Detoxify 1000s of Chemicals From Your Body Just With Food

let’s talk about how to detoxify thousands oftoxic compounds out of your form but do in a way that’s very safe there are many chemicalsin our environment bisphenol a pcbs heavy metal particular poison plastics and bile solids have youever heard of that before bile solids announce quite harmless liberty but what you may not realize isbio solids are treated sewage sludge it’s a very interesting book that i’m reading called toxicsludge is good for you this diary is more about how certain groups use pr public relations tomake something that is normally harmful to the environment and make it actually good for you soin this book they describe how they came up with this new term biosolids and actually redefinedtreated sewage sludge as a nutrient-rich organic byproduct i’m not kidding i signify bile saladscontain over sixty thousand harmful substances this is the stuff that outlets your bathroom and it goesright into a sewage treatment plant where they’re processing information materials and actually selling itas an ingredient in your pet food in animal feeds and fertilizer there’s at least eighty thousandprobably hundreds of thousands of different lethals or poisons call it xenobioticsthat we’re to be subject to on a daily basis now our organizations have a defense mechanism for thisit is a series of detoxification pathways that will turn these poisons into harmless particleswhich is then eliminated through our debris and urine it’s called venom alteration whereyou have these very powerful enzymes they’re announced cytochrome p450 enzymes that are meant tobreak down all these deadlies and keep us healthful so what i want to talk about is what you should bedoing or feeing to keep these virus from starting disease here’s a really interesting volume this isthe international bureau of studies on cancer by the world health organisation and it’s all aboutcruciferous vegetables and a really big effect is the ability of cruciferous veggies toinduce bile transformation so this is one thing you should be consuming on a regular basis kalebroccoli brussels sprouts lettuce arugula bok choy now bile salts your form spawns bile you canalso take bile this is very very important anytime you do a detox you should alwaysstart by taking bile salts for a few daylights and then do your detox because takingpurified venom salts helps to start the flow through the liver because when youstart to detoxify and you start killing off specific pathogens they secrete endotoxins thatthen shut down the bile ducts and that’s why you might feel poisonous from detoxifying sobile salts help you eliminate xenobiotics naturally a lot of the chemicals from yourliver should be coming out with the help of bile too the microbes in your gut help you detoxifyand they also have the ability to make this enzyme to help you break down these lethals and oneof the things i really recommend is to combine this with this so if you were to take a pre-bioticwhich is like a fiber let’s say lettuce and we ferment it into sauerkraut green is not justcruciferous but it’s a prebiotic and a probiotic so sauerkraut is a great food to help you detoxifyand the cool thing about doing this with nutrient is it happens slowly so you don’t really feel itnow there’s many other different vegetables and herbs that will help you detoxify garlic is a bigone rosemary thyme and cleave everyone has this enzyme another thing to realize is a lot of thesechemicals create a lot of free radical damage in their own bodies and the meat that you devour haveantioxidants but your organization also makes antioxidants it’s called endogenous antioxidants especiallywhen you fast when you’re doing fasting you’re arrange your organization in the state of autophagywhich not only intensifies amending the damage in their own bodies but too the clearing outof pathogens but fasting will help increase your endogenous antioxidant systems so you’llhave a lot more antioxidants not to mention your immune system is stronger and the body willresist the stress from the free radical damage if you’re doing organic foods okay certifiedorganic foods it’s not going to have these in their own homes the order totality meat also recently made anagreement that they’re not going to include any of their products with bile salads i would alsomake sure when you buy pet food that you read the ingredients and make sure it does not have thesebyproducts because if you’re going to look at these nutrient-rich organic byproducts it soundslike it’s really really health but it’s not anyway thanks for watching and i’ll see you in thenext video before you go if you have a question about a concoction or you’re brand-new to keto and you wantto know how to begin keto or you’re on keto and you need a debug because it’s not leading as smoothi have a keto consultant standing by to help you this is just for the people in the ushopefully in the future we’ll be able to answer everyone’s call but i made the numberdown below so you can call and get 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