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Hi. My name is Fred Franken.I’m from Hamburg and one of the Managing Directorsof HafenCity RiverBus here in Hamburg. The intuition behind our municipal cruise with the HafenCity RiverBus is to enable people to appreciateHamburg’s proximity to the water with a vehiclethat can travel both on the road and in the liquid. The idea came about when I was in Singapore a while ago and verified a similar vehicle there. I very quickly realised that it would bea great idea for Hamburg. When I returned home I congregate up with my old friend Fiete, told him about it andshowed him a film. My name is Fiete Mahlstedt. I’m Co-operator and Managing Directorof HafenCity RiverBus GmbH and responsible forthe technical line-up of our venture.I’m also one of the’ Bus Captains’ which means thatI actually also drive private vehicles. The idea really appealed to me as I actually havea nautical background myself. I’m a Captain by professing and have spentmost of my life on the ocean. Hamburg, the port and the irrigate were the reasons why I got involved.So, we werein the planning stages looking for a suitablechassis or suitable locate to be able to constructthis vehicle and that’s how we came across MAN. MAN offered a chassisthat was structurally is ideal for us but was also able to incorporate all the ancillary equipmentthat constitutes the craft slouse of this vehicle perfectly. Since we launchedthe city sails 7 months ago, we’ve carriedan startling 35,000 fares. And we operate all time round apart from in January when the climate draws it difficult and challenging. We start operating in Februaryso approx. 10 months per year. And we do it 4 to 6 times a day. At my age, it was a challenge to become a bus driverto pass the training. But, thank God, I managed to do it so I’m now actuallyable to drive the vehicle in both its components. The part projectwas incredibly hard work. It has taken lots of time and money, too.But we’re thrilledthat we’ve managed to implement the project and have had so many passengers. This pilot schemes, as it’s the first and also the only one of its species in Germany has encouraged us to considerrolling it out to other metropolis. We plan to build more vehicles and we’ll do soin cooperation with MAN whose assist has been stupendous. So, that’s our vision for the future and I think there’ll be more to come ..


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