051821 Council Meeting

live streaming now i think we’re waiting still on a couple of council members so if you’ll be patient with us we’ll uh we’ll start our meeting shortly hey everyone hey rick uh we’re just waiting on uh another council member and then we’ll get started here i’m just gonna mute you for the um flag salute so we’re not talking over each other rick is jennifer the only one that we’re missing yes oh there she is so mike no coffee but jennifer jennifer will appreciate this when she comes on i got my dark salted chocolate bar instead for my caffeine hit okay we’re on our way over there greg welcome to you as well we’ve got everyone on mute for our flag salute but thank you we look forward to your presentation tonight well i think we can go ahead and get started i see that uh all the council members are here i don’t see everybody personally but i see they’re logged on with that i want to welcome everyone to the meeting tonight good evening um welcome to the duval city council meeting uh for may 18 2021 it’s now 704 in the evening my name is mike remington i’m one of our city council members and mayor pro tem mayor okerlander will be joining us shortly in the meantime i’ll go ahead and head up our meeting uh with that please join me in the flag salute i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all thank you clerk will you please take the roll call councilmember here councilmember schaefer here councilmember mchenry here councilmember remington here councilmember hogue here councilmember naplan uh she is still connecting to audio i can see her screen uh councilmember legal here we have a quorum thank you under additions or corrections to the agenda please add under consent agenda payroll for may 5th 2021 through may 20th 21 in the amount of three hundred seventy four thousand four hundred and nine dollars and two cents uh please add claims for may 18 2021 in the amount of seventy one thousand nine hundred and ninety three dollars and thirty seven cents under scheduled items if there are no objections from the council we will simply have our mayor provide the mayor’s report when she arrives it looks like nod so we’ll we’ll inform the mayor she can provide that when she gets here are there any council members that would like to speak this evening council member naplan council councilmember lingle thank you one of the items in our consent agenda is a single touch item that had to do with the disc golf uh it’s actually an agenda bill and with that i’d like to ask if there is a motion to suspend our council procedures in section 5.6 oh jody you have to adopt the agenda first yes i i did skip that do we have a motion to approve this evening’s council agenda so moved to mchenry do i have a second second red nikki so moved by councilmember mckendree and seconded by council member nikki all those in favor please say aye aye although opposed please say nay motion passes jody should i do the consent agenda or shall i go ahead and do the motion first or ask for a motion do the motion to suspend uh the rules first uh and again this is just um as we’ve discussed uh on the agenda bill for disc golf to be able to authorize the city to move forward in in doing some of the early prep and study so with that is there a motion to suspend council procedures in section 5.6 requiring additional review and finalize all items within the consent agenda so moved mr second moved by council member hogue seconded by council member brunicki all those in favor uh please say aye all those posed please say nay motion passes do we have a motion to approve this evening’s consent agenda so moved by council member mchenry uh second by council member uh all those in favor please say aye hi hi all those opposed please say nay motion passes moving on to comments from the audience um city clerk have we received any comments in writing we have not and i am in the process of allowing our two attendees to unmute and speak now if they wish to do so uh thank you uh the clerks uh admitted you to our meeting uh please unmute yourself state your name and address and then you’ll have three minutes to speak so you can just simply mute yourself if any of our two guests would like to speak looks like cass is unmuted hi can you hear me yeah well welcome to take three minutes here thank you i’m just um attending as a representative of the duval chamber of commerce and uh the chamber we would just like to thank the city for all the support that we’ve gotten through covid and for all the hard work that you do and we don’t have we have father’s day um specials coming up in some of the local businesses um so you can watch for those and that’s the only thing i can think of off the top of my head but we just want to thank you for serving the city cass thank you so much anyone else like to speak not seeing any uh we’ll move on to um scheduled items uh first again was mayor’s report which we were going to cover fireworks update but we’ll cover that when she arrives uh next is king county fire district 45 chief burke good evening mayor pro tem and council and i thank you for the opportunity to speak to you tonight share a few things that are going on with the fire department so calls april is statistically our slowest month and we ran exactly our average of 80 calls for the month it brings our year-to-date total to 345 which is nine more than the rolling five-year average for the same time period so far may has picked up and we’ve run 57 so far with personnel monday was our first day for our new administrative assistant we welcome carol robertson who is hired to fill the vacancy created by retirement if you happen to call the station or come by once things open please stop in and say hello to her we are very fortunate to have her and looking forward to having her for many years to come just a reminder that our new deputy chief is just under a month away he will start on wednesday the 16th of june i speak to him pretty regularly he’s very excited and i will have him if we’re in person by then on the council delivery or virtually i’ll try to have him for a proper introduction and we’ll work on that relationship moving forward moving to covid i’m very proud to report that we’ve had four of our fire officers that have deployed to help with vaccination sites both fixed sites and mobile delivery in yakima now not all at the same time we aren’t that big but um they’ve all been doing critical work and we’ve still got one there that it that’ll be demobilizing probably towards the end of the month i am tied to that and not just because of their efforts but in concert with many other efforts throughout the county i’m happy to report that dr ray our medical director informed us monday that of the adults in king county over 70 percent have have received at least one dose of the vaccination and of those that have received two doses or over 50 percent so you can see why the cdc has relaxed the mask environment we’re waiting on labor and industries and stuff like that to take effect for our station and the governor will follow suit but very very encouraging news and while we still see a little bit of uptick in positive test results hospitalization and fatality rates are dropping immensely and so that’s really good news and not just for our people but for everybody involved and i’m i’ll be very happy to be without a mask soon so we’ll keep keep you posted as we learn last thing i have on my list has to do with the wildland season and if you remember late last year i reported that we hired five new firefighters to help staff the second station well the last two of those five are receiving their wildland fire training this month and so all of our people will be equipped with personal protective equipment tools and education and ready to go for what we’re forecasting to be a very busy season you know we’ve had this now the forecast in the forecast just like weather typically you know they’re the only profession where you can miss and still have a job but all the indicators are that it could be a pretty intense wildland season which will segue in i believe the mayor is going to speak a little bit about fireworks and not to steal any of her thunder but fire department’s working with the police department and we will hopefully have a presentation for council at the next or the second meeting in june that is our plan so uh with that i won’t take much time i know you have some guests that will speak but i’ll be happy to entertain any questions if anybody has any council member shaffer yeah chief i was just curious is there any uh theme or or particular uh inconsistency in the calls you’ve gotten in recent times anything unusual or is it just typical typical stuff going on well a couple months let’s see a couple of reports ago i talked about the mental health yes circumstances and you know that stuff’s kind of uh cyclical uh you know we’ll have a i guess a run of three or four of those within a week and then it will quieten down for a little bit and and not the same patients so [Music] i would say we’re continuing to see some of those people that have a little bit of that anxiety related to the pandemic and all of its side effects but then we’ve seen a little bit of an uptick in motor vehicle accidents and so if you follow the duval community discussion board and the other social media sites you’ll see that 203 was backed up in between here in monroe south of town around the roundabout there’s been several but i’m happy to report that it it’s not anything driving under the influence or whatever not road rage or anything predictable maybe it’s just circumstance but as far as trends i don’t have anything mark to be able to tell you people people learning to drive again after taking time off i would imagine and probably uh lost their sunglasses with a beautiful weather we’ve had over the last few weeks other questions for uh jeep burt well chief i don’t say any thank you for joining us tonight and please thank our our staff and personnel firefighters uh at the department uh we’re we’re blessed to have you uh in your leadership position and the hard work and all they do for our community well we appreciate that and i i thank you again for the opportunity to speak we’ll see you next time okay good night chief well moving on to council reports i’ll call on councilmember naplan first thanks i just wanted to report on a very sorry i’m just my husband just delivered some tea to me which was very kind um i attended a meeting that is run by the saver snoqualmie group and it’s called the outdoor recreation action team and i got connected with this group um due to my interest in duval park and kathy lambert connected me up with it and i’ve been attending it when i can and uh there were a couple interesting um topics that came up um i asked a question about the duval park there was a proviso that kathy lambert had put in that they wanted to study that park and find out what they could do to improve it and any amenities they might be able to add but we are at the point where king county is conducting their uh critical area study so they’re they’re trying to understand um the environmental constraints of the site so that is what i have heard about that i also brought up um that we are considering as a city disc golf possibly a pump track there was uh um some interest from a mountain biker a professional mountain biker to in to coordinate a pump track in a community and they reached out to duvall and the mayor and myself had a meeting with them and so i brought that up that the city has you know kind of been considering should we do that is there a site and one of the other sites that had been considered was duvall park and so i asked if that was being considered and the feedback i got was we need to do the critical area survey first and that is a possibility but when i brought it up i asked um there were there are a lot of members from the snoqualmie valley and there is another pump track further south in snoqualmie i believe and asked if there was any feedback from the communities that had pump tracks and what they told me was that the sighting of the pump track next to the trail was ideal and the key of the success because families could come pack up their bikes bring them down and they could have fun on the pump track and then go on a bike ride on the trail so i thought that was really um great feedback from a city who has a pump track and um the other thing i brought up at the meeting was the situation at cherry creek falls it’s not really a city of duvall issue but it’s a community issue uh and for those who aren’t familiar there is a a trail that takes you to cherry creek falls i think it’s the macklemore forest i i think i’m pronouncing that wrong but um there’s been constant problems with parking and the impact to traffic and safety in that area and i was asking if there was any work being done on that because the representatives from dnr were there and they actually said they have a design concept to provide 45 stalls of parking up there they’re still trying to work through it the problem is they often get upwards of a hundred vehicles so it’s not completely going to solve the problem but then someone else um brought up a concern for search and rescue about how difficult that site is when they are called out to rescue because of the the parking and the access so um it was interesting and if i hear any more about that project i i hope we can let the community know because i know that’s a really important um recreational area for our community and the safety concerns are are can be pretty serious on high use weekends that’s my report thank you councilmember uh lankel um okay well i don’t have anything nearly as fun as that um but one of the things i wanted to bring out uh oh cooper the dog just walked in sorry but one of the uh things i wanted to bring up is that uh finance uh distributes to us the comp time and the overtime reports on a regular basis and um i read those because we are making more investments in our administration and i’m really happy that we’re able to do that um it’s everything from a couple new positions in public works we’ve added a little bit over in community development um we you know we’re doing a little more with interns those are all really good things but it occurred to me that we don’t ever talk about the relationship between our overtime comp time and the progress that is being made around uh administration staffing and we certainly have a lot to talk about in that category of you know staffing and hours and all of that but um i just wanted to throw that out there for council members to you know take a look at those reports because they’re very interesting they’re numeric of course but maybe they’re not interesting to you but they’re very interesting to me because it helps me gauge whether we’re making uh the right decisions and also how much more we have to look at so that’s that’s the uh the observation and maybe at some point um finance can come back and we can talk a little bit more about um how you know how we’re doing on comp time and overtime and she did dana did our director of finance dana mason um did explain to me how that is being but how that was budgeted and dana can correct me if i’m misunderstanding but it’s my understanding that what they did when they prepared the budget was they looked at the comp time in overtime over the last three years and then that’s how they priced it um it’s priced in the aggregate i believe but also distributed by department is that is that correct uh director mason um so it’s we’ve looked at the hours per department or actually for for the position over the last three years and it’s it’s priced in the actual dollar amount for 21 and 22.Well not the actual because we don’t have the cola in there but yeah and so i just think that’s something for you know council needs to keep understanding as we look at you know our administrative challenges and um you know ways we can solve them so thank you director mason for making sure i said it right but um i know it’s a boring subject maybe to some folks but it’s something i think that’s important to our budget work thank you councilmember lingle um we have mayor oaker lander who has just joined us mayor we completed the council report so the next item would be moving on to uh council committee reports uh we also understood that the mayor’s report we skipped over and council was fine with you jumping in and providing your mayor report whenever you would like here and i’ll turn it over to you mayor thank you thank you mayor for tim and thank you for um obliging yet again um so i could attend a little league game this evening for my son um i will have to say it’s the coldest game i’ve ever been to in the month of may so it’s not even 50 degrees out there and our boys got lucky that the rain stopped pretty much for the entire game um but a report um i’ll be pretty brief tonight uh just uh one note uh you know the king county council did pass the fireworks ban and unincorporated king county so we did have a meeting with acting chief debac um lieutenant sabrin mayor tim remington and i uh to just discuss a little bit um what that impact might be to our community etc of course that law will not take effect until 2022 um and so what we we um came to a consensus on to start with is that we’re going to come forth um the two departments the fire district and police department um come forth with some education uh at our one of our june council meetings to remind folks of what the rules are and start at that baseline as far as education if council wants to entertain a deeper conversation about what that impact might be to the city i think we’re all definitely open to it uh but as we all know it’s also a very hot button issue within our community and so we want to take care if and when we have a much larger discussion about that i think it was five years ago we did have a referendum on the ballot um to ask the voters whether or not we should whether the city council should ban fireworks and that was overwhelmingly the answer was no um that said our density and our demographics on population bases changed um so it’s whatever point the council um if you so choose to have a larger community conversation with that i think we’d all be happy to but we’re going to start with education first and see what happens there um next up i attended the association washington city’s labor relations institute online last week uh lots of good information about um updates and employment laws obviously that’s always a concern of mine as well as some interesting updates in the days of cobit and probably pretty dry stuff for council but it was definitely good for me to attend also attended the national league of cities federal advocacy meeting uh regarding covid i’m not sure if any other council members attended that um it was just kind of a high-level overview of arpa funds um also attended the association of washington city’s legislative wrap-up um most of that information um has already been submitted uh by awc in report form uh we also had the puget sound regional council project selection committee um we’re still that was our second meeting uh and we’re still kind of going over the basics of the committee every year there’s new members and so they there’s a lot of background to go over um during that discussion uh we also had the association of washington city’s policy statement committee and the purpose of that committee meeting was to go over equity and inclusion language uh within the association of washington city’s policy statement um we had a very robust discussion um with the committee and uh the language in the end that came out uh i don’t have a copy of the final language but that will be presented to the entire association of washington cities membership in june uh for a vote by the full body um and then to the board um so i the thing that i can say about that is it was definitely um it’s definitely i think it’s an acknowledgement of what goes on in our communities and our city’s responsibility to be leaders in the social equity fight and making sure that we do what we can to bat down racism within our communities um so that work is actually pretty fantastic and it’s going to be very exciting to see that on a statewide agenda of all of our fellow cities other than that i it was a little late but i did send kind of a an update memo to council uh late this afternoon regarding um just kind of our our budgeted projects where we’re at on some of those what we’re looking at at staffing capacity i missed council member langley’s discussion so i assumed she was probably touching on that a bit and it’s completely okay if you you didn’t have time to read it i’m just trying to get some information and share with you folks so that as we move forward over the next several months you’ll have some baselines for our conversation and some more information to refer back to because frankly we’re we’re working on a lot of stuff and um it’s very difficult to keep track of it all if i can’t keep track of my daily stuff i don’t know how you guys do it either when you’re not not in it every single day all day long so um other than that i think that’s those are the primary updates um for the time being happy to entertain any questions if anyone has any councilmember hook i just want to thank you for bringing forward a conversation still about fireworks in light of the fact that king county has banned them effective 2022 and um in unincorporated king county so thank you for um having future conversations about that absolutely uh my pleasure and you’re welcome councilmember nikki so since they’re going to move forward with that on the banning of the fireworks does that mean being a city that we allow it are everybody’s really concerned about how everybody’s going to come to our city to blow up fireworks and the last event we had was pretty crazy so our are we going to discuss what to do about that or address it at all that is completely up to council um i think i think that the the consensus from our public safety folks was to take kind of a wait and see approach um because the biggest challenge is enforcement um i think that there’s some common wisdom that when you ban fireworks the people that are going to follow the law follow the law those that aren’t aren’t um but the biggest challenge once with those that don’t follow the law when they’re completely banned is still catching the offenders and actually being able to um ticket them and catch them in the act so that is a huge challenge um and when you’re looking at i think part of that conversation that will need to be had if council wants to have a more broad conversation besides just our general safety conversation in a few weeks is um the ability to enforce as well as the cost impact right now um the city only allows fireworks on the fourth of july um and those are days that our officers are paid triple time per contract for working that holiday so when you look at bringing in additional staffing for that one day it becomes a relatively significant cost and i think that’s really a value judgment that will be up to the legislative body ultimately to determine i know my personal feelings on it don’t necessarily match up with some others as well but i as a mayor and as policy maker i need to make sure we’re listening to the community as well as having those conversations with council like council member hogan i are on very similar pages on this um so could i just say yes that when we had an issue i i think the deepest concern is of course it’s noise but the deepest concern was the issue of fire and we have a lot of trees around us in this city i’m like right next to a greenhouse so um i do recall in the past when it was a when the burn problem was a real uh problem due to the dryness of the vegetation that the um fire department chief came to the meeting and spoke about that and told the public about you know what that means i think that would be a great proactive way to inform the public about because i felt like at that point people really started to key in on the idea that oh we should be very careful with fireworks or not have them at all because it was such a dry year and it looks like we’re heading into that trend again yes and um i believe we even put up a banner somewhere to alert the public about the fire danger that we were in at the time so maybe that might be a good way just to keep the public you know informed about these things absolutely and just to remind folks as well that we do have an ordinance in place that we worked with the fire district over a few years that when the super dry conditions are met and the recommendation is made by the fire chief that under my authority per ordinance if certain thresholds are met for health life and safety we can ban fireworks um immediately so it can be a week before and we can get a report saying the conditions are too dangerous and i can put an order out and and ban them for that particular instance um i believe it’s been about two years since we passed that ordinance so it’s in full effect so we do have a tool in our toolbox now for those instances um the question if council wants to entertain is do we look at a more broad long-term overall overall look um and that’s a legislative decision and discussion so we do have a tool that is good news um so all right all right um seeing um no more questions uh mayor pro-time you said that we were done with uh council and committee reports is that