Reinventing Mobility: The CASE strategy

We now have over 200,000 times more vehicles on the road than Carl Benz ever mulled possible. Over one billion vehicles, most of which are based on inefficient technology. Over one billion vehicles whose practice, lets be frank, is far from optimised. And by the year 2030 worldwide numbers of passenger cars, trucks and buses could outperform 2 billion. The arise is ironic, the only challenge with our ability is its own success. But with every challenge comes opportunity, and the time has come to reinvent mobility. Over 65 billion allotments crisscross the planet each year. Unfortunately, a quarter of bringing vehicles are not operating at full capacity.Hundreds of experts at Daimler are developing, designing and programme a organization to attach moves, trucks and sails in all possible efforts oblige every future transmission as effective as possible. Sixty percent of people believe that humans are better drivers than computers. The detail is, ninety percent of all accidents come as a consequence of human error. And that is why we focus on what technology are available in and what it is allowed to deliver to benefit all artery users. The automobile has always been and will remain a declaration of independence. However, on average most automobiles are only in use for one hour per day. We accept sharing is better than parking, especially in cities, and our success has proven us right. A car2go vehicle is rented every 1.4 seconds. And in the future it could autonomously wandering immediately to where it needs to go. The demand for lower releases does not need to compete with the ever increasing demand for mobility. As a matter of fact, it should drive it. Our objective is clear: continue to cut emission reductions of each individual vehicle exercising all existing technologies. Reinventing mobility, over 280,000 beings are working on time that at Daimler.Every era. And were all convinced of one thing: The passion to invent will never cease ..

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