Tutorial #2 Social Media Meets Canadian Business Join Today

welcome everyone back to business Maps read a tutorial number two this video is to help you understand a little bit about our profile peculiarities so here we have one of our purchasers better by chairs and you can see their business on the planned now their business name type of business chairs their phone number better buy chairs mollify so now we’ll go back up to your sketch you have what’s you have messaging so if you click here says we have one message and it’s from the business delineates that min hi better by chairs so you can then open that you can reply back to them say thank you whichever you choose you can compose a message to any of your friends or any other members it’s quite open and resilient and easy to use also you can add the pictures when you click on album you just simply click on upload painting choose the folder from your desktop adopt clink upload and you want to make it public to registered users best and only friend or you can make it private so most people want to make public to the world so they can see your produces so you’re selling and there you go so you now have to have a chair in their profile so you sounds back on recordings and you can see all their concoctions and you can add up to 10 gigantic portraits here you click here you can see any friends that you have we currently have done but I believe we have a request so we click on request now your business Maps admin we’re going to accept the request to be a friend and click sound back on profile so we now have one friend we got photos in our recording if you don’t have your planned now more you need to go to geo defines on the right side and here you will enter your address of your business simply click exploration and it will find that address so if it looks right on the delineate and everything looks fine click Save Changes and you’re good to go purchasers can find exactly where you are thank you for listening to this tutorial and hope this helps you a lot thank you


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