Cherriots Board of Directors Meeting – May 27, 2021

good evening welcome to the salem area mass transit district’s board meeting for may 27 2021 it is 6 30 p.m and i’m calling or the board meeting to order um ms galiazzi could you please note the attendance for our records and um while you do that general manager pawlik will lead us in the pledge of allegiance can you join me i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all thank you general manager pollock could you lead us in the safety moment as well yes thank you so the safety moment for this evening is in conjunction with our holiday weekend that’s coming up this weekend uh it’s the beginning of summer and there is expected to be lots of vehicle travel on the roads and freeways and highways so i’d ask if you’re out and about please take caution and and drive safe safely and responsibly and also be aware of others because with the first holiday season it’s easy for people to be distracted and we want to make sure we are all safe this holiday weekend and are here and ready to go for next month that concludes my safety message great thank you general manager to uh kick off the announcements i wanted to first recognize uh two of our new or incoming board members sarah duncan and rj nabarro they will be joining our board officially july one we’re very excited to have you both come on board and thank you for tuning in now that you’re officially passed senate confirmation and congratulations and then i also wanted to take the opportunity to announce that um both ellen and i are fully vaccinated and in accordance with the latest cdc recommendations we will actually be taking off our masks so we’ve we’re both fully vaccinated which means that we’ve been received in our case both doses of the vaccine and then have passed that waiting period after that second dose so um things are starting to get back to normal which is exciting great um and then the last announcement i had is the addition of an item to our agenda which will become agenda item g4 so it’ll be the fourth action item it will be an opportunity for us to review and approve those two letters of support that alan sent to us earlier this evening in support of refugees in salem and then also the miguel chris project that city of salem is putting in for so and with that any changes to the consent calendar that anyone would like to make oh please general manager so thank you president davidson so before we begin the meeting uh i think we need to stop and take a moment uh to address the tragic incident that occurred yesterday in california as a result of a tragic shooting nine people lost their life and if you haven’t heard this shooting was at the santa clara valley transportation authority light light rail yard where nine vta employees were killed as part of that mass shooting it occurred yesterday morning at 6 30 am during a normal shift meeting and this is really not only a tragedy for the vta but also the entire transit community nationwide i have reached out on behalf of chariots already and many many agencies throughout the country have reached out to express our thoughts and condolences to the family and friends who lost their lives and and offering our support uh as the vta family works their way through this tragic situation thank you general manager all right next up we have public comment and i don’t believe we have received any public comment miss caliazzi could you correct me if i’m incorrect hearing nothing and i will also note that no one from the public is in attendance so no public comment from them next up is the consent calendar if there’s no issues bob or director krebs excuse me oh well i would like to move that we adopt the consent calendar perfect we have a motion to approve the consent calendar is there a second i second that thank you director bush we have a motion in a second uh is there any discussion seeing no discussion uh miss cali isaac could you please call the roll for the vote okay director krebs i director davidson director wind director carney hi director richards hi director bush hi directorina host pressy hi it’s unanimous thank you miss kaliazzi next we’ll move on to the action items so the first one is for a consulting contract and a chair win of our deia committee will provide the report davidson and colleagues as the board of directors for chariots we are committed to the evolving diversity equity inclusion and accessibility as part of our organizational culture while still holding true to our values mission and principle we formed a subcommittee with myself as chair and president davidson and director inohos pressy as members to guide the development of the dei strategic plan for chariots we’ve been meeting since october to help further guide this important work and set the stage for chariots to achieve measurable and noticeable deia progress we are contracting with a professional consultant keen independent research with our next vote here coming up for research and collective experience we know that a credible and intentional deia initiative can contribute to the success of our agency the benefits both measurable and sustainable include attracting and retaining more talented staff with broader experiences who bring a greater breadth of ideas by means of a diverse perspective imagine how projects processes and related decisions would be infused with a greater degree of creativity and innovation because of the richness of diverse ideas and solutions the creation of the deia plan is chariots’s first step toward becoming a more just inclusive and diverse entity within the salem community in addition to the deia plan this project includes an internal assessment of the district’s current state and benchmarking data recommendations for dei training strategies for proactive and engagement in addressing and eliminating structural and implicit racism and bias and a dia communication strategy as leaders we recognize that dia is an essential lasting contribution to the success of chariots but dia is a journey not a destination this process will continue to involve and mature as the age as the agency evolves and matures this project is just our beginning of embedding diversity equity inclusion and accessibility across all logistics functions and decision making and with that i’d like to hand it over to our hr director thank you director winn the issue before the board tonight is should the board approve a dei consulting contract with keen independent research in the amount of ninety nine thousand eight hundred and seventy five dollars plus up to another seven thousand dollars in optional post plan development support at the april twenty third twenty twenty board meeting the board approved the general manager’s strategic work plan for fiscal years 21-23 one of the projects in the strategic work plan was to establish a dei plan the board formed a sub-committee uh to develop a request for proposal for a consultant to guide the development of the dei plan the committee developed the scope of work and the required deliverables the rfp was advertised and the district received five responsive proposals the proposals were evaluated primarily based on the proposer’s qualifications and experience and on their project management plan and technical approach the review of these submittals identified the top three proposals the committee then interviewed the them and asked for additional information from two after additional review and discussion keen independent research was selected as the consultant for this project the proposers have been notified of the district’s notice of intent to award and the 10-day protest period has passed without any protests the financial impact of this project is uh 99 875 000 plus another up to another seven thousand dollars for up to 20 hours of post-plan development support the recommendation of the board’s dei subcommittee is that the general manager negotiate the final contract language and execute a contract with keen independent research llc for the development of a diversity equity and inclusion strategic plan in the not to exceed amount of 106 875 dollars thank you concludes my report thank you director dixon um are there any questions for either director dixon or the subcommittee director bush thank you president davidson um i appreciate um excuse me director new ends um comments prior to the report because it did answer some of my questions about the scope of work and the required deliverables um i had not um i just need a little more detail is what was going to happen and that did help provide that and if there’s any other details we could have for tonight that would help our incoming board members as well as us to know what’s um expected of the consultant in the near future if that’s possible director dixon perhaps we could um send out the rfp to board members um just as a reference after this send it out yeah we can send out the scope of work the scope will work okay if that would be okay after perhaps after tonight’s meeting we can send out the scope of work great thank you any other questions director carney thank you president davidson um chi you may have touched on this and maybe i just missed it in your comments um at what points will the board have the opportunity to engage with or participate with this group’s work as they develop a strategic plan director carney thank you for the question um we intentionally scoped this project quite large to rely on the wisdom of the experts who do this and so uh it would be uh up to the consultants to come on and bring about the plan forth on how to engage the board the staff and potentially public citizens as well thank you any other questions okay see no questions would someone like to make a motion director win pleasure thank you so i moved that the board authorized the general manager to negotiate the final contract language and execute the contract with keen independent research llc for the development of a diversity equity and inclusion and accessibility strategic plan in the not to exceed amount of hundred and seventy 106 dollars we have a motion director you know host pressy would you like to make the second yes i second great we have a motion in a second is there any discussion on the motion director carney so excited that we are advancing with this work thank you to all of um those of you who served on the subcommittee for putting in the time and the efforts on the district’s behalf and our community’s behalf i can see nothing but good things coming of this work so thank you very much a lot of gratitude goes to you thank you director carney director bush and i know this started last year but and it could be a long tough road regarding the acronym or whatever but um i think i think it will be good for the whole community and um you’re starting with a diverse group of people to work this diverse situation into something cohesive and so if you can find like we’re trying to do with the discussion in our work session find the some grounds you can walk on together and and keep it stable and functioning i think you guys will do great great thank you director bush if there’s no other discussion miss kaliazi could you please call the roll for the vote president davidson hi director wynn director carney aye director richards hi director bush hi directorino hospi hi director krebs hi it’s unanimous four thank you very much and and thank you to everyone that has put in time and effort and especially thank you to director dixon and others on the chariot staff that have done much of the the heavy lifting on this thank you next on our agenda is the adoption of resolution 2021-05 which would be the establishing of a board member compensation and i will go ahead and provide some background information on this um so at the february 2020 work session we as a board discussed the idea of a board stipend there were some questions uh that needed to be answered by legal counsel and we’ve been engaged in this conversation for some time uh now but uh the reasoning of why to provide a board stipend are there many uh i will