correct we’re on council committee reporting we’re in committee reports now okay thank you so we’ll move on first to finance and administration with uh the chair of the finance committee mayor protem remington thank you mayor we just went about an hour and a half going over our procurement policy which is the bulk of our work so i don’t have anything new to report in the last half hour so unless there’s questions we’ll are planning on meeting and continuing our work on that procurement policy thank you thank you any further questions for chair remington okay seeing none we will move on to the land news committee chair hoag nothing new thank you all right and next up is public safety with chairman nikki uh we have nothing to report this week our meeting is next week okay next up public works with chairman henry thank you so we had a meeting on may 12th and we spoke about the big rock fields park the east parcel just the grant and partnership property details um just a quick summary just because i know we’re going to have a presentation tonight we also spoke about the frisbee golf the agenda bill that um i if i recall we just put on consent agenda um just the money to go ahead and get that prepped so that we can evaluate it properly also the pavement overlay plans there’s we’re at about 60 progress aiming for advertisement in june that was for the roni road overlay and we also discussed um wanting to increase the engineering intern from 0.1 fte to 0.25 i believe that’s also on the agenda tonight and um for the good of the order we also spoke about the possibly looking into putting some turf on the warm-up area strip near the ball fields we have some leftover material it sounds like and it might be easy to do and that was all for that meeting all right thank you are there any questions for chair mchenry seeing none we will move on to ad hoc committees first up is council procedures update code of conduct sharehog is there anything new to report there is we did have a meeting on may 10th i wasn’t in attendance but i haven’t kind of a brief update for you um one couple things that they talked about was suggesting having an annual review and then doing a deeper dive every two years with the clerk in the mayor pro tem the committee has decided to extend our goal of completion we had talked originally about doing it by september but looking at the calendar we realized we probably need more time so we’re thinking maybe december um is our goal for completion and then um so they’ve come up with a kind of a really nice calendar what we’ll be working on we’ve divided the chapters up one through four for our next meeting on june 14th and the agenda is in our one drive that’s it excellent thank you any questions for trehoke on that seeing none we’ll move on to human services grant policy with chair mchenry thank you uh so we have a meeting on this coming monday the 24th and basically we’ve received six submissions um for the grant with funding requests totaling thirty six thousand five hundred so uh we’ll know more after monday excellent thank you all right any questions for chairman henry on that okay seeing none we will go ahead and move on to the administration update with deputy administrator and community development director ms thomas and interim city administrator mr cotton good evening mayor council and community members i’m going to share my screen really quick so this evening we have a pretty i have a pretty short update and ryan will also have an update for you as well uh so as we talked about a little bit at the cow we did uh get invited to a chamber meeting and of course community elements always excited when we get invited to a meeting to share information and so we did give an update on growth and development that’s what they had requested i did want to just share some of the questions that came back up after that presentation that weren’t necessarily related to growth but some of them were one of them was tree maintenance in downtown so um we’ve obviously shared that with public works the mayor all of these have been shared out uh parking in the uptown one and the midtown section you know they were really interested to know you know is the city going to update any of the roads are they going to put in some curb gutter and sidewalk so the mayor and steve we had a really good discussion about that and the timing of looking at those types of programs and what we can help provide to create economic development and to provide more parking within that area they also had some questions on pedestrian crossings um so essentially sidewalk crossing so we discussed that for a little bit and talked about uh what we can and can’t do on on main street which led into a conversation about the rapid flashing beacons and they wanted to say thank you to the council for adding the rapid flashing beacon up towards judd park and we did share that there would likely be some additional rapid flashing beacons within our community and likely on main street so they were happy to hear that they also asked how the presentation um that wave gave at the last council meeting met and the mayor is going to be following up with the chamber and um hopefully we’ll be able to get wave to a chamber meeting as well so that they can hear a presentation ask those questions and then of course uh we had questions on our fast food you know is that allowed in the city and do we allow drive-throughs and so we had a good discussion on that which leads us into community outreach in june and july so we’re going to be doing a utility bill insert and a social media outreach i’ll call it kind of growth development drive-throughs and more because that’s kind of what it’s about so we’re always really excited to do those types of things uh just some more exciting news obviously you heard you know the governor last week so we’re starting the process of city city hall staffing so you’ll start to see more of us in city hall so it’s been really exciting for us to see each other some of us hadn’t seen anybody for like months or even last year you know we’re going to start the process of internal discussions on other city facility openings and then that’ll lead into opening up for planning commission and council eventually so stay tuned on that we’re really excited about that as well and now i’m going to turn it over to in-room city administrator ryan cotton for his update thank you thank you lara that’s a very tough hack to follow a nice nice presentation covered a lot of ground and i want to thank right off um mayor okalander and also uh mayor pro tem and all the city staff for uh filling my data back banks here in my first month in duval so today i just wanted to let you know that um there is a headline event i wanted to mention um headline project in addition to what’s on today’s agenda and personal manual update and the financial plan and the hr committee that’s gotten started up and some other activities that many others are touching on tonight i wanted you to know that i started giving thought to the appointment of the recruitment and appointment of the city administrator so i did a backwards calendar and i i have a hard copy with me i’ll share it with you at our next meeting because it gets closer to events that involve the council directly basically in order to have someone who is fits the bill and meets all your needs and be on board by january of 2022 we have to start next week and there’s base there’s 23 different major activities needed in order to do the job well as a search consultant that’s something i do you know many years elsewhere 10 involve the mayor and the city council so the first major involvement will be on july 5th for the city council where you’ll review the draft of recruitment brochure and also make sure that the job description is what you would like actually um um that’s actually june 14th it’s a job description so in between time the city department heads and the mayor and i will be working on the background and the foundations for what will be coming to you i assume that this is going in the right direction that you would like to see someone on board and you know not only appointed in november but but on board and at their desk in january so that’s why i presented tonight and have to accept any feedback uh if not tonight some other time between now and june 14th thank you interim city administrator cotton does anyone have any questions for him on those items councilmember natalind i actually have a question for uh director thomas on her report is that can i go ahead with that absolutely it’s administration you’re welcome to fantastic thanks i you mentioned something about tree maintenance in downtown and i i wanted to also ask if there is a plan to address tree maintenance in the residential areas and i i see a couple issues going on just you know maybe some tree trimming of trees on private property that you know are creating sightline issues for drivers and then also just being able to see pedestrians and even just as a pedestrian being able to walk on a sidewalk and not run into bushes and then the other uh problem i’ve been seeing is damage to our infrastructure from tree roots so both the sidewalks which i believe is the responsibility of the owner of the property but also to our streets and in the long run we could spend a lot of money fixing roads um that are damaged by trees so anyway i just wanted to bring that up i i was glad it came up about downtown but i but i don’t want to gloss over that we also have some concerns in the residential areas thank you councilmember and apple and those are really good questions obviously tree maintenance within our residential neighborhoods is equally as important as it is in our commercial downtown i will if steve is available just to maybe comment a little bit we might actually have to come back and talk to you more about the in the infrastructure issue uh steve do you have anything to add good evening mayor council citizen steve leniszewski public works so yes we did hear of the downtown trees so we do have a very small budget for tree management and we are in the 3 000 range so that’s annually um we obviously need to improve that as time goes on because trees are a big issue in becoming more of an issue as they grow their roots not only penetrate storm drainage but sewer lines and do wreak havoc on underground utilities so with that said um people can simply you know do a maintenance request from the website if they do have an intersection that they seem to think is is poor uh we do try to get out seasonally like every every quarter and just do a tree sight distance kind of evaluation with the with the crew um that’s always helpful we don’t see everything so if you do have anything feel free to either fill the form out or if you simply shoot me an email you know i propagate it and put a work order in um trees do come up quite often i think like we’re finding out with community development and you know kind of all the whatever we want to call it going on with you know neighbor infractions and and whatnot trees are a pretty big deal so it’s we love our trees but man they’re they do wreak havoc sidewalks you’re you’re absolutely correct um our code does say you know that is a homeowner’s adjacency their responsibility but we we don’t i mean we can’t we can’t live that route most people either a can’t afford it or b don’t know what to do about it and c have to involve us anyways so we we do try to figure that out to the best of our abilities first avenue and 145th i had you know accountable reach out we’ve done some temporary work there we don’t want to do any final work there because of the construction going on that’s happening on the thayer project they have to extend utilities down to first avenue and 145th so i fear we put some new concrete in and then somebody puts an outrigger down on a backhoe that they’re digging the storm pipe in and then they crack new sidewalks so things are on our list i hope people you know if you have anything you do see you know shoot me a message tell community members they can go to the website and you know fill out the maintenance request portal mr fisher gets all those he comes to me complaining we don’t have enough money for trees i tell him okay so there’s a lot of uh activity that does go on but we’re here and we do try to do the best we can with what we can and if we can maintain it ourselves we’ll um like i said downtown we have to rent a lift because those trees are big you can’t just prune the sides and the bottoms nicely and then leave the top as some funky looking mushroom so it’s unfortunate that we have to rent equipment to do that but i think kind of a little bit of a tentative plan was maybe to to get a lift sooner than later would help with banners tree maintenance and something else that came up recently that we were going to have to to invest in some consultant or contractor work to support something anyway there is a long-winded answer to your your tree question and i know that a lot of you on council um are out doing a lot of walking especially at this time of year so if you see as you know a sidewalk issue um snap a picture and give the exact address and send it to public works um it’ll i think it’ll help them keep track of it because we don’t have the capacity for staff to be out walking every street and looking for these things but even as i’m out i see these things um when i’m out uh i walk frequently when my kids are in their martial arts classes up on redmond ridge and there are definitely lots of big sidewalk issues going on now that those developments have been in a while and some of them are being temporarily fixed others are clearly not known and so that can definitely help us reduce the amount of time necessary for staff to go out and track those things down um so that would be very helpful if you could assist if council can assist with that as well and mayor a simple as a tactic i use i take a picture of the incident and then i try to take a picture of the nearest cross street because either they have both streets and that’s the guys can usually figure everything out from there yeah and mayor i was going to add one last thing and it’s really quick uh steve and i have our implementary discussions to talk about street trees in general and proper installation of them during development so we will likely update our street tree list in the very near future and look at installation of those trees we have done been definitely much more critical of that over the last couple of years as new projects have come in but i would have to say there’s probably 20 years of street tree installation that probably wasn’t done the way that we would like to see it done today so stay tuned on that you know steve and i’ll be working on that thank you great good question thank you councilmember all right um if there’s no more questions for administration we will move on to our first presentation from the king counter assessor’s office regarding property taxes we have mr john wilson our keene county assessor welcome mr wilson good to see you again thank you mayor good to see all of you tonight um so what i want to take you on is a quick glimpse of what the last fun-filled year has been in the department of assessments and how that might be affecting you i’m going to try to share my screen here wish me a bit of luck sometimes the zoom gods are with you and other times you’re just not sure now hopefully with a little bit of luck you can see property values in covet 19.So if that’s okay then let’s rock and roll so as you all know when the governor in in march of 2020 issued his order it had some immediate effects in shutting down the hospitality sector sporting events so we had games without fans in the seats and restaurants especially those that depended upon dining service and then brick and mortar retail and you know in the case of like downtown seattle it became almost a ghost town one 1200 room hotel in downtown seattle the night before the closure had only eight guests for the entire 1200 room facility and this clearly became a sign of the times across king county across the nation and generally speaking frankly in terms of the residential sector kova did not have a dramatic impact most of us hunkered down at home so uh we stayed there and we’re thankful of having homes we’ll talk a little bit about some of the longer term impacts for king county though it meant that we had to quickly shift to a virtual environment and and go from serving people uh face to face to serving people virtually like you are right now now we’re still there to help people you can access our virtual services either by phone calling 206 29 67 300 or you can mail us at assessor info dot info kingcounty.gov uh you can go to the king county website and find us uh we’re at the front of the alphabet uh if you’re interested in senior property tax relief and i’ll talk more about that in just a minute we have a website dedicated to that called taxrelief.kingcounty.gov and in particular for those exemptions if you have questions around them you can call 296 hurricane priming 206 296-3920 or email us at exemptions.assessments king county in particular call one of those two numbers either the 7300 number or the 3920 number if you have a question where it is more complex and you need help from a staff what you’re seeing on the screen right now is we just moved this week in fact to our new home uh at 201 south jackson street down in pioneer square so we have left the confines of the diamond window building it was always easy to tell people where you were you were in the diamond window building but i think the county has other plans for that perhaps frankly to demolish it when you reach a point where you have to buy elevator parts on ebay you probably probably have a sense that that building has reached its life cycle the senior exemption i want to touch on for a moment in part because this is a very significant change that was put into effect last year we went down to olympia and lobbied for a change to the senior exemption law that’s been on the books historically what it has been is you have to be the owner occupant in age 61 and older but the income level had been stuck for years at forty thousand dollars total household income across the entire state of washington so whether you lived here in king county or perhaps you lived in wakayakum or skamania county it was still forty thousand dollars and we all know that the cost of living in other counties around the state are dramatically different than what they are here in king county so we got the the law passed for the first time ever indexed that household income to the average median income of each county so that took in king county the forty thousand dollar level and raised it up to fifty eight thousand four hundred and twenty three dollars that means thousands more folks are potentially eligible for this and for people in duvall and elsewhere around the county can mean some real savings and i’ll show you here what that can mean now this is for a typical home at six hundred thousand dollars if you’re receiving the full exemption which is at about the forty thousand dollar household exemption income level we’re talking about more than a forty three hundred dollar savings on your tax bill right off the top it’s not a lien it’s not something you gotta pay back later it’s forty three hundred bucks off the top and in your pocket a partial exemption which is about 47 000 these days is still 3 400 and even if you’re up at that 58 000 level it could mean a savings on that 600 000 home of twenty six hundred dollars almost twenty seven hundred dollars a year so you can see we’re talking about if you will real money here real savings to homeowners to help them stay in home agent home and have hopefully a healthier golden years with them now it’s important to know you need to be either 61 or if you qualify under social security disability or veterans disability at up to 80 disability you can still qualify regardless of your age but i urge people to think about you might have residents in your community that apply could apply for this urge them to think about it and apply talk a little bit about globally what’s happened to king county taxes this past year county-wide taxes were up a little over four percent um tax revenues even in the wake of the pandemic were up 256 million dollars local property taxes right now are 6.6 billion dollars and those go to schools communities like duvall king county the ports fire districts and that but way to note king county by itself provides roughly 47 of the state’s property tax revenues the next closest county is our neighbor to the north snohomish at about 22 percent so you can see king county is truly the economic engine that drives the state and drives revenue for state and local governments now what happened to duvall is your taxes went up a little bit about 1.5 percent on the typical home or about 89 bucks for for the year now next year um i warn you to kind of fasten your seat belts we’re seeing significant double-digit increases in much of the county now just because values go up doesn’t necessarily mean your taxes will go up as much this past year in communities like duvall largely why it went up is there was a major uh harborview seismic retrofit bond issue on the ballot that was vital to keeping the region’s number one trauma center uh up and running even a disaster now in terms of where do your property tax dollars go you know you all know it and i hope the public knows king county doesn’t get it all we farm it all all over the place and here’s where we send it to uh you you can see 57 of your property tax dollar goes for k-12 education that’s local schools the state school part 1 levy and the state school part two levy then you can see about 17 percent goes to king county cities get about 15 percent the port gets a percent fire districts get three uh other taxing districts get about two percent those include such things as on vashon island they have a cemetery district so who said the dead don’t count um and then you can see libraries such as the king county library system get about two percent and sound transit gets another two percent so that gives you an idea of where that tax dollar is going each year um now what we’re seeing in residential values right now is frankly largely driven by very strong demand and very scarce inventory and in the age-old laws of supply and demand that means prices are headed upward in some parts of the southeastern portion of the county they’re going up anywhere from uh 18 to 23 percent in a single year uh it slows a little bit frankly as you get north and get into some older more established communities but a lot of it is driven by affordability although for example uh the soma mission issaquah areas are red-hot right now and and they’re going up we expect that to continue for the next couple years because of an imbalance between supply and demand also what we have seen in the pandemic is a lot of folks that have lived in the city that have decided to buy a home outside the city and places like dewalt are extremely attractive to them because if you can now work from home you can probably work from your home in duvall and still be able to get your work done at microsoft or google or amazon and that so we’re seeing that kind of a trend the trickier trend for us is frankly what’s happening in the commercial sector especially uh in the seattle core and the the core question is how many people will be coming back to the office uh we don’t have a good gauge on that quite frankly because it’s sort of all over the map some employers are getting ready to come back fairly soon perhaps as early as when the governor has declared the opening up of the state again june 30 we’ll see some come back but what we’ve also seen in downtown seattle is a couple factors that cast a cloud over what will happen to commercial values over the next couple years one is as i mentioned how many people will come back and that’s important because in seattle and in some other communities i suspect to some extent even into all it’s important to have that street traffic to have people in those small offices or that that are out and about during the day stopping in to grab a bite to eat heading into the ace hardware store to get something things like that in downtown seattle that’s just not happening right now and the great problem for seattle that it’s wrestling with right now is frankly one of perception both locally but perhaps more importantly nationally conventions are a vital part of the downtown seattle economic mix and we’re up until the pandemic and conventions will come back but the challenge is that conventions generally book out three to five years ahead of time so it’s very slippery right now on how many conventions in these next couple years will decide to come back to seattle that will determine in part what will be the value of the hotels and of some of the commercial downtown office space that’s downtown so that’s kind of the world we’re looking at i’d be happy to take any questions and i’m going to stop sharing my screen so i can take a look at you all and you can take a look at me so i’ll i’ll kick it off mr wilson um please call me john we’re in a formal meeting mr wilson always makes me look for my dad um so obviously you know duval duval property um assessments have gone up just significantly i think uh you know for example my home is over 130 000 a year um and