsome hassles “its only” you who is a responsible the reason they’re not working for you is maybethey don’t understand your your your image they do not understand their vision they do notsee where you’re going so you you must make sure that everything happens in the in the companyyou’re responsible first assuming responsibility find what could i have done differently peoplethat i need to employ who do i need to let them know about this business do i have standards andsystems put in place that are going to assist me operate the business because it is you withrunning the business do not try to delegate anything to anybody even if you’re delegating yoursupervising them so i think you need to be you need to be responsible you need to be comfortablelearning that you’re in charge it is your business and “youre in” resp in in a responsibleposition to make decisions that are right for this if anything goes wrong i thinkthe first person you need to ask yourself is could they have done something differently sonobody can do it for you you have to do it for yourself and especially if you’re starting out andyou’re you’re still small-minded it is all one business is one person party everything is on you youmake decisions you do what needs to be done whether you like it or you don’t like it youhave to do it because it is you who knows where you’re title with your business so i think youmust be ready to take responsibilities you know in employment there is always somebody upthere who’s going to take responsibility if anything went wrong when i was exerted then theofficer who maybe could have assigned me that responsibility takes responsibility i make my part the officerabove me takes some part of the blamed the seniors take part of the blame and it continues so reallyin that line of everybody taking part of the blamed the blame is lost we do not know genuinely whom toblame for this if because if i did wrong then the service would be like why did you do this and theni was instructed by this you know but now when it is in business and you’re one-man party you takeresponse you do everything you attain every decision and so any consequences comes out you are incharge you take 100 responsibility and you know we human beings don’t want responsibilities evenif appreciate the outcome she said it was the serpent so the other thing that you need to be to knowabout entrepreneurship that is punch number five is that you must be a student please be ready tobe a student you every day you’re learning you’ll never finish read especially in the businessworld you’re learning something almost every other new day you will be taught everything by natureby life by business life and all these things but you also need to be willing to learnyourself do courses that you need do i mean everything right now is on the internet youcan able to get almost everything that you need on the internet and probably free of charge get coachesget mentors get parties surround themselves with people who are going to to to to educate you tomake you learn something different i think life is about being a student be a student of life ofthe entrepreneurship journey and uh i think that where you’re going to be you’re always going tobe in place remember like for example if you’re starting a one-man party you’re doing everythingin the house in that companionship you’re doing everything you’re flunking taxes you’re the hr youall the you’re the manager you’re the the casual or the receptionist you’re everything you’re theofficer the technological person you are the finance you are everything but with meter you’re going to startthe you know like you’re getting people to assist you maybe you could do you could get somebody todo the social medias you could got something to do the marketing and sales you could do somethingto do with your finances and your record obstructing that method but you must learn first you mustlearn how to do your bookkeeping you must do you must learn how to do your social media because ibelieve in this age there’s not a business that is not online if there is i don’t know how theyare operating but they need to see me for some assistance so i think be a student alwayslearn never get slaked even when you become you have people who are supervising the peopleyou are employed i think you’re always hear always learning improve yourself moor get betterget better we are never you can never be 100 hope if it’s about leader get coursesget get uh trends to just simply learn be a student those are some of the things that you’regoing to experience as a as an entrepreneurship and this is for when you’re starting out maybe inthe first time second time of business your locate you’re still you know you’re still fitting intothe managerial jaunt those are some of the some of the things that you’re going to feel orsome of the things that are going to come up that you’re going to experience every now and then sojust be ready and everything is positive you learn there’s ups and downs and it’s a beautiful journeythat you need to experience it for yourself so if you’re still in employment and you’replanning to get outside now take time plan strategize and then get out and start this journeybecause entrepreneurship is a part of is is is a process and you’re able to bounce so the other youstart the better the earlier you feel the better so make sure to watch this video that i’m going tolink up now until next time any commentary that you have any question that you have make sure to leaveme down in the comment section i’ll be waiting to converse more to answer your questions and i’llsee you next time but two of them keep safe

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