share one personal experience and to elucidate one of the reasons why i am supportive of this um at a work session early on in my tenure my wife’s had a late night work meeting so i brought my two daughters to the work session and um they were adorable yet disruptive and uh it was that experience along with many others have made clear to me how fortunate i am to be able to serve in this capacity to be able to serve my community in this particular way and it is a a blessing and a opportunity that is afforded to me because of some of my life circumstances as i have conveyed at other times if my life were slightly different if i were a single parent for example i could not and i would not serve on this board i would not have the means i would not have the resources i would not have the life bandwidth to be able to do this especially if i would have to pay out of pocket child care costs when there was a vacancy uh for the board seat that’s now filled by uh director inohos pressi i did some outreach into the community to see if um individuals would be willing to serve on the board seat and um one of the individuals that i thought would have been a fantastic candidate ultimately decided not to even apply because internet access was a concern and so there are well for me in my household child care is a primary concern there are many other concerns or barriers of why individuals might serve and one of the ways that we as an organization can help overcome some some of those barriers to allow more individuals and more diverse individuals just a wider pool of individuals that might be willing and able to serve is to put forward and adopt a stipend and it is depending on your life circumstances the proposed amount is not much or it’s a great deal but i think the important point is is that it can help overcome obstacles for those that may wish to serve and that we as a community benefit when representative democracy is taken seriously and when we as a community are reflected in those that serve us and um for those reasons and many others which i won’t articulate this evening i am strongly in favor of adopting a board stipend as outlined in the staff summary for those um watching at home i will read off some of the the financial impact criteria here so this would be an indexed uh stipend so the 2019 per capita personal income for marion county is 45 158 dollars in accordance with the proposed policy three board members would be eligible for the stipend so those would be the three incoming well the two incoming new members and then the one reappointment and so the board members who will be voting tonight will not actually benefit from this however if they if we because i’m one of them if we decide to apply are reappointed by the governor pass senate confirmation and then ultimately serve at a future date in 2023 we would then become eligible for it but for many reasons uh this is a targeted amount and so the uh annual stipend totals 4 515 dollars per year the per person amount is 376 dollars per month and for an annual total of five hundred and forty seven dollars would be the the cost to the district for the next two years um so it is a relatively small amount uh in terms of a financial impact for the district but i think it makes a very big impact to those that wish to serve and so these funds were approved in the budget that was adopted by the budget committee last month so that’s taken into account and i wanted to note that um before we well we’ll we’ll we’ll tackle the uh we’ll take a motion and then have discussion but before we do the motion are there any questions on the the matter before us director you know espressi just before we made it any further just wanted to announce like my conflict of interest pursuant to ors 244.1202a on action item so i’ll be abstaining from voting on this item great thank you for doing that directory no host pressy if there’s no questions um i i would like to make the motion if that’s all right um i pre i move the board adopt resolution number 2021 establishing board policy number 121 who would like to make the second directory thank you director krebs for the second um with that is there any discussion on the motion director carney thank you president davidson um i just i just want to say how proud i am to be part of a board that is this forward-thinking and um and thoughtful about inclusive engagement and um broadening the diversity of the members that can serve on this board i’m really proud of the leadership that we are offering in the community and as i think some of my colleagues echoed in the work session um that was prior to this i hope that we can see other boards and places of volunteer service in our community follow suit thank you director carney general manager pollock yes thank you president davidson i just have one technical comment just for full transparency so when you talked about the financial impact oh please um so the that thirteen thousand dollars is not for the next two years it’s for the next year correct the amount will be applicable for two years but in the the the no that the 13 000 covers the three people for the next coming fiscal year right right right right and then next year’s budget will budget for the because it’s indexed it would be the same amount yes thank you thank you for that clarification any other discussion okay i will make one other note that i don’t think i mentioned earlier that this is indexed to 10 of the per capita income for marion county personal income and so what is um i think elegant about the solution is that we it’s a we can let it be a set it and forget it kind of thing so it will increase and decrease with time as the the region um household or personal incomes increase and decrease so hopefully a future board will never need to consider this option again i can avoid ethical conflicts of interest and so i’m very excited for this to move forward and also wanted to flag we discussed this in the work session but wanted to put it in the public record for the board meeting that we will be the first of the three transit districts in the state of oregon to adopt a board stipend policy so kudos to all of us okay uh if there’s no further discussion ms golly isaac could you please call the roll director win director carney director richards hi director bush hi director inahos pressy dane director krebs hi president davidson hi and it’s unanimous thank you miss caliazzi next is the approval of the fiscal year 2022 general manager’s work plan general manager pollock thank you president davidson so before you is the my proposed fiscal year 22 annual work plan just as background as you’re aware as part of the policy 116 where the board conducts my evaluation the way we have set it up is that in march of each year uh the board adopts a three-year strategic work plan which kind of sets out a vision of projects and areas of emphasis that the general manager should work on uh as part of his work plan in addition in addition to normal district operations and then in may as part of that process i extract elements of that strategic work plan to focus on in the coming fiscal year and that’s the document that’s used to evaluate me on an annual basis so each year as the strategic work plan kind of moves along the annual work plan follows behind it so the work plan that is proposed for this fiscal year is in line with the strategic work plan and there are one two three six action items first one is to review and update established board policies and we should note that there’s a couple of them that are carry over from this year as a result of uh impacts of kovid the intent here is really to work with the board executive committee to finalize and review a set of existing policies and develop a set of new policies for board adoption no later than the october board meeting for the incoming new members and and for the existing members recall we’re going through a uh administrative policy book uh revamp and refresh and so part of that process is to do the board policies as well the next one is to conduct a district facility assessment uh the intent here is to hire a firm to conduct an assessment uh to be presented to the board in quarter two of fiscal year 22 this is really to to put in plan put in place a plan for long-range facility needs as we grow the organization and as we transition to zero zero emission bus fleet over over time to ensure that we have specifically an operations and maintenance facility that can meet the demands of that changing fleet the next one is to conduct an employee engagement survey uh the intent here is to hire a firm to develop the survey instrument and conduct that survey in quarter two of fiscal year 22.The next one is to establish a dei a plan so this year’s work plan had to you know bring a consultant on board this coming year is to work with the consultant the project team and the board committee to develop that plan and to adopt it before the end of fiscal year 22. the next one is the strategic plan and the intent here is to hire a firm to facilitate that process to complete to be completed by the end of the fiscal year and then the last item is in line with the climate action plan to recruit and hire a new staff person who will be responsible to develop that district climate action plan that we should note that we’re kind of following on behind the city of salem who will establish their plan this fall and that will really point to the need for increased transit opportunities so we want to make sure our plan kind of works in synchronization with the city’s climate action plan so this is the proposed work plan for me for this coming year and my recommendation is that the board approved this work plan great thank you general manager are there any questions for our general manager director bush hi thank you general manager president davidson i was just curious um i think i lost when that last happened that when is when does the board do their evaluation of the general manager again if you change the month that happens director bush the the process in accordance with policies 116 is that evaluation is conducted in september for the previous fiscal year so this fiscal year is ending june 30th uh then we begin the evaluation process with the board evaluation of the general manager at the september board okay thank you thank you for your question director bush other questions director carney uh thank you president davidson did i am i i feel like i’m looking at the right thing but i felt like allen’s description of the work plan stopped at the climate action plan and i see three other projects on the page that follows in the but they are for fiscal year 23 and 24 is there a reason those were left off or was that just an omission uh yeah so director carney so yeah i probably should have been a bit more clear in my opening comments so attachment a is and if you’ll look up in the top left corner attachment a is the strategic work plan which is the three-year work plan and then attachment b is the annual work plan so so since the strategic plan is things to work on over the next three years i take elements of those and do them this year so the three projects that were not mentioned as part of the strategic work plan or the annual work plan are ones that i will do and work on in future years understood thank you for the clarification we’re going to have to change the names of these because they kind of get confused that’ll be in my work plan fair enough any other questions okay if there’s no uh further questions would someone like to make a motion i will director bush i move the board approve the fiscal year 2022 general manager annual work plan as shown in attachment b a second we have a motion and a second any discussion on the motion i wanted to offer up that um i think that this is an excellent work plan and i i think it is a testament to your skills as a general manager that you’re able to understand completely what it is that you can do best and where you need assistance and getting the assistance that you need to be able to make sure that