Living on a Self-Sufficient Sailboat for 10 Years + FULL TOUR

what we really experience about cruising isbeing able to take our house and all its creature comforts and go to an extremelydesolate location where we can have the entire coast to ourselves and living offthe grid so we have dello setup that once we have provisioned and fueled upwe can be off the grid for anywhere from three to six months you know we construct ourown power with solar and gale we utter our own ocean with a desalination plantwe have onboard and we have enough food storage to support us for a long timeand so you know we can have a very low impact on the environment we can movethe boat around with the strength of high winds and the climate and it’s incrediblysustainable and fulfilling way to travel and live over the course of the entire trip tenyears we’ve voyaged Dulles $83,000 miles which is the equivalent of curving theEarth at the equator merely over three times we’ve toured six out of the sevencontinents and voyaged in every major ocean in the world my word is KarenChapman and I am carry and raised in Sweden my identify is Brian Chapman and Iwas raised in Flagstaff Arizona this is a little Sierra Abbott Troutman she issix months old and she is a little sea babyshe adoration the oceans and seas and she adoration sailboats huh Sierra yeah I’m originallya software engineer but now I am a full-time sailor and YouTube video makerI knew nothing at all about skippering but I read lots of volumes I speak lots ofblogs and I been put forward with a four-year plan mostly following the adjournment of that strategy II sold everything I owned I sold my house I bought a sailboat reputation Ellisand I taken away from on what was supposed to be an 18 -month sailing trip headedtowards New Zealand I was studying Landscape Architecture in Australia andwent on a backpacking junket to New Zealand where I congregate Brian and he askedme if I wanted to go skippering for the weekend and that was nine years ago nowWow yeah I never left I “ve never” skippered before and it was absolutelylife-changing I fallen in love with it straightawayand of course fell in love with Brian sue welcome to our residence Dullesshe is a 53 -foot sloop rig ketch which means that she has two masts and 1/4 dayand right now we’re in the cockpit of Dulles which is like the ability of theboat is how I like to think of it this is our navigation and steering stationwhat I been fucking loving it is the helm is super protected so we can sit here wecan drive here we have an excellent view and you can stay safe you can stay dryyou can stay very comfortable even when the conditions are wet and completelyhandle all the voyages and drive the boat back here we have some more sailcontrols all in the cockpit so to voyage Delos we actually never have to leavethis area which does her a very safe boat when we’re skippering short-handed andwhen the weather goes bad or you’re sailing at nighttime you don’t want toleave the cockpit and risk precipitating overboard so it’s a very cool area whenwe’re not sail this is also where we spend most of our time so this happensto be really our outside porch our front room and everything kind of allrolled into one so welcoming to our kitchen this isreally a one-man kitchen or a 1/1 Lane kitchen he’s not really big enough fortwo beings and it’s kind of narrow which makes it really good whoever on theocean moving and it’s really rough so you can hold yourself in you too havethis so you can clip yourself in so in case it is really roughyou don’t go fine across the whole boat we have everything that you’d find in anormal kitchen I would say we have you know it’s pool capsizes we have aninduction stove which is very very nice so we don’t have to worry about propaneand stuff we have just a ordinary little oven and it’s all kind of attached to agimbal system so when we’re healing this stave can swing with pretty good forceand we won’t lose dinner on the storey here we have atoaster which is a bit of a comfort and we have some fresh potatoes onions andstuff like that things that don’t need to be chilled it’s kind of like apuzzle so everything like the potties and the panshave its plaza and if you placed it in the wrong place the things won’t fit inthere we also have a cabinet here that is a bunch of random things and it kindof just provides down you never know really what to find down there it’s abit of a surprise here we have you know our bowls and our illustrations and our saucesyou know it’s nonstop by three this is our fridge yeah for being a bowl I wouldsay it’s a very nice fridge most fridges on barges are top lading and I have notheard one single good thing about a top loading fridge so he’s very nice when ithas a door and you can have everything like organized in there well not a thingthat I’m extremely happy about it’s our launder machine it’s just asmallest one that you can find on world markets basically however do run it everysecond day to do the nappies for Sierra because we use cloth nappies on her tosave a great deal of scum and I would not want to wash it by hand so I’m very happyabout this peculiarity another feature is her little chair that we have strappedin right here so she can sit here and munch and be part of you know like usmaking dinner and stuff like that this is the navigation communication andelectronic station on Delos this is our single sideband radio so this is a hamradio and it allows us to communicate via tone and too an analog modem viaemail or thousands of miles so if all the communication systems ever go downand Armageddon happens we can still talk to other parties out there