there’s definitely uh you when you look at our discussion boards throughout the snoqualmie valley there’s a real misperception about um that that assessment equals significantly higher taxes would you mind touching on that a little bit so that we can further share this video with the community and give them help them get a little bit better understanding of how this works sure mayor um well first and foremost is to recognize washington is what is called a budget-based property tax system uh the the best analogy kind of is is you know if if three of you went out to dinner and had a hundred dollar total tab it would cost each of you about 33 bucks but if you had four of you that went out it wouldn’t cost you a hundred and thirty three dollars if that still was a hundred dollar tab it would cost each of you 25.The same holds true kind of of higher values don’t necessarily mean higher taxes because rates float to level out um there are also some cases where actually as new bonds are issued or or measures come to the ballot they will actually be for a lower military for example a couple of years ago it was about two years ago there was a renewal bond on for the county’s automatic fingerprint identification system passing that actually meant you were reducing your taxes not increasing them because the millage rate was lower than it had previously been so so there’s that factor we also hear mayor from scores of people around the county these days uh at almost all points on the on the income spectrum a concern about the increasing bite of property taxes and of lovely young daughters like you have um and uh you know one of the things we are working on uh with other assessors around the state right now is to try to put together a legislation that would create what most states call a homestead exemption what we would call a homeowner relief act where if you are the owner occupant of the home we would figure out a formula by which we would reduce your property taxes by either a certain percentage or a certain dollar amount now there there is the potential that there is a shift so that cities and fire districts and such don’t lose funds but that shift could be covered either by a special housing affordability fund that the legislature has been looking at or in other cases potentially a shift to higher-end homeowners and uh commercial property owners uh across the state you know one of the things we saw during the pandemic is that there were clearly certain businesses that did very well during the pandemic you know there is a rut in my sidewalk from where the man from from that company with the smiley face uh has come almost daily for the last year um they’ve done okay so have do-it-yourself stores big box hardware stores grocery stores and and that so the pandemic has not necessarily been a financial disaster for some now for a lot of small businesses though especially in a community like potentially duvall it’s been pretty tough and and so we want to be careful that we do something that tries to help as many people as possible and that but that’s what we’re trying to do to ease some of the pressure of the property tax on homeowners in communities like duvall thank you very much um councilmember naplan has a question yeah just to follow up on the question that mayor oakerlander had my concern is that since we are budget based levy based and how you divvy up that pie is your proportionate share based on your uh assessed value now if city of duvall homes are going up at a faster rate than other communities like let’s say city of seattle their commercial and residential just stagnate that means that our piece of the pie ends up getting bigger and we have to pay more of the budget um compared to other areas and so i mean that’s a concern my neighborhood i mean houses are suddenly selling for close to a million dollars and i i it’s just blowing my mind i we’re just it was shocking all due respect councilmember that’s not quite how it actually works actually your value keeps going up what happens is your tax rates drop and and that so you’re not necessarily spending a lot more now if what you have and this has been one of the confusing things i think for taxpayers is that when the legislature four years ago put in the so-called mccleary solution the part two education levy that you saw in the chart i showed you was tied to a specific millage rate that meant that if indeed values did go up so did your taxes equivalently but generally speaking if values go up it doesn’t automatically mean that that in addition that roughly 40 percent of what you pay your property taxes on are voter approved uh ballot measures um whether it’s harborview or best starts for kids that’ll be back on the ballot this year sound transit in some areas i don’t think actually duvall was in the sound transit um area so you’re not charged for that and you know frankly one of the things we did for example when sound transit ahead of the property tax is we meticulously went through our maps in some cases we divided buildings on whether you were more in the sound transit area or not and if you were more outside the area we said both you’re not going to have to vote on it but you’re also not going to get taxed on it uh and that so we try to be mindful of that but i i hear you you know the the challenge is right now that probably 95 of the real estate sales in king county now are going on a bidding proposal and what we’re seeing all too common is that the jump from the asking price is is 5 to twenty percent higher than the asking price so it is not unusual to see a house that will jump suddenly by fifty thousand to two hundred and two hundred and fifty thousand dollars over what the asking price was and i can’t do anything about that that’s the market at play i think you might have misunderstood um my what i was asking so i’ll just give you a super simple scenario city of seattle the house value is ten dollars it stagnates stay at ten dollars my house was ten dollars so if we had to divvy up you know a hundred dollars worth of budget levy we would split at 50 50.I’d pay half big pay house their house stays at 10 mine goes up to 20 now i’m paying two-thirds of the levy budget and they’re only paying a third because my house went up faster than seattle so that’s the scenario i’m talking about that if some of these outlying areas are um appraising for so much more and rising in value at a higher at a faster pace than seattle that might stagnate that shifts some of the burden am i do you see where i’m going i i i hear you but respectfully that’s not how it works um and and and that that and also frankly seattle is not stagnant it is still increasing too it is not increasing at the rate that some suburban communities are i i will readily acknowledge that but right now we’re looking at in seattle probably anywhere from a nine to twelve percent increase on a significantly higher median value than you have in duvall so it isn’t necessarily one hundred dollars in both parties uh and that um but your concern about the impact of that is a legitimate one in that one of the problems that happened with the way the legislature implemented mccleary was more to what you’re bringing up council member is is that it ended up with communities like the vault but also like seattle paying more for state schools to fund state schools for the rest of the state and i think that was a mistaken approach okay i’ll maybe follow up with you afterwards because i i want to make sure i understand how it works thank you for the answer any other council members with questions for mr wilson councilmember langle a you’re on mute council member i got to do this quick because my ipad battery wants to be recharged but anyway i’m really glad you brought up voter approved initiatives and i worked on on the public policy side a number of them and honestly internally in those discussions we used to joke there isn’t an initiative that isn’t liked you know i mean it started with the oh it’s a cup of coffee kind of thing you know that was always the analogy and many of the things are very important so it’s not to say they’re not but i liked it i’m just just giving feedback i really liked it when king in the assessor’s office did two things number one they started breaking out things on uh the tax insert that made it clear to people you’re voting for this stuff so if you don’t like your taxes you have a choice and i think that was really good education um and people just have to decide how much can they afford uh for whether it’s government or services or whatever and um this i hope i’m not losing my train of thought because i’m worried about my power here but um the other thing that i really like that king county did is a few years back you implemented a really terrific analytical uh process to assess neighborhoods and anybody that has ever looked at those neighborhood profiles and the methodology that you use should be very impressed and i’ve used it um in work that i’ve done and i wanted to give you that feedback and it it’s it’s very it’s very detailed methodology and i have found it to be um pretty reflective of neighborhoods that i’ve either lived in and a bunch that i’ve worked in so i wanted to acknowledge those uh give those two pieces of feedback well thank you very much best of luck with your ipad uh battery i’ve had that my problem myself i i think one of the things you’re kind of touching on one of the things we implemented that i i thought only made common sense because i i shared the frustration that that when things came on the ballot they were referred to either as how many lattes they were or how many pizzas and and you got your tax bill you found uh some sticker shock and you found that apparently you were buying 167 lattes a month and man were you calculated um so we introduced the taxpayer transparency tool now we had a little grumbling from um one small island jurisdiction between bellevue and seattle that didn’t like it too much but once they kind of got the hang of it and recognized that i wasn’t going to say sure we’ll just waive it for you um they’ve learned to live with it and that uh yeah you know uh also complimentary i i i hear what you’re saying you know i i will tell people from time to time that that when it comes to property taxes in seattle they have sort of the will rogers approach they’ve never met one they didn’t like um you know that’s that’s a challenge uh in part because what seattle did that you folks haven’t done that most communities have not done is shift so many of the sort of popular things like libraries and transportation and and that to voter approved measures rather than funding them out of your existing uh you know general fund budget so that that’s a significant difference and that you know council member in apple and that’s one of the problems that seattle has compared to you is is that the way they’ve used the property tax system uh has created a a disbalance but i i i will just say um for for a shameless paid political announcement well it’s not political but it is a shameless paid announcement um i’m very proud of our team we have repeatedly been recognized by the international association of assessing officers as one of the outstanding jurisdictions in the united states for property tax assessment and we work each year to frankly try to get a little better and we’re working again this year to do that because you know we want to make sure you pay what you should but you don’t pay up any more than you ought to and that’s kind of the motto by which we try to run the operation can i add one more thing that i’ve heard uh this is when i i’m retired now what i what i heard and i won’t say which city of seattle department or anything like that but i called it their attention something that was broken or very worn down and i actually was told well some of that is purposeful because they knew that voters wanted it and they would vote for it and it gave them an opportunity to shift the burden and i was i mean i’ve worked on general obligation bonds multiple levies i have to say that it was my retirement job i knew i was out the door but i was shocked and i think that if if duval had reaches a point where it needs additional money from its taxpayers i hope that’s not our attitude because i was shocked and it was really yeah that’s it i i i hear you and i’ve i’ve been in some similar discussions where it kind of takes your breath away yep any other council members have questions for our assessor all right well cnn thank you so much for the presentation and the information mr wilson it’s always appreciated um especially in times like now where we’re seeing such rapid uh housing price increases uh with the lack of housing um and how that you know that sticker shock is just definitely a big thing for everyone and we always appreciate your time coming to explain things and simple terms and the work that you do to make sure folks have access to the education to understand what they’re paying and how to pay less so thank you very much um oops it looks like we did have one more question uh did i miss council member nikki yes i apologize so councilman i just want to make a comment that i really appreciated the consideration for seniors and how there is mitigation regarding what to do for those who have limited income when they’re seniors in retirement and how you folks are looking at addressing those issues so i appreciate that well thank you very much i i mean um you know i have literally had seniors in my office in tears uh over the last couple years with what was happening and so we were really determined to to do something um you know it’s brutal when you see uh folks that have owned a home for 30 40 years and they probably paid the mortgage off long long ago and now they have a property tax bill that is staggering to them and we’re a better community than to be taxing people out of their homes so we’ll hope one final true confession though um don’t ever hire me to do a crystal ball act because when when we passed the the revised law through the legislature with the leadership of senator dingra we figured we’d get a little bit of a bump in the number of applications we got it turned out last year we had more than a 300 percent increase in the number of applications we got so we’re still frankly working through last year’s backlog as fast as we can but combined with covet a computer glitch and it’s just an unprecedented response but we’ve worked hard and we’ve worked with king county treasury to make sure no one’s financially penalized because we didn’t get their exemption as fast as they could but councilman remember thank you very much for for that um it means a lot to all of us on our team to serve seniors as well as we can well thank you and i think we all look forward to hopefully seeing you in person um sometime this fall uh hopefully at another regional networking event or something of that effect and start to get that face time back so i would love to thank you for your time take care everybody have a good evening and moving on to a presentation on the big rock ball field feasibility study we have uh mr greg knaplin the president of the snow valley north little league um mr naplan you’re unmute oh hello everybody thank you for the introduction mayor i’m excited to be here tonight is uh everybody steve steve had the see if i guess you have the presentation there so i don’t know how you guys want to move forward it’s a little bit of a dual a dual uh presentation tonight i feel like matt foley and the nsls get downstairs drinking coffee all night so hopefully i don’t break a chair for those who have seen that skit so appreciate everyone’s time steve do you want to fire up the the presentation for us there you go cool um i thought it’d be helpful to give a little background as it relates to this discussion tonight um i’m excited for this opportunity it has been a long going uh it’s been a long process for me personally i took over as president three years ago and it was pretty obvious um what some of the needs of the community were going to be as president of little league and so and you know i went on this pursuit of of solving the problem of fields and so i hated seeing all of our kids drive to other parks and not enough fields to really supply the the demand in our community so i’m excited to see this and i’m excited for this you know potential joint partnership between a 501c3 the city and the county come together this really is a community-based effort that i’m pursuing upon uh i’m in i’m building a consortium that’s going to represent much of the community it’s going to represent all four sports leagues and their needs uh with the community um in addition this important resource of expanding big rock is an important piece as it relates to less travel outside of duvall the benefit you know some of the benefits to small businesses by bringing other people into our community keeping kids active um and then obviously um we we personally from a lily perspective changed our partners so we had to reduce travel and this is another piece to solving that issue for our kids driving down 202 and 203 so steve you can go to the next one if you wouldn’t mind so three years ago as i reference uh i uh my wife had said i should go to this meeting down in fall city of the parks group and down there was a guy named butch lovelace and tj davis in the parks group and they gave a presentation on future grants that were available and so i went down to that meeting three years ago thinking to myself like how do i solve some of these problems of our fields and so i listened to their presentation and shortly thereafter i actually applied for a grant didn’t get it but my goal was to build some relationships there within king county parks and so i started that pursuit i think i called butch lovelace probably three times a week for several months bugging him to come see me and discussing some of the issues we had in our community with fields and so by example the time was duvall park being a king county park and being the only king county park in duval and i looked at that part going how in this world is this gonna solve the problems we have and so i kept bugging him i kept bugging him and finally he said okay greg i got it i got it i got it it’s an issue how about if tj davis drives out and meets you at duval park so tj davis came out twice and we met at duval park and we looked at it together and i’m like what what are you going to do with this park like what what can be done and so we wracked our brains and so um we kind of we kind of laughed at like what really can be done they looked at the floodplain and all the issues around duvall park and what could be done and so he invited me down to king county and so i would go down to king county and we’d look at these overlays between duvall and carnation going where could we put if this duval park doesn’t work is there any other spot that could work and so we did this several times and so we kind of pinpointed some locations where’s our flat piece of land and king and king county really is looking for an oasis to serve our community because they realize how underserved it is when it comes to parks and so we quickly you know on that overview looked at well what about the the land adjoining the big rock and so i started talking to um the acquisition teams at king county and they they started looking at like hey this is a possibility maybe the county could could acquire this land and at the same time we came together with the city and so we had two different meetings within the city of duvall discussing you know can we look at joint partnerships and this is where the cpg came to came to light uh these cpg agreements and so the county loves to do things like this and they gave me many examples of you should do the same thing we did at ravensdale and the same thing we did at petrovisky and the same thing we did at preston where you bring a non-profit together with the city and the county and you see all the benefits of the three people working together because you’re hearing the voice of the community with the 501c3 and you’re seeing the benefits of you know the partnership with a non-profit and its ability to move a little more nimble within processes with the city and county and so for those of you that aren’t familiar with the cpg grant um maybe take a look at this slide where again it’s bringing together the king county contributes to the use of land and capital improvement grants for successful partnership proposals the community partners contribute view the necessary additional capital and other pieces hold on there steve yeah to come together to develop and acquire land for the community so if you take a look at their site this hyperlink in the bottom it shows several projects she shows 50 of them of these similar agreements where three people come together non-profit city and county so um what i wanted to touch on next real quick was kind of the needs in our community which maybe moved to the next slide if you don’t mind steve so if we look at our community in general here are the four local user groups that are utilizing the fields which are on the right so we have close to 1400 different kids involved in our leagues so you look at us we’re close to 500 kids 42 teams you got junior red wolves four to five teams 120 players um you got the soccer leagues which is enormous right you have 1500 players throughout their system but um i think individually steve correct me if i’m wrong there’s 350 players in duvall 110 players incarnation um you got cedarcrest lacrosse which is growing incredibly they would love to expand i’ll let them speak to that but they they’re struggling with that out of worry of how where would they play um and then obviously you’ve got some other systems lake washington premier soccer which is 13 teams 250 plus players so all these teams are playing on the fields to the right so you got big rock one two and three um where there’s a little bit of multi-sport usage in them you’ve got tolt mcdonald one and two which are baseball fields only with a little bit of expansion in the outfield mariner field which is a baseball only field um the rsd fields the elementaries cherry valley elementary you got duvall park which is i put it up there because of the name but no one uses that park right now and then you’ve got the redmond ridge which honestly the soccer teams are using a little bit but we’re not able to use because of the demands up on the ridge so um to give you some additional perspective i wanted to give you guys some aerials of the parks i’m talking about so again we’re talking about that proposed site south i guess you’d call it southeast of big rock that we’re discussing tonight and then obviously another overview of the parks here on the left a big rock in the usage we’re talking about obviously as you probably know one is the closest to me on the upper top left slide two is in the middle and then three is the dirt filled on the bottom so next slide um again here’s some ariel so here are the issues we’re facing is all this is all league speaking so you got told mcdonald park which honestly the outfields on the right are treacherous if you’ve gone out there with your kids they’re treacherous there’s a lot of turned ankles and concerns a lot of times the county rains those fields out at eight in the morning they clean them they chalk them and then at eight in the morning they decide you can’t play there so we deal with a lot of issues where we can’t even use the parks so it’s really an unusable king county park we just played there recently a few weeks ago and it was miserable um the park on the left similar the mariner park is on a little better fee condition but the outfield again is quite treacherous um by the way these are drone shots that were shot a few years ago by me so ha ha let’s see you want to go to the next one steve for me um so here’s duval park um as you guys know it sits on a 100 year floodplain it’s not really a usable option for anybody right now there’s player safety concerns um you know there’s really no utilities obviously water sewer power difficult access to 203.If you look on the left of that slide there’s some little closer in shots of just all the issues related to that park look at the backstop with the crack in the middle um it’s just not a usable park i think there’s other uses for it if you look at the next slide um i think it gives you a great overview of it it really is an ideal spot for a pump track i sit on that save or snow quality committee too and the discussion came about a bridge to the trail on your left there and a bridge to downtown to help our vendors you know in in town i think it’s a great location for something like that if you look at the overview of it for other things being closer to our downtown core which all the expansion as you guys all know is happening makes this so unusable is the peel is the field damaged from flooding or what yeah it will it sits in the hundred year floodplain but if it just if you look at about second base towards the trail it half the time it feels like quicksand when you play on that park it’s just it’s mushy and unusable and plus the county just has not taken care of any piece of that park as it relates but yeah that area right there thing steve those are all it’s just a mushy mess in fact i think soccer recently said we can’t do it anymore due to the condition of the outfield so it’s a treacherous environment for kids