this district functions at a very high level so i commend you for that and i thank you for that so any any other discussion okay if not uh miss kaliazi could you please call the roll for the vote director bush director krebs excuse me hi president davidson aye director win director carney aye director richards hi director bush hi director inahos pressy hi that should be a quorum or a quorum unanimous it passes yes excuse me thank you uh with that passage uh we’ll move to item action item g4 which as you may recall was a addition at the beginning of our meeting it’s for the approval of two letters of support general manager thank you president davidson so we have before you two letters of support that we’re asking the board to authorize the president to sign the letters and submit them as requested the first one is going to secretary votage’s the secretary of transportation this is for a letter of support for the city of salem’s the gilchrist complete street project this project they’re going after a 2021 raise grant that raises an acronym and please don’t ask me what it means but it’s a department of transportation uh capital uh investment grant uh this project is you know mcgill creek is home to several small and medium-sized businesses it also provides services to veterans seniors and people with disabilities in its current condition the street’s not safe to provide local fixed route public transportation for those that may remember several years ago when the veterans administration moved from the equitable center which is right next to our downtown transit to their current location uh there was significant uproar because the villagers has no sidewalks and there is no real ability to provide public transportation on that street we did make as best fix as we could they ultimately put in a partial walkway but our bus stop well not that far away you had to cross uh unimproved uh railroad tracks uh to get there and so it caused a severe disruption so the reason we support this is once those sidewalks and infrastructure improvements are in that now gives us an option to provide more direct and closer service along the go crease along with all the other businesses that are in that area and then the second letter uh it goes is to the u.s department of state the bureau of population refugees and migration this is a letter of support to this salem from refugees program they are working with the world relief to establish a refugee settlement resettlement affiliate in salem oregon and we have worked closely with the salem for refugees program over the years especially in the travel training program we for all new refugees that come in and get resettled we provide travel training services for all of them so that they can get around town get to work get to classes as best they can and not have to rely on people providing them trips so that has been a close and strong working partnership that we’ve had and so we would like to support them in their efforts to bring world relief and establishing that resettlement program right here in salem so that the recommendation is that the board authorized the president to sign and issue these letters on behalf of the district great thank you general manager director krebs i move that the board authorizes the president to sign these two letters and distribute them as directed great thank you we have a motion is there a second a second director you know hospi thank you we have a second and a motion and a second um any discussion director carney thank you president davidson um it would be so exciting to see that mcgillcrist uh improvement project realized i i think it’s sitting on the scats committee for the transit district i think the most recent uh outstanding price tag i saw was 13 million dollars which i didn’t see mentioned in the letter um but that’s what i recall from the the project list uh that exists for our transportation improvement plans um so i think that would be a huge win and i’m glad to see our board and the district supporting that work um and and likewise for uh the support of refugees and asylees um that find their way to the salem community anyway i think that we can support those new members of our community in finding success um is is a win for us all so thank you for taking this on and um appreciate you signing these letters on our behalf director bush thank you president davidson i um concur with director kearney’s remarks and um i have a family member who is a veteran who uses the veterans services and he uses our services to get there and it’s very difficult for him to use his walker across those um railroad tracks in the rain or whatever happens to be going on so having those sidewalks done with increased safety for not just them but anyone else who uses that facility and then for salem for refugees um they have an amazing work going on in our community to have been granted the um the status of a refugee resettlement affiliate through world relief is really exciting for them plus they have a new director coming on board to help facilitate that work so as i and as i teach um at the mid valley literacy center and helping in in that regard as well seeing chariots further this work is is pretty exciting so thank you thank you director bush if there’s no further discussion ms kaliazi could you please call the roll for the vote great president davidson hi director krebs i director win director carney hi director richards hi director bush hi director inahos pressy hi it’s unanimous thank you miss caliazzi with that we’ve concluded our action items for the evening though we do have several informational reports the first of which is the kova 19 return to work update thank you i’ll ask our director of operation tom beast please come on and present the report thank you president davidson members of the board and thank you alan so over the past year the district has been evolving in these unprecedented times at unprecedented rates with the pandemic and new schedules and new business practices the daily work routines that have changed um we’ve adjusted and readjusted employees have been asked to work differently than ever before some of which meaning stay home work from home and others are doing other other functions personal protective equipment uh became an integral part of doing your daily tasks and social distancing is the new together um and uh and and i’ll walk you through kind of uh not not to rehash a a bad year but uh tell you where we’ve been uh where we are currently and uh and where we’re going uh so uh it’s it’s no surprise that uh the world health organization declared a coca-19 outbreak pandemic in march of 2020 and then two days later the united states declared a national emergency locally governor brown issued an executive order um directing citizens to stay home uh and uh with the exception of travel for essential trips uh during the initial days uh here locally um the chariots experienced a high number of uh positive uh covid tests and uh so made the difficult decision uh at the end of march to suspend service uh for six days um and then uh throughout the the the past 14 months we’ve uh done uh a tremendous job in doing our part to flatten the curve uh closing all public-facing uh parts of our facilities uh reducing seating on buses we stopped collecting fares mandated rear rear door boarding only the customer service area was closed all of the restrooms were closed the signage we have all new signage everywhere directing staff and guests um how far to stand apart and and doing our part with the social distancing there all overhead signs were reprogrammed in in this new this new normal we provided a staff with the proper ppe and the front line employees who um just as as my way just the shout out to the frontline employees for the incredible work they’ve done keeping our our equipment clean uh disinfected and uh and still operating uh as limited as we did uh they did a fantastic job uh the maintenance uh staff and and the the shop crew did did incredible work uh you know in light of reduced service uh managed to get our our all of the campaigns uh done ahead of schedule so our fleet is safe and reliable uh and directly in line with our mission uh and and delivering that world-class customer experience um in light of the pandemic the frequency of cleanings obviously was was accelerated making sure that all common areas door knobs light switches handrails and such were cleaned uh and so that brings us to where we’re at today uh on within operations the service levels we’ve returned to full uh 100 revenue hour service so that means we’re uh later in the evening uh with trips uh the last trip uh departing the downtown area um after 11 o’clock at uh in the evening uh and and the kaiser transit center at 10 30 and then the last bus out of the marion county correctional campus at 11 39 so we still are doing reduced seating capacity and rear door boarding and we are are not collecting fares at this time uh and then cleaning and sanitizing are still still occurring uh within administration uh the emergency telework policy uh has been in effect um and we’ve had a limited number of staff in the office uh as we’ve gone forward um the covet 19 task force um had met on a regular basis to discuss um the ever-changing world and landscape around us again the customer service lobby has still been closed um it was decided to reopen the fifth floor reception area to uh individuals seeking to do business um although not not a general opening um and then of course the directional arrows and social distancing markers are still in place on the maintenance side limited duration staff were brought in to handle the bulk of the extra cleaning and disinfecting of vehicles investigating uh improved means for providing barrier uh barriers for the operators to keep them safe and then managing the covid inventory with our safety and security staff which was literally taking over an office and several shelves in the shop mezzanine so that we could stay uh prepared and covered on the contracted services side um the lift and shop and ride were also operating on limited uh limited capacity uh and then we did enter an agreement to keep them whole um in in light of the reduced uh service hours that they were performing regional services is running at 100 service levels just because of the nature of the of that of that service if you had to wait for the next bus you could be waiting for more than an hour if we were if we reduced service there call center is operating at levels commensurate with the ridership because it’s based on call volume and then of course call volume is increasing slowly as the mandates are are being loosened securities operating at capacity and ensuring the ordinances are being followed this is also part of the frontline staff that they’re although they’re not chariots employees there are part of team chariots and they’ve been doing a great job with everything that has happened within the pandemic and individuals being frustrated and and finding um shall we say unproductive outlets for that pent up energy uh eligibility screening uh they’re still reviewing applications however they’re not holding in-person evaluations at this time so where where we’re going now uh we are taking steps uh you know following the guidance of the cdc as well as uh state and local governments uh so as as we get more vaccinations and more staff vaccinated um as president davidson and uh general manager pollock are showing uh you following those guidelines we can be a little bit freer in the mask wearing inside the building we’re actively pursuing an air purification system that will go in public areas within our buildings and on all of our vehicles that will um it’s a it’s basically it doesn’t turn off it is 100 active it deionizes the air and it attacks anything that’s in the air um airborne and then we’ll take care of anything that’s on the surfaces as well so it really is 99.9 percent effective against uh airborne pathogens uh such as uh covet 19.Uh the the staff is finalizing the uh the return to