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But not then the same and if we are starting we would like you to talk us a bit about yourself Mariana what is your trajectory your studies, we want to know the person behind iniciative we do not listen now yes we are three members and my two social partners are missing but hey right now. We are altogether crazy, because we have just launched an application and the whole operation is very hard but good. Of me personally, I studying hospitality I studied an MBA in Switzerland I specialized in sell and hospitality and is in accordance with the international development of an Asian hospitality radical. I lived in Hong Kong for six years old I had to do all the feasibility studies and the portion you can find partners around the world to make our improvements to different countries and from there it was my first contact for a mission that they entrusted as part of the international improvement that it was not to use plastic, meeting it less expensive and well at first it was an impossible mission.I did not understand because I did not understand what I was coming into, I was already awfully involved in the subject of sustainability of the undergraduate degree. I did my thesis aimed at the sustainable development of the hospitality sector in Mexico and well this was like my first my first converge living in Asia thus having a role of international implementation where part of it was that the partners will also join this work and that the operating standards will be coupled with this new practice that was not to use single-use plastic now and from there like that I said well, yes, I can do something like that in a town like Hong kong residents, which is super dense, without an environmental conscience and we started to be a movement because it was quite important I has not been able also be in Mexico in a country that lives off tourism. I was a little tired of living abroad and I return to Mexico with the idea of having a consulting company of what I had done I have use consulting in likewise such in the hospitality industry looking for or as answers, getting involved in countless parish programmes, I realize that the problem comes from waste management, that is, in all these communities where all the containers arrive, everything is parcelled, a few cookies, potatoes, sodas, etc ., everything arrives but does not come out.Then if there is now the problem is this so that everything is all these packages is arriving and not going out, they are burying it in the sand, they are releasing them in flows, they are burning them even which is even worse Then I have been extremely involved in the issue of management of receipts and so that is how I converged my partners They started Ecolana like a directory, like a request hub. If you want to recycle dial this amount, register this facebook sheet and we will help you That was in March 2018 and in September 2018 I associate with them. Lizeth is an industrial designer from the ITAM, Ale is environmental engineering from the Politcnico and well, I studied friendlines, with a MBA in its administration with another type of experience entirely but we do not realize that we do a very good complement that we share as the same passion we realize that the three of us are environmentalists and when people want to help the environment, the first thing they think is, “I want to recycle”, but we meet to good question of How? If to us this is resulting difficult, surely the people who want to contribute and who do not know HOW? they don’t have the learning we have and for them it will be more difficult So we decided to make this platform that they sneak in which is a map where you can find spots to recycle this because we realize that there is information about recycling but it is sowed since the government has no complete information and the information on the internet is disbanded that there are recycling efforts that is , there are customer fellowships that it’s like they have a campaign out there but they don’t communicate it, you know there were exhibitions in all of Mexico but communication was not strong and we too realized that the collect centers is not have visibility in the collection centers are the heart of Ecolana because accumulation centres that are the mediators between city scavengers( pepenadores) and Citizens and recycling seeds compile 50 percent of the material that is recycled in Mexico and The countries of latin america, basically without them recycling would not exist and they are family professions that ought to have existing for decades and that as it was garbage the impression of the person or persons and citizens tends to obscure it.It is like a dark area that nobody knows, so we decided to give them visibility through our planned because we realize that they are all over Mexico. We simply need to give them that visibility so that people recognizes them. So we decided to map all the call centres on the Internet and literal knocking on doorways here is one, give me the address, let’s corroborate it, We authenticate them and the collection centers that you find on our delineate are attested cores, these are cores that is available, and contain those with whom we are in direct contact, let’s say that it is a very important filter for us because, as they are informal organizations, as they open today, they are closed.Today they are open and tomorrow maybe not. So we don’t want that, we just want to be in contact with them and inform us of their operation so that later it will not be that the person that is motivated that they are already venturing into this environmental issue go to the collection center and it is closed so we try to have this way of communication with them altogether to avoid this type of episodes Ecolana started as a tool to help.I went to beyond sorry, you were asking about me. Don’t worry start … Sorry for interrupting, the