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– Unique New York. The arsonist had funnily determined feet. -[ Director] Yep, we’re rolling. – Oh, okay, huge. Today on the Edgy Veg, we are going to talk about sustainable swapsso that you and you and you and you and youcan be more eco-friendly.( upbeat music) Subscriber of the week the coming week is– I forgot their figure, andapparently, I can’t speak. Subscriber of the week thisweek is DoneWithYou, extraordinary. They commented on the3 Easy Pasta Recipes, “Saw your tattoo andwondered are you German? ” Yes, I am. This is my tattoo. It’s upside down becausethis doesn’t make sense. It signifies don’t forget where you came from. I am German, I grew up inGermany, so there you go. If you would like to besubscriber of the week next week, exactly make sure that Isee you, leave a comment on every single video, followme on all of my social media. All the links are in thedescription box below. Earth Day is just around the corner. It is April 22 nd, and I haven’t really put under a lot of things for Earth Day which is kind of crazy because it’s one of my favorite recognizedspecial contest dates because I’m a sticklerfor obstructing thing lettuce, at least, I’m trying to.I’m that vexing person thatwill go through the scrap at my home when I have beings over, and make sure that allthe recycling is actually in the recycling bin. I’m such person or persons. Swap number one is gettingrid of your Saran wrap and your aluminum foil and switching for these reusable nutrient covers. These ones are by Wrappa. Well this slouse of cloth. You can simply use this the exact same way that you would use normal cling wrap. The space that it acts is this is wax, and you just use the heat ofyour hands to make it stick. Let’s say this is a cut in half avocado. All you have to do isjust wrap this like this, and positioned it in your fridge, and then two hours later, when you want to finishthat avocado toast, exactly unwrap it.This slogs astonishing over containers, to wrap your sandwiches, cereal , no one saves half-eaten cereal. I’ve absolutely supplanted buyingcling wrap with these chaps. You can buy them in different influences, different sizes, really cute designs. They’re super cheap, and they’re handmade, so go out and buy them. Swap number two is swapyour plastic water bottles with a reusable water bottle. I like the stainless steelones because they work like thermos; they keep hotthings warm and cold things cold. I save this guy in my knapsack, in my handbag, in my gym pouch. If I’m catching a flight, I can precisely replenish this up in the lavatory. If I’m at a fast food joint, I can just ask the guy behind the teller to replenish this up for me. I never leave the house without this.Did you know thatthere’s a 280,000% markup on bottled water versus tap water? And you know what? It’s the exact same water. Swap number three is stopusing paper coffee cups. Guys, those things do not recycle. They have a wax and plasticcoating on the inside. Inside, I have this reusableKeepCup which is so cute. You can get them in all different contours and immensities and different emblazons. You can even get glass ones and stopper ones. I adore this one because it’s plastic, so I can keep it in my backpackso I always have it with me.And if I drop it, whichI will, it doesn’t crack. And, at the end of its lifecycle, you can recycle this. Swap number four is stop using plastic straws and replace them. I switched to reusablestraws after I pictured a video of a tortoise having avet doctor person attract a plastic straw out of its nostrils, and it was the most horrifyingthing I’ve ever seen. Stop working plasticstraws, and replace them with either a glassalternative like I have here or a bamboo or a stainless steel.I favor glass because I likethe mouthfeel of the glass. If you’re worried about clean them, they come with this littlepipe cleaner cleany doohickey, and you just go in, and clean it out. I have six of them. I keep one in my gym baggage, I keep one in my handbag, I keep one in my backpack, I stop a assortment at home. We desire it for drinkingsmoothies in the morning. When I’m on the go, I justask the waiter or waitress or bartender when I’m out toplease not give me a straw. Then, I can merely pullthis guy out of my baggage or really booze without a strawbecause you’re not a baby. You don’t actually need a straw. You can also encourage yourfavorite bar, your favorite coffeehouse to swap to newspaper straws. They’re super stylish, and they biodegrade. Step number five is refuse plastic cutlery and paper napkins when you succession takeout. I even refuse woodenchopsticks at this point.Just say, “No thank you.” No cutlery , no nappies, and no handbag when they deliver or whenyou’re picking it up. I’ve found that this industryis super, super wasteful. Every time I was orderingtakeout, I would end up with six plastic forksand a stack of cloths, and it’s just wasteful. I have forks at home, soI’m not going to use them, so they were goingdirectly in the recycling. If you take nothing else from this video, I require you to stop usingplastic grocery handbags. I have this little pouch. I keep it in my purse at all times. It carries two reusable shopping bags. Plastic shopping bags are oneof the most wasteful things.You cannot recycle themunless you making them to a convenience store, andwho’s doing that anyway? There are mountains, hovering islands in the ocean that are just plasticand plastic grocery crates. Stop accepting plasticbags, satisfy, I beg of you. The environment begsof you, stop doing it. Be smarter! Step number seven isreplace single give tea baggages with one of these, a teastrainer or a tea ball. This is something I precisely did recently. I noticed about a monthago that a lot of the tea that I was buying was coming in individually packaged little tea baggages which, a) is super wasteful, and too, a lot of it was plastic, or thelittle doodad on the end was plastic and not newspaper, why? Use bar soap which often comes naked at your neighbourhood health foodstore, and it’s super cheap. Look at the difference in packaging now. Some people likewise suggestreplacing your shampoo and conditioner with a barroom version of shampoo and conditioner. I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work for me, but I is absolutely committo superseding my hand soap, my form moisten, and anyother soap that I’m working on any other place on my body.Step number nine is use clothnapkins instead of paper, use hankies instead of Kleenex, and microfiber towelsinstead of paper towel. James actually detests cloths, so we’ve always had cloth cloths at home. All you have to do is justcome home and heave it in the laundry and washit with everything else. There’s just something