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Hi, Im Brinleigh and Im a Business Recruiter at Google. And Im Okwus, a Technical Recruiter atGoogle. Were going to take a couple minutes towalk you through how we hire at Google for all of our tasks, and share helpful detailsto prepare you for the experience! The first step is getting your applicationto us. Start by browsing open places around the worldon our Careers site and find up to three professions that coincide your skills and interests. Try to focus on roles where you meet all ofthe minimum diplomata, and ideally some of the most wonderful. Now, its time to get your resume ready. Check out the video in the description forour tips on how to stimulate your resume stand out! One thing to point out here is that we dontrequire positions from certain universities( or a university at all, depending on therole) and your GPA is only part of your employment if youre a recent grad.After you refer your application, we havea team of highly-trained pros who look over your resume and connect the dots between yourexperience and roles at Google. Theres no one kind of Googler, so werealways looking for people who bring brand-new perspectives and life suffers thatll help us buildstronger squads, concoctions, and services for all of our useds. We actually be concerned about making this part of theprocess fair and effective, so these reviewers focus on each candidate instead of each applicationfor a specific job. Once your resume is reviewed, you may hearfrom a recruiter. If you don’t hear from us in a few weeks, you can assume that we’re moving forward with other applicants unless otherwise noted butwe might are to be achieved in the future if another persona is a match. After a recruiter contacts out to you, phonecalls are usually next. Generally, well chat and learn more aboutyou, your interests, experience, etc. You has the potential to have phone interviews with Googlersthat are more specific to the job or team.For technical characters, this often means codinginterviews, and for business capacities theyll focus on skills and experience specific tothe job you applied for. The next stair is onsite interviews at Google a really exciting day. Youll generally have four 45 -minute interviewswhere you meet various categories of Googlers, demonstrate your abilities, and have time to ask questionsabout your examiner, the capacity, and the team. You may also have lunch with a Googler tolearn more about what its like to work here. Now, causes talk through other importantthings to know about interviews. We use vetted, high-quality questions thatare tailored to the job youve applied for and challenging( in a good way ). So dont annoy, you wont be asked anybrainteaser questions our research shows these types of questions arent handy forassessing you! All examiners are improved and use standardizedrubrics so that theyre consistent and confident in their assessments.Regardless of the job youve applied for, there are four properties we look for. First is general cognitive clevernes. We just wanted to hire smart people who can learnand adapt to new situations, so this is about how you learn and solve hard problems in reallife , not about GPAs or exam compositions. Second is role-related knowledge. Its rather simple we wantto make sure you have its own experience, background, and knowledge thatll given you up for successin the character. Third is leadership. We dont precisely look at job names, sincedifferent crew members will need to step into leadership roles and contribute.We look for examples of things like beinga team player and navigating challenges to make an impact. And last, but not least, is Googleyness. We want to make sure you can flourish now, so we look for mansions of solace with ambiguity, bias to action, and a collaborative quality. After interrogations, your recruiter will shareyour interview feedback and ratings, resume, notes, and any drive samples you submittedwith a hiring committee. Hiring committees bring together Googlerswho know the role best, but havent met any of the applicants, to offer a extensive, unbiased asses. If the committee recommends we hire you, thatrecommendation and all of your info is to be presented to a senior leaderwho caters anotherlayer of objectivityfor final scrutinize. If everything is approved, your recruiterwill get in touch to make an offer! And thats how we hire now at Google! Check out the links in the description formore resources to help you prepare, and head over to the Careers site to see our open jobs.We hope to see your application soon !.

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