we have ourVHF radio that allows us to communicate it likeclose lengths mostly line-of-sight boat instruments this imparts us our speedand the profundity and then down now this is maybe the craziest thing that most boatsaren’t going to have this is the server rack that I set for the satellitecommunication system so this is what allows us to mostly beam Internet tous from cavity anywhere in the world we have a couple of safety devices so fireextinguisher and this isn’t EPIRBs a stands for emergency position indicatingradio beacon so for ever sailing in the middle of the ocean and we have alife-threatening situation the barge is on fire the craft is capsizing somethinglike that we can activate this by pulling this line in the back it has abuilt-in GPS and it moves our position and our boat appoint and who weare – is satellite in trajectory and then it’s picked up by the closest maritimeAuthority and they will route like a Coast Guard if they’re accessible or acontainer ship or a shipment ship or something to try and help us so overhere this is our water gauge so it’s super simplewe carry a thousand liters of liquid on Delos right now we have 500 liters andwhen we fill our pickup it’s enough water to last-place us for almost a monththis water maker is capable of procreating 200 liters or nearly 50 USgallons an hour so this is our living room this is basically where we do mostof the things when we’re inside of the boat you know eating we work here youknow lounge around you can fit a lot of beings which is very nice and we have alot of crew on board one other thing that I certainly affection with dolls is that wehave so much food storage this is all food and stuff and if youhere inside the cell phone we have freezers it’s a bit empty right nowbecause we haven’t browsed in about a month but it is really really cool tohave freezes like this because if we catch really big fish or if we’re goingoff grid for a long time you know it’s important to have some good meat frozenso we have two of those on each side of the sofa on this area right now isSierra’s Plenty area as she’s getting bigger it’s been a bit challenging withher starting to climb over things and substance so we have sown a little theydon’t like to call it enclose but it’s a playpen so we can close this up she canstill be part of the action because you can see through it we can leave her inthere if we need to do something like change the skippers or something is goingon where she needs to be put in a safe situate this is where we set her do youthink she likes it yeah so if you elevated this up this canned food milks all thefloors certainly lifts up and it’s deep builder so all the canned foods we namethem all so you can easily see what’s inside and we take the labels off toprevent the spread of cockroaches so that’s the procedure but it works welland we don’t have a cockroach’s right now which is very nice one of the thingsthat I “ve never” “ve thought about” when I first moved on to Delos 9 years ago waswhen you go off grid and you run out of food that’s itthere’s no more getting more oh you’re out there there is no store close to youand I retain when we firstly sailed up into like small island developing in Indonesia andit was very remote and we feed out of tomatoes we operated out of eggs we loped outof all fresh veggies and we were eating for the last genuinely, monthwe were eating cans, it was a eye opener for me.Her for me we spent most of our timeanchored about 10% is skippering and 90% is a tanker on average we skipper about 8,000 admiralty mile per year and when we’re at secure we tend to try and stay out ofactual port ports like places like marinas where there’s a great deal of barges andrestaurants and prohibits like it’s cool every once in a while but number one youspend a lot of money in places like that and number two we is often used to like being onremote desolate places our a blueprint for the you really depend on the climate wetravel by the wind and the currents of the ocean and so looking at the seasonsahead of us is crucial both for our security but likewise for our comfortwe’ve had a sixty parties disappoint on bellos over thelast ten years it’s been a lot and it’s been absolutely incredible right nowit’s only me and Bryan and Sierra which is awesome it’s perfect yeah it’s veryvery nice I think it’s safe to say that we’ve actually never been anywhere thatwe didn’t want to go back to you there’s always something special thatyou can find about the place of the people this is our bedroom in the back of theboat in the grim the two people it’s pretty excellent we can even stand up wehave a little desk which is really nice to sit back here and wield a little bitwe have a pretty big bunked I would say he’s not gargantuan but it’s nice and comfyand cushy if it gets really hot we have two devotees so this is basically how wekind of stay cool back here we never actually raced the a/ cunless or in a marina which is not very often we also have a separate bathroomalso called the head on the boat which is kind of weird but this so in here wehave everything you have in a lavatory I make but only compact this is where youdo your business and we have an electric motor so if you press this it basicallyfills with soft spray from the ocean and then either shoots it straight out or wealso have a supporting barrel so depending on where we are if we’re out in the oceanit just goes up and if we’re in somewhere where is a lot of boats andstuff we keep it in a regarding cistern “were having” pretty deep drops which is reallynice because I do do some entrust soaping so it’s really good to paw bath stuffhere