next question was, what is Ecolana? I think you already talked us about that. The other issues I have is, Ecolana is an interactive delineate where you connect to the companies with the collection centers? Better asked, Ecolana is born as a tool to help the citizen. We realize that the citizen has a need that there is a lack of link between the citizen and the collection centers scarcity of linkages between the collection centres and recyclers and too with purchaser symbols and that there is also a lack of communication between consumer companies and their shopper, so we decided to make this platform to connect them all, we are like a portal between the key players in the recycling series. So we chiefly facilitate citizens to give them tools so that they can be part of the solution, on the other hand, we afford visibility to the collection hubs so that they have contact with the consumer, their work is recognized that is like the social one of the purposes of Ecolana.The recognition of all those people who have wasted decades dedicating themselves to managing your debris that we do not know not even their reputation. We see it always as the three men of the scrap. But no the debris lovers has a identify and he’s not just a volunteer, we are trying to change this view of parties, On the other hand connect the shopper corporations with their shopper and with the collection centers that because because everything has to be linked healthy in the recycling issue and the environmental issue because the efforts as isolated do not have as much impact because we realize that it is also necessary to move in massive works recycling of any material.The collecting center has neccesities to cover, like functional. and to know that this material is going to be moved in the market, what is needed for that to happen. What is the collector is willing to pay, what is he not willing to pay, what happens in the recycling chain, why is this material not being recycled. All these variables because you have to understand them, and another important part is that most consumer companionships of our purchasers are multinational enterprise that signed world agreements to meet sure-fire sustainable development objectives not including recycling, however, put into world agreements and at best the goals are much more ambitious in other countries in Mexico there are still several challenges in the impression but Well, they already have the task of precise how to lower these global strategies to the needs and the real regional context.So there is where we help them precise There is where we realize there are no health attaches they have my mind as a function recycling do not know dynamic of the collectors I they do not even know what is needed, so we act as this intermediary agent, as the expert consultants, that is, to accurately cure consumer companies to solve all those unknowns. For instance, we help them doing recyclability studies, for example these bundles, their part portfolio. We say to them what is recyclable, what it is not recyclable, what has potential to be recycled. What is needed to activate the market for that fabric and based on such a they decide if they want to execute it by themselves or come to us. We can advise and accompany them along the way as well and there is another program that we have that is promotion It is already like the most intense, where the great volumes move Why? because as I mentioned to the collection centres they are key in recycling, so for the citizen that goes to the collection midst it is really incredible because it is a good awareness topic matter and the truth is that it does help, but where does the thing move on a large scale it is in gigantic capacities and that is done through the advertising we do with the accumulation centers we see you for your needs, we make a study of what is needed to activate any fabric and positioned a carnival toll on the market, we already study all this to activate the market and we also participate for the needs that they have to recycle a granted goal in tons per month of that fabric and we too do this through our consumers. It is like seeing your client that requires 5 thousand tons of BOPP to be recycled a year because you have to look at these are the collectors well is to invest in this, in order to reach their goal, we advise each other along the way and on the other hand we too make first-hand information through our stage, as I said, we are beginning as a summon midst and we continue being one. They are always announcing and saying, hey this is recyclable “thats really not” recyclable, where can I take it, this was not accepted, etc. A very important communication platform is being created that applies us access to very valuable information to work that with purchaser companionships, we said to them, hey, the consumer is saying this, this is this about your parcel, what do we do? Or this campaign is turning out super well but there is demand in the southeast of Mexico and “were supposed to” articulated awareness-raising campaigns in now we have to work with collection centers and so on, so let’s say that what we do we are attempting to do as holistically as possible, is not simply as a commodity, we do not sell a concoction or a type of services but we try to accommodate all the actors involved to generate recycling orders ok then the business model the that you have revolves around that which you are taking us about: Consulting issues and the relationship that your clients have with their own clients.Yes, there are consulting editions we sell, we even sell recyclability studies, we sell consultancies because the consultancies and proponents are contracts of at least six months as minimum and right now we are extending our services with the issue of the application that we have just finished to implement. But yes, Ecolana is in essence is that. Ahh and communication likewise We have