What is Environmental Engineering at Monash University?

My figure is Laura-lee Innes. I’m actually a joint appointment between the Districts of Civil and Chemical Engineering, because Environmental Engineering at Monash is shared between these two departments. Which makes us fairly unique and causes us some great opportunities for the students, who might have a greater interest in one of those areas. So immediately today i’ll exactly talk aboutwhat environmental designers do, a little bit about the EnvironmentalEngineering course at Monash, and then a few slithers about the Environmental Engineering Society and some of the production that happening across campusthrough that, and talk a bit of some of the careers. So, what environmental architects do is that we really aim to ensure the quality of our living environment, that it’s maintainedand certainly, in some instances, that it’s protected and improved from where it may have been affected in the past and we work onall parts of the environment including breath, sprays, both skin-deep and groundwater, and acre. We also do work on resourcesustainability so that includes things like garbage, litter recycling reuse as well as how resources are worked and some of thelife cycle significances that may be happening around how we’re utilize ourresources currently.And then importantly, because we’reenvironmental operators, we’re looking towards the development, implementation, management of a variety of differentenvironmental answers across air, ocean, and land, really into that room of the principles of sustainable development and saving all of our resources available into the future. This is just a really simple course map. So as with all the other engineering punishments you’ll is the beginning in the common first year, and we do have an environmentalengineering unit on offer in first year. so for those of you who are interested, truly promote you to take that. If you don’t take it, it doesn’t mean you can’t start environmental engineering from second year. So you then, as you go into your second year, you would identify you wanted to do environmental engineering, and that’s where we start deal some of the fundamentals in that space.As you move into your third time, we really start concentrate a little bit more on some of the specialised environmental engineering forces. Those include topics around vigour, breath, water, we start building on some of the fundamentals that you took in second year, and expand on those into new countries. If you’re doing astraight environmental engineering severity, you’ll have electives throughyour second, third and fourth years, and so you can pick from any number ofelectives. Some of you have asked questions about can you do doubled degrees with civil or chemical, and those are not formal doubled positions but with any ofthe engineering tracks you can sort certainly choose to include most of your electives, say in civil if that’s where your interests lie.Then in fourth time we really startmoving into engineering design and research projects, as well as organisations, remembering for a whole environmental method, and start bringing in and building on those interdisciplinary approachings that we need when we start distributing in complex environmental challenges. These are our formal doubled grades thatwe volunteer. Just to give you one of the issues was: Can you study usages in a doubled position with engineering? And you certainly can do that with the arts double magnitude. We’ve had students come through who have done music. This is another example; if you have an interest in chemistry, in particular, that opens up double grades with the sciences, and although, as I mentioned before, we don’t have a formal doubled severity with the other engineering self-restraints, you can certainly use yourelectives in those areas if you so choose.These are a few career opportunities. Actually I guess it’s quite wide and wide-ranging, we have had a number of students who graduated environmental engineering that go and work overseas. So these not only apply within the Australian context butif you wanted to go use your knowledge overseas, that’s certainly likewise policy options. We have a combination of sort of government personas, where they’re looking at environmental engineering through government regulation plan, certainly industries and environmental healthand safety manager type personas, and environmental consulting houses isanother one, as Stewart mentioned. We’ve also had a number of environmental engineering students who have offers from consulting conglomerates, and others in the environment space before they graduate. So they’re goingstraight from graduation into paid employ, and then the other one, I think that’s important to mention, is some students have been asking about research opportunities during the undergrad and certainly there’s a opportunity with environmentalengineering to take that into further research, in R& D and in the university sector.This is the Monash Environmental Engineering Society and so there’s some there’s some associates now, “if youre having” some more interest in exploring that a little bit further, and just to finish up, I just wanted to show you one of the programs that some of the environmental engineering students have put into placeat Monash. It’s called Borrowcup and it enables people across Monash to borrow a goblet when they go into the participating cafes and then they can return that in special crates around the campus. It’s then cleansed returned back into the coffeehouses and transmit on to another purchaser. So that was fantastic to see the environmental engineering students get involved in a sort of a program that really demonstrated some of these environmental sustainability aims and ideas.Again, thank you very much for your interest if you have any questions i’ll stay on the chit-chat, and do my best to answer those, and certainly make every opportunity to get in touch if you’d like some furtherinformation. Thank you very much ..


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