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Welcome to’ Proven and Probable ‘. Todaywe’re gonna highlight research projects January that we believe has a potential to seeits capital expenditure melt up that’s correct defrost up but before we begin I wouldappreciate if you sounds the subscribe button and sound the buzzer now on totoday’s interview mr. Kaul welcome to the show sir Thank You Maurice ever mypleasure as a very proud shareholder let me be the first to say congratulationsas Amex royalty recently honored stockholders with a nine-year high whatan accomplishment yeah well thank you yeah we have 6x the stock price in thelast four and a half times it’s good to see the market recognize the portfoliogrowth let’s detect what distinguishes Emax royalty and why for the second yearoh I plan to match my bullion acquisitions with shares in the royalty generator mr.Cole for someone new to emx royalty delight feed the business pattern inthe opportunity the company presents to the market yes it’s always good to focuson the business model of vmx royalty firm because it is different thanour royalty companionship peers the bulk of the royalties in our portfolio Mauricewere generated exerting the royalty generation method which is which is theprospect generation business model focused on the royalty constituent so weacquire massive tracts of prospective mineral freedoms around the worldutilizing our geologic knack add value by built up geologic sits toillustrate the prospective nacelle goes on to an industry that’s hungry for newdiscovery opportunities for a combination of cash shares workcommitments annual pays and always a royalty on the back end and we’ve beendoing this now successfully for 17 times we’ve sold 46 activities composing 46 newroyalties precisely in the last two and a half years as an example the one thingthat I’m proud of about emx is the deal flow that we have on thegenerative area through that royalty contemporary technique now we don’t stopthere we also buy royalties to augment that portfolio and the integrating ofgenerating royalties exercising our geological expertise and having thosesame managerial geologists mark royalty possession opportunities isvery powerful and some of the key royalties we have in our portfolio wewere able to acquire because we found out about it because we had feet on theground and ears to the railroad tracks the third thing that we do to round outour unique business approach is impel strategic speculations where that sameteam of inventors is identifying tactical financing opportunities andour return on endowed fund in our 17 -year history is a 40 percentage internalrate of return on vested asset it’s fantastic that’s helped maintain ourtreasury throughout our history gives us in a situation today where we havenearly as much money in the bank as all the money we’ve raised in the history ofthe company plus a hundred and fifty some mineral belonging ranks aroundthe world you know one of the things that resonated with me in our lastinterview you said that royalties are potent financial instruments and theycertainly are and we’re going to find out exactly why here in today’sinterview you know MX royalty has a commandingglobal property bank filled with generative projects that continue todemonstrate the company’s proof of perception and business and geologicalacumen let’s trip some of your projects andfind out the latest items that have shareholders elicited beginning in Turkeytake us to the volume led to zinc silver property and provide us with somebackground on the transaction and one does MX royalty expect to start seeing asizable royalty payments from the owned and what kind of cash flow areyou expecting Oh a well that’s a that’s a good questiongrace the you know we we’ve been in Turkey a long time we cycle through over2 50 licenses in that country performing our business framework and there are threemines being built and erected on our dimensions where we have royalties themost important one is value as you are highlighting that one goes intofull-scale commercial-grade production in late 2020 so another five months from now itmight go little over into the first quarter of 2021 but it’s expected toramp up into 2022 into full creation 5000 ton per daytime mill has beenconstructed and we’re very excited about this and we expect to see multiplemillions of dollars per annum and cash flow three to four and a half dependingupon throughput and let’s ink silver-tongued premiums from this asset this asset alonewhich is organically grown through the or royalty generation pose will beworth more coin than all the money that I have spent in royalty generationhistory of the company it speaks volumes to the astute allocation of capital andintellect that royalty generation is if you like the numbers on the appraise waittill you hear about the team on copper gold mine in Serbia ladies and gentlementhis project is a monster mr.Kaul provide us with an overview on the teamOck and “whats being” stockholders expect to see from regarding cash flow in theTreasury here yeah so unit muck is the monster in the portfolio and youmentioned that royalties are prodigious financing instruments and that’s becauseof their embedded optionality to the royalty holder that comes at no cost tothe royalty holder and we own a portfolio of royalties in the teamworkmagmatic complex in serbia which is europe’s largest historic copper andgold producing region and the area of one of the most significant copper andgold exploitation fibs on the planet