work approach what that’s going to look like following cdc guidance and state and local government but what has changed within your memo is um the decision we set the date of the return to uh return to office um in line with the fiscal year um as well as uh fair collection and front door boarding customer service lobby uh we will reopen that in a phased approach uh we’re trying to decide how we’re going to handle how that what happens when we open up the lobby for for individuals to just rather than come up to the window and do their transaction the the focus on employee and customer safety is still um in top of mind um and then we will continue to monitor uh the state of oregon’s guidance uh with regard to that so in closing i just want to quickly state that you know team chariots has proven uh to be resilient in this um in this this time faced with with great challenges still uh strive to deliver the world-class customer service and um and live our brand promise which is is um something that i’m really proud of to be a part of the amazing team of individuals and focused on that just keeping safety and everyone’s well-being and peace of mind just driving everyone to do a great job is is pretty evident uh as you if you walked through the transit area uh the transit mall um again couldn’t be more proud of being a part of this organization during this this uh these unprecedented times to use a well-used term these days um but the team it really is resilient uh and and we’ve done a great job and i am happy to answer any questions if there are any that concludes my report thank you are there any questions director bush um thank you president davidson and thank you mr deets for your report it’s been that an up and down year an exciting year you can use lots of adjectives to describe that and we’ve come through and we’re doing well team chariots is rocking it um our bus drivers have been fantastic our maintenance crew the the board has been able to respond and be resilient and [Music] i didn’t did want to mention that didn’t we get a couple of memos about actual start dates of people coming back into the office general manager yes yeah so i’ll take so yeah when i give my general manager report i’ll go in a bit more detail on those great thank you other questions for director dietz director carney um thank you president davidson i am super excited to ride the bus with my kids we all really miss it i um will volunteer the information that i am fully vaccinated but as most of us know none of my children are over the age 12 so none of them are should i require them to mara wear a mask or are there going to be any mask requirements for passengers on the bus or did i miss that in this information here uh well thank you for catching me on that i i did neglect to state that so under the uh the federal guidance from fta tsa masks are still required on all public transportation so trains uh planes and buses so yes they would be required even vaccinated individuals are required to wear a mask on the bus great thank you so much other questions okay not seeing any other questions mr dietz thank you very much next step is third quarter performance report thank you i’ll ask chris french our service planning manager to present his report thank you president davidson members of the board i’m here to present fy21 quarter three performance reports this covers the months of january through march of 2021.Next slide first we’ll chris you’re muted sorry i moved my hands and hit my keyboard and muted myself sorry about that uh so first we’re looking at weekday total ridership year-to-date we’ve provided just over a million rides on the local service and cherrylift and the regional system just over 30 000 rides and a cherry shop and ride we provided 2791 rides uh probably one of the or an exciting thing is in january we were able to launch the route 45 which is the chariots regional deviated fix route which serves the communities of monmouth dallas and independence and in this quarter we provided 779 rides on that service and it’s continuing to grow in that community next slide for chariots local on saturdays we provided close to 130 000 rides and around 3 000 rides on both cherry lift and chariots regional looking at break next slide breaking that down by month we can see that january february and ma and march we’ve seen increase in ridership um this as i’ve said in the past this uh chart shows total ridership and so the number of days on saturdays affects the total number of boardings that we have on saturdays just for information february is low if you remember back in february we had an ice storm where we suspended service for one day so that was lower that was lower uh january we had five saturdays in the month and march we had um four for those so for january where we had five we averaged about we averaged three thousand five hundred rides and in march we averaged four thousand seventy one rides so we are seeing uh slow increases next slide so for the overall system we’ve provided just over 1.3 million rides for the year to date next slide next we’re going to look at ridership averages next slide and this slide provides average daily rides per month and so we are much lower than what we had been uh previous months but as you can see uh local our daily ridership continues to grow each day we’re starting with with the growing ridership we’re starting to reach capacity issues with our um limited seating so that is something that we’re working on but it’s exciting to see that people are are coming back and starting to ride next slide this is regional average daily rise and same story we are down but we’re seeing that steady rise and as we see restrictions come off we’re excited to see these services regret regain their ridership so this slide um is kind of just wanting to share a little bit of information as we start with our its program that we’re starting to collect data we hope to in the near future to maybe have some more interactive slides this is just a snapshot of of a report inside their report builder um but what we’re looking at here is the core network and the core network um is the network that we’ve promised that we are going to always have service that where it’s going to be where we focus our focus our our resources and it and it takes board action to to change this so we’re setting this in place so we are sharing here uh the top 10 stops throughout the core network last month we shared just the top 10 stops overall throughout the system and they’re very similar but we wanted to to show where those top stops are and not surprising it’s very localized around shopping and services that people are needing to get to not so much job centers not job centers people are going to these places for for work but it’s people going to the grocery store going to doctors offices and those types of services so it’s very exciting to see that we can start seeing where people are getting on and off the bus within our system next slide so next we’ll look at weekday changes by route and we’re comparing fy uh 21 quarter two to fy 22 quarter three because comparing to previous years like we usually do um they’re we’re just not they’re not comparable so um for the quarters who we’re seeing uh increase on a lot of our routes the majority of them for our corridor routes we’re starting to see those uh boardings per revenue hour creep up um on for the corridors system next slide as well as the coverage routes we’re seeing those no numbers slowly pick up and more people getting out there as things open up next slide this is looking at weekday rides for the regional and commuter express they are still lower than what they have been in the past but we are starting to see more riders out there on some of the rounds next slide next we’re looking at saturday comparing the same statistics next slide and as you can see on saturdays uh we have fewer revenue hours but the number of people out on the system on our corridor routes um for those hours that are out there are much higher than weekdays and this shows the the need for saturday service and the and the need that we’re meeting in our community next slide here are the coverage routes that operate on saturday and similar scene them up or close to what they were for the previous quarter next slide and the regional express routes on saturday i’m seeing significant ups on those routes as far as people using that service on saturdays to get into salem and and back and to dallas and all of the communities out in the outlying communities next slide and that completes my report and i would be happy to answer any questions that you may have are there any questions for mr french director carney um you you know i’m gonna have one um i just i wanted to say thank you for the excellent report as usual um manager french is this your am i getting that title right i apologize if i’m not um in any case i really appreciate you calling to our attention um the saturday boardings and the lightings and how that is meeting a critical need in our community um i just i think that that’s great information for us to have uh in other when i was looking at the very detailed numbers um the breakdown that doesn’t come up in your it’s some of these some of these numbers um you know year over year in particular looking at the 1x um and some of that commuter express uh you know sort of the the down or the the backslide in the number of boardings um is super discouraging and i’m wondering what conversations are happening around that and are we in conversation with smart because i know that we we share that service provision with them it just does seem like at least for now it’s a very changed environment and i’m just wondering if there’s any plans to sort of i don’t know have a conversation about it maybe it’s not a question for you but for director pollock i so so i’m happy to feel i mean we’re looking at those numbers all the time and they’re concerning but we’re in a time where the state has employees working from home and we’ve talked with smart and kind of the direction that we’re going right now is we want things to settle and then we’ll look at what that service looks like and what what the demand is and what the need is it’s very hard to it’s very hard to take something away and then as things change ramp things back up so as we come out of of kovid and we start to see how thing how the environment changes we will look at at that service and make adjustments but at this time we’re going to continue at this time and let things stabilize and then make a decision because it’s really hard as i said it’s hard to take something away if we take it away or move it around you can’t just start it back up and if the state decides that more employees are coming in if it’s in between our sign ups or bids it’s very hard to re-initiate service so at this time it’s something that we look at every month we’re we’re looking at it we’re evaluating it um thinking about it how it pertains to the salem to albany study that kind of is looking at that as a model we’re really looking at it but we’re not making changes at this time and we’ll continue to to monitor it and probably after um when things go back to closer to normal that would be the time that we would really um look at how we adjust that service thank you i had one other question um and i’m not looking at the spreadsheets right now because i have your presentation up in front of me um but i was wondering we have been operating buses at limited capacity for some time and i know that that must play some role in depressing our ridership numbers um i’m wondering do we have any sense even just anecdotally from our operators about uh the number of people we haven’t been able you know the unmet demand based on the limited ridership so i i can’t give you a a specific number but yes it is something that we are monitoring we’re very concerned we the operators call in when we are at capacity on the buses or at the at the reduced rate capacity and we are having to leave people behind i know that um general manager pollock