Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

environmental issues slope rating is often required for certain types of properties by lenders banks or local municipalities the purpose of the environmental assessment is to determine if there is a contamination on the asset which may affect the environment or the people who are using the property it is commonly required when there is a transaction in the ownership of the belonging when applying for a building permission or when the changing nature of the zoning or practice of the property is required environmental assessments are typically done for commercial-grade belongings industrial and producing equipment and multi-unit residential buildings it may also be required if the subject property is near a gas station for example the scope of work for the phase one environmental area assessment is limited merely to estimate if there is a risk for potential taint on the dimension caused by current or previous activities on the subject property or on other properties in the field to do so an investigation is required in order to know what were the current or previous works on the subject property or the vicinity and if these activities are classified as those that are a cause for contamination such investigations may discover for example that a owned that is currently being used for residential purposes was used in the past as an vehicle reparation garage in this case a prospective purchaser can disclose him or herself to drawback publishes if the risk is not discovered prior to the acquisition the investigation includes a site visit for visual inspection of the asset and the expanse to estimate if the current activities on the owned information materials that are being used on the owned creation information that have been used on the dimension or other conditions are or have affected the environment this may include for example manufacturing treats that use different types of compounds automobile reparation garages that use large quantities of petroleums fuels or other liquids above or underground storage tanks that contains lubricants or fuels it is important to know that the its second phase environmental locate evaluation does not include any on-site testing or damaging measures as it is only limited to a visual inspection of accessible the sector of the asset therefore issues such as asbestos information radon gas conduct or mold may be indicated in the report as potentially existing based only on the type or the age of the structures on the dimension such investigations includes interviews with people who are familiar with the dimension and can provide first-hand and important information about the current or previous avail ourselves of the quality the investigation also includes the review of historical information and the reviewing of records obtained from governmental and private sources such as the Ministry of Environment related to the subject property and other properties in the field after all the available information is collected an evaluation is made to determine if there is a potential risk for environmental impact on the subject property if the findings show that there are reasons to believe that taint exists on the quality then it is recommended to proceed to a higher level of investigation called stage 2 environmental website analysi which includes on-site testing otherwise no further activity will be required for further information please call our fee free quantity at one eight eight eight six zero seven six five five six


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