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What’s your job like? What do you do from, you are familiar with, 9-5, or is that, you know, what do you do the working day? Everyday, what I thinkwhat I love about being a sustainability consultant is every day is different andevery day is driven by a sense of interest. I’m continuously understand better new industries, what’s happening in the market and whatcompanies are doing and how we can best help organizations that come to us withwhat problems. So a day to daytime, you are familiar with, it genuinely differs. One date I’ll bekind of all be concentrated on, you are familiar with, task force for climate related financialdisclosures which is a framework for organizations to understand and reporttheir atmosphere probabilities and opportunities. I’ll be you know very much in justlearning about that in depth so that I offers an opportunity to a consumer through that processand see how that could be relevant to what they’re doing it with they’redisclosures and the next day I’ll be kind of you know looking around andtrying to figure out how we can help an organization list a reliable climatereduction target and what does that look like? How do we cure a smallerorganization calculate their carbon footprint and help them along theirsustainability expedition? How we can engage their employees through that process? SoI think working as a sustainability consultant is really neat because youget to understand the challenges and the nuances of different industries but alsoat the same time I find that you know ascertains from one from you know oneindustry can be applied to the other at the end of the day you knoworganizations are fairly similar in how they’re organized so sustainability isyou know it can be applied across different contacts but certainly, you facesometimes the similar challenges across different types of businesses as well.Soevery day is different and various kinds of stores me on my toes but what I enjoyabout it is I never stop learning ..

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