now being advanced by zhen jiang achinese company who have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with theserbian government to invest four hundred and seventy four million dollarsto put into production the upper high-grade portion of a big deposit thatthey have found there and we have a royalty that envelops the upper zone aswell as the lower region and in the upper zone according to the bankablefeasibility study that was entered we will see royalty income flow around two and ahalf million dollars a year at persisting copper and gold priceshowever when they get into the lower zone which is huge Maurice it’s a 1.7 billion ton resource at detail eight six percentage copper in point one eight gramsper tonne gold and we have a one half of one percent royalty on that you can dothe math you know it’s it’s it’s worth a great deal ofmoney and that’s the company performing royalty in our portfolio not to not tospeak inadequately on any of the other royalty assets we have but this one stands outas as an ultimate busines manufacturer we’re very pleased to have exposure that thoseare both merchandises that we like and thanks to the most important part ofroyalty optionality which is discovery there’s 12 drill rigs turning on thatproperty continuing to delineate more resources to our interest moving to theUnited Mood take us to the rawhide gold silver mine which is in the Walkerlane gold silver belt of Nevada what sort of annual cash flow are youexpecting from that speculation now and looking forward to the future yeah that’s aninteresting one and this tumbles in the strategic speculation camp it’s not aroyalty and we bought those shares and we’re contributing intellectually aswell as financially to the success of this mining action we owned nineteenpoint nine percent of the private busines that is in production producinggold currently producing about a hundred ounces of golden equivalent opening a per daywith a view towards double-faced creation with work permits that we have in hand toincrease our crush capability there and we’re very buoyant with respect to cashflows we do have a 43 -1 01 report that is in progress and once that’s completedand I can give specific details about our forecasted cash flow from theproperty but we do expect this investment to have a healthful internalrate of return and this we bought that at $1400 gold and modeled it at $1,400 Gold prompted modelings at 1350 it was a great investment at 1750 it’s a it’s anabsolute cash cow and this will be another multi-million dollar per yeardividend-paying asset that we have on our works moving up to Alaska where hemakes consummated a strategic speculation a year ago that looks very promising inMill Rock assets on the 64 North project what are the terms and on thedeal and do you have any revises for shares as have really good deals whenwhen we really conclude maracas a incredible position Greg buy shoes racing agreat send there they’ve got their hands on a beast of a neighborhood we’re very verypleased with the occupation they’re doing we’re happy that we were able to make apositive contribution the structure of the distribute from a MX’s position is thatwe gave coin into share equity and mil boulder and also bought a block ofroyalties reporting floors in that district from them and positioned royalties onto projects that they had to help give them the money to be able to advancethat forward attract a good marriage and now they’ve got drill still going in theground and they’re hit in enormous geology and because of the move in the goldprice augmentation in the capital business on the natural resource side aswell as the very favorable geologic indicators that are coming out of theproject their shares have done highly are you all right so by the time you factor in theincrease in share value those royalties have a negative cost basis to emx soforth you know we’re very terribly very pleased we’re happy to have that optionality of owning the shares in mel rock in addition to two hundred andthirty-five thousand acre percent that’s our percentage royalty x acres of whichthey are applied to in the good pasture district around the Pogo mine sorry forthe reps and kinfolks but I do whatever sentiment you everything we’re deal todaywith david cole you can find in the description box below and if you likeour content i would appreciate if they hand us a thumbs up now back to theinterview speaking of another strategic speculation back in february he makesworld’s he made another remarkable transaction within Searle solutions canyou walk us through and what is this all aboutthis is another example of BMX considering laterally and in serial answers ifthey’re anything they’re just aqueous chemistry is’s these people have figuredout methodologies for treating acid pit drainage unbelievably well andinexpensively builds them very popular with people that are concerned about theenvironment that likewise facilitates social licence andhave a track record of unlocking mineral cost of owneds and we cure takethem private they were in a public companionship Alexa Co where they had anexcellent beginning a huge success story at the Kino Hill property in the Yukonwe provided the funds for them to go private becomes a seven and a halfpercent equity owner in the company and also have a opted share thatstructured similar to a credit where we put in 3.8 million dollars you get paidback eight place five million dollars over a seven-year period what’s nicecontinued income flow immediately into emx but the most important