in my opinion so we quit playing there several years ago i see thanks good question so uh let me maybe go to the next one steve for me if you wouldn’t mind so again here’s the here’s the rsd fields um the school district we’re continuing trying to work on our partnership with them currently we’re using the elementaries these are really in fact mayor oakland was probably there tonight watching her watching her her son play um it’s not ideal um but for those smaller kids you know it doesn’t cost the leagues much money but the conditions of the older just aren’t ideal and again this is not multi-sport and so we’re looking at um ideally we’d like multi-sport parks for all those four to five leagues i pointed to at the beginning of the presentation um but honestly they just aren’t there’s only a couple a lot of these are baseball only and the condition of the baseball is pretty poor i think i got another slide or so on visual so craig i will say that stillwater is in much better shape than cherry valley yeah yeah absolutely definitely far fewer holes for the kids to fall into um at the younger age than there are in cherry valley yeah no it’s a very good point absolutely absolutely definitely so if you look at um i think this would help just our vision of potentially what could be um as it relates so you look at redmond ridge right it really mirrors big rock field three if you ask me in my opinion what could be happened by a turf infield and the use of that field they’ve done a tremendous job up there at redmond ridge but again i think this is something to be considered at the existing park for just some continued improvement and renovation possibilities to our existing um park mold and then a few there’s a few more slides coming up next so again i think this is a pretty cool cross section of what could be potentially of that field in my mind of the adjoining facility you know uh ribbon ridge made uh a regulation soccer field there and then in the corners you have baseball diamonds um and then obviously i mean obviously this would have been a pretty cool sight for the existing park um but this is kind of a cool idea or concept for what could be um with the new property that was purchased by by the city recently and then um what’s next there’s steve my next slide so again i was hoping to give you kind of a general idea of the needs that we’re seeing so i’m reflecting back to my discussions with the county so they started three years ago and so i really oh my gosh i’m not exaggerating i bugged them weekly and then i met with uh um king county council member lambert who obviously granted us some relief from a little league perspective this year for covid relief super nice of her to do that for us to help us get keep kids active but before covet hit they had us first in line for for some grants to be distributed and so i involved steve in the city in these discussions prior to covid covet hit and then um we weren’t sure what was going to happen after that levy passed of the 700 million dollars to the county um because we really were looking at we were gonna get awarded some money to potentially do something and at the time we were gonna acquire some land and try to do something joint um the exciting piece is you guys bought the land so that solved one of our issues and so um the next phase of this really is coming together as the the county awarded me in our non-profit 25 000 to look at feasibility and to look what could be on a property of our of our choosing so the next piece of that property really the next the next stage of that process really is um is looking to hire a landscape architect to move to the next phase as it relates to the next phasing grant is the end of summer um beginning of fall the county is going to open up another grant for acquisition and development or development or acquisition there’s three phases to it it’s acquisition and development there’s a development piece and then there’s an acquisition piece there’s three different types of grants available so within that grant um ideally i would love to partner with the city and use this twenty five thousand dollars to take a look at the property and see what could be done there for site opportunities desired park program you look at just some conceptual designs to give us an idea what could be in that on that property for a potential you know public review and feedback um for that property and so um there’s a lot of grants coming in addition to this but the next grant will be open at the end of summer or fall there’s going to be a letter of intent that we’ll be doing the fall so we really have a a tight time frame as it relates to um the next phase to get this letter intent completed by um by this partnership we would do together as it relates so um that grant is probably gonna range between 500k and 1.5 million um there’s some other grants sitting out there available um there’s an rco grant of 300k sitting out there there’s some local parks and matching grants the land and water grants some other youth sports grants so you know the exciting pieces i mean if you know this was to work out i could see something happening in the next three years it would be pretty pretty cool for a pretty cool resource for a community to have together so um again steven if you want to go through the rejected tasks as it relates to this discussion we’ve had it’s when you why you cut what you talked to this sure uh good evening everyone steve chesky public works so yes we have been working on quite a few things in the background here a lot of legwork has happened by little league um and staff and you know of course conversations with the mayor but the real the mean of the matter is you know it’s introduced you know where greg is who he is now what he’s been working on um you know moving forward it would be best to create an agreement we’ve spoken to legal on this that way greg could sit at the table on procurement with us and we we figure you know following our processes even though greg has much relaxed pathways forward on the on their own with the king county funds which is amazing it’s never i’ve never seen like it but if we were to hire just using our processes greg can still contract um with you know the qualified landscape architect we could do interviews um find a candidate move forward and implement this preliminary design work on community engagement with the consultant you know and then i think creating three park options and after hearing you know public input is something that would be uh you know a simple task for somebody who does this routinely and then coming in you know and updating the council along the way and the image on the right the magenta line is the setback from the buffer that is recommended and required of our code we did have that reviewed and final memo from esa our environmental consultant those were the uh the lines of uh buffer offset based on the off-site wetlands so you can see we certainly can’t do three fields here but have enough space for a couple fields paths that whatever else you know we haven’t really visioned this so visioning it early put something on paper because i think even councilmember mchenry in our committee meeting you know the first image people usually see is something becomes their expectation moving forward so it’s tough to put something out there that really wasn’t now of course dimensionally you know you you’re not making engineering plans but figuring out you know what a general multi-use field fits how much space it needs in general what a ball field fits and maybe um that greg and i talked to maybe you know the next step isn’t uh and i think the committee uh supported this or actually even thought of it maybe the next step isn’t field development maybe it’s acquisition of another parcel i mean we don’t know and until we hear what the community needs and then see what can fit on on the piece of land that exists uh you know we can we can move forward when we know a little more we just we don’t know a lot and we don’t know the community’s vision too so we need to hear from them and then see what we can put on paper there is a sliver parcel adjacent so it’s a couple acres even though the home is on a larger piece that that property owner owns two pieces and then you know we we have other parcel potentially undeveloped on the north side of big rock so again i don’t know what you know consultants can dream it all up our community can can help us dream it up envision it so that’s it’s kind of where we all are on this um time frame wise you know we could come back with an agreement if this was generally supported between us and little league for for greg’s involvement as well as the city’s share and partner and then you know put it to council and move forward as swiftly as you know you folks think this could go so just to add steve um just a sad i’ve got the i’ve got um each sports league president has agreed has agreed to jump in with us on this pursuit it’s not just a little league thing we use the county needed a 501 c 3 to grant this to someone and so that’s why you utilize the use is ours so that’s kind of the first step in our process so um i do have before we get to general questions i do have a quick clarification question regarding the next phase of grant funding um the next phase for example for that 500 to 1.5 million that’s an annual grant cycle correct um so that’s something that happens each year um because what i’m concerned about is um the timeline staffing capacity the ability to have a community connected you know have community involvement after the feasibility study um in making a parks plan before moving forward with accused with acquisition and development um you know i think that everybody knows that i think pretty much council supports developing this park um but making sure that we have full community involvement and do it well and do it right is i think really important to everyone as well um so i just want to make that quick clarification on that one and then council um who has questioned anyone have any questions for mr naplan uh councilmember langell and then councilmember bridnicki um yeah i have a a question and then i guess a comment first question is when i took a look at the grant application or the you know the materials that you shared with all of us my take away from that is um whether it’s a landscape architect or whatever i can appreciate that requirement is is it’s it’s really a the emphasis really is on conceptual and community discussion that’s that’s what i took away from looking at those materials and i have been involved in parks development as a non-profit working with a parks department and i um i and in that case the nonprofit brought the resources to different very large um pieces of money to the parks department and in when we did the second grant application it it truly was conceptual i mean it was sort of this yes the field conditions it was a piece of property i wouldn’t call it a field like a baseball but the piece of property um yeah we knew what the dimensions were and things like that but it was we kept it pretty high level because um that is what was needed for the next piece it wasn’t expected that everything would be down in concrete and um so that’s kind of the way i read your grant i i guess i am less i mean i think having a relationship with the city absolutely essential it’s our piece of property but more importantly you want to develop the partnership so am i understanding the grant correctly i mean we’re not diving into the deep detail with that grant 25 000 wouldn’t let you do that and do a lot of community outreach so first question is am i understanding the grant correctly yes completely 100 i couldn’t agree more with you it’s a conceptual view of what we could do there and if it’s an ideal site for it’s a flat piece of property and i mean i obviously i’m representing the sports leagues right i’m trying to keep kids active and it’s community-based you know little league is a community-based event it’s not a select event everyone’s involved and open to that partnership so to your point yeah you’re exactly 100 percent right totally agree with you okay and then the second part to to uh to kind of engage here in a bit of in a discussion with our mayor is that um i think that the goal of the initial community outreach is underscore the word initial because as we do development there’s going to be value in ongoing community involvement and having that ongoing community involvement allows to bring the community along with the technical information and my experience my worry about the grant cycle is a little bit the opposite of yours which is that um you go in there you keep yourself visible it’s a it’s a prospecting prospecting meaning you’re out there looking right and so i don’t think as long as we are only working with a conceptual you know the bubble diagram with some very basic uh information i’m not concerned about uh going into the next grant cycle i’m i’m more worried about not going into the next grand cycle even if all we ask for in the next grant cycle is you know less than a half a million dollars um it just keeps the project on the profile you know in in profile with the grant makers and um it and and for that second piece absolutely we have to have you know much more formalized um relationship with this you know between the nonprofit and the city and i’ve seen that if that is not there then it just it absolutely gets more messy as you go um anyway those are my comments i i’ve been you know non-profit connections and partnerships with cities and counties have become that’s an institutionalized approach now it’s been going on for decades and um so yeah that’s it can i add one last thing um to your point is that as far as concerns over staff time that so the consultant would actually help write the grant for us um and do actually some additional seeking out of other grants and we would and we as a non-profit would pay all fees so i think that cost of the city would be you know minimal if not zero obviously didn’t the baseball league like contribute 50 grand or something to big rock before we did correct we did yeah i mean you know any time that we’re working on a project that involves the city there is staff time involved um i mean even if you have a consultant outside so we know that there’s already been a lot of work to i’m not saying that that’s a bad thing it’s just an acknowledgement of what it takes to get this work done so um council member nikki hi thank you for all your work um so i have a few questions um first off that would be a huge project for sure and i know when we worked on the ball fields it took years to get to the point where we planned and put the money in and built it and then what i’ve discovered over the years with parks is that the community has really nothing’s really changed we’ve done a lot of surveys but throughout the years when we talk about parks there’s a lot of different ideas in the community about what parks means to the community and we now have our ball fields and such so what i’d like to know going forward if if you’re open to the idea of besides just sports i know you represent that but because the community had other ideas about what they want in their parks if that’s if that’s going to be something that we talk about for such a big project i really feel more comfortable when the community has input into what they want to do with their their monies out there so that was one thing because there may be a lot of support for sports but there might be some other things like walking trails and the other thing in that area is parking and some of the other type of park features that people in the community have brought forward that they have wanted that we have not really invested in yet the other thing i’m also concerned about when we talk about building a big project like this which we have with the big rock ball fields is then again really assessing the maintenance cost because when we are developing even a strip of land with a walkway we get really concerned even about the grass and mowing the grass and all that that gets to be quite a conversation so to maintain sports fields i know is from watching all these years what it cost to maintain them can be pretty pricey so those are the two questions and i guess being open to other ideas for the 10 acres is it are we open to other ideas and are we going to invite the community to talk about it i get the impression we’re trying to push something through and i don’t feel comfortable pushing something through although i do love uh public you know the the partnerships with the county and stuff when it works out but um i just want to make sure the community has some sort of say in input into what happens out there do you want me you want me to answer that question or is it the council question you may yes yeah sure okay so i guess i would answer it this way um so the cpg that’s what the cpg is so if you want to utilize the funds by the county it is related to recreational sports usage of fields it’s nothing but that um within that zone obviously there’s a public format to it where we could add as many passive zones as possible to your point and they’re great points and like i would love to add trails in other pieces unrelated to the sports fields so families can go there and hang out and do other things related it’s not just about sports but sports does a lot of really good things and so uh we would add as much as that as we possibly could to that site and steve could probably speak to some of those wetland areas that might be great spots for things as you kind of had mentioned honestly and so um i would answer it probably that way but to utilize the cpg grants moving forward including the 25 000 i have it really is related to that that’s what the county wanted the use of it and i don’t think i could i don’t think they would allow me to do anything outside of that honestly as relates to the award of that so so i think if if i may step in i think what council member ninky was getting at is that um feasibility is great but um there are lots of community desires for that property and so i think what she’s talking about is um making sure that outside of this feasibility process that when the city is planning since its city property is planning the long-term use of that park that the entire community is involved and that is outside obviously of what your cpg grant does but making sure that there’s a parallel process there to ensure that a project isn’t pushed through just because grant money’s there but because the community has been involved and engaged and agreed that that’s the direction to move forward is did i capture that correctly council member nikki okay excuse me that’s an important piece that’s actually important piece of the process that in the in the in the plan is is community involvement community there’s actually that’s a piece that we’re actually paying for as it relates to that study is is community involvement community feedback to that point that’s actually a big piece of it that’s a part of that yeah that makes sense henry yeah so i just wanted to clarify or restate some of the things i’ve said before um and i think that director thomas would have some great insight into the some of the things i’m about to say with parks um you know i always think back to when i’ve come to the parks meetings that some of the developers in duvall have hosted for the community and i think about how they don’t just have a meeting with a bunch of blank paper and pencils they have renderings they have feasibility and if i recall one developer had multiple meetings so you know the community was able to give some feedback and then at the next meeting well we’ve kind of updated or here’s what we’re seeing um or maybe i’m mixing up two meetings but i guess my point is i see the value in having a feasibility and you guys know how important community involvement is to me i don’t see this in the same way i guess i see this as a conversation starter not a here’s what we should do with this park i think for the community to have this conversation and i see them getting involved all throughout the process not just at one point in time i see this as a valuable tool to start a conversation so if i can look at a picture and say whoa we could squeeze uh you know three fields on there we don’t want to do that but we could and that gives you a better idea of what else you can do okay so maybe we want one field and then we want this other thing here i just think that i see the value in starting somewhere and i don’t see that as a roadblock to community involvement or input i see multiple groups in the community that are going to want to stay in different aspects of this property and going back to something director leneszewski said too about property acquisition i mean that was a big thing that we talked about in committee is um you know what are the possibilities in this area you know before we go making a plan is it possible to acquire anything else or is there anything available so i mean we just want to see this as one big plan i guess i didn’t see this process as rushing rather just trying to use grant money before it expires but not like we’re pushing it toward an end goal of needing to be decided when this happens it’s just to me it’s a conversation starter and i don’t know if that matches up with what little league is feeling as well but um that’s what i saw this whole thing as um councilmember ninki has another question or comment um does anyone else have any uh questions or comments at this point mayor protem remington and then council member shaffer and i will get back to you council member nikki that’s right first i just wanted to thank you greg one for your commitment to the community um my grandkids are growing up and but to watch so many of the youngsters in our community especially with covid uh having opportunities with our great fields um i also think there’s uh besides the personal involvement of our community there’s a real economic impact uh most of those little league groups go out for ice cream at cc’s or pizza downtown or the family goes out to grab a quick bite you know and so it’s real the cities that have a sports complex uh bringing a lot of folks from outside that uh get to know the community so so thank you for your work um i i too uh similar to uh councilmember mchenry see this is a jumping off point for us um i i have the same concerns as uh council member brunicki that we really involve our community and and not just look at the sports aspect but i see that as part of this process this is a great place for us to get some ideas what could you do there’s certainly enough property to do multiple things with with it and i’m always looking ahead and even having an opportunity to go after that other grant in other words come up with a plan with our community and go after one of these other grants to acquisition you know additional properties uh i’ve always imagined if we could buy the property on the east end that would link to baton rouge we’d have quite a complex up with with great access so i i see this as very positive uh certainly i’m just one council member but i would really encourage our city at this point to work out an agreement with you let’s move forward with that grant so we can take advantage like councilmember mchenry said this is just a very high level overview we don’t have architectural drawings it’s just a plan to take to the community and say here’s some options and then get their feedback and use community feedback to really guide her next steps um so i personally just thank you and and again i i would uh in fact encourage other council members to consider that we direct the city to go ahead and work on an agreement with the little league and utilize that grant to come up with ideas uh thank you mayor thank you mayor pretend councilmember shaffer yeah well mike very elegantly said uh most of what i want to say more eloquently than i probably would have uh but anyway my my uh remaining question is what’s the next step uh assuming we agree we do want to take advantage of this near-term grant with all the qualifications that we’ve talked about today what do we need to do next and steve or greg i guess i’m addressing this question to either one of you i think mr flemishes the best to answer that sure thank you so we do have our steam legal counsel in the bottom right hand corner of my screen he and i did converse about this and a resolution basically kind of stepping us through um just a formal partnership recognizing little league as the owner of the grant like recognizing the city as the owner of the property recognizing our processes to just stay on the up and up with our community and it’s i won’t call it a simple resolution but it is it seems to be a fairly simple resolution obviously greg has a little league board he’s got to get on board and and we have you as counselors so um daniel hasn’t chimed in but that was our discussion uh as as we had in the past on this so trying to figure it out i think there’s a good path forward daniel did i hit it on the head yes i saw the thumbs up um councilmember nikki and then councilmember lingle okay so i don’t want to be a debbie downer okay but i think what i’m struggling with here is the the financial aspect of it all because i recall and i worked on way back when on the ball fields and at some point in time and i recall thinking couldn’t figure out what it was going to be