Science careers – a day in the work life of an environmental scientist

wintry down my name’s Mahina Tony Baker I’m an environmental consultant and a instruct a key and I drive mainly for philanthropy with hi such as my personas and why can a working as a manager a key someone who protects the environment on behalf of our parties requires you to be a bit of a jack-of-all-trades in any made week I could be working with freshwater disciplines stormwater technologists planners at Council people who actually do construction on the sand I think that potentially one of the most challenging aspects of this work but it’s also quite rewarding because it means that we have a really integrated outline of all the things that are going on in our region if I sit down with a freshwater scientists they may not actually be aware that their colleague who work in stormwater is actually doing some sort of works through the down the river and I find that it’s helpful that we can bring that more integrative approach to things where we have a general understanding of what’s going on in all sorts of seats of the environment what selected me into doing the sort of work when I was a teenager our Amy now asked for young people to assist with carry translocations from Cassidy Island so I gone over to the island to help catch Kiwi to send to other islands and I think in that process of hold Kiwi and spend time with our native fledglings and our Tonga I genuinely ripened an appreciation for how special they are and to work in a opening where I could help protect them and that then the shipwreck could mean to take a lot of discipline categories and high school and then to do a degree in ecology I applied for a lot of awards when I was at university and one of the awards I had supplied me with a handiwork placement and it was a exceedingly technical persona working in a lab looking at the effects of pesticides on their communities so it was very technical not in the field but I thoughts having that grounding and hard science is very helpful some of the projects that I’m working on at the moment are responding to lotions by the council private developers where they want to build a new development or to do some sort of work and River or in a creek that’s going to have an effect on the environment and we provide input into the management plan that may have some sort of impact on freshwater frequently the style that beings think about gists to freshwater chemical or biological so might look at the chemistry of spray the sea excellence the ecology of the river catchment a Marty approach will look at those things but it will likewise consider and what are the effects to the cultural heritage of that River because for us landscape is certainly imbued with historical and cultural meanings what’s the effect practically and not only practically to the people but to the peace and allay tone that spray and creeks often have what are the social effects so can our beings still was down and chew from the river do we ensure our traditional meat being set around that look are we able to serve food to parties these two types of thoughts i think marty are able to bring that fuller word-painting and what we find is that those evaluates in one way are specifically marty but non coin can relate to that very the number of jobs asks me to consult widely with our early to maintain really good relationships in particular was our Komatsu or our elderly community that’s something I’ve been encouraged to do since I was quite young but certainly anyone getting into this work has encouraged them to participate and be active within their own healing because whilst our responsibilities there’s a great deal of reading and writing our responsibility is that we’re accurately reflecting the values that our beings hold for people looking to do this type of work the starting points as with the Erie itself that being said within the mainstream sector within ministries and council there’s also a huge demand for people who not only have a background in environmental science but particularly as they have familiarity with the mart life or Samadhi knowledge there’s a huge demand for parties with both sciences you

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