programs of communication There are ages that companies already have a recycling program but they do not know how to communicate it because they have never been on the subject of recycling we are therefore help them to smooth the messages what is to say that you do not have to say.Because they are not so immersed in this issue, the messages that they would like to communicate are not precisely those that the public consents, “where theyre” words that will not motivate the public because the meaning can turn out to be other than expected, like all such types of variances present, we caution purchaser companies to develop those key contents Ok, good, I don’t know if my colleagues have any questions. no, it was precisely that to know their revenue cords that you clarify in these three ingredients, I simply have a doubt about the social ingredient of connecting to the scavengers with the collecting centers it is purely social, that is, you do not have any more interference in the process No , no this is a very good question.They ever ask us that. That is the exact plaza where fund. And we say, Yes but what we don’t require is precisely to get into this value chain that already exists and that works because there are millions of people who live of collecting litter, and the last thing we want to do would be to take away this ethic from the performance of their duties. We see it the opposite way, what we want is to improve the system “were living” from what we know which is consulting and other things that are developing. The waste world is huge. But yes, talking about this which is the value chain we don’t get involved, because we don’t want to affect this segment of the population that is living from this.But we want to seek for them to professionalize to help them to be recognized to have better working conditions and we do that through the contact with our patrons that is like the inclusiveness part and it also assistants our patients because in their reports of the certifications they are cross-file it helps them be involved in this type of acts for them to get licensed. Thank you very much. Mariana, I have a question, involving all the certifications, are you thought of get into the part of certifying or having this part of certification in your portafolio, or just stay in the consultancy persona to get to this certification, or exactly neither of both. We have not gotten to that top. We are planning that at some time we are going to be this regulator participate well , no as a regulator but that the main verifier of the correct recycling activities, extremely recycling, that appears in tons, but also inclusive recycling, we still have not arrived from places, we continue to solve our problems of a startup company, but our vision is for us to be this recycling invoke in Mexico and The countries of latin america are you given the advice within the one of the purposes of the consulting around firms who want to get licensed for a handed certification, sorry for redundancy or are more advise of how to enter the recycling division how to handle their consume right now.What is the main focus that you have right now? Well, there are multinational companies that signed global agreements So maybe within their objectives they will have 60 percent of the recycling of products of the products they put on the market, so it is still daring if there is a goal but it is still very low and as recycling is a very new issue there is still no certifications. One challenge that we find is that there is recycling but no circular recycling. We are looking for an example as the PET bottle, for example that a PET bottle can be converted into another , not for example, This can be given the chance to be converted to a table, interpretation cloth. So the challenge is that circularity is how it is and you develop any type of packaging, that this type of packaging has the qualities or characteristics to be be converted into another parcel and there is involved certification of SDA, etc.Right now what I understand is that any plastic or any plastic in the menu evaluate has to be clean it is totally pure , nowadays Yes yes yes but this is like an example of the PET bottle, if the PET bottle is the water we imbibe, I don’t like to imbibe bottled water but most of the people drink that bottled water we are just drinking it, the certification requiered for it to be brand-new plastic for this type of this product , not then I thoughts the ideal would be to migrate precisely to certify the types of tranformations that would occur through recycling for us to avoid the use of new plastic. But for us to reach this point we have to start from the ecodesign For pattern right now a super big problem is that everything in theory can be recycling it of course but where the ended infrastructure, maybe it was possible to recycled in Germany but in Mexico there are no seeds capable of recycling information materials, so if a little that is a big problem and another big problem is that there has not been a regulation order in a certain way to use a thrown number of layers of plastics.For pattern in plastic bags it is not a single type of material, which wreaks challenges decifering the motleys they have, at the end having a ended mess, which involves recycling a lot to get to the issue of the certification. And that this recycled plastic can be used and consumed by the human being. So, essentialy where we are at Ecolana is in this advise stage So your purchaser for example of their 100 box, 30 are recyclable that we 70 are not; what do we do how do we help you, do we have to migrate, you have to make an ecodesign, you have to start transforming the way we do things and the highway we communicate them.For example, in plastic digit 2, which is the HDT which is used for shampoo and so sometimes it is like opaque and hard sometimes they make it in such exuberant hues that significantly impedes