maintaining those fields and this is really for a question probably for steve but i’m probably something to share with the council and so at some point we all had to make that decision and say okay taxpayers of duvall you’re going to have to pay for the maintenance of those fields and we we had to do that and so then we are doing improvements in our city and we’re really drilling down and trying to really figure out can we pay for mowing of grass plantings landscaping and so when i think of 10 acres and a ball field again or sports complex again you know it kind of sets my hair on fire because all i can think is will we be coming back to the community again and say hey we did all this and it’s going to cost us money to maintain it um and so that’s why i think public process is so important in this uh and and i understand launching off ideas are great i just want to make sure that the public is well aware and they have a voice and they understand the path we are going down where we’re going because when we did the other ball fields we had the the groups come to us and say we need a ball field we can’t play on these other fields and that moved through and so it it moved through fairly quickly as i recall and and then here we have these wonderful fields yes but we have to pay to maintain them and that’s not something that um we just you know have magical money and it it’s very expensive and at some point we have to replace those fields and so i just want to be very aware of that huge cost and to be aware of what you know the public needs to know you can have these wonderful things you will have to pay for them and be very transparent about that and that’s why i think like not just sports and all that but if the public says they want because you know when we do those surveys oh there’s a lot of things people say they’re always the same things that swimming pool is always on there you know um they always say the same things of what they want it hasn’t changed in over 10 years that i’ve looked at the surveys but um to meet that you always have to think okay they want x y z and how do we do that and stay within our budget and you know i always think can we do it without having to raise taxes or go out to get some sort of legislation passed so that that income can funnel to those things and and that’s the thing that i’m concerned about um i don’t want to kill an idea and i don’t want to be a downer on idea i think ideas are great and i support that i just want to make sure that it goes through a process where the public’s fully aware and that those who want other things can come in and if the if the grant allows us to explore beyond ball fields and supports that and we have a process that gives the community enough time to absorb and understand what the investment is you know that’s great that’s that’s just i think i was sticker shocked from the last big investment we did so i’m i’m just bringing that forward okay councilman bernanke you bring up some really good points um and i think this might be a little bit different this one than the first phase i would say right is that you didn’t involve a a cpg type agreement where you that’s the reason the county wanted us involved worse for issues like you brought up which are great points so if you look at like petrovisky ravensdale and even redmond ridge up on the hill their partner is a non-profit and so the non-profit actually puts money into their funds each year related to maintenance the 10-year maintenance of turf and so i’ve already talked to their presidents about this point is that we should add pieces to our registration pieces to private money funding you know funding private whether it’s through registration whether it’s through private donors on this project for the long-term maintenance of the fields so we would be a partner to you and that in that concern that you brought up which is a really important point i thought about that really earning the process is like gosh this sounds really cool but how are we going to afford it how are we going to deal with maintenance how are we going to go this or that so your points are very you know well taken and and you know we’ve been discussing how do we deal with that and the county has given us many examples of how we would you know deal with with that concern all right thank you thank you councilman mango if it’s okay council member hogue hasn’t spoken yet um so if it’s okay with you i’ll let her speak first and then come back oh yeah thank you mayor so um i guess before i say what i’m going to say i do want to mention that my kids are very active in sports they were in lacrosse soccer softball you know and it was endless so i’m very supportive of this type of a thing but i also remember feeling very shocked when i found out that the turf costs a million dollars to replace every 10 years i just i had no idea so i guess i i feel the need for more information as well like council member nikki but thank you that’s it thank you councilmember um councilmember lingle and then councilmember napland well i always like to try to find a way to sort of bring concepts together and um what i’ve seen in the past is you have this sort of as uh council member mchenry said you have sort of this this initial step and i don’t have to go back to describing it because others have described it just fine and then a second grant application might not be some half a million dollar application right i i’m reflecting back on the the grant evolution for main street then the next piece is another level of feasibility and we’re getting more in depth and in the second grant application maybe that’s where we really look at the nuts and bolts of cost because that could be a decider of how much we do and what it includes right and so it it could be that we are really we start to really think about this project in stages and that way we are never biting off you know more than we feel comfortable with and in an agreement if you know what we could do is start with a mini agreement and then you know keep thinking about as the concept is community shaped um you know have it very clear in any approval of council that we’re going to be doing subsequent feasibility around the costs before we get in over our head so we could do some very basic uh steps as we move through this but that’s what happened with main street you know the the city got an initial grant it was very you know minimal really it was to take a concept and develop it a little further and then there were extra planning pieces and it seems like something this big probably would have that too mayor does that kind of touch a little bit on your concern that we not get too far ahead of ourselves it does um and i think it all ties in with um things that councilman mchenry and brett nicky have said as well um you know to be clear i’m i’m a little league mom um you know proud point of privilege my son got the game all tonight he had a he belted one out into the outfield um but you know recognizing that um you know that we have eight thousand residents that we represent uh we also have a lot of folks out in the unincorporated king county um that will utilize our fields as well um in you know looking at our long-term um feasibility i mean i am personally thrilled to hear that um there is discussion about the long-term maintenance um and partnerships for funding turf um one of the concerns of you know in the long-term process and this is getting a little under the weeds right now that i would have is making sure um that there’s guardrails in place because if something happens with leagues and they choose not to or cannot keep up with their obligation whose responsibility is it down the line um so just you know there’s tightening things up if we get to that point uh but yes councilmember lingo i think you um addressed part of those and i um you know i’m in concurrence with councilmember britnicki as well and i think you know personally i think you know going forth with the the feasibility is a good idea just as long as the guardrails are clear on what the steps are in the process and making sure we don’t get too far ahead before we have all the data necessary and community feedback um councilmember napland i’ll just keep this really quick it is just the first step it’s a feasibility study everything we get through this feasibility study could be used even if we decide to throw out having a field entirely the information would be helpful for whatever we end up citing at the park so i just wanted to add that in there um the other thing i wanted to mention is i’ve been to a lot of different parks my favorite ones were were parks that had lots of different amenities when my oldest was playing select and traveling to different parks i had a two three-year-old and if all there was at the park was ball fields it was terrible i love parks that have lots of different options for different um stages of life and so i i hope that that is part of the plan and i i think that greg also feels the same way that those are the best parks where there are other options as well and so i imagine as part of the feasibility study it would be looking at how how else could you supplement the ball fields um to create a welcoming environment for even those who aren’t in organized sports so um anyway i’m in support of this i think we should move it forward and the information will be useful no matter what we end up doing all right council member nikki i just wanted i just wanted to say to council member lingle’s point is that when we did main street we had a committee there was absolutely no decision or direction made except to improve it and that’s what i’m asking for is that if you’re going to take a 10 acre piece of land then there was no decision made about main street except to improve it no one knew and the committee was made up of people throughout the whole community members who sat on there was about 14 people and so with that property to be vetted and how it’s going to be used the kind of input i’m looking for is that kind of representation from the communities what i was saying so if the grant allows to have that kind of expanse of review for the property then that would be great but if it’s solely focused only on sports fields that presents a little concern for me only because there are lots of folks in our community who want other things and so i’m just speaking on behalf of their consideration thank you and i think i think what we have here is consensus to move forward with a resolution for the feasibility and i think that it is very reasonable to include concerns in the resolution so it sets that baseline for what we’re looking for as a city as a whole to kind of set that baseline for what we would expect for any future processes involving analysis of the property um if i’m hearing that incorrectly please speak up but it sounds like we’ve got relatively clear direction on that mr leniszewski yes thank you mayor so the little league has 25 grand we can move forward with the resolution place expectations within it i won’t use the word concerns just set expectations um and i think really once we can interview someone and start that process assuming the resolutions uh copacetic with all um we’ll understand the cons the cost more because we won’t bid on costs we’ll look for calls qualifications on this and then you know all the work falls within 25k grade it’s it’s the league and their support and our support working together if it’s more we’ll let you know if it’s less we’ll let you know but i do think we can also incorporate some of those preliminary high level numbers on field like you know we got bubble cloud kind of stuff not baselines and and you know all the details so i think i think we can get there and and we can have a little m o uh informational on it as well maintenance and operations for those you know knowing those concerns of what it is going to take to to manage another facility economy is a skill having one facility there but absolutely there’s still more work when you have another facility and more replacement costs so i think we can greg and i could probably meet with uh some folks and explain and the good news is they can watch this too right 8 30 to 9 12.Here we go this is what our community’s you know thought on this project is so i think we can provide that all right thank you councilmember mchenry just to follow up on what councilmember brunicki you know was talking about and i know we’re all wanting community involvement in this but i think the specific concern if i’m hearing it correctly is about getting some more input earlier before possibly even the feasibility and i don’t know is it possible to do a broad community survey or would it be i mean i i almost hesitate because i would it be too much i mean too many different options or is it possible to try and solicit community feedback early on bef you know at kind of parallel to this process of going through and selecting someone and that’s certainly something i would volunteer to help with but um it was just something i thought of to try and help appease that to get some early input let’s make it be clear that we don’t know what we’re gonna do yet and we’re just trying to get some early feedback and then you know there might be more surveys down the line as we start to focus in a little more on what is possible or do you think and then this is the director lenoschewski do you think it’s better to wait until after an initial feasibility study to do the first community survey or involvement of some kind you know i think that’s a great idea and i think of course a professional is going to advise us on national standards on population surrounding areas and and what we should expect to build as a community for sports and other activities and yeah i i think everything everybody’s wanted besides a pool i tell my kids all the time we’re not getting the pool i’ve got to be the one to tell them they nag me to death and then we talk about operations costs i lose them and they wander away so so not let alone i don’t even get to insurance so um you know what comments will come but i think hopefully more you know direct comments on that property and what you know people could see there would would come from that survey and yeah surveys are very easy unfortunately there was you know the side effect is weeding through data so it’s a great time to have community open house it’s virtual we probably could get more people to attend a you know a virtual open house and maybe a meeting on site so i mean i think 25k can go a long way with the consultant getting us pretty pretty relevant information and again some preliminary layouts that we can take forward you know to obviously this group to move forward on the next step of expenditure and grant applications but you know the community and visioning and doing something with the piece of property we just obtained as the parks plan says right it’s there for a reason so yeah i think that could be a really um great way to show you know our intention of involving the community every step of the way and an early point and that we are interested in looking at all possibilities for this park thank you councilmember mchenry all right um well thank you mr naplan for coming and presenting um appreciate again the partnership with the other non-profits and uh to council member henry’s point looking at this in a holistic view and um starting to get a long-term plan for that park development going um so thank you so much for attending tonight we do have um several items of other business um to continue on tonight and just to let folks know um we may have uh you know we’re at 9 15.So um we will uh likely need to extend our meeting but i’ll try and get through us through a couple more items before we get to that point uh so we do our first item of new business is agenda bill 21-49 adjust the ft allocation for the public works engineering intern from 0.1 to 0.25 with a budget amendment for the 2021 and 2022 budget years for discussion and or decision but mr oleniczewski uh good evening again mayor and council steve leniszewski public works so we always apologize when we don’t have pertinent and accurate information not only in our budget but in our council packet um but it was quite honestly unbeknownst to me that when we budgeted for an intern that it didn’t mean you know full-time because we’ve got way a ton of work so we were pretty excited and then i was going through the paperwork and came in the realization that that was for a half time so my ask is is for a full-time intern we had over 40 candidates um actually a handful from duvall and cedar crest that are qualified that made the that made you know the the application and the top candidate is from cedar crest and is uh effectively a junior over there at byu because of running start so with that said the packet was prepared we put numbers in there for you um we did to discuss this at our um pro works committee and one note of interest council mchenry wanted to share comparables like hey if you’re going to do work that others could do that we’re going to pay consultants for that might be a good number to share so we did put that in there the gis work we still need to do can cost us consultant dollars or we can have the intern assist us which is part of the deal the only bad thing and i’m going to share my screen twice i’m going to share it once with what’s in the packet and you can see the budget dollars here um this column of numbers and the second thing i have to share is an edit were not 100 accurate based on hourly wage which was 24 and change but on the assumption of hours so the 19 and 60 request which included 10 900 of budgeted is not exactly accurate so dana pointed that out to me just a bit ago so i’m going to share an updated redlined version so we were off by about twelve hundred and eighty dollars per fund which increased this by whatever my number was from 19060 to 22 900.With that said i’m certainly able to resend a document another point of order that my esteemed finance director shared is we have had three other savings that are unbeknownst to any map provided here the assistant engineer has not yet been promoted so that is a 4 800 current dollars savings we delayed the hiring of two maintenance workers just because it was budgeted for january 2021 and they were enacted and hired and started in april that saved 20 grand and then rearranging public works last year or beginning of this year to take a pub works maintenance convert it to a parks and had a bunch of other shifts happening which saved 52 000 over the biennium so 77 380 saved by am but the number provided in your packet was off um by the amount of the difference between two thousand nine hundred minus nineteen thousand sixty so that is my edit and error and then my ask is for support of an engineering intern um councilmember lingle um i just wanted to jump in here real quick i support this agenda bill and i especially like the write-up that showed the comparison against consulting contracts uh since this has been a subject i’ve brought up before so um and uh that’s that’s all i have to say about it and if other council members concur and i i know i’m really asserting myself here but you know if a decision is not made tonight i mean and people are inclined then it could go on the consent agenda as far as i was concerned because obviously i’ve already said i support it thank you councilmember naplan i just want to say i’m thrilled with this idea i’m glad it’s gone through the public works committee and had a closer look but um i one of my summer jobs in high school i was an intern at the forest service and i digitized aerial maps of trees and you know it was a great experience for me and i i hope i provided a good good work for the forest service it was a lot of fun but um i think this is great and in the end i i believe it will save us money because we need to get that work done is it that act evolve um getting some of that put in i see a head shaking yeah we bought that a long time ago and you know we’re paying every year for it and we got to get that going i mean it’s a waste to have it if we don’t put the data in it so the sooner the better yeah we do use it we do tickets we do uh it is used for work tracking it is fully implemented for water system we are working on storm drain and transpo is about done with sewer they’ve actually finished collecting data at the treatment plant on every item in this plant pump motor solenoid it’s the guy was here for you know a better part of a week tagging every asset upstairs downstairs left and right so yes that’s awesome that’s really good to hear um so i think um i’ll be presumptuous at this point and um ask council are there any objections to this change at this point not seeing any so then i will ask cancel um for the sake of expediency if you are interested in entertaining suspending your rules to approve this this evening and if so i’d be happy to entertain a motion here i move that we suspend our rules in section 5.6 requiring additional review and finalize this item at this meeting second all right any discussion seeing none all those in favor suspending the rules please say aye aye aye aye all those opposed please say no motion passes and with that uh would someone like to make a motion on the agenda bill i move we approve agenda bill 21-49a adjusting the fte allocation for the public works engineering intern from 0.1 to 0.25 with a budget amendment for the 2021-2022 budget years second we have a motion by councilmember mchenry in a second by councilmember naplan any further discussion seeing none all those in favor please say i i all those opposed please say no motion passes thank you for that folks that’ll be very helpful the public works department moving on to agenda bill 21-50 a approve and authorize the mayor to sign amendment number 16 with john galt for hearing examiner services through december 31st 2021 this is a first touch you’re welcome to make a decision if you choose tonight and i will let ms thomas director of community development take it away evening mayor and council this evening we have a contract extension for professional services with john galt our hearing examiner holds public hearings for our land use projects and renders decisions the hearing examiner also hears appeals for civil infractions penalties fines and orders for the police department as well and uh staff will be seeking a new service contract with a hearing examiner this summer through a competitive process i can take any questions if there aren’t any oh councilmember naplan oh i was on the next agenda item sorry i got all right um so if there aren’t any objections this is another one um that would be uh very appropriate to suspend the rules and move forward this evening if you so desire mayor per tim mayor i recommend the council suspend our three touch role uh in preparation for approving this this evening second mchenry okay we have a motion by mayor pro tem remington and the second by council member mchenry to suspend the rules any discussion seeing none all those in favor please say aye aye those opposed please say no motion passes and now i’d be happy to entertain a motion on agenda bill 21-50 oh go ahead thank you mayor uh i recommend council approve agenda bill 21-50 a approving and authorizing the mayor to sign amendment number 16 with john galt for hearing examiner services through december 31st 2021 second brett nikki we have a motion by mayor pro tem remington and is second by council member bernicki to approve agenda bill ab21-50a all those in favor please say aye aye sorry all those opposed please say no motion passes thank you very much for that quick approval um moving on to another hopefully quick approval agenda bill 21-51-a approve and authorize the mayor to sign amendment number three with aim to please for january services through december 31st 2021 for discussion and or decision ms wyckoff parent council jody wyckoff city clerk before you this evening is amendment number three with aim to please for janitorial services for the city of duval this would extend the contract through the end of the year the plan is to use the new procurement policy as soon as approved to acquire a new service or a new contract i should say that would begin january 1 2022 and i am here to entertain any questions councilmember naplan sorry about that my dog and cat kept going in and out it was very distracting um so i just had a question i noticed there’s some buildings on the list that we aren’t using or maybe not using in the full capacity that we have in the past are we modifying our yes i see head nods and yeah so you’ll you’ll notice that we didn’t ask for as much in this amendment as we did in the previous amendment and that is because we have realized some cost savings because we are not having the rec center and the depot building cleaned on a regular basis um and so there’s kind of us an offset with the disinfecting service that we had to add with kobit but um again hopefully very soon we will be able to lighten that up a little bit as well okay that was my other question is that i wasn’t quite sure exactly what the recommendation was on how often you have to disinfect we’ve been doing it weekly for the staffed buildings but that may change soon with new cdc guidelines uh yet to be determined on it okay thanks and see no questions if council would like to again suspect rules uh we’d be happy to entertain a motion otherwise we can are also happy