Sustainability in Business = 51% to 81% MORE PROFIT (CSR)

Hi Alex here. What is the business casefor sustainability? Is there reliable evidence thatquantifies the value of a company integrating sustainability into itscorporate DNA? Turns out the answer is’ yes’ for this video we’ll draw on the workof business sustainability guru Bob Willard after wreaking thirty four years with aIBM Bobcompleted first a masters and then a doctorate on thebusiness event for sustainability at the University of Toronto he is the author of various notebooks and isconsidered a world-wide professional on this topic let’s see what Bob has to say on thebusiness event for sustainability firstly the language nowadays we examine everything from the word sustainability to triple bottom line to the three Es equity environmenteconomy the 3 P’s parties planet profit CSR corporate social responsibility and soon what’s important to realize from a business perspective is that while all these commands arerelevant and some will reverberate with your busines culture better than others for example wordslike “profit”, “Asset Management” et cetera what we are ultimately talkingabout here he’s being a steward of the fivecapitals in a way that helps your business be more successful these are fiscal and manufacturedcapitals related to the economy human and socialcapitals related to equity and natural uppercase related to theenvironment because everything comes from nature at somepoint for more on this last point and the triple bottom line see earlier videos all the various periods you hear about all refer to the same thing managingtoday while preparing for tomorrow in ways that sent your business up to beresilient in light of changing conditions the important thing is to choose yourlanguage make sure everyone understands and is using the same definition and then stick to it second the numbers we can’t talk about business without usingnumbers right now that we know what we’re talking about how do we know whether integratingsustainability into our corporate DNA will actually help us to steward our fivecapitals in ways that generate revenue and mitigate risk? Located on years ofresearch and hundreds of case studies Bob Willard showed that if a typicalcompany were to use best tradition sustainability comings already being used by real companies asmall or medium enterprise six both the employees and about one milliondollars of annual income could improve its profit by at least 51 percentage and a large manufacturing ordistribution company several thousand employees and aboutfive hundred billion dollars of annual income could improve its profit by at least8 one per cent compared with if he did nothing there are sevenbottom-line welfares that align with current testify about the most significantsustainability associated contributions to profit one increased receipt 9 percent reduced vigor 75 percentage abbreviated squander 20 percent four abbreviated textiles 10 percentage five increased productivity 2 percent six reduced turnover 25 percent and seven avoid a possible 16 to 36 percent eroding of gains due to reduced riskscoming from additional revenue and fewer expensesthe first one is about making more money two to six are about fewer expenditures and seven is a combination of morerevenues and fewer overheads due to reduced threats absolutely it’strue! really by doing what others are alreadydoing a business can increase its profit by 51 to 81 percent within three to 5 year and keep in mind that this is only about best rehearses innovation and creating better productsand business can take you even further this is well documented and you can goto to enter your own numbers for your owncompany it’s all free and open sourcesustainability is just smart business that’s the bottom line and the numberswe’ve discussed are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the businesscase for sustainability I’ll come back with many more videosabout the business case in the working day onward and likewise videos on concluding sustainability relevant for the business community so stay adjusted subscribe to receive thenew videos thank you to Bob Willard for all hisgreat work and likewise for being a patron Sustainability Illustrated if sustainability education isimportant to you, you too can become a patron and make a pledge on sustainability as usual is thanks to our patrons wecan’t oblige these videos without you and thank you for watching.and.


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