actually regal about employing actual clothproducts instead of paper ones. They’ll deter you waste-free while saving the world countries at the same time.Step number 10 is to swapout your parchment article for silicone baking matteds. My nose is itchy. These chaps are amazing. They just go over your baking sheet accurately like parchment article would, and then you can bakeanything you want on it. You can rib vegetables, you can bake cookies, and it helps cut down on the oil because you’re notworried about it sticking to the bottom of the pan. Step number 11 is re-useold t-shirts and socks to acquire cloths for scavenging your live. This is the thing I earned from my mummy. She ever did this. She reused our underwear and our socks to empty the lavatories in ourhouse, to clean the storey, anything that she didn’t want to reuse her microfiber rags for.Step number 12 is induce your own at-home cleaning makes. All you need is a littlebit of vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and essentialoils, and a spraying bottle. You can clean your bathtub, literally anything in your room. Sanitize your counters. Some indispensable lubricants are antibacterial. Some are just really nice for fragrance. One of the great things about doing your own cleaning concoctions isthat it usages minimum litter, you’re just reusing the samepackage every single time, it’s natural so you don’thave a assortment of compounds in your house which isgreat if you have pets. My puppies lick the sofa, they lick the storey, they lick the bathtub.Really immense for adolescents, extremely, if you have any girls licking the storey or the wall. – The snozberries perceive like snozberries. – If you’re interested in generate your own, I have some recipes on my website. I will leave a link inthe description box below. Step number 13 is buy things in amount. I adore this. I’ve been doing it a lot more lately. I buy a good deal of drygoods, and they’re always in mode too much packagingor some sort of bag.This is just an oldcontainer that I reused, you are able visualize the label there, to keep flaxseed in. You can go to sits like Bulk Barn or there’s a good deal of co-ops, we have one in Toronto, where you can buy things in amount. You can bring your own containers. I most recommend it, you can save money. Who doesn’t like that? Step number, I don’t knowwhat, what step are we on? Step number 14 is clean your laundry. I use dryer pellets instead of dryer sheets, and these chaps are supposedto hasten your drying meter, fluff up your laundry, and too abbreviate static. They emphatically fluffen upyour laundry and reduce static, but I don’t find thatthey hasten drying hour. I don’t know what study they conducted, but it seemed to be about the same for me. They almost act like a pingpong statu in your dryer. You can buy them in abunch of different places: residence storages, Amazon.Ladies, give up your pads and tampons. They’re not make you and good, and they are not doingthe environment any good. Did you know that a womanuses over 240 tampons a year? Think about over alifetime, that’s ridiculous. I have switched to a DivaCup and period underpants. Both these things are amazing. You can reuse these overand over and over, sanitize it, and you exactly pop it up.These are incredible. They’ve changed my life. These ones are Thinx. My period has never been easier. Step number 16 is try to buy second hand entries as much as you can. I love to buy second handclothing, jewelry, dwelling decoration. It’s so much cheaper, andit’s so much less wasteful. I find this cute shrug thing. It cost me $15. These guys were$ 1 each. You can find the most unique jewelry, necklaces, and costume bits. Fast fashion is one ofthe leading pollutants on this planet, plus, then you’re not wearing the same thing that everybody else has. Swap number 17 iscompost, compost, compost. If you do nothing elseother than the plastic bags, too compost. Go to your metropoli website, and find out how you can compost. It’s one of the best thingsto create natural fertilizer, brand-new grime, it’s good for you, it’s good for the environment. It’s one of the easiestthings that you can do.You have to eat five timesa day, so why not compost? Recycle, and don’t simply recycle, but bathe your recycling, and recycle properly. Did you know that ahuge amount of recycling actually culminates up in the garbagebecause it’s polluted? If you do not rinse outthose yogurt receptacles or salsa containers, theyactually can’t recycle it. It actually pollutes all of the other recyclable substances in thatbag or in that recycling. If you’re not recycling, it’s 2018. What the hell is wrong with you? Step number 19 is reuse single-use components as far as is possible. I like to save twist-ties, elastic bands from my vegetables, funny little receptacles, bottles. I will even reuse bread bags. You can wrap sandwiches in it. You can reuse this multiple times so that we stop getting used to this single-use plastic economythat we’re living in. Step number 20 is only buy what you need. This is so important. Buy less material. We don’t need that much stuff.We don’t need to re-buy a newwardrobe every single season, or a brand-new line because you lost yours. Maybe depleted a little moretime looking for that cord. What James and I like to do is sell things and buy things on Facebook Marketplace. As much as we can keepreusing each others’ things, the better to stop them fromending up in a landfill.Really “ve been thinking about” thepurchases that you’re making. Buy consciously. I’m not saying you have to go out and buy all these eco-friendly products. Simply don’t buy poop that you don’t need. And if you don’t buycrap that you don’t need, and I don’t buy poop that I don’t need, there’s less substance culminating up in landfills, and then the turtles won’t havestraws stuck up their nose. There you go. Alright, guys, there you have it. Twenty easy, sustainable swaps so that you can be more eco-friendly. Like I said, all thesethings are super cheap and easy to do. I’m not asking you to go out and buy hemp garb squandering natural color. No, I’m just asking you toget yourself a water bottle, and stop buying plastic. If you like this video, make sure to give it a big thumbs up. If you have any sustainableswaps that I didn’t think of, please leave them in thedescription box below. And as ever, thank youto our Patreon Supporters who are supporting us monthly. If you are new here, please take the time to smacked that Subscribe buttonand the bell notification so you don’t miss out on newvideos every single week.I hope you experienced this video, and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye! The human flashlight was disavowed a bank loan ..

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