to put out in the consent agenda at the next meeting i’d like these suspicions mike remington sit back all right we have a motion by council member hoag and a second by council member remington to suspend the rules um all those in favor please say aye aye aye aye all those opposed please say no motion passes and with that do we have a motion on the underlying bill i’d like to move that we approve gender bill 21-51 a mike remington second right we have a motion by council member hoag a second by mayor pro tem remington although uh if you should check any further discussion on this item seeing none all those in favor please say aye aye all those opposed please say no motion passes um and now we are at 9 29 um so we will need a motion to extend our meeting past 9 30.I mean we extend our meeting past 9 30. i suck at that all right we have a motion by councilman henry a second by council member shaffer to extend our meeting past 9 30. any discussion seeing none all those in favor please say aye aye all those opposed please say no motion passes and with that we will move on to agenda bill 21-52 a administrative assistant one for the clerk’s office um and this is for discussion um of course you always have the option if you’re interested moving forward tonight otherwise we can uh extend it to the next meeting and it’ll be mr cotton and ms wykoff and just a real quick introduction on this one this is a position um that is funded in the 2022 portion of the budget and really is uh bringing back a position that was eliminated years ago so mr cotton and ms wyckoff please take it away you’re on mute brian thank you mayor members of the city council um my name is ryan cotton interim city administrator and i’ve been asked to look at this and be part of this agenda process um uh we will defer here to city clerk shortly for some detail but i do want you to see how it’s being perceived this as was identified was a former position that the city had something i have observed is that duvall is heavy on projects tasks and somewhat lighter on administrative support than one would expect given that workload so my primary uh goal here to say is that the idea is to have more ability to delegate some of the activity and for example the city clerk become third on the phones instead of second right now which would allow more effort associated with higher level tasks especially contract management and some other of those backlogged projects that that’s and the goal is to do what is in the budget for january but begin earlier and that’s important because it is hard to match find and match the right people for the right jobs in this current economic climate so it doesn’t hurt to get started early maybe this will be filled august first maybe we’ll need to work harder and it might be september 1st but in in any event the sooner we get started the bet more likely it is we’ll find that right match and we’ll be able to accomplish the various needs one of those needs is succession planning we do not have a deputy clerk uh now i don’t know i think we the last one was the city clerk before she was promoted it’s important that succession planning be a key element of all of our proactive thinking and the idea that the idea of hiring someone who is early in their career but with an interest and capability of going way beyond that entry-level position to potentially be groomed as a deputy city clerk is in the back of our minds i and with that i will conclude by sharing my screen and showing you the um the dollars oh where’d it go that’s not what i expected to see uh let me look again here now so i’m sharing my screen right and this is not what i want to share with you it’s not sharing yet oh well that’s good let me just refer you to page 41 of the agenda which one are you trying to show i can share my screen ryan yeah page 41 of the agenda which i thought was right at my fingertips is it the agenda bill itself the agenda bill well the whole city council agenda it’s the starts with the extra cost and it shows the various salary options based on steps okay here it comes and if you scroll down i think it’s scrolling down yep all right right there so the step one is thirteen thousand uh thirteen dollars and seventy four cents and that is what’s in the budget for january um looking at that of course we all know that mcdonald’s is hiring at higher than that we also know the minimum wage is not too far different from that i think it’s 20 cents less it’s being recommended that city council consider authorization to hire at step 4 17 and 51 cents per hour for contacts that’s the number that i hired a similar position for 16 years ago in a location that had probably a third of the cost of living of this area right now um that annualized would be thirty six thousand four hundred and twenty dollars that is definitely an entry level position uh in what i know um but yet there would be some hope since it’s at the top of the or closer that the person would would grow faster and that would give us the opportunity to to recruit better last thing i’ll say is for comparison i went on duval washington facebook today just to become acquainted with what’s being said and the first thing i saw was an advertisement from flex jobs i did not recognize the individual’s name but he was advertising for people to do entry-level work data entry uh accounting entry level uh receptionist interleu city or clerk type duties and he was offering 25 per hour with no experience needed to work for flex jobs so that seemed like an interesting comparison that that signifies that 17.51 is definitely not too high with that i’ll turn it over to the city clerk to explain more about the need for this in terms of accomplishing goals for the residents and for the city council thank you mr cotton uh for the record jody wyckoff city clerk i’m gonna stop sharing my screen really quick so i can see everybody’s beautiful face um so i i got into a lot of detail on the agenda bill to explain kind of the why are we asking for this now um the finance and administration department uh as a whole including the clerk’s office has done kind of a restructure this year um this biennium and the last phase of that is hiring this admin one position we just recently promoted sherry james the admin 2 up to an admin 3 and she’s dabbling in her new tasks however the fact that she is still on the front line doing the admin one position duties um is preventing her from being able to really get into the meat of those new tasks and create new processes our main goal is to create processes and efficiencies that will affect the entire city and as mr cotton mentioned one of those being contract uh coordination so once a contract is approved by council the the sherry would then be in charge of making sure that that gets routed and recorded with the county if it needs to be and filed correctly and and keep up on it so that we don’t miss uh deadlines of getting those contracts renewed and if it requires an rfp process making sure that the project manager knows that it’s coming up um so we’re hoping that that and the new hr admin style of duties that she will be doing will also be creating additionally additional efficiencies for the city um we’re just being siloed physically being decentralized with all of all of our functions and such is really starting to play uh it’s it’s playing a toll on us as far as being able to function uh as efficiently and effectively as we should be able to and we’re hoping that by taking and adding this admin one position we will be able to take some of that uh basic clerical duties off of sherry’s plate she’ll be able to take on more duties and be my backup more so that i can then also do some of the more the larger lifts that i’ve been trying to get to so um i didn’t know if council had any questions that was just kind of a really high level quick touch on on why we are asking for this to happen now um as mr cotton mentioned the very earliest we can foresee this being hired would be the first week of august um and that’s if we got lots of good responses in the first run had the most amazing applicant ever and they said yes to our first offer and passed the background in in you know a matter of days so that that’s that’s a pipe dream in my in my view as far as the timeline but the very earliest we would anticipate this person starting would be the first week of august and i’m here to answer questions all right um councilmember naplan and then council member schaefer yeah i was just looking at the salary schedule for this and i i was thinking that the steps looked really big and um i thought we were going to make an effort to sort of regulate the step increases so for example from step three to four it’s a 13 13.4 increase and from four to five it’s 11.5 percent increase you add cola those are huge increases each year and i think that there was uh going to be an attempt when we did our salary survey to normalize that to have a more consistent step increase because that creates just a huge range between starting and top step and we’re trying to get away from that and so i don’t know if anyone else is already in uh this admin one position but perhaps before we hire someone we could fix that the last person to be in the admin one position right here yeah and i was hired 20 years and two weeks ago so um this this band is going to be looked at during the compensation study and we do anticipate that with council’s approval it will likely be adjusted and i’m sure those step those spaces between steps will also be adjusted i i guess it’s almost almost a 50 increase in salary in just a couple years so it just seems a lot i’m just concerned that we shouldn’t hire someone into a salary schedule that is is very odd um and not something we would want to continue because it could create i would think councilmember naplan i just want to um to share on that is that um we intentionally chose not to put spa staff time and looking at comparables and adjusting the the um pay scale prior to um the salary study unless council asked us to um again you know this this scale has not been looked at in 20 years but um it’s still step four is still a very low starting wage for the role itself uh by the time somebody gets in uh chances are we’ll be well into that salary survey some data will be coming out and that will be changed and more likely than not um a new salary scale would put that person at a higher rate to begin with later on as we get that work done so this is a very low wage to start we could have staff go back and do comparables and look at it um but i don’t know that it’s a good use of staff time when we have the salary and compensation study coming forth in the near term councilmember lingle um just two points number one i’m not surprised that we are looking at hiring this position sooner than later um no surprise at all to me at all um number two um i think the 17 what is it 1754 or whatever it was i think it will be a low number um to hire someone and um i just think that’s what it is i mean minimum wage i will double check this in my brain but i’m pretty sure minimum wage in king county is 15 bucks an hour and so uh i know in seattle it is and so i think you’re i think we’ll see the need to actually have a higher hourly rate council member shaffer and then council member redneck regardless of pay scale uh let’s see first of all i i completely support the need for another administrative assistant i completely support the higher uh step uh wage as well i think uh we you know we’re we’d be doing ourselves a disservice to uh hire anybody uh that doesn’t have a competitive wage uh and uh council members lingle’s concern is uh is i think well voiced uh i’m not even sure step four is uh is high enough but that’s not my question so my question is uh if we go to the table up above uh the uh amendment needed totals uh 44 000 i i don’t understand where that 44 000 comes from because you know obviously down below the difference between step one and step four is around eight thousand dollars uh can jody maybe you can explain that to me i’m actually gonna let the finance director explain the numbers because she she whipped these up for me so okay evening council dana mason finance director that is actually including the benefits in a position where that’s uh this low in wage benefits are almost the same amount as the salary each year and we budget for all new positions at full benefits assuming that they have a spouse independence okay okay good so that would be the delta then would be uh thirty thirty six thousand four benefits is that is that right approximately for just five months of the year for august so this the amendment needed is just for the five months of 2021.Okay and that and so this 44 000 includes the additional salary which are which is approximately eight thousand dollars between step one and step four and then also five months worth of benefits is that right yeah yes so it includes the increase in salary the five months of salary and five months of benefits okay and five months of salary not a full year of salary okay yes okay um good good yeah that’s a little bit higher than i would have expected for benefits but you you know much better than i so thanks so thanks for the clarification council member red nicky so um i have i have had a reality check when i’m doing my hiring and i can’t hire anybody for 17 whatever and change not even a student in high school because i compete with starbucks and they pay more than that so that’s one thing but the other thing is is this are we thinking long term for this position um is this a short term because long term if we’re going to make some sort of investment we i think we have to think about that when we look at that wage and what the goal is for for hiring um but i would agree uh that that wage in our areas i i can’t hire anybody for that to do basic stuff i can kind of answer the the long-term goal question um so my long-term goal would be as mr cotton uh alluded to is to eventually find someone to uh become my deputy um my admin three um has expressed that you know as much as she is willing to to do the work needed um she is not interested um in taking the training necessary to become a certified municipal clerk um and and such so which i completely respect um she’s at that point in her career so what i’m hoping for is maybe to hire a rock star as an admin one and then eventually that person would would up to an admin two and then an admin three and eventually a deputy um or if they’re a super rock star maybe just jump one of those and go straight to a deputy um depending on what kind of training they would be taking um and then of course at that time whenever that may be five years ten years whatever it is we would have to probably backfill the admin one position again um but i’m assuming that by that time we would have the bandwidth you know within the budget to do so but long term right now what i’m looking for is just to create some space for all of us to be able to get some more work done and kind of shift the way that we are doing our work because um sometimes it feels very reactionary um and we really want to get to that point where we can be proactive and create those policies processes and functions that that will make all of our lives so much easier i hope that kind of answered your question thank you um council member mchenry yeah i just want to say that overall i support this and i definitely think getting started sooner rather than later is a good idea because it just seems like the job applicant pool and market right now is a little unpredictable i mean for some job listings you get an incredible amount of applicants and they’re all really well qualified and then some just don’t pan out so i think it’s good to get going on this because we don’t know how that’s going to work out um and in terms of you know some of the other points that have been brought up i think that you know if we look at you know how things happened in the police department with such a successful succession plan and talking about wanting to eventually train someone to become a deputy clerk i think it’s really important um to the city to really be thinking long term about those goals thank you um we i know council member natalin has another comment but we haven’t heard from councilmember ho did you have anything to add i don’t really have anything to add um i am in favor of this so um yeah so i don’t really have anything more to say thank you councilmember naplan oh i’m sorry councilmember remington we are mayor pretend we haven’t heard from you yet i just saw your hand so i want to get to everybody first before we go around a second i do support this as well when we’re talking about benefits and salary it’s really a package thing a lot of people come to cities that work in municipalities not just for the wage but they have excellent package benefits including health and retirement so it i i look at it that way i do fully support our interim study administrators uh desire to start at a higher step i try not to just lock it in at four sometimes when you’re trying to hire someone you realize you gotta have that extra flexibility to potentially go higher i don’t see this just as a opportunity to get somebody in the office to do additional work it really is supporting uh our city clerk’s position and she has one of the more complicated jobs uh dealing with everything from maintaining some of our databases and our public records she’s the closest we have is as a direct person supporting i work very closely with jody each work on her agendas lining folks up she’s the one that often calls and she’s sending out everything from links to zoom meetings getting them everything they need it’s it’s really a high level position many of the legal things that we deal with she’s the one keeping an eye on those reminding staff and getting things together so we don’t drop things so i see it as much a opportunity to give jodi wyckoff some assistance here so that she can really work on those higher level things so i and i would support trying to move it forward tonight if we can you know i’m not trying to belittle the amount of money it’s uh a lot of money overall but we’ve already approved it in the budget uh we’re just simply moving it up a few months early so that we can maintain uh this rapid pace of work we’re trying to keep up on thank you thank you mayor pretend and now back to councilmember napoli yeah i i just wanted to put this in perspective of our budget as a whole i know we’re looking at a budget amendment but um we are running a budget i believe on a deficit and we just approved a a union contract that had a much higher cost than was built into the budget so that is pushing us even more into a deficit we have this we’ve had a lot of other things we’ve talked about since the beginning of the year since our budget was approved that also require budget amendments and i think it might be wise to to look at the cumulative effect of all of these budget amendments um we also we haven’t even solved the police union contract and that could be another um pretty big hit to the general fund specifically so well i i know we’re all excited and we want to get the work done and it seems totally reasonable and needed um uh even a need needs to be weighed against what we can afford and uh that’s just my concern here and uh i don’t i it has this hasn’t gone through finance uh committee and you know we’ve been working on the procurement policy but i but i just wanted to bring that up and you know a lot of these other things have come through committee and and been weighed against other things but um anyway i just wanted to throw that out there i feel a little concerned that a lot of things that sound like a good idea cost money and we only have so much money thank you councilmember naplan um do you want to make a clarification um any deficit that we have as a result of putting money in savings we have record savings and record revenues for the city this year and just miss mason if she wants to point out when we look at our long-term revenue over the last five years it’s been nothing but continued to increase so you know yes there’s definitely always concern i think especially by administration in moving things forward and making them sustainable um at the same time we also have to recognize that the city has jobs to do and we they don’t have our staff doesn’t have a choice but to carry out those roles um as pointed out in the memo um this is a really big issue with staffing capacity and things falling through the cracks um we’ve been talking about you know just in general this challenge for a long time um and we wanted to move some of these things forward after a workload analysis but we’re at a breaking point where we can’t continue to wait on a lot of this stuff um so the points are well taken um but i i i also trust our finance director and in her assessments um that budget is available for these items um and uh definitely you know we wouldn’t have brought this forward if at right now if it wasn’t a critical dire need for the city to begin process of filling the role so i points well taken these are things that we evaluate every single day in administration councilmember lingle yeah well we all know my broken record message about um how we have some we got to start facing some things and it’s not going to be cheap what i would suggest here is we not voted i mean it’s for discussion purposes so if at the next meeting between now and the next meeting if director mason could take a look at the uh the budget impact of the union contract um and also the i’m i’m hoping that with respect to the mediation with the police that we’re really down to some fine points um if we can get a better handle on what that projected number might be it doesn’t have to be broken out just one big lump number so we can kind of get a gut feel about where we are on salary wages and benefits um and then i mean you’re gonna keep hearing it from me we have a small a administration not big a administration we have a small a administration challenge and we are not going to avoid uh it we’re not so um that might be a way for council member naplan and everyone else to kind of get a handle on where we are because we’re not at mid-year and we haven’t had a chance to really discuss our third our first quarter financial report so that could work for people to kind of get to the next meeting that would perhaps make people feel more informed i obviously i mean i vocalized my worry about uh jody’s um our city clerk’s workload many times so thank you councilmember lingle um mr cotton yeah i just would like to say that the mediation guy canceled that discussion this week and because of travel schedules of unrelated to duvall it’s been rescheduled for mid-june so uh unfortunately we won’t have any more data points on that but your your point is well taken all right um so council is being quite um after the discussion we did have um at least one that wanted to move it forward um now but it sounds like unless i have hear any other um any other objection we’ll move this to the next meeting um with councilmember lengle’s suggestions and oh councilmember shaffer you’re on mute council member there we go okay uh that not an objection but i guess a concern uh more for uh you know jody’s sake the longer we delay this longer that means she goes uh you know with the current uh current workload um i and with the mediation canceled and delayed um how long can we really let this go on and you know should we really actually uh i guess go ahead move it forward now i’m asking i guess the council’s opinion on this and then still uh ask uh director mason for an overall look at our budget you know soon as soon as we can get it and uh make sure that we are on track for not running a deficit thank you um councilmember shaffer brings up a good compromise um is there any interesting counsel with that i’m seeing at least two head nods um i’ve seen three head nuds um that makes four um so if council would like to make a motion to suspend the rules and move this forward this evening i would be happy to entertain that motion i move we suspend the rules second red nikki any discussion on suspension of the rules being done all those in favor please say aye all those opposed please say no no no motion passes uh now if anyone would like to make a motion on the underlying bill happy to entertain that now i’ll do that uh councilmember schaefer uh i move we pass uh ab21-51 a the authorized hiring administrative assistant one clerk office dan i think it’s 52a it is i’m sorry the actual i had the numbers on the agenda bills wrong for some reason i just noticed that um and then oh okay i didn’t read it wrong okay okay 52-8 thank you second read nikki we have a motion by councilmember schaefer and is second by council member benicki is there any further discussion mayor pro tem remington and then council member hogue thank you mayor one thing i’ve always tried to be careful of even though i’ve voiced it like to move this forward and i think there might be the votes to do it i always get concerned that we not rush things um i think that uh listening to councilmember naplin’s concerns uh wanting a little more data i’m never afraid of that well i i appreciate the intent here is to get support for our city clerk and more support for administration by the way i will comment what normally happens in cities is you get boots on the ground you provide people to mow lawns you