This Zero-Waste Refill Store Should Be Everywhere

hi I’m Leslie the founder and CEO of sustained LA we give a arrange for parties to come and refill household cleansers and torso attend commodities and find plastic free alternatives to things they might use every day we likewise volunteer reusable rentals to make your states parties and episodes sustainable and zero waste Consulting we’ve been told for a very long time that recycling plastics are the solution but regrettably less than 9 percentage of plastic containers are recycled the sustain le refill depot allows customers to bring in their own container any container labor we have a weigh station whatever it is you weigh your vacate container first record that weight and you fill up with laundry liquid shampoos conditioners hand soaps all-purpose cleaner we re weigh the container and rebate that original heavines so you’re paying merely for what you fill up and this helps eliminate the plastic bottles that you are buying in the accumulate every time in addition to our place in Highland Park we also still do pop ups at farmers sells we’re at the Hollywood farmers grocery and the Atwater Village farmers busines I grown up in central Illinois and had access to undeveloped forest behind my mothers residence I wasted a good deal of go there and I are of the view that instilled a natural desire to protect the environment I had been working in restaurants for ten years and pictured firsthand the amount of waste and plastic pollution that restaurants justification I was managing a diner that used styrofoam for to go seeks and I realized that was part of the problem and I wanted to be part of the mixture at the same time captain Charles Moore had concluded these giant gyres full of plastic soup in the ocean and the plastic contamination trouble was becoming more evident from there I decided that I wanted to help eateries control more sustainably help contests reach zero waste and eventually that guided me to opening the refill depot here in Highland Park the community of Highland Park is largely a Latino community and we wanted to make sure that we were inclusive of our neighbors all of our produces are labeled in both English and Spanish we also have a large infographic on the wall to help brand-new patrons understand the flow and chore of our accumulate and that is also in English and Spanish the zero debris push has countless ingredients the main consideration is what we’re throwing away how to conserve financial resources and how to restore the natural systems of the planet our clients include varying degrees of the zero garbage passage “were having” many customers who are coming to us for the first time asking the best produces to start with to change to a zero squander lifestyle and we have seasons you’re always veterans that know the routine and are aroused to have a place to refill we furnish a variety of produces in our refill station some of which are really hard to find package free household cleans include laundry cleanser saucer so castile soaps and some of our person attention concoctions includes odorants facial soap and moisturizer and we’re invariably including on new products based on our clients recommendations we source from countless small and medium-sized companies we try to stay as close to home close to los angeles as possible and we are attempting to either return the container back to the vendor for refilling or find a second life for that container before recycling makes like our laundry liquid and dish liquid are now in 55 -gallon containers and this reduces the amount of single-use plastic as beings are refilling their receptacles from our gigantic rhythms at the end of life we give those rhythms to an animal rescue we also have a bunch of products that help you achieve a zero waste lifestyle including plastic three toothbrushes reusable receptacles reusable sponges without plastic and plastic free razors I have a six year old and as a mommy I feel that it’s super important for us to leave the earth and habitable for future generations “thats one” action that I’m promote make a difference[ Music]

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