and it can also act as a shower for Sierra which II was a little smaller wekind of have a compounded so it’s not a separate shower so “youve had” the toiletthere and then here “youre using” clothespins newborn shower in there well this is ourcloset it’s not very big but it’s pretty perfect for usand I’ve actually gone through a lot of our robes and just got rid of a bunchof stuff and simply have the necessities so this is all Brian’s clothes on thisside and all of my invests on that side but we do have some smaller lockers tolike now I have my clothes so to maximize even more storage things thatwe don’t get to like that often is under this bed so under here is all of ourkind of store away stuff that long long-term storage so we have some extrasheets some cold weather stuff cold weather clothes and it’s quite a lot ofgood storage down now so I’m gonna have a lot of people on the boat it’s verynice to work back here too and then you pluck this little chair out you can sitback here and do your computer things which is not very very nice this is avery very good safety feature on Delos and this opening is actually a watertightbulkhead so if we would get a hole in our house in the barge back here we couldclose this opening and this whole area back here would be separated from the frontof the boat so this could be filled up with liquid and we are to be able still float sowe have a few of these on Delos and it’s crucial if you get a hole in the boatand so you don’t sink mostly “were having” the forward hovel you can sleep threepeople up here if you’re very very good friendsotherwise it’s good for one person or two people to sleep on one side and thenyou kind of have this other place on the side that’s a little sofa or where youcan put your stuff and right now because it’s only me and Brian on board we havethis as our kind of workroom we do sewing up here this is also our diaperdrying station right now because the wind flow in here is awesome so itdrives them really fast and up here we also have a second toilet which is veryvery nice to have on board in case one of them fails which happens quite oftenactually so this is a same as the one in the back and it operates pretty muchexactly the same we earn money by making YouTube videos yeah that’s pretty muchit we have a project and it’s called the Delos project and it’s 100% supported bywhat we refer to as the Delos tribe which are the people that watch ourvideos and we induce some money with things like YouTube ad revenue andaffiliate relates but by far the majority of the reinforce comes from crowdfundingon patreon where people that like the videos and get something out of themsupport them by rendering us a few cases dollars each time we grow a video yeah itwasn’t always like that though like for the first four years almost five yearsof the expedition we were stopping to work and so we would sale and then we’d run outof money and then we would stop to work wherever we happens to be we do randomthings like I would do remote software consulting we’d flatten burritos we’d flipburgers work in hospitality whatever it took to to continue sailing for anotherseason how much it costs to live on a boat I’ve met beings voyaging around theworld a family of five spending about $ 1,000 a month which is probably at thelow aspiration of the budget Karen and I and Sierra to live and sailon Delos we expend about $2,500 a few months and that’s including like our meat ourprovisions oil for the boat coverage visa fees some things like that whatit’s not including is the actual price of the boat so if you don’t have enoughmoney to buy a boat outright you’re gonna have a mortgage or owe fund andthen that’s gonna add on top yeah Brian spent a lot of epoch workingon the craft yeah it’s too you know imagine taking your houseand shaking it up and employed it into a soaking saltwater corrosive environment and thenmoving it thousands of miles away from the nearest hardware store or anybodywho could help you fix anything and that’s a little bit what skippering aroundthe world is like and so I devoted a lot of duration maintaining the boat in factI’ve needed to become an electrician I’ve needed to become a plumber dieselmechanic toilet repairman air conditioning and refrigerationspecialists and everything in between it’s pretty common for me to spend atleast a few full daytimes a few months really “workin on” saving the book in shape itcan be incredibly expensive if you don’t do your own work and so I illustration ourmaintenance budget on Delos is about $ 700 a month averaged over the entireyear and if we were not doing the undertaking ourselves I think you could easilytriple that amount just compensating individual a technician to come out and fix things all right now we’re gonna take a look atthe engine room which is really the heart of Delos and it lives in this coollittle door this waterproof door in the bottom of our cockpit so we just want toput it up like that and then we have a ladderwhen you climb down here and once you get down here it has everything in itthat really extends the boat so on this feature we have a fuel tank it’s 600 litersof ga and that’s enough to last us three to four months this is our engineso when there’s no wind this is the main diesel engine that we use to propel theboat this is our generator so this is an 8 kilowatt AC generator operates off dieselfuel and when we need to charge the artilleries or if you don’t have enoughsolar or we need to do something that requires a lot of power we can flip thisguy on this is our hot water heater so we have hot water showers on the boatwhich is actually quite a luxury