has been uh working on his app decide and we’ve and having conversations to look at what adjustments can be made uh to the the social distancing and the um and how all of those pieces tie together so that we can start increasing the number of people that can ride the bus if if people are masked and the number of people that are vaccinated can we start increasing the numbers on our bus with front door boarding we will be able to gain a few more seats in the short in the short term hopefully as we open up that front section just more for general boarding but it is something that we’re actively pursuing both federally and at the state level to see if we can open up more of those seats because it is affecting people being able to board the bus in the system that’s good information thank you yeah i really i can’t wait to see those numbers go back up and see our august report after we have more full ridership um in the month of july thank you thank you for a great report general manager yeah if if i could please i’d like to add a few comments to both of your questions director carney uh but manager french is correcting both of his comments the only thing i would add on the the 1x conversation because that is a a commuter heavy route and with the state having people working at home it does impact ridership but that is one of the intentions of the covert relief federal funding is to allow us to maintain service even though ridership isn’t there because the ridership levels would really demand a reduction in service but the idea of the covid relief funding is to keep the service out there and the ridership will come at some point without that coveted relief funding we wouldn’t be able to do that and then for your second question uh on uh depressed ridership numbers based on oh oh yeah the capacity limits yes yeah so uh i can tell you i actually had my uh monthly app to small operators conference call and this is when we get to the covered relief disc or covet discussion uh this the number one issue nationwide for transit agencies is uh the cdc restrictions on capacity wearing masks is not really the big issue anymore it’s everyone’s experience capacity issues at certain times of the day and so working with the apta liaisons with the tsa and cdc we’re trying to get them to re-look at that because of the relaxation of everything else but the mask requirements on trains planes and buses that can they then relax that capacity standard and we’re also working with the oha uh offices as well through the oregon transit association to try to address that and actually we are one of the better states uh many states still are requiring uh the six foot social distancing on the buses where we are at three um so so we’re a little bit better but uh the capacity restraints are a big issue because of social distancing requirements i appreciate those clarifications particularly the one um about the cares funding that’s helpful thanks other questions director bush thank you president davidson i just wanted to comment on mr french on the slide that showed the extra information about the 10 busiest stops in our core network that was great to know and and see that we have that extra detail that will help us tremendously help chariots in the future and make some better decisions more informed decisions for sure so good to see it it’s up and running my team is very very excited could you and perhaps this is a question for general manager pollock but i’m curious when the consumer-facing aspect of this will be available when where transit riders will be able to see in real time the bus location president davidson i do not have that’s although i work with the software i don’t know the full timeline for that project i think we could get back to you um on when we think that’ll happen but i i do not have that portion um or knowledge of the exact timeline for that okay thank you yeah i know many members of the community are anxiously awaiting that so i will likely continue asking so thank you uh if there’s no further questions um thank you very much manager french thank you as always as always uh next up is the third quarter trip choice report and i’ll ask roxanne belts to please present the report evening president davidson members of the board and honored guests can you hear me all right we can excellent um so i’m roxanne beltz i’m here to present a summary of the third quarter activities for the chariots transportation options program next slide but before i go into our goal area of awareness and understanding i did want to explain a change that you may have noticed for a while now we’ve been using the phrase transportation options or transportation options program when we talk to people about what we’re doing we found that the name trip choice didn’t actually have any significant program recognition within the community and in fact it was often confusing to people as to what we did so because of this we’ve been using chariots transportation options or transportation options program so you’ll see us using that going forward next slide please so the first part of our awareness and understanding as you as you know is community outrage so during the last quarter we attended virtually 36 different meetings um that were attended by 830 other people these meetings are typically the service integration team meetings or their chamber functions next slide please one event that we participated in that was quite successful was the polk county community resource academy this was done in polk county it was attended by 103 people and it was a peer-to-peer event where different agencies and organizations were asked to put together a 10-minute presentation and our program coordinated with several other individuals at chariots and we tag-teamed a 10-minute presentation and you can see there are other organizations um for example arches family promise did a presentation uh mid valley suicide prevention coalition and then united way just to give you a sort of a cross section of some of the other agencies that were there next slide please so after the event we did i did um connect with the coordinator and i asked her to um send me some of the feedback that she had received and there were quite a few comments but some of the ones i wanted to share someone said wonderful training very helpful i learned about services out there that i didn’t know about the presenters did an amazing job all the information that was shared was very helpful and one other person commented that there was so much good information she likened it to drinking from a fire hose next slide please so our e-newsletter we continue to send that out it acts as a very effective conduit for communication for our employee transportation coordinators and our other stakeholders in the march e news we covered the transit operator and maintenance worker appreciation month we discussed the telework tool kit we gave some suggestions on ways to get safe and healthy exercise despite covid restrictions and then we also offered some carpooling tips knowing that some organizations are starting their return to work staff also continues to hold one-on-one meetings with the etcs remotely we just want to make sure they know we’re still a resource we’re still here to support them throughout the pandemic and as they begin their return to work plans we want to make sure they know we’re here which gets into the remote and teleworking toolkit we did share that with all of our etcs that’s 56 individuals in addition to that we shared it with a variety of other employers and businesses in all three of the counties polk marion and and yam hill county and so the feedback has obviously been overwhelmingly positive um an etc at the department of energy said i appreciate that chariots created this tool that not only addresses subjects around working from home but also over overall wellness this is a great resource sorry my laptop just slipped next slide please so now move on to our goal of expanded markets next slide so here are the quarterly figures forget their oregon which is our statewide online trip planning and ride matching tool our participation numbers remain pretty steady quarter to quarter we are cautiously optimistic that as people return to work we will see growth and um one of the reasons next slide please one of the reasons that we’re hopeful is the get their games which are going to be happening in june um odot approached us several months ago and asked us to spearhead a pilot campaign that will test one of the features within the get their tool it’s a team challenge feature that lets users set up a team and then compete against one another and it hasn’t been used very much so odot asked us to manage a challenge to test out this feature the challenge starts june 1st and it’s called get their games team edition so throughout the month of june people who live and or work in salem and kaiser can join or create a team and then they log their trips for a chance to win some donated prizes and whether it’s the work commute or a fun trip and whether it’s biking or walking carpooling van pooling teleworking skating or even scooter trips pretty much anything other than a single occupant vehicle trip and then the trip that logs the most the i’m sorry the team that logs the most trips in june wins and so that you know my colleague um kiki doman is also um attending this meeting and so if you have questions about this she’s headed up this project and i’m sure at the end she’d be happy to answer those questions next slide please so as i mentioned earlier we did send out our telework toolkit to the etcs and we continue to connect with them just to make sure that as they start their return to work especially the state offices they know that it’s a good resource that we are still a good resource for them we’ve also continued to check in with our group pass program employers make sure they don’t need anything and if they do we’re there for them um our staff did meet um during the quarter with the student leadership at western oregon university and we had a preliminary conversation with them about the possibility of a student bus pass program out at western now that would require a vote of the student body to approve an additional fee or it would require financial support from the university and so we’ll continue those conversations because this is a long-term project since it would require establishing what the fee would be and then the students would need to vote on it and then it would be implemented the year after or if the faculty determines that they would like something or as western goes into new leadership their president is retiring as their new leadership changes we’ll make sure that we discuss this with them as well so that we can hopefully get a bus pass program out there soon next slide please safety moving on to our goal area of safety next slide please oh i apologize i i missed a moment two slides back on valley vanpool i did intend to tell you we have 17 vans currently that we’re subsidizing we did lose one van um due to due to low ridership but again we’re very optimistic that as employees return to work we are getting some questions from state employees now about starting new van pools again so excuse me i’ll go back to safety now we support the safe routes to school program locally we continue to help with leadership and then as you know from the board from the budget meetings we do supply a small a small stipend to them to help support the program a special project that we completed this quarter that i don’t think i have talked about very much are the information packets that we created at the request of odot for the dmv driver at risk program so this is a program that’s set up so that if a person and it’s typically a senior citizen is referred to the dmv and it’s often by their doctor or a family member a family friend they’re referred to the dmv for retesting or for testing if they fail a vision a comprehension or a driving test then they will lose their license and knowing that that’s often unexpected the dmv wants to ensure