part of thewhole deal is so we have a regional strategic alliance to findenvironmentally encumbered assets with high-pitched prospectivityto come in and solve the environmental problems and unlock the mineralpotential and we verify a number of different key resources in the west wherewe can accomplish this switching gears let’s look at some numerals mr.Coleplease provide us with the present asset arrangement for emx royalty youknow it’s it’s pretty simple and pretty good we’re sitting here with plus 45 million american dollars in currency plus 50 million american dollars in working capitaland no debt are talking about the money what are your plans for that big-hearted stockpile ofcapital so we’re going to continue to do what we’ve always done that’s executeour three-pronged approach and we’re continuing to fund our generativebusiness which is our bread and butter and that’s where the ideas come from forthe tactical investments and that’s where the possibilities of come from to buyroyalties now with more coin in the bank we can lever up our strategicinvesting and royalty obtaining but not at the expense of our world of ourroyalty generation business that’s our core looking forward multi-layeredquestion what is the next unanswered question for emx royalty one can weexpect a response and what specifies success well ultimately success is uscontinuing to ramp up the value of our portfolio ramp up cash flowand appreciate the market recognize that and move our share cost forward I believethat our share price has lagged the growth of the portfolio in the recentpast we’re in the process of parties starting to wake up and realize thatrealize that we’re sitting on assets such as the teamwork project in Serbiathe level royalty in Nevada operated now by Barrick where they’re finding a lotof gold all these things cumulating up to a portfolio that is enhancing invalue persistently thanks to the the positive optionality of these phenomenalfinancial instruments and you know the this is a buy-and-hold business modeland you’ve seen my insider trades Maurice you know I’ve been buying forseven years now having sold shares inventory of an exercising my options viewing thembut by now the open market compiled roughly two hundred thousand sharesduring the cogut dip as an example and you know ultimately it’s going to bebetter marketplace recognition of an enhanced value of our portfolio last question sirwhat did I forget to ask we were always pretty good at encompassing things Murray solet me think about that for a few seconds you always asked me that so I should alwayshave one on the sidelines well how about this as anyone told you look like DavidLetterman come up me on the streets of New York simply getting ready to ask mefor a autograph and then I believed they realized that I was probably a few yearsyounger but you come up with some good David Letterman directions and the top tenreasons to buy emx royalty Corporation are oneMaurice Jackson says to buy the stock to Rick rule says to buy the stock threePaul Stephen says to buy the stock and owns a good deal himself how about that numberfour the CEO has been insider buying for seven yearsnumber five a portfolio that continues to grow in value number six exposure tocopper and golden to the best metal merchandises there are well you know onequestion I forgot to ask is are you able merely share with us what is the primeobjective of what you’re looking for the minerals that you’re looking forso we’ve always cherished copper and golden and we have a lot of geologicalexpertise and our entire business premise began with parties and we have strategicvantage because of their ability in their experience and then we build onthat with respect to the business model we have a lot of geological expertisearound the the geological civilizes at multitudes copper and amber lodges and agrowing quantity of expertise around poly metallic systems volcano genic massivesulfides and we do believe that it behooves us to to be exposed to coppercobalt nickel pges precede zinc other metals as well and so we’re happy tohave a diversified portfolio be concentrated on dominantly metal stocks the mr.Cole if someone wants to get more information on emx royalty please sharethe website address emx royalty corp calm mr.Cole is always apleasure and I look forward to speaking to you in the very near future and bythe behavior I’m sorry if I’ve got to ask this question now you’re gonna be partof the Sprott natural resource symposium is that correct that is correct lookingforward to it all right we look forward to seeing you sir it’s always a good oneright sir all the best to you take care Morristhank you eeehm x royalty sells on the tsx V typify e M X and on the New YorkStock Exchange symbol e M X Ian assortment world had become a sponsor of provenand probable and “were proud” stockholders for the perfections showed intoday’s message the information presented on proven preposterous isprovided for educational and information mrs. own without any express or impliedwarranty of any kind including warranties of accuracy completeness orfitness for any particular purpose the information is not intended to be anddoes not constitute fiscal investment or trading suggestion or any other adviceyou should not make any financial speculation or trading decision based onany of the information presented without first undertaking independent duediligence and consultation with a professional broker or competentfinancial advisor


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