ISO 14001 Aspects & Impacts Simplified

with many companies now adapting to thenew ISO Environmental Management System or ISO 14001:2015 here’s how AGF canhelp you with a basic understanding of one of the major requirements of thestandard most notably identifying your organization’s environmental positions andimpacts the definitions contained in environmental characteristics where ISO 14001:2015 is anelement of an organization’s activities or products or services to can interactwith the environmental issues while the definition of environmental impacts forISO 14001:2015 is any change to the environment whether adverse orbeneficial climate as a whole boring part resulting from an organization’senvironmental vistums the definition of an environmental aspect is any part ofan organization’s activities makes or servicesthat can interact with the environment positively or negatively thereforeinitially utilizing that statement we should list all parts of your business in aregister that have an effect for example waste streamgas consumption energy utilization water uses transportation oil chemicals and othersthese can then be split into subcategories of electricity airconditioners igniting compressors gear and others when identifyingenvironmental phases all parts of the company’s operations in the definedscope have to be considered not just the obvious core manufacturing or serviceactivities for example most facilities have a maintenance department officesare contained heating and cooling systems vehicle parking and contractorssupplier activities each of which may have an impact on the environment onceidentified calculate what its aspect may cost to the environment this is theimpact portion of the registry examples of impacts may be land pollution airemissions runoff the district and spray or use of limited resources available here’s an example photocopying a paperin the office is an activity when playing this activity we need toconsume paper and energy while operating the photocopy machineconsumption of paper and electricity are the environmental aspects of thisactivity the environmental impact of this environmental aspect is resourcedepletion where newspaper is made from trees and energy is generated from oil orgas both of these sources can actually be expended the next step is to decide ascoring system which are able to involve severity occasion and detectionrelevant to your firm’s environmental policy a cost or environmental concernmake sure to apportion its environmental aspect a value to reflect the relativeimportance of the following items these are legislation the severity ofenvironmental damage reaction of interested defendants such as customers andenvironmental groups quantity for example the capacity of the waste type aspects with high-risk priority numbersshould be assigned specific objectives targets and programs environmentalobjectives are the overall goals of the business organization in improvingenvironmental performance through its environmental management systemenvironmental targets furnish short-term objectives on the way to achieving theseoverall objectives one objective can have several targets for example onetargets will be to reduce waste going to landfill by 10% in the first year yourobjectives and targets should be based on your environmental policy informationgained from your initial refresh your side wallop evaluation they should aimto address any significant environmental facets and should incorporate specificlegal requirements eventually your facets influences cross-file will help youestablish your EMS objectives and targets an EMS can often be morecomplicated than needed and the key to any effective EMS is getting theenvironmental aspect right at the very beginning identifying the environmentalaspects properly will not only save you term but too enable you to achievegreat benefits with your EMS once it is implemented.For more information tour our website at


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