that that those individuals have information about alternatives to driving and so that’s where we came in each dmv in oregon they offer these packets and we were asked to create packets for the dmv offices that serve polk marion and yam hill county so each packet includes a brochure like the one you see there it has contact information for adrc which is the aging and disability resource connection there’s chariots information or other transit provider information depending on what transit serves that region we also include complementary transit passes schedules and maps and then if the dmv office runs low they reach out to us we provide more when we know schedules change we’ll recreate the packets take them out to the dmv and switch them out so that they always have current information in the packets to give to these individuals next slide please now just to finish up a few other activities that our team has been up to next slide so in january um kiki doman was selected as the chair of the diversity equity and inclusion committee for the association for commuter transportation we know it as act the committee is charged with identifying the needs training and support for act members to ensure that the association continually improves equity and supports a culture of respect within our membership and so kiki is heading up that she’s the chair of that committee we’ve also attended a number of trainings and webinars as many people have done with subject areas like perceptions about transportation building effective relationships with with developers how planners engineers and tdm practitioners can find ways to work together and then ensuring that tdm is a consideration and as communities build and grow so next slide thank you so much for your time and your attention and i’m available to answer any questions and again my colleague kiki doman is also on the call great any questions for uh either kiki or roxanne director bush thank you uh president davidson thank you kiki and roxanne for your continuing excellent work it’s been um a great six years getting to know you and following you and um having your input and finesse in all the areas that your partner that you take part in um we know that your hands have touched it when it’s when it’s uh successful tremendously successful so thank you very much it’s great to know you well thank thank you director bush as well it has been a pleasure and my understanding is i’ll be doing a presentation i think at one of the kaiser greeters which will be one of your last functions that you’ll be attending so get an opportunity to thank you for your service great well coordinator belts thank you very much uh thank you for your report thank you and uh last report is third quarter financial reporting and i’ll ask denise larue our chief financial officer to present good evening president davidson and members of the board tonight i will present the third quarter financial report for you next slide please you will notice that for third quarter we’re currently at 70 percent of revenues for the general fund which is below our anticipated 75 percent that we would normally have for third quarter however we have received both federal and oregon state in lieu of funds that were received at the very beginning of the fourth quarter which brings that back up above the 75 percent uh benchmark for the expenses we are currently at 65 percent for the general fund and they range between 43 next slide is fine thank you they range between the 43 and the 73 percent um keeping that well within the range below the 75 percent next slide please for the transportation programs fund we’re currently at 33 percent of the budgeted pace but in this area we also have to incur the expenses in order to be reimbursed for those expenses so we now have received those drawdowns so um that number is much higher now for if you consider what we received in fourth quarter for third quarter the expenditures for the transportation programs fund are well within the expected range and they run between 25 and 59 percent next slide please and for the capital projects fund the um we’re currently at seven percent of the revenue and 14 as far as the expenses and the the biggest uh challenge that we have had here is that our biggest projects of course are vehicle-related which has been a very slow process due to the pandemic so that is the end of our financial report and i would be happy to answer any questions any questions for director larue okay like your predecessor director mccoy uh frequently experienced you are off the hook thank you thank you um with that uh that concludes our informational reports for the evening we will move on to general managers report great thank you very much i do have a couple items to report and i’d like to start with some good news so on monday we announced the promotion of two transit operators to operations supervisor positions uh congratulations to jose ayala and vicki morris jose started his career with chariots as a service worker back in 2003 and for the last five years he served as a transit operator and during the last three years of that time he served as our extra board liaison officer where he shares his knowledge of extra board rules with his fellow co-workers vicki morris joined the team as a transit operator in 2014 and additionally she serves as one of our training instructors for new new transit operator hires and during her tenure she’s helped 62 operators become professional transit operators she also serves on multiple committees for the district where she is an active and enthusiastic participant and i’m proud of both of them they’ve both done all the right things and the hard work to get promoted and we welcome them in their new roles as operations supervisors so during uh staff director dietz’s covet 19 report when he talked about where we’re headed uh he mentioned a few things that i’d like to announce today so earlier today during my general manager’s weekly roundtable uh report i discussed two uh what called reset memos so for those that have been on the board for a while you know during the pandemic we issued covet 19 update panels uh along the way uh but uh over the last few weeks we’ve transitioned away from covet 19 memos to what we’re calling reset memos as we begin uh entry into the new uh uh period uh well i guess i’ll call it post pandemic uh even though we’re not quite there yet so reset memo number four that went out this afternoon and you’ve all received a copy in your email links we announced that beginning monday june 28th we will reopen the customer service lobby to the public and our customers will will be able to access the customer service counters to start purchasing fares exchange any passes that they may have had that still are valid when we stop collecting fares and get those updated and just to get general information and they’ll also have access to our newly remodeled public restrooms so one of the uh benefits of uh uh if you will at the covet pandemic is when we close the lobby is we completely gutted and remodeled our public restrooms and that was looking as a real challenge for us because we were very how are we going to do this because they’re they’re very heavily used uh during normal operations well covet took care of that for us they look great and our facility maintenance folks did all the work and they they look fantastic they’re brand new and so i’m sure customers will please to see that because our previous restrooms were a bit weather worn if you will so the reason we are opening the customer service lobby on june 28th is because on july 6th we will begin the reinstitution of collecting fares and moving to front door boarding kind of using all of this and then my next announcement is all is kind of the the new beginning of the new chariots post pandemic uh tying that into a nice renewal period with the renewal of the fiscal year beginning on july 1st which brings me to reset memo number five which is announcing that beginning tuesday july 6 we will welcome our courthouse square employees back to the office and uh we have gone through a a very difficult time and this is a big change for us because uh if you remember back in march 2020 on instantly we sent our employees to work from home with really no preparation and they have persevered through that but it is time to move away from what we called emergency work from home procedures and now we’re transitioning back to normal operations and we will be implementing our new i guess what we’ll call the normal operations telework policy and programs which we’ll be rolling out to the employees in the next couple of weeks what that really will be is you’ve probably heard it from many other news outlets a hybrid type of program where eligible employees who complete a the assessment process we’ll be able to work a hybrid work schedule where a couple of days at home a couple of days in the office depending on their role and what they’re doing we’ll also have a second version of teleworking for what we’ll call ad hoc for the non-routine uh work from home people so for instance someone like me i’m i’m not gonna have a hybrid schedule but on occasion i may need to sequester myself away from everyone to get some focused work done so that will be available for people also so we announced that today so we have about six weeks to begin the transition we’ve been talking about this for months uh but uh now is the time to close the coveted pandemic chapter and transition into the the new beginning of our work and the fiscal year was just a nice time to close one chapter and begin a new chapter and i guess i would just close on that saying that it will be a very thorough process people will start working with their managers working out the rules of their particular situations uh over the coming weeks so the last thing i’ll close with is monday is memorial day it is a holiday for chariots it’s the last memorial day that there will be no transit service as in the fall we’ll begin uh implementing holiday service except for christmas thanksgiving and new year’s so we’re looking forward to that and that concludes my report thank you general manager uh we’ll now proceed to the board of director reports and uh as usual we’ll go through each sub district starting with sub district one director win it’s in um first off uh courtesies i’d like to extend to the incoming board members ms duncan mr navarro and of course i’m super excited to continue the service alongside uh director inahos pressey um but uh i i just want to take a moment and appreciate this board for the action that was taken earlier this meeting to pass the deia um action as well as uh remove a cash bar that um certainly excludes folks from being able to to participate um in the the first step toward our walk of equity so i do want to appreciate you both for for both items and um really i think that concludes my report thank you director wynn uh director bush uh thank you director nguyen but mine is much longer than that one i apologize in advance i’ve had several um activities i need to report on and first of all i intended uh to copy with kathy’s in this past um service time i’ll try and keep the memory kind of short try to um as once a month mayor kathy clark invites representatives from different um uh kaiser entities to have a zoom meeting and then in person if we can afterwards and so on uh let’s see the month before this is april 24th mayor clark kaiser fireboard betty hart kaiser chamber member jonathan thompson pastor jose dominguez and myself met um i talked about our approval and purchase of our first five electric buses for our electric bus fleet for not talking about chariots community outreach may service change and the albany salem feasibility study as well as the south salem transit center work [Music] other members spoke of the the current coveted responses and i did speak of that as well from their organizations encouraged people to vote and announced several events including the mayor’s prayer breakfast and um director hart from the kaiser fire spoke