I don’t know if you can see down here this isour dive compressor so we run this off of the generator and it’s what fills ourscuba bottles so we’re totally self-sufficient for diving which istotally cool we have the desalinator which turns saltwater into freshdrinking water which allows us to mostly stay at sea indefinitelywithout that we’d have to go into port like every few weeks for liquid andbattery chargers electronics and all sorts of cool stuff but it’s a this isthis is really my position so having a baby on the boat is absolutelyincredible and extremely challenging at the same time yeah if you can imagineyou know maintaining and sailing a boat is a full-time job and then having achild is also a full-time job and so we basically have two full-time professions well Ithink somebody Wow so this is where Ciara sleeps shehas a little beach tent as a safe region to sleep in hereand right next to it we varied the nappies right in here above Sierra wehave all our medical stuff everything you can think about antibiotic if youhave a really bad sprain if “youre supposed to” so some wound up we have pretty mucheverything EpiPens so under now “were having” eight 100 amp hour batteries it’s a 24 volt method so this is I guess you could call this our back hall actually we havea nice large-scale area on the floor where we can sort of lounge and unwind back here wehave some solar panels we actually have 1400 watts of solar energy on Delos whichallows us to power the entire barge freezers fridges all the electronicseverything off of solar and too wind power so we have two wind generators uphere they each raise 400 watts of dominance so when high winds is blowing thoseguys are revolving and it’s pumping in powerthis giant saucer right here is our Internet so this is a gimballedsatellite dome and it allows us to get broadband speed internet anywhere we gowhich given our line of work is absolutely fantastic now let’s go checkout the floor floor of Delos so this is Delosmainmast and where the mizzen is 52 feet high the primary mast is 66 feet high sitsover a six storey structure so it’s pretty high-pitched this is our mainsail it’s on aroller furling and these are electric engines with gearboxes that actuallycontrol how the voyage “re coming” and how the skipper buns out of the mastthat’s what’s controlled by those buttons in the cockpit so we never haveto leave the cockpit to come up front and ridge the skippers or lean them in or putthem out so it’s a super cool system you really can’t be scared of meridians whenyou live on a boat otherwise go to the top of the mast you’ll be introuble you know when you’re in a house and astorm comes by and the wind and the torrent starts it could be a highly cozyexperience on a boat it can sometimes be a highly harrowing experience because youknow your ear rooms is in peril you know really the other night we were hereand we woke up at midnight since we are felt this abrupt thud and high winds hadshifted just enough to push Delos into shallow water so instead of floatinghappily at her secure she was now bouncing off the bottom of the oceanwhich is a unspeakable frightful scenario to be in so here we are midnight middle ofthe night breezes blowin it’s raining and we have to get dressed we have to gooutside and we have to pick up the anchor and we have to move the craft todeeper liquid and so that’s that’s that’s a challenge you’re always sort of livingon guard and on the edge for situations like thatso because we live on a boat things are a little bit different than a house inthis locker we have survival plies for worst-case scenarios so here we havea stupendous manual run so if we start taking on water we start pumping for ourlives literally here we have a life raft so this is a six worker life raft it’s Ottoinflating if anything were to happen we attract the life raft out of the craft wethrow it over we confine it on and it has fairly supplies to last for I thinkseven days for six beings we have spare water so we have 40 litresof fresh drinking water in case anything happens to our main water supply and wealso have a ditch kit and so a dyke kit contains all the supplyings that you wouldwant to take with you if you vacate send so we have spare VHF radio we haveflashlights we have food we have even more water in here we have fishing gearwe have signal reflects if worst-case scenario were to come we take all thisstuff out and then we would abandon ship with it and it would allow us tohopefully be extricated and survive long enough for somebody to find us I utterly enjoy lives on a boat it’sextremely special and I see one of the things I affection the most is that you areso connected with the weather and nature you literally live outside all the timewe’ve sailed in the tropics for quite a number of years and we’re really lookingforward to exploring some regions that are different for us so we are gonnasail up to Greenland and up to the Arctic and play around in the ice for alittle bit this summer it feels a little bit terrifying in fact when I thinkabout it it settles like that that knot in my stomach and throughout this trip overthe years every time that we’ve made a decision that sort of throws that thatknot in our bellies it’s turned out to be an incredible experience so we’regonna applied a heater on Delos we’re gonna establish the craft up for cold weather panwe’re gonna head up north and envision what it’s like delight share this video if youliked it also be sure to subscribe to exploring alternatives and check out ourplaylists for more floors like this thanks for watching


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