recycling so what we have to do is return to neutral colours For precedent, perhaps you applied names on them where you can remove them, but that the toilet is of a single colouring and a single fabric , not that there is an a complex mixture. In that proportion we find ourselves, I don’t know if I like what I was clear for you to understand a little of the process of how the certification is still here and we are still in the very basic part.Very clear and thank you very much. I have another question, I have another question, who do you see as competition what would be their competition and how do you differ against them Well, there are a lot assignments now with the issue of environmentalism I think there are more and more environmental consultants every time there are more people who want to get involved in recycling is definitely more and more actors in Mexico and Latin America.Many of them have projects that want to implement in thiss area. There are other firms that is not move the same but we do same, Maybe they are dedicated more to the subject of education or that are more dedicated to the large waste collections. We don’t have that operating expense, we don’t muster or anything like that so then there corporations that are complementary, even many times when they tell us, hey, we want to do a specific work in institutions, we say like we don’t make love, but I know my competition that can do it 100 percent. We have chosen to preferably labor this way. We have seen that things have come out as apps and there are more and more university projects that tell us hey we have created such and such initaitve.Before we launched the app that happend a great deal to us. So yes, there are each time more proyects focued on recycling and environmental consulting. And our competitive advantage. We have been the first ones to do what we do. on the other hand, the communities that we have developed, we have developed very strong communities in how key segments are that are both consumers and collectors. The shoppers, as we have always discussed them candidly with clarity, that is, with everything we do is super translucent because it is what we are looking for at the end of the day we realize.If we is not have the information clear, the consumer has no idea of what to do. So I think that this has been appreciated. We have identified beings as every time we do more our community. We launched the page in May 2018 and right now we already have more or less 190,000 customers who actively like a plaza to recycle which is incredible. Now with the situation of the application we created it because we told ourselves how we do to reach the other 119 million Mexicans, so we made a structure of benefits as we are going to try to innovate and witness for the needs of the consumer the most important thing we do is always listen listen listen listen listen not draw conclusions that there is, I conclude the citizen needs this and that.The brand needs this and that. We bypassed that, we prefer to listen, get our penetrations and them decide. I think this has happened over time and through the initiation and I think so and it has been an advantage in a certain way and that also with the collections because as they are informal, and their responsibility has not been recognized, they are delicate, they are delicate and distrustful, that is, they question why is Ecolana helping and are not sure why they are not charging. To structure rely with that sphere that is key in recycling has been super important and that it has been difficult but they likewise like they are seeing the added value that It has to be with Ecolana, which is a platform that wants to help you that does not want to take away the opposite, that is, we search that all the actors are involved, come obtained from this, including us, we are not NGO’S, we become in a company so I think that has been heard throughout all that we have done. As a last-place question Mariana, I discovered the section where he forbes groups them as one of the 30 most promising startups in mexico, I don’t remember if it was last year or this one.What is next for Ecolana? How do you see yourself in the short medium terms. Well, first we want to solidify the operation that we have here in Mexico we have a database of important collection hubs but the number of centers that exist in Mexico. We want to identify all collectings middles in Mexico, so all people have access to recycling. And that awareness-raising campaigns we do for our patients are replicable in all regions of Mexico, this on the one hand. And on the other hand as the next step after proving successfully in Mexico “wouldve been” The countries of latin america, it is a replicable mannequin, it is a model that is seen throughout Latin America and in Southeast Asia. It will deal with inclusive recycling, and with the fact that our patients that we have in Mexico who also have their clients all regions of the world, The countries of latin america and Southeast Asia, so right now, I don’t see Southeast Asia, as if it could work, but let’s say that in the medium term Mexico and The countries of latin america In the short term Mexico and in the medium term Latin America.We previously have organizations and numerous request of people who call us about Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and El Salvador who tell us, please delivering Ecolana. There is demand present and we know that it is something that can be implemented in the rest of The countries of latin america Everything you tell us is really intresting. Congratulations. Thank you very much, expressed appreciation for. Well I think that it would be all Mariana. Perfect, well thanks a lot to you in anything we are available to talk. You can send us a forward or download the app. and we are in contact thank you thank you, for your time Mariana ..

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