What is Organizational Culture?

let me pioneer you to Jim hello Jim let’s follow Jim as he grows up follows his dream organizes his own fellowship and learns a lot about administrative culture every human organization generates a unique culture all its own from a small family business operating in its hometown to a large global organization covering cultures and day zones each organization has a distinct identity organizational culture is influenced by beliefs and assumptions what do we represent by creeds and beliefs impressions and presuppositions come from the things that we listen say and learn they too come from the things that we are seeking to sometimes these things cultivate sometimes they don’t then we rethink and try again just like little Jim now let’s follow Jim to the University he meets friends and motivates them a simple example when we talk about our three chairs for Jim and his friends as they graduate and team up to form an organization of their own they decide together where they want to go they create a foundation that everybody can use and recognize they words teams which are line and employ together to succeed in their marketplace but in order to succeed arrangements need to be able to adapt let’s watch Jim and his squad as they strive for success together underneath the surface of an organizational culture we have assumptions ideologies knowledge thoughts and feelings these are taken for granted we can’t see them administrative culture is learned it flourishes as we gain experience from our duty and move on together over period the lessons from the past shape our work and life policies for the future and are important enough to pass on to the next generations not only for their survival but likewise for their development evolution and success

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