about their donation of a brush rig and an ambulance to the detroit identifier district to help in their efforts there to continue serving their communities and mayor clark spoke of the continuing collaboration efforts of the mid willamette valley homeless alliance members and decried odot’s non-participation regarding the area around market street and i-5 hopefully that will get get worked on and they’re working on all of that another event i attended was the salem kaiser active transportation network president davidson was there as well of other folks from chariots they were in attendance there’s an update from the our salem project and their outreach um they’re working on policies codes and zoning requirements in areas such as equity and engagement transportation housing parks and recreation and [Music] they do have an interactive map on their website that you can check that out or email eunice kim at the city of salem macrae carmichael talked about the safe routes to school that was mentioned in our um get there no transportation i forgot the name already that roxanne belts talked about tonight i am so sorry about that and they’re halfway through where they’re working on their uh grants in this more of the schools in the area covet is causing difficulties but there’s some great engagement through summer bike repair events the poster contest and a walk and roll challenge they’ll be helping with the monster cookie bike ride in august august and will also host a mini cookie ride and chariot is already a sponsor of that event mike jaffe from the mid willamette valley council of governments gave an update on sidewalk connectivity work and that connects with um the work doing donna mcgill crest making sure there’s sidewalks in those kinds of areas so we are partnering and all of that through the scats and in that process they have built in the last two years 30 miles of sidewalks and there’s maps on the salem website to see where the connectivity is happening it’s awesome i’ve attended some kaiser chamber events and others another one was the salem for refugees and again talking about the um um the more people coming in because of the designation of being a city that will be accepting refugees and talk about all the extra work that they get to do to help folks become acclimated to our area told you this was long um let’s see i attended the mid lane area commission on transportation and i believe that president davidson will speak more in regards to that but they did talk about the continuing work they’re doing out at the fort hill grand ronde interchange and i talked about oregon bicycle pedestrian advisory committee work again bicycle safe routes to school and then the highway 99 east project and the safety corridor designation they’re working on in that regards attended the church budget committee congratulations team on working on that and getting it done in two hours that was a whirlwind but we did great um i attended regularly the monthly marion county commissioner’s breakfast along with kaiser’s and selected city councillors per month and this month we talked about vaccines the hope valley tiny homes down there by the enchanted forest and the discretion discretionary money for the legislators that have they’ve been given to applies to certain projects they talked about housing intergenerational living and the university of portland’s population forecast which um some say is not didn’t seem to be correct so they’re doing some extra research on that i actually got to attend the west kaiser neighborhood association our first one in person and guest speaker was shane with him from the city of kaiser planning department and he spoke about the changes in the city planning codes regarding the river cherry overlay district and the transportation alternatives updates on the wheatland road design plan and there’s going to be another open house in regards to that which is also in the stip planning through gats a lot of connections there i updated our our new about our new board members um last requirements on public transportation electric corridor etc and made a plea for please more volunteers for our advisory committee so if you know someone who wants to get involved let’s get them started um at the city council meeting on the 17th they passed the text amendment to the kaiser development code to clarify the parking requirements in that river cherry overlay district and again they’re still talking about the sidewalk connectivity um i went attended by zoom while i was out at camp yam hill that was a fun thing to do the special no statewide transportation improvement fund advisory committee stefak they had a presentation from their technical advisory committee for the 5310 grants and the 2022 coronavirus response and relief supplemental appropriations act grant that’s a long one um all those applications were approved the 5310 programs included 112 000 for the salem mass transit district chariot shop and ride purchase service 126 000 for the mobility management call center and 14 000 for the chariots shop and ride preventative maintenance the carissa crrsaa funding of forty two thousand four hundred sixty four dollars was approved for the chariots clovid 19 relief in response and this will sustain the shop and ride the shopper shuttle and the dial worldwide services in the urban growth boundary of salem and kaiser for seniors and those with disabilities by supporting operations payroll and sanitation processes so that’ll be coming to the new the board with their new members in in the next couple of months for final approval and my last coffee with kathy was a zoom with regular attendees and in-person and an in-person presentation i had the privilege of announcing the apta marketing awards jonah hanson was recognized from chariots for the best marketing and communications educational initiative for team chariots customer education campaign using the chariots characters at outreach events or on our website and stephen custer was recognized in the electronic media for the best marketing and communications educational initiative category for the voice of chariots video featuring long time employee and operations supervisor keith rosenberg trader and he and i have known each other since our older kids were small and we did home education stuff together so that was exciting to see and these two people excellent employees of chariots their programs will be competing for a grand prize award in the near future i talked about the get their games and which sounds like a lot fun and was like i’d like to acknowledge jackie ellerbrock from office depot who reached out to me with an opportunity to promote charits as one of 10 featured businesses in her store in june i’ve reached out to director krebs to see if you’d like to participate in that and since it’s in that his district sarah future how do you say that sarah duncan you’re invited too i don’t know how to say your title i apologize um pastor let’s see other things that were talked about director hart announced an upcoming food drive competition between kaiser fire district and the kaiser police department to to benefit um kaiser’s um food bank there in the city that ought to be a fun thing to do really quick pastor dominguez talked about the mayor’s prayer repair prayer breakfast and the scholarship event that was held on city property for 18 mcmary high school latin students and they also spoke about the salem leadership foundation’s 25th anniversary events jonathan thompson talked about kaiser chambers covered response and kaiser fest plans for august they are planning a parade we would like chariots hopefully to have a bus wouldn’t that be fun mayor clark rounded out with other events the return of the monster cookie and which is headed up by former chariots board member her sanction and and how kaiser is partnering with the city of detroit and many other areas in their wildlife recovery helping to make the canyon whole and academy strong fishing anyone they have the fishing derby this weekend so in the in-person part at chalmers stone’s park was led by canby’s mayor pullian as a guest speaker discussing some of his future plans that may be running for governor last one sorry this is so long was the dlcd community conversation that was held on zoom a couple of days ago on the 25th it was well attended by chariots salem and kaiser representatives general manager alan pollock was there and president davidson alan was general manager alan was pollock was a spokesperson for his breakout group group i spoke for mine we covered many topics regarding climate friendly and equitable communities rule making being at the table allowed each participant to have input and all will be considered in the rest of the process it was an honor to represent chariots at that meeting and as well as my transition into the kaiser fire board member was able to speak for them as well thank you so much for listening to me i appreciate that bye thank you director bush director carney thank you president davidson my goodness director bush i it’s always so difficult uh to follow your tremendous service to the community um with what i’m able to contribute right now so thank you for such a thorough report um first i’d like to offer congratulations to our incoming board members super excited to serve with you um it’s a it’s been a really uplifting meeting that we’ve had tonight with a lot of wonderful topics and and great i think board direction for the district and for our community um and i look forward to doing more of that with you [Music] um second i’d like to apologize to the group for my last minute uh laughs in attendance at the budget board meeting both of our twins got pneumonia and we had all kinds of breathing issues um to deal with so i apologize for that but i don’t intend to miss another one because i learned so much of those um this month i did attend the scats policy meeting um for incoming board members that’s part of the the mid willamette valley council of governments the cog and they they sort of are the keeper of funds and project lists uh that are within our metropolitan planning area um and so that includes salem and kaiser and turner and i think that’s it um but both marion and polk counties anyway uh the the main topic of conversation in that meeting which was earlier this week was the coronavirus response and relief supplemental appropriations act so odot came up with a methodology um that helped them illustrate for the federal highway administration how much money we had lost in gas tax as a result of the covet epidemic and the first job of scats was to say yes we’ll send this letter saying we agree with odot’s methodology um so that we can get this money from the federal highway administration in the form of relief funding and it’s almost two million dollars it’s a pretty good chunk of change um and then the next part of the conversation was the cog asking the policy committee for options um or ideas on ways to allocate that money and so the there’s there’s a couple different ways um and one is to keep it in federal dollars and then to just apply it to the projects the way we normally would but we also have the option i think because this is relief funding to de-federalize the money and just turn it into cash that we can spend um which seemed to be the strong preference of the group uh and so there was a conversation about how we might equitably distribute that money based either on population or whether it would have a project priority those are all conversations that will happen more in the future the real the action item was to sort of send out that letter supporting um odot’s methodology there was a discussion of infrastructure um just kind of a reminder to the group that we have a running list of projects um that are sort of queued up uh for you know uh sort of transportation infrastructure investment within the planning area um so that we would have them top of mind should we come across extra funding and that’s again a conversation for down the road but the the staff was just trying to