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Consulting toil includes a lot ofareas from groundwater investigation to remediation to designing the tallestbuilding in the world in Saudi Arabia It is a well served company that will serve almost everything that engineering point or discipline point of view. We do a lot of water and plans for drinking water and wastewater. We do any kind of engineering. When we dohighway, it is a type of consulting. Almost every industry will have somekind of need consulting business to help them. 80% of my activity waswithin a sixty mile radius from the city of Chicago. My role is a Principle-in-Chargebasically a liaison between ourselves, our companionship, and our buyer. Mostly I’m actually like the salesman. I try to sell the workto the client and fetching the part, so our people can work on it.My responsibilities include made to ensure that our projection upbringing and executecorrectly and make sure that everything that requires by the client aredelivered to the client I am also principle in charge and ourjob is delivering instead to make fund to the the operation and to keep or infact patches so our task you could say sell but what it’s not a marketingbut you have to review the technical itself these you can see you can care orany decision stimulated we have to make a final decision am I sitting here doingass or standing plenty the working day and the next day you probably travel to the westcoast of East Coast to physically working in the website and the site to workwith the driller to drill something in the dirt and recover grime test allmore examples so the good thing about the consultants that you because it’s ait is a project associated every project like Mars you are saying is aredifferent so you’re going to show to different kind of things andin our business the more you disclosed a better you prepare for yourself or thestudents at the consultant Eugene we oversee development projects on a cradle to theday I always interested in Geoscience and I was in a high school so I had aactually concur from audiology when I was graduating from National TaiwanUniversity and then I came back UIC for my grad studies my family members allin medical discipline and I came because I said I was in Iran and we want you havethe havok past attacks of the year to go to university and I got a pass that testand it was my grades was very high to get accepted in medical school but Ididn’t want it to go I wanted to be a geologist probably better off we can get aninternship somewhere but there’s a lot of companies that had you knowinternship so certainly that will be a difference between a person that will begraduated that he had couple years internship with him and the person whohad no knowledge about that’s the concentration in our business andespecially in ilocano we commonly don’t do a lot with lifethe treat was Swift it was overburden geology point of view but he is the onethat we deal with hope it’s imperative for a geology major people a person comeout of the school has some a better understanding of the grunge how to classify the soilit will be very helpful for students out of school to get into the consultingbusiness trust me that’s probably one thing parties going to ask you when youinterview with the consultants another thing I’ve seen more and morefrom our other academy of a geology graduate it turn all that everyone knowseveryone has AutoCAD scale so great geology major all know how to use theAutoCAD so they can do drawing themselves that gives you added youknow as against other institution one more thing about organic chemistrywe do a lot of testing on organic organic chemistry the most importantthing is writing communication and writing communication how youcommunicate future with the agency they’re your clients and writing itgives you if you work in consulting from beginning to end go to all the seminars if that seminaris penalty for somebody $ 200 I’m saying for me with a student inside me 20 bucks 20 bucks is the same amount for me but like $200 for somebody else but you need toinvest and be prepared and open your eyes with those others consulting wascoming what other fellowship began to that and take advantage of thissituation and in that time I at the same time they didn’t come to see me it is bythe way you know I will dish and I said oh by the way I’m going to graduate soonI previously finished my trend irrigate personnel part what kind of work what kind of workyou guys you’re looking for but a minimum that a geology major should havea professional geology degree that require almost I shouldn’t say everystay but you know there’s police digit say Illinois although our neighboringstates has potential and geology requirement to practice compassion andchallenge the service today it may be differentand service 20 several years ago it may be different 20 times down the road so itwill be a challenging thing for beings first week on the school but the goodthing is you know they will be always going to be some kind of work for you todo and then you got cuddled it will commentposition yourself to understand the direction of where they go and you willbe you’re now going to be worried about it’s going to be a career for you you

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