take care of your water system those are hands-on and the last thing you get support in this administration and so i i think it really is critical at this point that we have it but i also just wanted to to support council members that still have questions to want to take a look at some additional data or to just have time to let this settle this is our first touch uh and uh i don’t see any harm in waiting a couple of weeks to to let it settle for folks let them ask questions um take a look at some additional data and then bring it back not because i don’t support this and you know i said i’d vote for it tonight but having said that i just have such deep respect for those that have questions and want some additional information and so i i would recommend at this point that uh not turning it down because we we don’t want to do it but just to give us that extra couple of weeks to be thoughtful uh and make sure that uh that everyone is comfortable with moving forward with a boat thank you all right uh councilmember lengle yeah i mean i think um i mean i know i’ve had a discussion with the mayor uh before that about my concern about jody’s workload or city clerk’s workload i am very concerned about it so asking for a little bit more information about where we are in the overall budget to me that’s fundamental to our role providing over you know overall oversight for where we’re going it’s i don’t want it to be interpreted as not understanding this specific need i just think we have to keep track of where we are and since they’re not looking to hire this tomorrow i don’t see why a couple weeks is a big deal quite honestly i i just think it gives us a little extra comfort that we know where we are and um that’s all i have to say all right um councilmember hogue you were had your hand up earlier you did so i actually i’m in agreement with councilmember remington and langle i um i do and i really respect councilmember naplan so i feel like it would be wise to just give us a couple weeks but i am in support of this agenda bill so but i’d like to hold off okay council member mchenry yeah i agree with council member hogue and all that’s been said i definitely support moving this word so it’s always kind of an awkward situation when you support it but you know many times in the past just to support each other if someone has more questions wants more time i definitely am okay with waiting a little bit all right mayor pretend remington and then uh councilmember schaefer oh well i i think there’s a trend here to say let’s take a little more time uh i appreciate uh council member schaefer wanting to move it forward to be efficient and and start that support sooner than later my suggestion uh to kind of move us forward is if uh councilmember schaefer still inclined to uh pull back his uh recommendation that we look at it now we just simply wait a couple weeks and put it on our next council agenda well as far as process we have a motion and as um a second on the floor um so we would need a motion to um jody correct me i it’s late i’m forgetting the correct motion i believe it would be a motion to postpone um to the next meeting is that correct i see mr kenny has popped on so the motion maker can withdraw a motion as long as the second uh concurs okay well in that case i the the discussion has been very convincing to me and i i completely support the idea of getting a better view of our of our finances uh my you know i i’m i’m pleased to hear we’re all concerned about jody’s workload we all want to support her and the uh and the administrative uh and the uh yeah anyway i will uh gladly withdraw the uh motion can i make a statement absolutely so in respect to the body here who would need more time to think i respect that and i would concur to the withdrawal i just would say that from my observation and why i supported moving forward is that it has been clear for a few years now that we would need this position so i just want to make that statement but i would concur them right all right thank you and then um just you know for the body’s sake um i would ask for grace and letting um since there is concurrence that this folks want this position to move forward and it sounds like there will be approval at the next meeting um just grace and allowing our staff to move forward with the process that they need to get the job description ready to go and hit the street the day after the next council meeting um because i don’t want her to have to wait another two weeks to start that process in earnest um and i’m seeing some head nods that it seems like folks are okay with that um you know this is critical um so um you know i i want her to be able to move forward as fast as she can even if we have to wait another two weeks for a final vote so unless there are no objections we’ll we’ll make sure that that happens internally all right so thank you and moving on to unfinished business agenda bill 21-45b short-term extension of on-call contracts for discussion mr leneszewski sure really quick i’m sorry but i believe that finance director mason had a quick follow-up question to make sure she knows what she’s doing yes buckley hi uh yeah i i just want some clarification if possible so would you like me to have to show the cumulative effect of all of the changes in salary on the budget or do you want the complete effect of all the budget changes that have happened this year um councilmember lingle uh you know for me i’m i mean for me i’m really looking for what i would describe is one number estimate which has to do with the estimate of the um the contract change the uh and and also of course um the impact associated with non-represented employees um our estimate of where the uh police negotiations uh are based on what we know now and you know if you have an any kind of gut add-on i think the last time there was um just a couple items outstanding of course they could go back through mediation but um i’m you know i’m looking for an aggregate number because we’ve never had that um council uh director mason and has you know chatted with me about it but i don’t know if everyone has that same information so i’m not looking for a massive piece of information at least i just think we have to know where we are on those big numbers that’s fair and there’s also cost savings and benefits from some employees and stuff like that so i’ll put that together i just need to know if the focus was just on salaries and benefits thank you that’s what i was asking for council member napoleon wayne may need more but that’s all i was asking for councilmember naplan i concur i mean those are ongoing costs and so those are the the trickiest to uh thank you um so uh ms mason the other thing that i would ask for as well is um a look at our revenues um based on you know combining what we ended last year ahead with um as well as what we know we’re already ahead based on projections and budgeted amount this year um because i think it’s very important to have the whole perspective um and perhaps send out some of the um financial reports that we have uh that show our trends over the last few years um to have that clear picture of where our revenue is actually headed because i think that’s very important if we’re looking at expenses in aggregate that we should also be looking at revenues in aggregate so thank you and we’ll again now go ahead and move on to agenda bill 21-45b short-term extension of on-call contracts mr lanizewski thank you mayor this is a an item that is just continuing to reside on the agenda we’ve spoken about it in committee and then i think we spoke about at council these are just the on-call contracts that it takes to you know run and support city staff in all facets of operations as well as some capital planning but for the most part it’s on-call operations uh they generally support all the utilities and then we look for grants and and try to sleep out stuff in the in the beginning and they get that’s what these are for they do expire june 31st as previously pushed forward from december of last year and again with the anticipation we would begin obtaining new uh consultants through a recognized process which everybody have learned of in detail tonight so that’s where we are the majority of those numbers to you can see sorry of the of them five are financially increased in requests and they are to facilitate continued development management and review which are paid back via development and we receive those funds to offset those costs miss councilmember schaefer yeah a question uh steve the the uh you just mentioned the uh uh cost offset due to uh pass through to the developer is that reflected in this in this table this this the table you have in here that uh each uh con that includes each consultant sorry steve you say no no it does not no it does not okay um and is there cost is you know after the pass-through amount is there still costs left over for the city making sure i’m unmuted still uh typically the ones that we are requesting the increase for do not uh have associated costs for the city now laura can maybe double check with me but um those are pretty much development related and we tried to keep it tight and i think i’ll i think alana twisted laura’s arm a little bit recognizing how busy development is as well as where we’ve been in years past on trying to squeak behind a contract and then coming you know at the 11th hour in you know november just to get through the end of the year with another contract amendment so to help answer that question councilmember schaefer there are some of our contracts for example our arborist services or our or our environmental services they’re not they’re substantially for development and pass through but we also need arborist services for just common residential projects or other things that we do that have to do with the tree policy and then an example for esa is they’re providing us our shoreline master program support we’re finishing that update and then they’re also going to be supporting us in looking at park opportunities so it’s not all pass-through but the majority of it is okay yeah that’s that’s very helpful good thank you thank you councilmember lingle um yeah i i think it might be helpful if the council members on the finance committee addressed this request because it is something we’ve discussed it’s also something as i mentioned earlier today we’ve provided to the directors um what’s called a bridge and in the uh in the policy that everybody likes paul’s bow there is discussion about what you do with a bridge um the the issue with this is not so much about how much you can build the issue really has to do with whether we have followed procurement law and um and i remember very clearly mr cotton saying uh what’s broken well we could spend a lot of time talking about that but what i would rather talk about is how we focus on essential services which is precisely what director thomas did tonight she identified an essential service she put it forward she had a justification for it and um what we have asked the directors to do is to identify their essential services focusing on what it takes to get our building permits and our inspections done which is much of this work and then others that are not absolutely critical starting those rfp processes and using some kind of a very abbreviated process um i think what is important for me personally for everyone to understand is that agenda bill 20 um 116 a that was passed in december that represents 1 million 190 000 in on-call consulting services so whether it’s billable or not it is procurement under law and um you know i’ve said it several times tonight we have a small a administration thing we’ve got to start talking about we are spending a tremendous amount of money on on-call contracts and um we need to get a handle on that so uh we need a place to start and i think kicking the can down the road for all of our contracts to the end of the year um speaking for me personally i don’t think that’s a good strategy so i would like to have our chair of our committee address this beyond anything i’ve said mayor trump remington well there’s two parts i think uh dot did a good job of explaining the uh one of the concerns the committee has looked at uh we’ve had a lot of contracts over time that uh some of them gone for well over 10 years where we just used the same one and i think we did that under our existing policies but we’ve recognized as we’ve done our research that you know the state law is pretty clear mrsc and their recommendations uh for policies and city procurement policies that you really need to to have a much stronger outreach and do it more often um you know whether that’s two three five years but certainly going over ten years using the same folks uh doesn’t show a real commitment to uh to that strong outreach now the other part of it and this is just really practical for all of us to consider is council key critical contracts that we need to operate the city in june 30th and i don’t think there’s any intent to somehow harm our daily operations by not continuing you know those those contracts that support our work so where are we at you know i think the challenge here is is trying to say hey we we do want to encourage moving forward one of the complications if you will is we don’t have a procurement in place so staff is pretty much trying to follow our current policy which is on the books but we recognize the other pieces that we know what our change is likely to look like and that’s going out for rfps so it’s a bit of a a dance here um no one wants to harm the city but the point that uh councilmember lango was making and i i think that remember naplan said at our last um committee meeting was you know we’re just looking for a commitment by the city a plan you know what’s the plan in place to move these forward uh can we go ahead and pick out those main contracts i uh or director thomas had said you know she has a few that she really they’re critical i think uh director leneszewski had 12 of contracts and of those seven were really critical is that something we can focus on and make sure that we get these approved now and then the others can can wait until we can go through that whole process we get the challenge you know doing rfps is a lot of work and i think you heard some of the background tonight doing those correctly is is just a challenge for staff and we’re short staff so you know my personal feeling on it is yes we need to to approve extending contracts but we also with that need to see a plan in place of how are we going to move forward to really meet the intent here to to go out and solicit other companies um so that that’s the balance i i don’t think there’s an easy answer my suggestion is you know before you know we run out of time here june 30th we need to uh extend some contracts but we also need to see a plan in place of how how do we start soliciting how do we get out and in what order are we going to start this process so it’s not easy it’s a challenge uh we we don’t want to overburden staff but we also i think as a council want to make well as a committee we’re trying to make you know a very strong point a very uncomfortable one at times that we need to see a process in place yes i think we can show there’s some responsibility that a lot of the things that we’re asking them to do go out and do more rfps isn’t part of our current policy but we’ve been working for a year on on a policy we know what it says we know what state law says and that’s a work in progress i told you earlier it’s draft work we’re doing that tough work uh to try to compromise and come up with something so that’s what each one of you individually has to decide on um and and so i you know i don’t know that i have an easy answer for it but i i think we have to be able to find the a path forward that addresses both and i i think that uh lit hearing from each of you if you’ve got questions um you know i could say this is a tough spot for staff they they’re just working every day trying to get the job done they need these contracts to do it but we also need to see a plan to how do we move forward from here so thank you is i’m going to pipe in here just a little bit and with all due respect staff brought up this exact challenge during the budgeting process last year council set a goal to have the policy done by march we’re in the middle of may and haven’t made much progress i know that um laura’s been able to work on some things i know that there’s steve’s been able to um you know i know that there’s some more work to on go but i don’t know that it’s fair to staff to ask for a plan before there’s a policy in place we don’t they can’t i don’t think it’s fair to ask staff to create procedures for something that’s been on the horizon for really over a year um that is nowhere near completion and i think that that’s i’m expressing a little frustration here in recognizing that every time we have a meeting regarding procurement it continues to push this exact work further back and put the time crunch on staff we all had been in agreement for this entire time in fact i was it was me an administration that brought procurement policy forth to begin with um and we’re we have to get something in place um and i don’t know that it’s necessarily fair to ask staff to create a plan when they don’t know what the policy is going to be um so i do have very big concerns about that especially as we’re talking a lot tonight about capacity and bandwidth um you know it is um it’s very very challenging for staff and and and when you look at the memo that i sent today most of the burden of all the additional work that’s coming to the city right now is the bulk of it is hitting public works public works needs a policy in place so they can create their procedures and move forward and i don’t know um i don’t at this point uh we’re going to be continuing to reduplicate efforts um we don’t know that going out for rfp is going to yield any different results um going out for rfp before having a policy i do have questions about that um and i i’m just very concerned at the direction or lack of progress moving forward um with with the policy and in enabling staff to get the work done that they need to get done um it’s no disrespect to the group and the body it’s challenging um but i think we’re on our fourth iteration of recommended policy and just you know a reminder of the group initially the procurement policy came forth um with a state auditor recommendation there was a policy that was recommended um the committee didn’t like like that policy and moved a different direction that’s that’s just fine but we’re well over a year into this process and on our fourth policy review and frankly our staff needs to be able to move forward with their work um and in particular where finances is concerned um the finance committee has other work that we’re going to have to be doing that has to be done before our next state audit and if we don’t get this move forward that’s another piece that’s going to fall through the cracks um and come back to bite the city um if we don’t get some clarity and get clarity for staff to be able to move forward so i just want to share that concern um and i understand where everyone’s coming from you know i’ve been very you know this these are policies that i’ve wanted to get done for quite a while but i can’t i can’t do them unilaterally either if i could do them unilaterally we would have a strong policy in place that was you know supported by our city attorney and supported by state law and within comfortable thresholds for folks but it’s not um and it’s a body it’s a you know a legislative body decision but i’m just begging folks to get off the sticking point so that our staff can get back to work and if you have standard specific standards that you want staff to that you can guarantee are going to be in the policy please submit them and we can potentially put a plan but i don’t think it’s fair to ask staff to do that extra work when the other work is not completed the work that they need to be able to move forward hasn’t been completed yet and it’s all good intention it’s all good discussion um and i i do want to honor that as well but i also want to recognize that dana probably has at least you know 100 hours into this already we’re in the middle of um you know part of the implementation and our work plan for this year for all of our staff um was partly predicated on this work being done and we’re not there and it’s going to create more staffing capacity issues in the long run so i you know i i respect the points being made and i agree with many of them but we have to get to a point where we can get this work done and we don’t run into um problems with some of these contracts not being done um and so i just thank you for letting me share that perspective mayor pertum remington thank you mayor for some of us we’ve been going about five hours now and i see uh some need to take a break um procedurally i’m not sure the best way but i’d recommend we take about a five minute break i work on an important topic here but uh but i i think all of us could just take that five minutes to take a breath and use a restroom and then come right back yeah i would actually you know may per time i think you know i think we are all exhausted and i would actually recommend that we um ruminate on what everything that’s been said and the challenges that we’re facing and come back with um some further ideas on how to get it forward without increasing the burden on staff and getting them to where they need to be councilmember lingle and mchenry yeah i just want to say well i don’t want to get into the things that i agree or disagree with what i do want to say is that at the last fa fac meeting uh we put forward council members the three council members um put forward an idea about how to create some abbreviated process which we believe will conform to state law um if the procurement policy incompletion was the issue then why did we proceed with the facility rfp which was not a priority of counsel i’m i’m very befuddled by that either the procurement policy in completion is a problem or it wasn’t and so i just want to put away this whole thing about the procurement policy being necessary we have been a member of msrc for many years they outline what you have to do it’s in state law so i just want to get on with some kind of a middle of the road bridge that can get us to a new place and so staff didn’t have a chance to really talk to us much about that and so maybe if we table this until the next meeting they will have a chance to talk with us and we come up with an idea that everybody can be comfortable with um i i i would support i guess that’s oh my gosh so i would support that thank you councilmember shaffer and then mchenry um yeah my concern is the clock is ticking on this right i mean june 30th is literally a few weeks away if we put this off until the next council meeting at the beginning of june does that still give us time to uh to respond to these contracts mr leneszewski we’re still going are we gonna take a five minute recess or not i’m good to go but i thought you guys are yeah let’s let’s put a pause and take a five minute recess and come back um hi rick i got a quick snack me awake snack time almonds protein oh good good yeah i think that was a good idea i just got a quick glass of water to continue here i should have got a glass of either glass of coffee or a glass or something uh something else to continue but i’ll do with water for now thank you for the break everybody well all i gotta say is more chocolate well some of some of you can eat chocolate and not worry about it the rest of us have to worry about i probably should worry about the amount of chocolate i’ve eaten during this council meeting i really should we will help you that we can take the bugs for a while all right oh jennifer’s got hers oh this is my late time snacking late night snacking hours so it’s not good to see food all right so um let’s go ahead and and reconvene um you know i think you know perhaps one of the things uh i’m just gonna throw this out there is you know there obviously we need to continue to have more discussion but there’s a lot of history with this as well um and we’ve got deadlines that we have to meet so i’m just going to throw this out there and ask um and ask council for a commitment to wrap up at least the on-call portion of the contract uh policy um by our june deadline um and you know we can get staff to um you know as steve and laura start to talk about some of those essential things and move things forward but we’ve got to make sure that we have services in place so if if we can get a commitment from council to work to at least get the on-call part done by the middle of june so we can get these contracts done it would be greatly appreciated and then we can table this for the evening and come back for another discussion um council member mchenry i guess what i wanted to ask before the break was i mean we just saw the procurement policy come to cow tonight so i as someone not on that committee i don’t have an understanding of what the expected timeline is to complete it so i don’t know if it’s realistic to um you know if that maybe if not extend through the end of the year well when would it get done by you know if it gets done in another month or two maybe it’s fine to only extend to you know later in the year but not all the way to december um like councilmember langley