keep us abreast of of possibilities um director bush mentioned the conversation with the population research center which is based in portland state university um i don’t know how many of you have come across this in the public meetings that you have been in but it’s actually pretty problematic for the city of salem and for marion county because the the population research center has projected a decrease in our population which is sort of throwing a wrench into the works for uh the growth planning that we’re doing in things like our salem and the update of the comprehensive plan for the city of salem um and so there are discussions that are ongoing with the demographers up there and i think we can anticipate some adjustments in those numbers to correct them to something that seems more reasonable for what we would anticipate the growth of this area to be but it was it caught everyone by a pretty big surprise to have this population forecast come out that did did not reflect at all sort of our lived experience and what we were expecting to see um so i’m glad to see those conversations advancing um and and knowing that the demographers at psu are amenable to adjustments and and more conversation um there was a review well they sort of set aside the review of an ompoc meeting uh because i think the the notes on it were lengthy and they took the time instead uh to thank director krebs for his years of service to the community and his participation on the scats policy committee and elsewhere um and everybody said what a great job he had done and how much we would miss having him around um and i couldn’t agree more he has really been a mentor and an inspiration in my years that i have lived in salem um so i was i was happy to participate in that conversation and then lastly they also sent a letter of support for the mcgillcrist project um but it totally the last name just totally flew over my head so i didn’t even realize it was to buddha judge because it is addressed to the honorable peter paul montgomery buddha judge and i just didn’t even know he had that many names um and that so then the our salem project uh goes on director bush uh pointed out the interactive map that is available you can go in and comment it’s a little tricky to get the hang of um but once you do you can sort of bop around the map and sort of say what you think um that comment period is open until june 11th at 5 00 pm um and then last it just in in continuing with the trend of uplifting information in this meeting alan thank you or uh general manager pollock thank you for letting us know about jose aiella’s uh off supervisor promotion that’s amazing i used to work with him and it’s just wonderful to see him still part of the team and succeeding it’s the the people that chariots attracts to work for them and in particular some of our operators are just some of the most outstanding individuals um we’re so lucky to have them as part of this community um and then also congrats to kiki i think she is chairing the dei position at the act or the act and um that’s that’s wonderful news and to the chariots marketing team uh for their recent recognition that’s also i mean just stupendous work um and lastly i am looking forward to some of this post you know the covid wind down or the i forget what we’re calling the the memos now but that um i hope that we don’t have to look at my closet a lot longer i’m looking forward to in-person meetings and um to finding a vaccinated child care provider who can support me attending them so that i can be all by myself um and that is the end of my report thank you director carney the director you know host pressy i don’t have much to report it’s been a very whirlwind of a month and very busy thank you um so uh unfortunately i don’t have much to report but i am just so excited to see um mr navarro and miss duncan come onto the board i’m really excited to share this space with you folks thank you thank you directory new host pressy um i’ll go ahead and uh provide my report but before i uh get into the bulk of my report once take the opportunity to uh wish my younger brother logan a happy birthday today happens to be his birthday so logan happy birthday uh with that out of the way i wanted to give an update on the city’s climate action plan task force this month i participated in a cost-benefit analysis discussion with some hired consultants that they have focused on transportation and land use as well as participated in what they’re calling a land use and transportation strategy group which is kind of like a subgroup of the task force anyways i wanted to highlight that those conversations are going well i think they’ve hired phenomenal experts to lead the city through this process and i am despite my uh perhaps pessimism around climate action i am optus cautiously optimistic about this effort and i’m i’m hopeful that uh not only will the plan be uh robust but that city leadership and particularly the elected officials will take these recommendations seriously and that we as the transit provider can play an integral role in making sure that we have a delightfully livable community in a stable climate next as director bush mentioned uh we both attended emwac which is the mid willamette valley advisory commission on transportation i think that’s it at least and one of the items that they addressed was they provided a safety report for highway 99 east which as you will recall several months ago one of our transit operators was killed in a head-on automobile accident there and i had asked um to that we would talk about that at the act and so we were briefed on that matter um long story short at one point in time that area was designated as an odot safety corridor because of very high accident rates including fatalities those rates declined the safety corridor designation was removed and then the current [Music] accident rates and severe accident rates are do not meet the threshold for normal safety corridor remediation i think there are opportunities for improvement that are relatively low cost and so i’m engaged in ongoing discussion with some of the staff there it is my belief that many accidents that are occurring along that corridor are a function of speed i took the opportunity to drive on 99e not too long ago and paid attention to my speed and also the the posted speed as well as what was the natural flow of traffic and the to put it succinctly that highway in many parts of that corridor is designed for much higher speeds you will you are lulled into a higher speed than is the posted speed limit whether intentionally or not those streets are designed for speed and speed unfortunately kills its basic physics at this point speed times mass unfortunately results in death and uh i think that we need to um exert some of our influence to ensure that not only along that corridor but uh in many other places including within the urbanized areas of our region that we thoughtfully consider how our roads are designed and whether or not we’re willing to accept the rate of deaths that are occurring or severe injury um the last piece i wanted to flag is with the mid willamette valley um council of governments um so there as i’ve mentioned before they have a new executive director i was able to sit down with him and talk with him about his vision for the cog and for the role that chariots might be able to play in that future and i’m very excited for it i think he’s a phenomenal executive or will be a phenomenal executive director for the agency and that um will uh have a great partner in him uh i also wanted to mention that i’ve been serving on their legislative committee which um fortunately unfortunately meets weekly at uh 7 a.m on wednesdays but they are very productive conversations and i bring them up only to say that the cog very quickly was willing to throw their legislative support behind one of our key legislative priorities which is the conversion of those fuel tax credits which as you will recall was our top prior legislative priority and so um that is still a ongoing issue uh our lobbyists are hard at work with that but it was it was very gratifying to raise the issue to the cog legislative committee and to very quickly all of them say yes you served the region absolutely we will throw our weight behind it and so it is great to have strong community partners like that so with that i will conclude my report next up director krebs thank you president davidson i’d like to thank director carney for her accolades but i still have 34 days to go before i retire i next month’s meeting is is the appropriate time i also would like to uh congratulate director enos presi for your election to the school board so we need good leadership on the school board too so i’m very pleased about that i had not too busy because not as many meetings most of them are by zoom but i did meet with one neighborhood association and i actually went to an in-person meeting but they had too many people in the room for the the chc requirements so i had to go home and participate on soon and it was one of my favorite meetings too because it was semco which is southeast mill creek association i attended two scats meetings and i had some uh in office business with chariots very briefly i was on a teleconference with the oregon rail users league and i participated in several uh planning meetings or meetings with advocacy groups both in washington state and oregon working on inner city services and one of the things that i’ll probably still be involved with when when i retire from the board is that we have a streetcar committee that’s sort of starting up and i’m excited that maybe we can have a streetcar that will fill in some of the spots where we have high capacity transit lines because street cars can do uh things that buses can’t do not that i’m opposed to buses and that’s about all i have to say and uh i have 34 days left i don’t think i’ll do too much damage in the 34 days but i look forward to retiring and i’m glad to see that there’s very confident people coming online to replace us because this board does a lot of good work so thank you all thank you director krebs director richards yes this has been my storm period uh first of all i moved to salem in 1986 and i was a disabled vet and so i started using the va here in salem and over the years it’s amazing how many times i’ve been there and the idea of getting something done that so that with the new one we have a beautiful building but we need to get it so that we can get there and i’m really looking forward to some work being done on that so that’ll forget it during the uh period of time the people were taking the two shots a lot of my friends i have about 20 guys that i know pretty well and they call me up because they don’t have cars and they asked me if i’d take them down for their second shots and i was able to do that so that was a lot of fun and the house i live on the seventh avenue here in salem and uh it was amazing there was about 28 000 in tree damage on my street we have a lot of the old white oaks that were here and for the last three weeks i’ve been moving cars for other people so the the people who come and work on the trees so that we can get them and it’s been a rough time for a lot of people over a lot of different respects but i’m looking forward to something getting done so the people will be able to get over there that’s a tough place to get to the va but the other thing is we’ve been working with northwest senior services because people are running out of food and we have to go renegotiate some of this and that’s what we spend our time doing so it’s been a busy busy time thank you director richards uh with that that concludes our uh board of director reports and therefore concludes our meeting uh thank you to everyone that has participated thank you especially the staff that has worked so diligently to prepare all the reports and all the action items that we were able to act on this evening and with that i’ll adjourn our meeting thank you

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