mentioned so i don’t have an understanding of what is realistic to expect i’m also fine potentially going to the end of the year if it’s going to take more time to go through but i do understand the points that council members on the committee brought up and i respect those i just i and someone not on that committee i don’t have a full understanding of what the projected timelines are here yeah i think um we should let’s uh uh mr leonischesky or ms thomas give a perspective of how much it takes to draft each rfp because just the writing of each rfp is significant time and i i appreciate and value the perhaps we extend them for a few more months and then do it again but we’ve got to also look at the expansive amount of staff time it takes and a lot of that time is and especially in ms thomas’s case is director time that doesn’t exist and so that means other key projects get put on hold and is that is that what we want as a city when we’re already um capacity is low so that’s just a question for you know to think about um councilmember lingle yeah i’m gonna put in a commercial pitch here for coming up with an abbreviated rfp process whether it’s dealing with this as a bridge or moving forward it is just it is just essential that we find that more efficient spot for so many of these contracts and we just you know staff hadn’t seen our idea before our last meeting and i i really think there’s some hope there because even if we pass this whole procurement policy these rfp requirements are onerous given the size of our organization and we’ve just got to find some abbreviated strategies until we deal with the small a administration yep so that’s my commercial pitch yeah and and to just to reiterate councilman mchenry what i’m i’m saying is if we can get to an agreement um on the on-call stuff so we can get that done we can we can do the rest of the procurement over the next few months and get it finalized but this is the urgent critical work that has to get done and i think that that’s doable if everybody can agree to um committing to complete it council member schaefer and then councilmember so i i will definitely agree to uh committing to complete this uh and uh steve is does this present difficulties to you if we delay this tell the next next meeting uh or not so let me pull this up i don’t think anybody’s contesting where we’re going with what and how we do it and my screen just jumped around but this is the excerpt for on-call and i think the the interesting points to note are the financial thresholds and dana correct if i’m wrong can you remind i didn’t i couldn’t find it here real quick the term for an on-call was it a two or three year with one or two one-year extensions what was the numbers um i cannot remember i’ll have to look i know them yeah councilmember language submitted them to heart if you want to know them yeah what do you got okay i and daniel kenny i checked this with him um they state auditors originally didn’t like on calls the current thinking is uh up to three years it can be done one of two ways it can be done with a two-year and a one-year extension which can be done administratively or it can be done one year with two one-year extensions which could be done administratively of course you’re still dealing with the original rfp and the original amount of money i mean if you which my guess is for a multi-year contract it’s going to go to council anyway um and just again keep this in mind we’re looking forward to continuing to evaluate our process there is some new language floating around where those contracts could go even four years but that all that information is not in yet so those are what our attorney told me are the two ways he’s he’s seen this done yeah i believe that so i’m gonna say three years and then can you confirm did my screen switch to the table yes okay so it’s nice i can go back and forth so 150 000 is a full rfq right posting got to let it soak a couple weeks you’ve got to then re review what’s submitted with the committee of obviously staff post some interviews depending on the process how many we do and then you know get into a contract with a with a qualified candidate so that that’s that’s let’s call that six weeks at best every contract on this list over three years is likely going to exceed that 150 000 threshold right we’ll do three years if we can because it’s just less work it’s more efficient we always have a cancellation clause if the consultant stinks we get rid of them so we would start over if that was the case anyway but we hope we find a team member because this is an extension of a team and i will bore you briefly and i know councilmember langley told you the contract totals that are awarded but we are at 16 616 000 plus or minus of our current contract spent to date over a year and a half so sometimes they’re bigger and we don’t use them all sometimes they’re not and we run out but we try to be as accurate as possible you can see here transpo they are integral to our development review they own our transportation model they assist us with our tip and everything else that goes into creating our traffic impact fees they are essential murray smith handles our water system they have our water model they’re only at 30 grand because we expected them to be assisting us more in depth with our telemetry which they are that will be ramping up as we had another pump issue just yesterday and telemetry is coming forward i’ve directed staff because we’re done mandating this this system pace handles engineering development review of the civil plans that come through you know a plan set is 50 to 100 pages nowadays depending on the size of the plot smaller plots are you know in the 20 page range so there’s a lot of development review there geoengineers we barely use them they come out in critical times and i’d hate to not have a critical time support you know engineer on call kpg we could do without kovacs lara uses them more for peer review of development and the architectural drawings on developments that come in that need site plan review and approval that’s her more than me but we do use andy for small things when necessary but very little parametrics integral to our sewer operations esa integral to all of our consultant support for sense of areas wetlands not only with development review but as far as we have our own wetland mitigation projects from our own projects that they support otto rosen now does all of our testing and some it’s a similar to geotechnical engineering we don’t use them all that much but they are a resource we contact frequently relative to development view west coast consulting is lara’s support for building official building inspection building plans review anything building uh d.a hogan does very little for us when we’re not dealing much with parks you can see that blue line they are development review the majority of that is for planning and bartlett is our tree our arborist so they do development review and then they are a peer consultant for staff when public works needs them uh to come out and spot check things so some of these surely would fall under these smaller ones over a three year term at you know within soq which the soq process depending on the thresholds which again i don’t think i only except arguing we’ve got either if you can see a fifty thousand dollars you know you go look for five off the list for municipal research services mrsc or if it’s bigger you pick 10 we will obviously qualify folks on the mwdbe classifications when possible and the table is very easy to do when you do research from mrsc so those are expedited processes but each consultant selection is a process that staffs we’re not here to be combative but i i hope people understand this takes time we are in the throes of the busiest development time ever we are in the throes of more problems with public works not being able to invest in our systems than ever and we have a lot of work to do that is ongoing so that’s that’s that’s plea for knowing that there’s no way that we could hire anybody between now and june 31st let me respond by saying take a look at what has been suggested to you and i think you will see well first of all it counts okay i’ll just i’ll just stop you know just take a look at what we gave you that’s all i asked okay did you call on me remember naplan um you know we we’re still in a formal meaning so please raise your hands um so that we can go in order and and keep um some tempo so but go ahead council member i thought i heard you call my name i didn’t but that’s okay now now you hear it so we’re good okay um i just wanted to point out that what is on the screen right now is a proposal by staff and that is from what i’m looking at it’s not in alignment with what um the committee has recommended so i just wanted to mention that um anyway i i i think what’s happening here is it’s it’s turning into a bigger deal than it really needs to be all we’re saying is the current process of glancing at the mrsc generic statement of qualifications that firms submit for the entire state and then just picking the same person you’ve used for 10 years again is not a process that is robust enough to meet what we are seeing in state law recommendations from the auditor recommendations from mrsc and so a long six months ago or however long ago when we did the first extension we said why don’t you pick a couple and do the more robust process that you do they know how to staff knows how to do um rfqs we do them for other things we’re just saying do a more robust process to where you actually let firms know that you’re you need on-call services so they can do a a duval specific proposal of sharing with you their qualifications of why they would be a good fit and do a review and at no point has it ever been that you know if we didn’t get the procurement policy that they couldn’t proceed on some of these and so i it’s it’s a little confusing state law is pretty clear recommendations are pretty clear our current code our current procurement policy would not prohibit you from doing this process in fact we do these all the time but for some reason with on-call there’s been a practice of just looking at the roster and just choosing someone and that is what we had so i just i i will stop but i but i asked a lot of times ago and a lot of other people had a long turn and i just went to i just felt like i should have my turn because i am on the procurement policy and have been working on this for a year so we have a term that is sharing the impairment meeting mr lance jeske can you please address that issue of simply the accusation of simply looking at a list and determining contractors so first off that was right out of the cow packet it wasn’t my intention to say it was there wasn’t anybody’s i didn’t put the packet together i just pulled up what was in the committee of the whole packet so uh i guess my fault for not knowing what was in the packet um but again we we’re not not amenable to what’s proposed whether those thresholds are a little different and numbers are a little different that’s that’s fine um that’s not the intent the intent is just to explain the time it takes to obtain someone through any review process right that’s that’s where we’re at um routinely again time is time is low we don’t have a lot of time to procure so we try to procure in the best way we can and it is difficult to procure on-call because when they do a good job you tend to keep them around because they are a team member right so that’s that’s the contracts that come back routinely uh no arguing there like we’ve spoken parametrics has been on board since they designed this plant in 2004 right so um our team knows this plant better than we do because not only did they design it but they’re continuing to assist us in operating and upgrading it as it changes and needs uh where you know things wear out times change technology change so it’s it’s difficult it’s like throwing a staff member away that works here just because it’s time to find a new one so it’s a difficult process just to engage in when things work and it does make it difficult to you know open up your your mind so to speak which we we understand times change and and there are more people out there and we we can do that and the policy as presented here you know regardless of what thresholds are in their staff isn’t arguing that it’s this the time to take to implement any new procurement that’s that’s all we’re concerned with and we want to be honest i don’t want to say hey knock this sucker out in three weeks and we’ll get everybody on board in three months there’s just no way even if you folks wanted it i would just sit here honestly and i think mr cotton has met me i don’t have a filter i tell you how it is there’s no way it’s going to happen because we just don’t have time you could stop everything else and we could figure it out sure but i mean there’s it’s there’s just work that goes into it that can’t happen in a vacuum so that’s our concern mr cotton mayor members of the city council i work 20 hours a week a third of my time has been at this meeting so i haven’t done very much tonight i feel like i shouldn’t be accepting any funds for this so in the interest of supporting the duvall public in the use of their funds for me i’d like to suggest something that is based on seeing 190 council members debate similar things not quite like this but similar roadblocks um over those many decades and what i’m going to suggest is one of two things either this be table because i i i hear very valid points on everyone’s point yet i don’t think people are hearing from the standpoint of action neither staff nor council members are making any movement so tabling is one way to move in a way that doesn’t waste everyone’s time or the taxpayers money i don’t work on wednesday some of these folks are going to be there at you know first thing in the morning and we need them to be fresher second if that doesn’t work uh mayor i think you have the authority you can correct me if i’m i’m wrong the idea of having regular reviews of on-call contracts to some extent makes sense it’s been said it’s state law uh it’s obviously been happening and no one’s in jail so i’m not quite sure why but rather than debate why i think we could agree that it’s better to have these rotate from time to time than not so it seems to me an alternative way to move forward would be for you using your executive authority to say to bind the city staff to do one for example in the next six months you know get it done and and with that call for a vote if that’s something that you can do under the rules thank you yep um i i like that approach um i think uh i really do like that approach and i think we still have to have council buy-in to continue on these contracts in order to continue services and i think that’s that’s part of the roadblock and challenge um i would like to close this meeting and have folks think sleep on this and think about it um and come back to try and get some resolution um and if it means that we need to have a special meeting next week even if it’s during the middle of the day i’m amenable to that because this is something that we can no longer wait on councilmember schaefer yeah i i would uh like us to try to separate the procurement process from the near-term need we have to continue these uh these on-call contracts um i you know the all the discussion we’ve had has been primarily on the procurement process uh on the other hand we’re sitting on a very limited time as steve keeps reminding us that these need to these services need to continue so i’d like to hear i guess the council’s willingness to approve this action tonight now and you know keep working on the procurement process uh longer term but i see very little benefit in shelving the approval for another two weeks or another week or whatever to continue these uh you know these current contracts they as steve you know showed us most of them provide essential services services we have to continue and if the contract expires at the end of june 30th i don’t want us to be in a very difficult place at that time council member mchenry yeah i agree with a lot of what council member schaefer said i mean i it just seems like the easiest path forward would be to separate them like you spoke about and i i kind of keep feeling like we’re putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves um and it will get done i know there’s a commitment i know this is a council of action um but i i guess i’m not seeing the the harm and i’m sure somebody could correct me on that and tell me why but um i i think we could move forward with this and still commit to finishing and getting this done just take that pressure off but i think it’ll happen absolutely councilmember naplan the issue here is that this is an extension again of contracts that have not been through any significant procurement process in years and years and years so it makes me feel very uncomfortable to continue to extend contracts beyond what is at all recommended by auditors or mrsa as being in compliance and so unless we have a commitment and a plan to move forward um i i don’t feel that it’s right to continue to keep the camp i mean we we did this six months ago and in the meantime the finance committee said hey why don’t you start picking a couple you don’t want to do them all at once that’s going to be miserable you know once the procurement policy comes through you don’t want to have to do all of them at once just start doing something show us maybe you’ll learn something that will provide input to the procurement policy to help even if you did a more robust process remember while we did the grant process where we said hey let’s let’s go through the grant cycle once we might learn something and so we’ve been encouraging start there’s nothing just nothing holding you back from doing a more robust process an actual process well cancel number nine so i am in support of moving this forward as long as we have a commitment that some of these will start going through a process you’ve already had that commitment from us for quite a long time and so but none happened in the last six months i think we didn’t have we don’t have it there’s no policy in place we are following existing policy um and i think count mr cotton made a really good suggestion and ice and mr schaefer has made a good suggestion as well and i would encourage council to heed those suggestions and get us to move forward um councilmember mangle number one i can just tell you right now tonight there is no way i would support extending all these contracts we take a pledge to follow state law and i have absolutely no reason to believe based on months and months and months and months of reading talking looking at legal stuff to believe that we are adhering to that so and so i cannot wait can i finish please that is not the staff’s fault it is not it is the old duval municipal code that is the problem so number two i would appreciate staff working with us to look at the proposal that we have put forward as three council members before we start making these huge leaps i think they would see if they would just calm everybody be calm a minute i think they would see there is a path forward for bridging these two periods i really do think they would but the all or none mr cotton is correct it is not going anywhere so i would support tabling it looking at it with staff and trying to come back with something that we can all agree on and hopefully something we can use in the future that will be a shorter process so councilmember lingle i did agree with you that with that earlier in this meeting um i think one of the concerns i have right now is that all of our our contracts go through legal we are audited every year this has not been raised as an issue and so part of my concern is that it’s being i’m concerned about the elevation of it and i’ll just share that but i agree that we can get to that path forward to your suggestion that you know i already agreed to and i think staff can agree to that too but i also need a commitment from council to listen to staff’s feedback and challenges when we look and make that compromise um and from what you have just said you’re helping with that and it’s much appreciated um we i think everyone knows me well enough that i like to follow things to a t um as you heard even specifically in the big rock um discussion this evening following our processes including folks making sure we’re doing the right thing i think that frankly the constant accusations you know saying that staff is doing things illegally is very damaging to staff morale and that they are doing things with the tools that they have and i i think that um it it presents a negative tone that makes it makes it impossible for staff to move out of a defensive mode and it’s a natural human tendency for that to occur um but as i understand it i wasn’t at the last meeting it was very difficult for staff to provide feedback um in addition at that meeting and in in meetings that i have been at that has also been the case at times so it’s important work we want to get it done we all agree that we want to ensure that our policies are in line with state law but i think to mr cotton’s point and council member langle and schaefer that there’s a path forward to do it and we just need to commit and get it done uh mr kenny you have your camera on so i assume you have a comment i just wanted to quickly chime in i was just scrolling through all of the on-call contracts that are proposed the original contract date for every single one of them is late 2018 but an extension to later this year within the three years that is anticipated by the fac committee anyway and so if there is a worry about greatly over extending these contracts which i heard earlier based on the sheet for each one that lists the original contract date those are all around november late november 2018 which would put it to late november uh 2021 this year and so you know we’re not overshooting these things by many years and so one option would be to allow extensions to to the three years past the original contract date as listed is one way to stay within the time frames that is anticipated by a future policy and current policy thank you mr kenny [Music] any thoughts on council on that we are at 11 10 and if i’m just not sure where to go at this point so um let’s go ahead and table this for tonight and move if folks are amenable move the westcott item to our next meeting think about what mr cotton and and miss councilmember langley and schaefer and attorney kenny have said um call me or mr cotton or our attorney with questions and hope to get this to resolution clerk wyckoff um i just wanted in case you didn’t see it on the agenda mayor there is one more item the ordinance for the cola adjustment that mr cotton was going to bring forward i suggest that we table it for this evening um it’s not ideal but councilmember finance director mason if we do table it will need to change the it was going to be effective june 1st so we’ll need to change i don’t know if that matters but we’ll just need to do some more calculations because we’ll have to adjust the cola now again mr cotton may i humbly suggest uh mayor uh to see if there’s nodding of heads as to if there’s general support for the item i only had three points to make one of which was to say we amended the ordinance to address the 1.75 percent in awareness it’s up to the body but i’m okay with that if the body is i’m just trying to get folks to sleep all right so with that um we’ll go ahead and move to that agenda item um and table this until the next and um encourage again think ask questions and we’ll get it done um so agenda bill 21-46 b ordinance for a cost of living adjustment for non-representative employees uh mr cotton at the risk of being too brief i’ve never been accused of being long-winded 4.29 levels the playing field with the contract the city council has discussed that before there is a 1.75 reduction mentioned in the whereas for the next year to make sure there’s no unplanned uh overpayment there was a point that was made last meeting and that whereas is included and i would share my screen except i might not be any more successful than i was the last time um with more practice we always use google me in my other places but page 116 you can see the ordinance if you didn’t get a chance to do it already and the last point is that on june 1st we’ll be back with an ordinance addressing the vacation and the medical issues that would also produce parity and that will include expenditures and that’ll be included i’m sure in in finance directors numbers as well thank you thank you with that do we have a motion i moved that we adopted a promotion what um councilmember nikki oh she can i move that we adopt ab21-46b ordinance cost of living adjustment for non-represented employees i second all right we have a motion by council bred nikki in a second by council member lingle um any discussion see none all those in favor please say all right hi all those opposed please say no motion passes and with that um if if there isn’t uh we’ll actually take a formal vote on this adjournment to table to move our agenda bill 21-13b to the next meeting in june and adjourn our meeting at 11 15 pm all those in favor please say aye bye all those opposed please say no motion passes and thank you all this is challenging work we all have the same goals

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